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To use this list, scroll down to the callsign you are researching such as "citrus".  Or click "C" below to locate "citrus" which is Airtran Airlines.  This list may not be complete.  For the latest data, check the FAA website.


    Abex - ABX Air (USA)
    Ace Air - Alaska Central Express (USA)
    Ada Air - ADA Air (Albania)
    Adco - Aviation Development Company (Nigeria)
    Adria - Adria Airways (Slovenia)
    Aegean - Aegean Cronus Airlines (Greece)
    Aer Arann - Aer Arann Express (Ireland)
    Aereafly - Fly Linhas Aereas (Brazil)
    Aereos - Servicios Aereos Nacionales (Ecuador)
    Aereos Selva - TANS (Peru)
    Aereotuy - Linea Turistica Aereotuy (Venezuela)
    Aero Asia - Aero Asia International (Pakistan)
    Aero Avcom - Avcom Aviation (Russian Federation)
    Aero California - Aero California (Mexico)
    Aero Caribe - Aerocaribe (Mexico)
    Aero Domingo - Air Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.)
    Aero Dos Mil - Lan Argentina/Aero 2000 (Argentina)
    Aero Exo - Aeroejecutivo (Mexico)
    Aero Fox - Aero Flight (Germany)
    Aero Honduras - Sol Air Honduras/Aero Honduras (Honduras)
    Aero Transam - Aero Express Del Ecuador (Ecuador)
    Aero Union - Aerotransporte de Carga Union (Mexico)
    Aero Zambia - Aero Zambia (Zambia)
    Aeroben - Aero Benin (Benin)
    Aerocaribbean - Aerocaribbean (Cuba)
    Aerocondor - ATA Aerocondor (Portugal)
    Aeroflot - Aeroflot Russian Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Aerogal - Aerogal Aerolineas Galapagos (Ecuador)
    Aerokas - Kas Air (Kazakhstan)
    Aeroline - Aero Contractors (Nigeria)
    Aeromavia - Romavia/Romanian Aviation Company (Romania)
    Aeromexico - Aeromexico (Mexico)
    Aeromexpress - Aeromexpress SA de CV (Mexico)
    Aeromist - Aeromist/Kharkiv (Ukraine)
    Aeroperlas - AeroPerlas (Panama)
    Aeropostal - Aeropostal (Venezuela)
    Aerorepublica - Aerorepublica (Colombia)
    Aerosky - Sky Service (Chile)
    Aerosvit - Aerosvit/Aerosweet Airlines (Ukraine)
    Africa World - Redair (Gambia)
    African Eagle - Eagle Air (Uganda)
    Afrinat - Afrinat International Airlines (Ghana)
    Afriqiyah - Afriqiyah Airways (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Afrique Benin - Afrique Airlines (Benin)
    Aigle Azur - Aigle Azur (France)
    Air Algerie - Air Algerie (Algeria)
    Air Alpha - Air Alpha Greenland (Greenland)
    Air Arctic - Arctic Circle Air Service (USA)
    Air Astrakhan - Astrakhan Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Air Azores - Sata International (Portugal)
    Air Balear - Aebal Aerolineas de Baleares (Spain)
    Air Baltic - Air Baltic (Latvia)
    Air Bane - Nas Air (Mali)
    Air Bangla - Air Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
    Air Barinas - Linea Aerea IAACA-LAI (Venezuela)
    Air Berlin - Air Berlin (Germany)
    Air Burundi - Air Burundi (Burundi)
    Air Cal - Air Caledonie (France)
    Air Camai - Camai Air/Village Aviation (USA)
    Air Canada - Air Canada (Canada)
    Air China - Air China (China)
    Air Corridor - Air Corridor (Mozambique)
    Air Do - Hokkaido International Airlines/Air Do (Japan)
    Air Europe - Air Europe Italy (Italy)
    Air Finland - Air Finland (Finland)
    Air Glaciers - Air-Glaciers (Switzerland)
    Air Hong Kong - Air Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
    Air Icar - Icar Airlines/Independent Carrier (Ukraine)
    Air India - Air India (India)
    Air Inuit - Air Inuit (Canada)
    Air Japan - Air Japan (Japan)
    Air Kibris - TKHY Kibris Turkish Airlines (Cyprus)
    Air Kittyhawk - Kitty Hawk Air Cargo (USA)
    Air Koryo - Air Koryo (Korea - Dem. People's Rep.)
    Air Kuban - Kuban Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Air Libya - Tibesti Air Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Air Macau - Air Macau (Macao)
    Air Madagascar - Air Madagascar (Madagascar)
    Air Malta - Air Malta (Malta)
    Air Mauritius - Air Mauritius (Mauritius)
    Air Midwest - Air Midwest (USA)
    Air Mike - Continental Micronesia (USA)
    Air Minerva - Minerva Airlines (Italy)
    Air Minvody - Kavminvodyavia (Russian Federation)
    Air Moldova - Air Moldova (Moldova)
    Air Nauru - Air Nauru (Nauru)
    Air North - Air North Charter (Canada)
    Air Orient - Air Orient (France)
    Air People - Air People International (Thailand)
    Air Portugal - TAP Air Portugal (Portugal)
    Air Romania - Acvila Air Romanian Carrier (Romania)
    Air Shuttle - Mesa Airlines (USA)
    Air Sicilia - Air Sicilia (Italy)
    Air Sinai - Air Sinai (Egypt)
    Air Skopje - Air Service (Macedonia - F.Y.R.)
    Air Sofia - Air Sofia (Bulgaria)
    Air Sprska - Air Sprska (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
    Air Sunshine - Air Sunshine (USA)
    Air Sweden - West Air Sweden (Sweden)
    Air Tahiti - Air Tahiti (French Polynesia)
    Air Tas - Airlines of Tasmania (Australia)
    Air Tatarstan - Tatarstan Joint Stock Aircompany (Russian Federation)
    Air Togo - Air Togo (Togo)
    Air Transport - Air Transport International ATI (USA)
    Air Tyumen - Tyumen Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Air Vallee - Air Vallee (Italy)
    Air Van - Air Vanuatu (Vanuatu)
    Air Vegas - Air Vegas (USA)
    Air Venezuela - Air Venezuela (Venezuela)
    Air Wisconsin - Air Wisconsin/United Express (USA)
    Air Zimbabwe - Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
    Aircalin - Aircalin/Air Caledonie International (France)
    Aires - Aires (Colombia)
    Airfrans - Air France (France)
    Airlinair - Airlinair (France)
    Airvoire - Societe Nouvelle Air Ivoire (Cote d'Ivoire)
    Aklak - Aklak Air (Canada)
    Al Air - Albarka Air (Nigeria)
    Alaska - Alaska Airlines (USA)
    Albanian - Albanian Airlines (Albania)
    Alfa Wing - Air Nippon Network (Japan)
    Ali Express - Alitalia Express (Italy)
    Alida - Alidauni (Italy)
    Alitalia - Alitalia (Italy)
    All Congo - Hewa Bora Airlines (Congo - Democratic Rep.)
    All Nippon - ANA All-Nippon Airways (Japan)
    Allegheny - Allegheny Commuter Airlines/US Airways Express (USA)
    Allegiant - Allegiant Air (USA)
    Allegro - Allegro Air (Mexico)
    Alli - Alliance Airlines (Australia)
    Allied - Alliance Air (India)
    Aloha - Aloha Airlines (USA)
    Alpav - Air Alps (Austria)
    Alpha Victor Echo - Avensa (Venezuela)
    Alpi Eagles - Alpi Eagles (Italy)
    Alpine Air - Alpine Aviation (USA)
    Altyn Avia - Altyn Air Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
    American - American Airlines (USA)
    American Falcon - American Falcon (Argentina)
    Amerijet - Amerijet International (USA)
    Amtran - ATA/American Trans Air (USA)
    Angel Air - Angel Airlines (Thailand)
    Ank Air - Air Nippon (Japan)
    Antinea - Antinea Airlines (Algeria)
    Aola - Air Class Lineas Aereas/AeroVIP (Uruguay)
    Arabia - Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates)
    Arcus Air - Cosmos Air (Germany)
    Argentina - Aerolineas Argentinas (Argentina)
    Ariana - Ariana Afghan Airlines (Afghanistan)
    Arkia - Arkia (Israel)
    Armavia - Armavia (Armenia)
    Arosca - Aserca Airlines (Venezuela)
    Asia - Japan Asia Airways (Japan)
    Asia Overnight - Asia Overnight Express Corporation (Philippines)
    Asian Express - Air Asia (Malaysia)
    Asian Spirit - Asian Spirit (Philippines)
    Asiana - Asiana Airlines (Korea - Rep. of)
    Astair - Astair (Russian Federation)
    Astana Line - Air Astana (Kazakhstan)
    Asur - Aerosur (Bolivia)
    Athabaska - Athabaska Airlines (Canada)
    Atlanta - Air Atlanta Icelandic (Iceland)
    Atlantic - Atlantic Air Transport (UK)
    Atlantic Honduras - Atlantic Airlines de Honduras (Honduras)
    Atlantic Liner - Atlantis European Airlines (Armenia)
    Atlant-Soyuz - Atlant-Soyuz Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Atlasjet - AtlasJet (Turkey)
    Atran - ATRAN Aviatrans Cargo Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Augsburg Air - Augsburg Airways/Lufthansa Regional (Germany)
    Austral - Austral/Cielos del Sur (Argentina)
    Australian - Australian Airlines (Australia)
    Austrian - Austrian Airlines (Austria)
    Avex - Aviaexpress (Hungary)
    Aviacsa - Aviacsa (Mexico)
    Aviaenergo - Aviaenergo (Russian Federation)
    Aviair - Avia Air (Aruba)
    Aviakarat - Karat (Russian Federation)
    Avianca - Avianca (Colombia)
    Aviation Donbass - Utility Enterprise DonbassAero Airline (Ukraine)
    Avies - Avies (Estonia)
    Avior - Avior Express/Aviones del Oriente (Venezuela)
    Avip - Aero VIP (Argentina)
    Avirex Gabon - Avirex (Gabon)
    Axis - Axis Airways (France)
    Ayline - Aurigny Air Services (UK)
    Azal - AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines/AHY (Azerbaijan)

