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Air Traffic & Aviation News - ARCHIVES
· FCC Calls For Greater Use Of Electronic Devices In-Flight
· What Do The In-Flight Chimes Mean?
· Sandy: Flight Cancellations Push 20,000

FCC Calls For Greater Use Of Electronic Devices In-Flight
12 December, 2012: The Federal Communications Commission says travelers should be able to have greater use of portable electronic devices during flights..

What Do The In-Flight Chimes Mean?
5 November, 2012: Captain Cox Explains what all of the beeps and dings mean..

Sandy: Flight Cancellations Push 20,000
1 November, 2012: The number of Sandy-related flight cancellations remains significant but has finally started to tail off following this week's superstorm.

Captain Cox Explains How Air Traffic Control Manages Air Force One
15 October, 2012: When the president is in transit by air, who has responsibility for air traffic control of Air Force One?

NextGen Air Traffic Control System Behind Schedule And Over Budget
28 September, 2012: Airlines are increasingly worried by delays and overruns in the NextGen air traffic control system..

Airline Tarmac Delays Up in July
19 September, 2012: Most of the delays were on July 13 on flights heading in or out of Chicago during severe storms.

NTSB Investigating Crash at Herbert Smart Airport
18 September, 2012: An FAA spokeswoman says the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating Tuesday's plane crash at Herbert Smart Airport..

Problems Dogging New High-Tech Air Traffic System
14 September, 2012: A high-tech overhaul to the nations air traffic control system is mostly on track to completion, but has yet to produce the benefits that airlines and passengers were told to expect, federal investigators said..

Captain Cox Explains Why No Open Gate After Landing
11 September, 2012: Why does my plane sometimes not have a gate to go to? Can't that be worked out pre-arrival?..

Stowaway Found Dead in Street Below Heathrow Flight
10 September, 2012: The body of the victim in his thirties and from North Africa, was discovered in the affluent London neighbourhood of Mortlake under the Heathrow flight path..

Can Flight Times Be Shorter?
27 August, 2012: Captain Cox fields queries on flight time estimates and whether controllers or captains make the final call on landing in bad weather..

FAA to Study Using Electronic Gadgets on Planes
27 August, 2012: The Federal Aviation Administration is forming a group to study whether smartphones, laptops and other electronic gadgets can be used safely during a flight..

Boeing Hit By Biggest-Ever 787 Order Cancellation
24 August, 2012: Australian carrier Qantas says its canceling orders for 35 Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets..

Captain Cox Explains Why The Cockpit Door is Open at Boarding
21 August, 2012: The number of people needing access to the flight deck during ground operations requires that the door be open until near pushback..

United Airlines First 787 Dreamliner Takes Flight
20 August, 2012: United Airlines first Boeing 787 Dreamliner completed its first test flight Sunday..

Potential FAA Cuts Would Create Big Hassles For Fliers
17 August, 2012: Look out air travelers. A congressional slugfest over the U.S. deficit is threatening to trigger higher airfares and widespread slowdowns at the nation's airports..

Life Rafts & Oxygen Masks Explained
13 August, 2012: How often are the oxygen masks really tested? Can the captain of the plane release them manuallly? Are life rafts still on board aircraft?

FAA Suspends Air Traffic Procedure That Preceded Close Call Near D.C.
7 August, 2012: The Federal Aviation Administration has suspended the air traffic-switching procedure that led to a close call among three plans last week at Washington's Reagan National Airport, Reuters reports..

Captain Cox Explains Why the 15-Hour Rule Could Cause a Delay
6 August, 2012: There are requirements for the maximum hours on duty during a duty period..

F-15s Scrambled as United Flight Diverts
1 August, 2012: F-15s scrambled as United 767 diverts to Boston..

First United Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rolls Out
31 July, 2012: United Airlines will host a webcast of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it rolls out of the hangar..

Captain Cox Explains Aircraft Climb Speeds
30 July, 2012: Normally, climb speed is set by the flight-management computer based on weight, temperature and cruise altitude.

