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Thread: Recruitment of Air Traffic Control

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    Evening all, since I was young I have always wanted to take up the career of being an Air Traffic Control Officer. I live in the UK and applied once to NATS to become ATC. I passed the tests however failed on a personality questionnaire which I don't really agree with. For many years I have spent numerous holidays travelling around the US and really kind of fell in love with the country. My question is, is there any possibility I can apply for ATC in America possibly with the FAA as a UK citizen with a view of moving to anywhere in America to do the job. Or is it solely for US citizens and no one else can apply?

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    From what I've seen in my renewed search, the FAA states that they are only hiring US citizens at this time.

    As for the personality test... in my experience, ATC people are a different lot. I know it changed me in a short 5 years. Try talking to me when I'm already engaged on the phone with someone else for example. Talk about someone getting rude really fast

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