    Baboo - Flybaboo (Switzerland)
    Baby - bmibaby (UK)
    Bach - BACH Flugbetriebs (Austria)
    Bahamas - Bahamasair (Bahamas)
    Baker Aviation - Baker Aviation (USA)
    Bangkok Air - Bangkok Airlines (Thailand)
    Bangladesh - Biman Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
    Banjet - Gestion Aerea Ejecutiva (Spain)
    Bankair - Bankair (USA)
    Bashkirian - BAL Bashkirian Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Batavia - Metro Batavia (Indonesia)
    Bauhina - CR Airways (Hong Kong)
    Bayu - Bayu Indonesia Air (Indonesia)
    Bearskin - Bearskin Airlines (Canada)
    Beauty - Jetairfly (Belgium)
    Bee Med - BMED/British Mediterranean Airways (UK)
    Belair - Belair Airlines (Switzerland)
    Belarus Avia - Belavia (Belarus)
    Bellview Airlines - Bellview Airlines (Nigeria)
    Bemidji - Bemidji Airlines (USA)
    Benin Charters - Afric'Air Charter (Benin)
    Benin Golf - Benin Golf Air (Benin)
    Bering Air - Bering Air (USA)
    Berjaya - Berjaya Air (Malaysia)
    Beryoza - Samara Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Best Air - Best Aviation (Bangladesh)
    Big A - Arrow Air (USA)
    Big Sky - Big Sky Airlines (USA)
    Billatransport - LTU Billa (Austria)
    Bird Express - Aero Services Executive (France)
    Biscayne - Miami Air (USA)
    Bismillah - Bismillah Airlines (Bangladesh)
    Black Sea - MNG Cargo Airlines (Turkey)
    Blackbird - Swedjet Airways (Sweden)
    Blue Cargo - Bluebird Cargo (Iceland)
    Blue Dart - Blue Dart Aviation (India)
    Blue Finn - Blue1 (Finland)
    Blue Panorama - Blue Panorama Airlines (Italy)
    Blue Streak - PSA Airlines/US Airways Express (USA)
    Blue Wings - Blue Wings (Germany)
    Bluebird - Pacific Blue (New Zealand)
    Bluescan - Britannia Airways Sweden (Sweden)
    Borek Air - Kenn Borek Air (Canada)
    Botswana - Air Botswana (Botswana)
    Bouraq - Bouraq Indonesia (Indonesia)
    Bravo Quebec - Aeromar (Dominican Rep.)
    Brickyard - Republic Airlines (USA)
    Brintel - British International Helicopters (UK)
    Brit Air - Brit Air (France)
    Britannia - Thomsonfly/Britannia Airways (UK)
    British - British Airways CitiExpress (UK)
    Brunei - Royal Brunei Airlines (Brunei)
    Buffalo Airways - Buffalo Airways (Canada)
    Buraq Air - Buraq Air Transport (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Burk Lines - Burkina Airlines (Burkina Faso)
    Burkina - Air Burkina (Burkina Faso)