Delta Air Lines to Shut Down Comair
27 July, 2012: Delta Air Lines is pulling the plug on its Comair regional subsidiary..

New Air Traffic Control Center Will Be in New York
26 July, 2012: A new air traffic control center that will serve the busy New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia metropolitan areas will be built somewhere in New York, although a decision on an exact location is still likely many months away, acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said Monday..

Runway Extension Adds to Hartsfield-Jacksons Efficiency
24 July, 2012: A 500-foot extension of Runway 27R, the Airport’s longest runway, opened to aircraft traffic on July 16..

Captain Cox On Pre-Flight Briefings
23 July, 2012: Pilots establish a routine to ensure that all the information is properly reviewed, loaded and used..

Airlines Make Record $22.6 Billion From Fees
22 July, 2012: Airlines around the globe made a record $22.6 billion from fees last year, a new report finds. U.S. airlines led the way..

All Nippon Grounds Five Dreamliners
21 July, 2012: All Nippon Airways (ANA), the launch customer for Boeing's 787 Dreamliners, has had to make ground several of its 787s to correct an engine defect, according to multiple media reports..

Captain Cox Explains When Cellphones Must Be Off On a Flight
16 July, 2012: If you are aware of a violation then it is appropriate to inform a flight crew member..

Smoke in Newark Aiport Control Tower Forces Evacuation
11 July, 2012: Officials have lifted the ground stop at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport..

Boeing's Biggest 747 Debuts on Route to Washington
10 July, 2012: Boeing's new 747-8 Intercontinental the largest passenger jet made by the company enters commercial service..

Why Some Mechanical Problems Are Found After Boarding
9 July, 2012: Captain Cox explains why is it that many issues that potentially could have been addressed in between flights are not found until after the plane is loaded..

Final Air France Crash Report Says Pilots Failed to React Swiftly
5 July, 2012: A series of errors by pilots and a failure to react effectively to technical problems led to the crash of Air France Flight 447, France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis said Thursday in its final report on the disaster..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Execute Go Arounds
2 July, 2012: Jets can climb and accelerate very quickly; it is often more difficult to slow climb and acceleration than to execute the go around itself..

JetBlue Tries New Approach at New York JFK
20 June, 2012: JetBlue tries a new approach at JFK airport; Satellite company debuts new technology..

Captain Cox Talks About Dangerous Flaps Malfunctions
19 June, 2012: The landing airspeed is higher without the flaps. The amount of additional airspeed varies with the type of airplane and the weight..

Four People Injured When Jet Runs Off PDK Runway
18 April, 2012: Several people were injured late Monday morning when a small jet ran off the end of a runway at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport..

Regional Jets Crowd Skies, Squeeze Fliers
15 June, 2012: Fifty-three percent of all commercial airline departures in the U.S. today are operated by regional airlines..

Captain Cox Discusses Turbulence Waves
12 June, 2012: There can be waves created as air is compressed, expanded and moved by these jetstreams..

Delta Brings Boeing 747 Back to Atlanta
11 June, 2012: Delta Air Lines is bringing the Boeing 747 back to Atlanta, putting the jumbo jet on its Atlanta-Tokyo route..

Jets Avoid Collision on Logan Runway
8 June, 2012: Air traffic controllers at Boston Logan International Airport had to make some quick decisions on Thursday after an American Airlines flight crossed the end of a runway without authorization..

Captain Cox Explains Are Airport Runways Flat?
4 June, 2012: Are runways flat? From what I've noticed they are not. Also, some appear to have an angle or slope..

American Eagle Jet Skids Off O'Hare Runway
3 June, 2012: An American Eagle regional jet veered off the runway at Chicago O'Hare this morning, according to WLS TV of Chicago..

U.S. Asks Canada To Investigate Air Collision with FAA, NTSB Ties
30 March, 2012: The midair collision of two small planes about 50 miles from Washington is under investigation by Canadian officials because one plane was owned by an FAA employee and the other by an NTSB employee, federal officials said Tuesday..