    Cabo Verde - TACV Cabo Verde Airlines (Cape Verde)
    Cactus - America West Airlines (USA)
    Cair - Cape Air (USA)
    Cal - CAL Cargo Airlines/Cavei Avir Levitanim (Israel)
    Calm Air - Calm Air (Canada)
    Cam Air - Cameroon Airlines (Cameroon)
    Cambodia Airlines - Cambodia Airlines (Cambodia)
    Canadian Execaire - Execaire (Canada)
    Candler - Atlantic Southeast Airlines (USA)
    Canforce - Canadian Armed Forces (Canada)
    Canjet - CanJet (Canada)
    Cape Smythe Air - Cape Smythe Air Services (USA)
    Cappy - Capital Cargo International Airlines (USA)
    Cargo - Safair (South Africa)
    Cargo King - China Cargo Airlines (China)
    Cargo Trans - Ukrainian Cargo Airways (Ukraine)
    Cargojet - CargoJet Airways (Canada)
    Cargolux - Cargolux (Luxembourg)
    Carib Star - Caribbean Star Airlines (Antigua and Barbuda)
    Carolina - CCAir/US Airways Express (USA)
    Carpatair - Carpatair (Romania)
    Casino Express - Casino Express (USA)
    Caspian - Caspian Airlines Service Company (Iran)
    Cathay - Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
    Catt - Custom Air Transport (USA)
    Caucasus - Caucasus Airlines (Georgia)
    Cayman - Cayman Airways (Cayman Islands)
    Cebu Air - Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines)
    Cedar Jet - MEA Middle East Airlines Airliban (Lebanon)
    Chalk's - Chalk's International Airlines/Flying Boat (USA)
    Challenge Cargo - Centurion Air Cargo (USA)
    Champion Air - Champion Air (USA)
    Chanchangi - Chanchangi Airlines Nigeria (Nigeria)
    Channex - Channel Express (UK)
    Chasqui - IBC Airways (USA)
    Chatham - Air Chathams (New Zealand)
    Chautauqua - Chautauqua Airlines/US Airways Express (USA)
    China Eastern - China Eastern Airlines (China)
    China National - Air China Zhejiang Company (China)
    China Postair - China Postal Airlines (China)
    China Southern - China Southern Airlines (China)
    China Southwest - Air China Southwest Company (China)
    Chuanhang - Sichuan Airlines (China)
    Cielos - Cielos del Peru (Peru)
    Cigogne - Crossair Europe/ECA Europe Continental Airways (Switzerland)
    Cimber - Cimber Air/Team Lufthansa (Denmark)
    Cirrus Air - Cirrus Airways/Team Lufthansa (Germany)
    Citrus - Airtran (USA)
    City - KLM CityHopper (Netherlands)
    City Ireland - CityJet (Ireland)
    Cityways - City Air Germany (Germany)
    Civil Air Ambulance - Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (Germany)
    Click Air - Click Airways (Kyrgyzstan)
    Clipper - Pan American Airways (USA)
    Clipper Express - Boston-Maine Airways/Pan Am Clipper Connection (USA)
    Coast Center - Coast Air (Norway)
    Coastal - Coastal Air Transport (USA)
    Coastal Travel - Coastal Travel Limited (Tanzania)
    Colgan - Colgan Air (USA)
    Comair - Comair/Delta Connection (USA)
    Commercial - Comair Commercial Airlines/ (South Africa)
    Commutair - Commutair/Continental Connection (USA)
    Commuter - Japan Air Commuter (Japan)
    Condor - Condor Flugdienst (Germany)
    Condor Peru - Aero Condor (Peru)
    Connie - Kalitta Air (USA)
    Contair - Continental Airways (Russian Federation)
    Contavia - Intercontinental de Aviacion (Colombia)
    Continental - Continental Airlines (USA)
    Contiwings - Continental Wings (Gambia)
    Contract - Air Contractors (Ireland)
    Copa - Copa Airlines (Panama)
    Corp Ex - Corporate Airlines (USA)
    Corsair - Corsair/Corse Air International (France)
    Corsica - CCM Compagnie Corse Mediterrannee (France)
    Cortas - Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation (Uzbekistan)
    Cosmic Air - Cosmic Air (Nepal)
    Costera - Aerolitoral (Mexico)
    Coyne Air - Coyne Airways (UK)
    Crane - East African Airlines (Uganda)
    Cree - Air Creebec (Canada)
    Croatia - Croatia Airlines (Croatia)
    CSA Lines - CSA Czech Airlines (Czech Rep.)
    Cubana - Cubana de Aviacion (Cuba)
    Cyprus - Cyprus Airways (Cyprus)
    Cyprus Aerotrans - Aerotrans Airlines (Cyprus)

    Dahl - ASTAR Air Cargo - formerly DHL Airways (Belgium)
    Dalo Airlines - Daallo Airlines (Djibouti/Somalia)
    Danish - DAT Danish Air Transport (Denmark)
    Danu - Danu Oro Transportas (Lithuania)
    Das Air - DAS Air Limited (Kenya)
    Deccan - Air Deccan (India)
    Delta - Delta Air Lines (USA)
    Denim - Denim Air (Netherlands)
    Dilmun - DHL Aviation (Bahrain)
    Dirgantara - Dirgantara Air Services (Indonesia)
    District - Potomac Air/US Airways Express (USA)
    Djibouti Air - Djibouti Airlines (Djibouti)
    Dniepro - Dnieproavia (Ukraine)
    Dobrolet - Dobrolet Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Dolomiti - Air Dolomiti (Italy)
    Domodedovo - Domodedovo Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Donavia - Aeroflot-Don/Donavia (Russian Federation)
    Donbass - Dombass Airlines (Ukraine)
    Dragon - Dragonair/Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (Hong Kong)
    DTA - TAAG Angola Airlines (Angola)
    Dvina - Aeroflot-Nord (Russian Federation)
    Dynasty - China Airlines (Taiwan)

    Eagle Flight - American Eagle (USA)
    Eagle Jet - Eagle Canyon Airlines (USA)
    Eakaz - Euro Asia International (Kazakhstan)
    East Flight - Eastern Airways (UK)
    Easy - easyJet (UK)
    Echo Express - Euro Exec Express (Sweden)
    Echo Line - Executive Airlines (USA)
    Echo Romeo - Sun d'Or International Airlines (Israel)
    Ecuatoriana - Ecuatoriana (Ecuador)
    Edelweiss - Edelweiss Air (Switzerland)
    Edil - AAW Atyrau Air Ways (Kazakhstan)
    Egyptair - EgyptAir (Egypt)
    El Al - El Al (Israel)
    Emirates - Emirates (United Arab Emirates)
    Empire Air - Empire Airlines (USA)
    Empress - Canadian North/Air NorTerra Inc (Canada)
    Enkor - Enkor (Russian Federation)
    Envoy - Flyjet (UK)
    Equaflight - Equaflight Service (Congo)
    Equatorial - Air Sao Tome e Principe (Sao Tome and Principe)
    Erah - ERA Aviation (USA)
    Eritrean - Eritrean Airlines (Eritrea)
    Estonian - Estonian Air (Estonia)
    Ethiopian - Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia)
    Etihad - Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)
    Euralair Executive - Euralair (France)
    Eurasia - Eurasia Aircompany (Russian Federation)
    Euro Charter - European Aviation Air Charter (UK)
    Euroatlantic - Euroatlantic Airways (Portugal)
    Eurocypria - Eurocypria (Cyprus)
    Eurolot - Eurolot (Poland)
    Euromanx - Euromanx/Woodgate Executive Air Charter UK (UK)
    Europa - Air Europa (Spain)
    Eurostar - Euroair (Greece)
    Eurotrans - European Air Transport (Belgium)
    Eurowings - Eurowings/Lufthansa Regional (Germany)
    Eva - EVA Airways Corporation (Taiwan)
    Evergreen - Evergreen International Airlines (USA)
    Everts - Everts Air/Tatonduk Outfitters (USA)
    Excellence - Hapag-Lloyd Express (Germany)
    Exclusive Air - Sunshine Express Airlines (Australia)
    Execjet - Netjets Aviation (USA)
    Expo - Excel Airways (UK)
    Expo Avia - Expo Aviation (Sri Lanka)
    Express Jet - African Express Airways (Kenya)
    Expressways - South African Express (South Africa)

    Fair - Fair (Japan)
    Falcon - Falcon Aviation (Sweden)
    Far Eastern - Far Eastern Air Transport (Taiwan)
    Faroeline - Atlantic Airways (Faroe Islands)
    Faso - Faso Airways (Burkina Faso)
    Fedex - FedEx Express/Federal Express (USA)
    Fijiair - Air Fiji/PacificLink (Fiji)
    Finnair - Finnair (Finland)
    First Air - First Air (Canada)
    First Cambodia - First Cambodia Airlines (Cambodia)
    Fischer - Fischer Air (Czech Rep.)
    Flagship - Pinnacle Airlines/Northwest Airlink (USA)
    Flightcraft - Winnport Air Cargo/Kelowna Flightcraft (Canada)
    Flo West - Florida West International Airways (USA)
    Florida Coastal - Florida Coastal Airlines (USA)
    Fly World - Fly Havayolu Tasimacilik (Turkey)
    Flybird - FlyMe Sweden (Sweden)
    Flying Bulgaria - Bulgaria Air/Balkan Air Tours (Bulgaria)
    Flying Eagle - Eagle Air (Tanzania)
    Flying Swede - Swe Fly (Sweden)
    Flyniki - flyniki (Austria)
    Flystar - Astraeus (UK)
    Four Star - Four Star Aviation (Virgin Islands - USA)
    Foyle - Airfoyle (UK)
    Freedom - Freedom Air/Aviation Services (Guam)
    Freight Express - Asian Express Airlines (Australia)
    French Hopper - Transcaraibes Air International (Guadeloupe)
    French Post - Europe Airport (France)
    French West - Air Caraibes (France)
    Frontier Air - Frontier Flying Service (USA)
    Frontier Flight - Frontier Airlines (USA)
    Fueguino - STAF Airlines (Argentina)
    Funjet - LTE International Airways (Spain)
    Futura - Futura International Airlines (Spain)
    Future Express - Air Guinee Express (Guinea)

    Gambia International - Gambia International Airlines (Gambia)
    Garfield - Lufttaxi (Germany)
    Gazprom - Gazpromavia (Russian Federation)
    Gee Bee Airways - GB Airways (UK)
    Gemini - Gemini Air Cargo (USA)
    Georgian - Air Georgian/Air Alliance (Canada)
    Germanwings - Germanwings (Germany)
    Gestair - Gestair (Spain)
    Getaway - USA 3000 Airlines/Brendan Airways (USA)
    Ghibli - Wind Jet (Italy)
    Giant - Atlas Air (USA)
    Glacier - Central Mountain Air (Canada)
    Globespan - Flyglobespan/Globespan Airways (UK)
    Glory - UNI Airways Corporation (Taiwan)
    Gol Transporte - GOL Transportes Aereos (Brazil)
    Golden - Golden Air (Sweden)
    Golf November - Air Gabon (Gabon)
    Gomel - Gomelavia (Belarus)
    Grande - Rio Grande Air (USA)
    Great Plains - Great Plans Airlines/Ozark Air Lines (USA)
    Green Bird - Air Guyane (French Guiana)
    Green Craft - SBS Aircraft (Kazakhstan)
    Greenlandair - Air Greenland (Denmark)
    Gromov Airline - Gromov Flight Research Institute Airline (Russian Federation)
    Guinee Airlines - Guinee Airlines (Guinea)
    Guizhou - Air Guizhou (China)
    Gujart Air - Gujarat Airways (India)
    Gulf Air - Gulf Air (Bahrain/United Arab Emirates/Oman/Qatar)
    Gulf Flight - Gulfstream International Airlines (USA)
    Guyair - Guyana Airlines 2000 (Guyana)
    Guyana Jet - Universal Airlines (Guyana)

    Hageland - Hageland Aviation Services (USA)
    Hainan - Hainan Airlines (China)
    Haiti Airline - Haiti International Airline (Haiti)
    Haiti Avia - Air D'Ayiti/Haiti Aviation (Haiti)
    Hamburg Jet - Hamburg International Airlines (Germany)
    Hansa Line - Lufthansa Cityline/Lufthansa Regional (Germany)
    Hapag Lloyd - Hapagfly/Hapag-Lloyd Flug (Germany)
    Harbor - Harbor Airlines (USA)
    Harmony - Harmony Airways/HMY Airways (Canada)
    Hawaiian - Hawaiian Airlines (USA)
    Hazelton - Regional Express/Hazelton Airlines (Australia)
    Heavy Cargo - Heavylift Cargo Airlines (Australia)
    Heli Air - Heli Air Monaco (Monaco)
    Heli Hong Kong - Helicopters Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
    Heli Saint Tropez - Heli Securite Helicopter Airlines (France)
    Helibus - CHC Helikopter Service (Norway)
    Helifrance - Heli France (France)
    Helijet - Helijet Airways (Canada)
    Helios - Helios Airways (Cyprus)
    Helisureste - Helisureste (Spain)
    Hellas Jet - Hellas Jet (Greece)
    Helvetic - Helvetic Airways (Switzerland)
    Hemus Air - Hemus Air (Bulgaria)
    Heron - Air One (Italy)
    Hex Airline - Hex'Air (France)
    High Swede - Svenska Direktflyg (Sweden)
    Hiway - Highland Airways (UK)
    Horiz Air - Horizon Airlines (Australia)
    Horizon Air - Horizon Air (USA)
    Hunter - Trans Travel Airlines (Netherlands)