Captain Cox Explains Why Window Shades Must Be Open For Takeoff
28 May, 2012: Why, on some flights, are the window shades required to be open for takeoff and landing..

Delta to Buy AirTran's Boeing 717s
25 May, 2012: Delta Air Lines plans to add 88 Boeing 717s to its fleet, picking up planes that Southwest Airlines didn't want anymore..

Passenger's Implant Claim Triggers Flight Diversion
22 May, 2012: A passenger who said she had a surgically implanted device inside her prompted a security scare that led to the diversion of a North Carolina-bound jet, officials said..

Atlanta's New International Terminal Opens
16 May, 2012: Atlanta opens its new its long-awaited Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal today, a move that local officials say will cement the world's busiest airport as a global leader..

Fliers Ignore Calls to Turn Off Electronics
15 May, 2012: says 1,200 of its website visitors answered the question: Do you use electronics (phone, laptop, iPad, etc.) after the cabin door has been closed and a flight attendant has asked for them to be turned off? ..

Wreck Found of Russia Jet on Indonesia Mountain
11 May, 2012: Search and rescue teams found the wreckage of a Russian-made passenger plane on a mountain Thursday after it disappeared during a demonstration flight in western Indonesia. The conditions of the 48 people on board are not known..

Boeing Updates 737 For New Era
9 May, 2012: The most popular jetliner in history, the Boeing 737, is getting another makeover. The new 737 MAX to make its debut in 2017..

Captain Cox Explains Why Would Landing Gear Be Lowered During Flight
8 May, 2012: Reader Asks: I understand brakes overheating on landing, but how can they overheat right after takeoff? ..

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Projects Abound
7 May, 2012: Hartsfield-Jackson International begins a new era with the opening of its international terminal a week from Wednesday, but it’s hardly the final expansion planned for the world’s busiest airport..

Air France Flight 447: Damn It, We’re Going to Crash
3 May, 2012: Had a traditional yoke been installed on Flight AF447, Robert would surely have realised that his junior colleague had the lever pulled back and mostly kept it there. When Dubois returned to the cockpit he would have seen that Bonin was pulling up the nose..

Boeing Delivers Stretch 747-8 Intercontinental to Lufthansa
2 May, 2012: The largest commercial airliner ever built by Boeing is finally in the hands of an airline customer..

Delta Air Lines Is Getting Into Fuel Business
1 May, 2012: Delta Air Lines is doing what anybody with a huge gas bill dreams of doing buying an oil refinery to make its own fuel..

Delta Air Lines posts Q1 Profit on Fuel Hedges
27 April, 2012: Delta Air Lines Inc. is reporting a first-quarter profit because of fuel hedging and other one-time gains..

Bird Strikes Pose Ongoing Danger to Aircraft
27 April, 2012: Recent bird collisions with aircraft, including one Vice President Biden was traveling on, point up the ongoing danger to flights..

How The NTSB and FAA Work Together On Safety
23 April, 2012: Why does the FAA not act on NTSB recommendations that will obviously make airline flying safer?

Why NextGen Air Traffic Control Matters
20 April, 2012: The congressional logjam blocking long-term FAA funding in the U.S. appears to be broken. Perhaps the FAA can finally move ahead with the much-heralded next generation air-traffic-control program known as NextGen..

FAA Urged to Adopt Fatigue Rules For Cargo Pilots
18 April, 2012: When the FAA finalized its rule in December for more rest for passenger pilots, cargo pilots were left out..

Captain Cox Explains What a Pilot Does When an Engine Fails
16 April, 2012: What are the flight and landing hazards if engine failure occurs in a twin-engine plane..

Aspen Flights Diverted Over FAA Equipment Failure
12 April, 2012: Several American Eagle flights headed to the Colorado ski town of Aspen were diverted to other airports over the weekend because of airport equipment failure..