    Ialsi - Aviast (Russian Federation)
    Iberia - Iberia (Spain)
    Ice Air - Icelandair (Iceland)
    Icebird - Icebird/Islandsflug (Iceland)
    Iliamna Air - Iliamna Air Taxi (USA)
    Impex - Avioimpex (Macedonia - F.Y.R.)
    Improtex - IMAIR (Azerbaijan)
    Indair - Indian Airlines (India)
    Independence - Independence Air (USA)
    Indigo Blue - Indigo (USA)
    Indo Lines - Indonesian Airlines Aviapatria (Indonesia)
    Indonesia - Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia)
    Inline - Inter Air (South Africa)
    Inter Euro - Inter Express Hava Tasimacilik (Turkey)
    Interbiz - International Business Air (Sweden)
    Interlink - Interlink Airlines (South Africa)
    Iran Air - Iran Air (Iran)
    Iraqi - Iraqi Airways (Iraq)
    Irtysh - Irtysh-Avia (Kazakhstan)
    Island - Island Airlines (USA)
    Islandways - Air Turks and Caicos (Turks and Caicos Islands)
    Israir - Israir (Israel)
    Ital Cargo - Clubair Sixgo (Italy)
    Itek Air - Air Company Itek-Air (Kyrgyzstan)
    Ivoire Airways - Ivoire Airways (Cote d'Ivoire)

    Jalways - JALWays (Japan)
    Jamaica - Air Jamaica (Jamaica)
    Jamaica Express - Air Jamaica Express (Jamaica)
    Janex - JAL Express (Japan)
    Japan Air - Japan Airlines International Company (Japan)
    Jat - JAT Yugoslav Airlines (Serbia-Montenegro)
    Jatayu - Jatayu Gelang Sejahtera (Indonesia)
    Jay Bird - Japan Airlines Domestic Company (Japan)
    Jay Ocean - Japan Transocean Air (Japan)
    Jazz - Air Canada Jazz (Canada)
    Jersey - flybe/British European Airways (UK)
    Jet Airways - Jet Airways (India)
    Jet Aviation - Jet Aviation Business Jets (Switzerland)
    Jet Link - Continental Express/ExpressJet Airlines (USA)
    Jetblue - JetBlue Airways (USA)
    Jetclub - Jetclub (Switzerland)
    Jetset - First Choice Airways (UK)
    Jetstar - Jetstar Airways (Australia)
    Job Air - Job Air (Czech Rep.)
    Jordanian - Royal Jordanian (Jordan)
    Jubba - Jubba Airways (Somalia)

    Kabo - Kabo Airlines (Nigeria)
    Kaliningrad Air - Kaliningradavia (Russian Federation)
    Kamgar - Kam Air (Afghanistan)
    Kampuchea - Kampuchea Airlines (Cambodia)
    Karthago - Karthago Airlines (Tunisia)
    Kato Air - Kato Air (Norway)
    Kaunas - Air Lithuania (Lithuania)
    Keenair - Keenair Charter (UK)
    Kenya - Kenya Airways (Kenya)
    Kestrel - MyTravel Airways (UK)
    Key Dee - KD Air (Canada)
    Keystone - Keystone Air Service (Canada)
    Khabarovsk Air - Dalavia Far East Airways (Russian Federation)
    Khaki Express - Air Express Limited (Tanzania)
    Khymer Air - Royal Khmer Airlines (Cambodia)
    King Star - PTL Luftfahrunternehmen (Germany)
    Kishair - Kish Air (Iran)
    KLM - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Netherlands)
    Knight Flight - Knighthawk Air Express (Canada)
    Kogalym - Kolavia/Kogalymavia Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Kokta - Kokshetau (Kazakhstan)
    Komiinter - Komiinteravia (Russian Federation)
    Korean Air - Korean Air (Korea - Rep. of)
    Krasnojarsky Air - Kras Air/Krasnojarsky Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Krilo - Krylo Aviakompania (Russian Federation)
    Kruger-Air - MK Airlines (Ghana)
    Kuwaiti - Kuwait Airways (Kuwait)
    Kyrgyz - Kyrghyzstan Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
    Kyrmal - Kyrgyz International Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)

    Lab - LAB Flying Service (USA)
    Lab Air - Air Labrador (Canada)
    Lacsa - Lacsa/Lineas Aereas Costarricenses SA (Costa Rica)
    Lade - LADE Lineas Aereas del Estado (Argentina)
    Ladeco - Lan Express/Ladeco (Chile)
    Laker Bahamas - Laker Airways Bahamas/L.B. Limited (USA)
    Lakes Air - Great Lakes Aviation (USA)
    Lan - LAN Airlines (Chile)
    Lankair - Lankair Private (Sri Lanka)
    Lao - Lao Aviation (Laos)
    Laoag Air - Laoag International Airlines (Philippines)
    Lapa - LAPA (Argentina)
    Laser - LASER Linea Aerea de Servicio Ejecutivo Regional (Venezuela)
    Lat - Lebanese Air Transport (Lebanon)
    Lat Trans - Transeast Airlines (Latvia)
    Latcharter - Latcharter (Latvia)
    Latpass - Latpass Airlines (Latvia)
    Lauda - Lauda Air (Austria)
    Lauda Italy - Lauda Air Italy (Italy)
    Liat - LIAT (Antigua and Barbuda)
    Libair - Lybian Arab Airlines (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Liberty - Freedom Airlines (USA)
    Linea Int - Aerolineas Internacionales SA de CV (Mexico)
    Lineas Azteca - Lineas Aereas Azteca (Mexico)
    Link - South African Airlink (South Africa)
    Lion Inter - Lion Airlines/Lion Mentari Air (Indonesia)
    Lithuania Air - Lithuanian Airlines (Lithuania)
    Livingston - Livingston (Italy)
    Lloyd Aereo - LAB Airlines/Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (Bolivia)
    Longhorn - Express One International (USA)
    LTU - LTU International Airways (Germany)
    Lufthansa - Lufthansa (Germany)
    Lufthansa Cargo - Lufthansa Cargo (Germany)
    Lufttransport - Lufttransport (Norway)
    Luxair - Luxair (Luxembourg)
    Luxor - Air Luxor (Portugal)
    Luxor Gulf - Air Luxor (Guinea-Bissau)
    Luxor Jet - Air Luxor (Sao Tome and Principe)
    Lynden - Lynden Air Cargo (USA)