NTSB Recommendations Coming On Reno Airshow Crash
9 April, 2012: The National Transportation Safety Board will make recommendations next week in response to the crash at a Reno air race that killed the pilot and 10 spectators..

Report Says Top U.S. Airlines Performed Very Well in 2011
3 April, 2012: Despite perceptions that airline service is worsening, 2011 was the best year ever for airline performance, independent experts say..

Captain Cox Explains Which is More Dangerous, Takeoff or Landing?
2 April, 2012: The last two years have been the safest years in aviation history. It is hard to say that flying is dangerous when viewing this record..

Lufthansa to Debut 747-8 Intercontinental on Washington Route
30 March, 2012: Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Christoph Franz said today that the airline would fly its first 747-8 Intercontinental jumbo jet from Frankurt to Washington Dulles International Airport..

JetBlue Pilot's Meltdown: No One Saw It Coming
29 March, 2012: Friends and acquaintances of the JetBlue pilot who appeared to go berserk on a Tuesday flight say they never saw it coming..

JetBlue Suspends Captain Who Disrupted Flight
28 March, 2012: JetBlue Airways is suspending the captain whose erratic behavior caused an emergency landing of an early morning flight from New York bound for Las Vegas..

Captain Cox On Full Overhead Bins
27 March, 2012: Does all the extra weight above the wings affect the performance and handing of an airliner?

Hartsfield-Jackson Seeking Volunteers to Test International Terminal
23 March, 2012: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is seeking 1,500 volunteers to try out its new international terminal before the grand opening..

Many Co-Pilots Don't Meet Training Standards
22 March, 2012: Three-fourths of the co-pilots at two regional airlines fell short of proposed requirement for them, a Senate subcommittee is told..

Airline Passengers May Get a Break on Using Electronic Devices
20 March, 2012: The government is taking a tentative step toward making it easier for airlines to allow passengers to use personal electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers and music players during takeoffs and landings..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Handle Rain and Snow
19 March, 2012: When a jet flies through heavy rain, what prevents the injested water from shutting down the engine?..

New Atlanta Airport Terminal to Open May 16
16 March, 2012: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says a new international terminal at the city's airport will open May 16..

FAA: Rate of Air-Traffic Control Errors Are Unchanged, Rare
14 March, 2012: The number of air-traffic control errors stayed relatively flat last year, with 1,895 incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration reported Wednesday..

Delta Jetliner Rolls Off Taxiway During Test
13 March, 2012: A Delta Airlines jetliner veered off a taxiway during maintenance testing at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport early Tuesday, causing significant damage to the aircraft, an airline spokesman said..

FAA Forecast: High Air Fares Most Of This Decade
9 March, 2012: Air fares are likely to stay high throughout this decade, as passenger travel grows but airline capacity shrinks, according to a government forecast issued Thursday..

Passenger Numbers to Nearly Double by 2032, FAA Predicts
8 March, 2012: Airline travel will nearly double over the next two decades, the Federal Aviation Administration predicted Thursday..

Poll: Pilots Get Less Sleep Than Other Workers
6 March, 2012: Many people occasionally get drowsy while working, but airline pilots are more prone to getting sleepy on the job..

Captain Cox Explains How Overseas Flight Crews Handle Fatigue
5 March 2012: Is there a cutoff point at which crews rest for two nights?? After they arrive, do they have any job-related duties before they fly back?? Captain Cox explains..

Super Jumbo Jet A380 Coming to Atlanta
1 March, 2012: Korean Air plans to begin flying the A380 super jumbo jet between Atlanta and Seoul, the Atlanta airport's top executive said..

FAA Wants to Boost Airline Pilot Qualifications
29 February, 2012: Federal officials are proposing to increase the minimum requirements to become an airline co-pilot to the same threshold as a captain, but they're also carving out some large exceptions..

Atlanta Flight Makes Emergency Landing in N.J.
28 February, 2012: A United Express flight from Atlanta made an emergency landing Monday evening at Newark Liberty Airport because of a problem with the landing gear..