    Macair - Macedonian Airlines (Greece)
    Maersk Air - Maersk Air (Denmark)
    Magnum - Eagle Aviation (Kenya)
    Mahan Air - Mahan Air (Iran)
    Mahfooz - Mahfooz Aviation (Gambia)
    Makavio - MAT Macedonian Airlines (Macedonia - F.Y.R.)
    Malawi - Air Malawi (Malawi)
    Malaysian - Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia)
    Malev - Malev (Hungary)
    Mali Airways - Mali Airways (Mali)
    Malta Charter - Malta Air Charter (Malta)
    Mandala - Mandala Airlines (Indonesia)
    Mandarin - Mandarin Airlines (Taiwan)
    Mariner - San Juan Airlines/West Isle Air (USA)
    Maroc Regional - Regional Airlines (Morocco)
    Marshall Islands - Air Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands)
    Martinair - Martinair (Netherlands)
    Mas Carga - MAS Carga (Mexico)
    Matra - Sky Europe Airlines (Hungary)
    Maui - Trans Air (USA)
    Mavial - MAVIAL Magadan Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Maxair - Maxair (Sweden)
    Mekong Airlines - Mekong Airlines (Cambodia)
    Menajet - Menajet (Lebanon)
    Merair - Meridiana (Italy)
    Mercair - Air Mercury/Mercury Air Cargo (USA)
    Merpati - Merpati Nusantara Airlines (Indonesia)
    Mesaba - Mesaba Airlines (USA)
    Mexicana - Mexicana Airlines (Mexico)
    Mexicargo - Mexicargo (Mexico)
    Midex - Midwest Airlines (USA)
    Midland - bmi British Midland (UK)
    Mike Romeo - Air Mauritanie (Mauritania)
    Mile Air - 40-Mile Air (USA)
    Mines - Zambian Airways (Zambia)
    Moku - Aloha Island Air (USA)
    Moldavian - Moldavian Airlines (Moldova)
    Monarch - Monarch Airlines (UK)
    Mongol Air - MIAT Mongolian Airlines (Mongolia)
    Montair - Montenegro Airlines (Yugoslavia)
    Moonflower - Neos (Italy)
    Morozov - Airstars (Russian Federation)
    Motor Sich - Motor Sich Aviakompania (Ukraine)
    Mount Cook - Mount Cook Airlines (New Zealand)
    Mov Air - Vim Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Mozambique - LAM (Mozambique)
    Multitrade - Progress Multitrade (Cambodia)
    My Lite - MyTravel Lite (UK)
    Myland - Maya Island Air (Belize)

    Namibia - Air Namibia (Namibia)
    National Jet - National Jet Systems (Australia)
    Nationwide - Nationwide Airlines (South Africa)
    Navigator - Novair (Sweden)
    Necon Air - Necon Air (Nepal)
    New England - New England Airlines (USA)
    New Zealand - Air New Zealand (New Zealand)
    Newsky - Skynet Asia Airways (Japan)
    Nigeria - Nigeria Airways (Nigeria)
    Night Cargo - Air Cargo Carriers (USA)
    Nile - Mid Airlines (Sudan)
    Nippon Cargo - Nippon Cargo Airlines (Japan)
    Niugini - Air Niugini (Papua New Guinea)
    Nor Shuttle - Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway)
    Norcanair - Northern Dene Airways (Canada)
    Nordeste - Nordeste-Linhas Aereas Regionais (Brazil)
    Nordflight - Nordkalottflyg (Sweden)
    Nordic - Nordic East Airlink (Sweden)
    North American - North American Airlines (USA)
    North Flying - North Flying (Denmark)
    North Rider - Nordic Regional (Sweden)
    Northwest - Northwest Airlines (USA)
    Northwright - North-Wright Airways (Canada)
    Nostrum Air - Air Nostrum (Spain)
    Nouvelair - Nouvelair Tunisie (Tunisia)

    O'Connor - O'Connor-Mt. Gambier's Airline (Australia)
    Odessa Air - Odessa Airlines (Ukraine)
    Oltra - OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport (Germany)
    Olympic - Olympic Airlines (Greece)
    Oman - Oman Royal Flight (Oman)
    Oman Air - Oman Air (Oman)
    Omni - Omni Aviacao e Tecnologia/PGA Express (Portugal)
    Omni Express - Omni Air Express (USA)
    Omsk - Omskavia Airline (Russian Federation)
    Onur Air - Onur Air (Turkey)
    Orenburg - Orenburg Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Orex - Orbit Express Airlines (Turkey)
    Orient Eagle - Orient Eagle Airways (Kazakhstan)
    Orient Pacific - Air Philippines (Philippines)
    Orient Thai - Orient Thai Airlines (Thailand)
    Origin - Origin Pacific Airways (New Zealand)
    Oryx - Oman Aviation Services (Oman)
    Overland - Overland Airways (Nigeria)

    Pace - Hooters Air, operated by Pace Airlines (USA)
    Pace - Pace Airlines/Piedmont Aviation (USA)
    Pacific - Air Pacific (Fiji)
    Pacific Express - Pacific Airlines (USA)
    Pacific Isle - Pacific Island Aviation (USA)
    Pacific West - Pacificair/Pacific Airways Corporation (Philippines)
    Palestinian - Palestinian Airlines (Palestinian Territory)
    Pamir - Pamir Air (Afghanistan)
    Panairfly - Panair (Italy)
    Panavia - Panavia (Panama)
    Pantanal - Pantanal Linhas Aereas Sul-Matogrossenses (Brazil)
    Panther - Falcon Air Express (USA)
    Panways - Panafrican Airways (Cote d'Ivoire)
    Paradise - Air St. Thomas (USA)
    Paraguaya - TAM Paraguay/Transportes Aereos del Mercosur (Paraguay)
    Pasco - Pacific Coastal Airlines (Canada)
    Patagonia - LAN Peru (Peru)
    Payam Air - Payam/IPTAS (Iran)
    Pee Bee Air - PB Air (Thailand)
    Pelican Airways - Pelican Air Services (South Africa)
    Pelita - Pelita Air (Indonesia)
    Pem Air - PemAir (Canada)
    Peninsula - Penair/Peninsula Airways (USA)
    Perm Air - Perm State Air Enterprise (Russian Federation)
    Phazer - Sky Trek International Airlines (USA)
    Philippine - Philippine Airlines (Philippines)
    Phnom Penh Air - Royal Phnom Penh Airways (Cambodia)
    Phuket Air - Phuket Airlines (Thailand)
    Piedmont - Piedmont Airlines/US Airways Express (USA)
    Pintadera - Islas Airways (Spain)
    Pluna - Pluna (Uruguay)
    Polar - Polar Air Cargo (USA)
    Polaris - Northwestern Air Lease (Canada)
    Pollot - LOT Polish Airlines (Poland)
    Polynesian - Polynesian Airline of Samoa (Samoa)
    Portugalia - Portugalia (Portugal)
    Precision Air - Precision Air Services (Tanzania)
    Proservicios - Servicios Aereos Profesionales (Dominican Rep.)
    Proteus - Proteus Helicopters (France)
    Public Express - Republic Express Airlines (Indonesia)
    Pulkovo - Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise (Russian Federation)

    Qantas - Qantas Airways (Australia)
    Qatari - Qatar Airways (Qatar)
    Quality - TNT Airways (Belgium)

    Radis Air - Air Paradise International (Indonesia)
    Rafair (+ various others) - Royal Air Force (UK)
    Reach - MAC Military Aircraft Command (USA)
    Red Comet - Air Comet (Spain)
    Red Dragon - Air Wales (UK)
    Redair - Redhill Aviation (UK)
    Regional Europe - Regional Compagnie Aerienne Europeenne (France)
    Relax - SkyEurope Airlines (Slovakia)
    Reunion - Air Austral (France)
    Reval - Aero Airlines (Estonia)
    Revola - Volare Airlines (Italy)
    Rico - Rico Linhas Aereas (Brazil)
    Rooster - Hahn Air Lines (Germany)
    Royal Air Maroc - Royal Air Maroc (Morocco)
    Royal Aruban - Royal Aruban Airlines (Aruba)
    Royal Bhutan - Druk Air (Bhutan)
    Royal Nepal - Royal Nepal Airlines (Nepal)
    Rubens - VLM (Belgium)
    Russia - Russia State Transport Company (Russian Federation)
    Rwandair - Rwandair Express (Rwanda)
    Ryan Air - Arctic Transportation Services (USA)
    Ryan International - Ryan International Airlines (USA)
    Ryanair - Ryanair (Ireland)

    Saeta - SAETA Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Transportes Aereos (Ecuador)
    Sakha Avia - Sakha Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Sam - SAM Sociedad Aeronautica de Medellin (Colombia)
    Sandy Isle - Island Express (USA)
    Sapsa - Linea Aerea SAPSA (Chile)
    Saratov Air - Saravia Saratov Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Satair - SAT Sakhalin Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Satellite - Air Satellite (Canada)
    Satena - SATENA (Colombia)
    Saudia - Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia)
    Sayakhat - Sayakhat (Kazakhstan)
    Sayany - Sayany Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Scandinavian - SAS Scandinavian Airlines System (Denmark/Norway/Sweden)
    Scanor - SAS Braathens (Norway)
    Scanwing - Malmo Aviation (Sweden)
    Schreiner - Schreiner Airways (Netherlands)
    Scorpio - Scorpio Aviation (Egypt)
    Seair - South East Asian Airlines (Philippines)
    Selair - Sierra National Airlines (Sierra Leone)
    Serendib - Aero Lanka/Serendib Express (Sri Lanka)
    Seychelles - Air Seychelles (Seychelles)
    Shaheen Air - Shaheen Air (Pakistan)
    Shamrock - Aer Lingus (Ireland)
    Shandong - Shandong Airlines (China)
    Shanghai Air - Shanghai Airlines (China)
    Shenzhen Air - Shenzhen Airlines (China)
    Shuttle - British Airways Shuttle (UK)
    Shuttlecraft - Shuttle America/US Airways Express (USA)
    Sibavia - SIAT Sibaviatrans (Russian Federation)
    Siemreap Air - Siem Reap Airways International (Cambodia)
    Silk Line - Silk Way Airlines (Azerbaijan)
    Silkair - SilkAir (Singapore)
    Singapore - Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
    Siriofly - Eurofly (Italy)
    Skagway Air - Skagway Air Service (USA)
    Sky Express - Skyways (Sweden)
    Sky Eyes - Sky Eyes (Thailand)
    Skycargo - Superior Aviation Services (Kenya)
    Skyjet - Pan Air Lineas Aereas (Spain)
    Skyking - TCI Skyking (Turks and Caicos Islands)
    Skymark - Skymark Airlines (Japan)
    Skytour - Skyservice Airlines (Canada)
    Skytravel - Travel Service (Czech Rep.)
    Skyward - Skyward Aviation (Canada)
    Skyway Ex - Skyway Airlines/Astral Aviation (USA)
    Skywest - Skywest Airlines/Delta Connection/United Express (USA)
    Slov Line - Slovak Airlines (Slovakia)
    Slovakia - Air Slovakia (Slovakia)
    Snowbird - Air Atlanta Europe (UK)
    Sockeye - F.S. Air Service (USA)
    Soder - Soder Air (Finland)
    Solomon - Solomon Airlines (Solomon Islands)
    Southern Air - Southern Air (USA)
    Southern Winds - Southern Winds (Argentina)
    Southwest - Southwest Airlines (USA)
    Spada - Itali Airlines (Italy)
    Spanair - Spanair (Spain)
    Speedbird - British Airways (UK)
    Speedway - dba Deutsche BA (Germany)
    Spirit Wings - Spirit Airlines (USA)
    Springbok - South African Airways (South Africa)
    Sri Lankan - SriLankan Airlines (Sri Lanka)
    S-Tail - SN Brussels Airlines (Belgium)
    Star Up - Star Up (Peru)
    Starway - Star Airlines (France)
    Starwing - European Air Express (Germany)
    Stera - Star Air (Indonesia)
    Sterling - Sterling European Airlines (Denmark)
    Stripe - Tiger Airways (Singapore)
    Styrian - Styrian Airways (Austria)
    Suckling - Scot Airways/Suckling Airways (UK)
    Sultan - Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight (United Arab Emirates)
    Sun Country - Sun Country Airlines (USA)
    Sun Express - Sun Express (Turkey)
    Sun Scan - Sun-Air of Scandinavia (Denmark)
    Sun Turk - Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi (Turkey)
    Sunflower - Sun Air/Sunflower Airlines (Fiji)
    Surinam - Surinam Airways (Suriname)
    Sverdlovsk Air - Ural Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Swazi Express - Swazi Express Airways (Swaziland)
    Swazi National - Royal Swazi National Airways (Swaziland)
    Swedcopter - Helikopterservice Euro Air (Sweden)
    Swedestar - City Airline (Sweden)
    Swiss - Swiss International Air Lines (Switzerland)
    Sylt-Air - Aeroline (Germany)
    Syrian Air - Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrian Arab Rep.)

    Taca - Taca International Airlines (El Salvador)
    Tag Aviation - TAG Aviation (Switzerland)
    Tahiti Lines - Air Tahiti Nui (French Polynesia)
    Tajik Air - Tajik Air (Tajikistan)
    Tam Airline - Transports et Travaux Aeriens de Madagascar (Madagascar)
    Tam Express - TAM Express (Brazil)
    Tam Meridional - TAM-Transportes Aereos Meridionais (Brazil)
    Tamazi - Georgian Airlines/Air Zena (Georgia)
    Tame - TAME (Ecuador)
    Tampa - TAMPA Transportes Aereos Mercantiles Panamericanos (Colombia)
    Tan Air - Tanana Air Service (USA)
    Tandem - Tandem Aereo (Moldova)
    Taneu - Transportes Aereos Neuquen (Argentina)
    Tango Lima - Trans Mediterranean Airlines (Lebanon)
    Tanzania - Air Tanzania (Tanzania)
    Tapsa - TAPSA Transportes Aereos Petroleros SA (Argentina)
    Tarom - Tarom (Romania)
    Tavaj - Tavaj Transportes Aereos Regulares (Brazil)
    Tbilavia - Tbilaviamsheni (Georgia)
    Teamline - Teamline Air Luftfahrt (Austria)
    Tempe - Arizona Express Airlines (USA)
    Tesis - Tesis (Russian Federation)
    Thai Cargo - Thai Air Cargo (Thailand)
    Thai Pacific - Thai Pacific Airlines Business Company (Thailand)
    Thomas Cook - Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium)
    Tikal - Tikal Jets (Guatemala)
    Tjumavi - Utair/Tyumenaviatrans (Russian Federation)
    Tobruk Air - Tobruk Air Transport and Cargo (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Tol Air - TolAir Services (Puerto Rico)
    Tonghang - China General Aviation (China)
    Top Jet - Thomas Cook Airlines (UK)
    Top Swiss - EasyJet Switzerland (Switzerland)
    Topend - Airnorth Regional (Australia)
    Tranattico - ATTICO African Transport Trading and Investment Co. (Sudan)
    Trans Aeromar - Transportes Aeromar (Mexico)
    Trans Asia - Trans Asia Airways (Taiwan)
    Trans Congo - Trans Air Congo (Congo)
    Trans Mali - Air Mali International (Mali)
    Trans Meridian - Prime Air/Transmeridian Airlines (USA)
    Trans Peru - Taca Peru (Peru)
    Trans Soviet - Transaero Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Trans Swede - Transair Sweden (Sweden)
    Transat - Air Transat (Canada)
    Transavia - Airlines (Netherlands)
    Transeurline - Transeuropean Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Transexport - Transaviaexport Cargo Airline (Belarus)
    Transmile - Transmile Air Services (Malaysia)
    Traser - Trans Asian Airlines (Kazakhstan)
    Travey - Tavrey/Tavria Aviakompania (Ukraine)
    Trilines - Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines (Indonesia)
    Tropair - Inter Tropical Aviation (Suriname)
    Tropiser - Tropic Air (Belize)
    Tsunami - Pacific Wings (USA)
    Tulip Air - Tulip Air (Netherlands)
    Tulpa - Tulpar Air Service (Kazakhstan)
    Tunair - Tunisair (Tunisia)
    Tupolev Air - Aviastar-Tu Co. (Russian Federation)
    Turan - Turan Air (Azerbaijan)
    Turismo - ABSA Aerolinhas Brasileiras (Brazil)
    Turk Air - Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
    Turk National - Turks and Caicos Airways (Turks and Caicos Islands)
    Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan Airlines (Turkmenistan)
    Twin Arrow - Avialeasing Aviation Company (Uzbekistan)
    Twin Jet - Twin Jet (France)
    Tyrolean - Tyrolean Airways/Austrian Arrows (Austria)

    Ukraine International - Ukraine International Airlines (Ukraine)
    Ukraine Mediterrannee - UM Air/Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (Ukraine)
    Ukraine West - Lviv Airlines/Lvov Airlines (Ukraine)
    Unionair - Myanmar Airlines (Myanmar)
    United - United Airlines (USA)
    Universal - Universal Airways (USA)
    UPS - United Parcel Service (USA)
    Urga - Air Urga (Ukraine)
    US Air - US Airways (USA)
    Uzbek - Uzbekistan Airways (Uzbekistan)

    Value - Valuair (Singapore)
    Varig - Varig (Brazil)
    Via Airways - Air VIA Bulgarian Airways (Bulgaria)
    Viaggio - Viaggio Air (Bulgaria)
    Vietnam Airlines - Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam)
    Viking - MyTravel Airways (Denmark)
    Virgin - Virgin Atlantic Airways (UK)
    Virgin Express - Virgin Express (Belgium)
    Vladair - Vladivostok Air (Russian Federation)
    Vlasta - PLL Scat Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
    Volda Dnepr - Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Voronezhavia - Voronezhavia (Russian Federation)
    Voyager Air - Voyager Airline (Bangladesh)
    Walter - LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter (Germany)
    Wanair - Wanair (French Polynesia)
    Warbelow - Warbelow's Air Ventures (USA)
    Wasaya - Wasaya Airways (Canada)
    Waterski - Trans States Airlines/American Connection (USA)
    Welcome Air - Welcome Air (Austria)
    West Caribbean - West Caribbean Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
    West Indian - BWIA West Indies Airways (Trinidad and Tobago)
    West Isle Air - West Isle Air (USA)
    West Togo - Africa West (Togo)
    Westjet - WestJet (Canada)
    White Eagle - White Eagle Aviation (Poland)
    Wideroe - Wideroe (Norway)
    Windward - Winair/Windward Islands Airways (Netherlands Antilles)
    Wings Alaska - Wings of Alaska (USA)
    Wizz Air - Wizz Air (Hungary)
    World - World Airways (USA)
    Wright Air - Wright Air Service (USA)

    Xiamen Air - Xiamen Airlines (China)
    Xinjiang - China Xinjiang Airlines (China)

    Yamal - Yamal Airlines (Russian Federation)
    Yangtze River - Yangtze River Express Airlines (China)
    Yemeni - Yemenia (Yemen)
    Yukon - Northern Air Cargo (USA)
    Yute Air - Yute Air Alaska (USA)
    Yuzmash - Yuzmashavia (Ukraine)

    Zambezi - Air Zambezi (Zimbabwe)
    Zamnat - Nationwide Airlines (Zambia)
    Zimbird - Majestic Air (Zimbabwe)
    Zimex - Zimex Aviation (Switzerland)
    Zircon - Zircon Airways (Benin)
    Zitotrans - Aviacon Zitotrans (Russian Federation)
    Zoom - Zoom Airlines (Canada)

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