Five Things Not To Do On Airplanes
24 February, 2012: Over-reclining, overhead-hogging and other practices you really should avoid when flying..

Israel Bans ATR Turboprops on Missile-Defense Fears
22 February, 2012: Israel's Transportation Ministry has told two airlines they must stop flying turboprop aircraft because of security concerns..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Switch Between Aircraft Models
20 February, 2012: Does a commercial pilot certified for one type of plane have the know-how to operate another type?..

Hartsfield-Jackson to Add Cellphone Waiting Lot
17 February, 2012: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is opening its first cellphone waiting lot Thursday, offering a free place for people to wait while arriving passengers get to the curbside..

Proposed FAA Budget Tackles Air-Traffic Upgrades
14 February, 2012: The Federal Aviation Administration would get nearly $15.2 billion next fiscal year under President Obama's proposal released Monday..

What Will Airbus A380 Fault Mean For Passengers And Airlines
10 February, 2012: The European Aviation Safety Agency has ordered checks for cracks in the wings of the Airbus A380, though it has stopped short of grounding the fleet..

Boeing Finds Problem in 787 Tails
9 February, 2012: Boeing said on Monday that repairs are needed in the tail sections of some of its new 787s, although it said there's no immediate safety concern..

Professional Advice For Prospective Pilots
7 February, 2012: How do the airlines determine the new aircraft-type pay rates for flight crews?..

French Airports Battle Aviation Strike
6 February, 2012: Air France and other airlines sought to limit the damage from a strike Monday by aviation industry workers a walkout prompted by rules that would limit the impact of future strikes..

How does An Airport Prepare Ffor a Super Bowl?
2 February, 2012: With Super Bowl XLVI just a few days away, it's already game on at the Indianapolis International Airport..

Delta Flight Slides Off Runway in Detroit
30 January, 2012: Passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight experienced an unexpected bump Sunday when the plane rolled off the runway after landing in Detroit..

Captain Cox Explains What Happens When All Systems Fail During Flight
30 January, 2012: When all emergency back-up systems have failed, is it possible to recover while in flight?..

Taking a Trip Can Be a Degrading Experience For Fliers
27 January, 2012: Hardly a day goes by without someone complaining they've suffered an indignity when flying..

Delta, Others Reroute Flights After Solar Eruption
25 January, 2012: Delta Air Lines has rerouted at least six flights that were to fly near the North Pole in an effort to avoid radiation from an immense solar blast..

Captain Cox Explains What Happens When Planes Slam On The Brakes
23 January, 2012: Captain Cox talks rejected takeoffs, cooling brakes, runway lengths and spooling engines..

Airbus Finds New Non-Critical Cracks on Two A380s
20 January, 2012: In a story just breaking this evening, European jetmaker Airbus confirmed today that it has discovered new cracks on metal brackets inside the wings of two A380 superjumbo jets, The Associated Press reports..

Oops! British Airways Fliers Mistakenly Told To Prepare For Water Landing
18 January, 2012: British Airways passengers got an unwanted scare after an automated emergency warning was accidentally triggered during their Miami to London flight..

Captain Cox Explains if a Passenger Could Be Talked Through a Safe Landing?
17 January, 2012: Hollywood has given us movies wherein a passenger is called upon to rescue an airplane full of people when the crew is incapacitated..

Chamber of Commerce: NextGen Must Be A Top Priority
13 January, 2012: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports an extension of Federal Aviation Administration policy, as one of its top legislative priorities..

Delta Assessing Bid for American Airlines
12 January, 2012: Could it be that Delta Air Lines is considering a bid for American?

Airbus A380's Are Not Sky-Worthy, Say Engineers
10 January, 2012: Singapore Airlines and Qantas have admitted to cracks in the wings of their Airbus A380 super-jumbos - but say that the planes are safe..

Captain Cox Explains If Twin-Engine Aircraft Fly Different Routes Oover Water
10 January, 2012: Is there an established pattern for twin-engine aircraft to make a trans-Atlantic flight?

British Airways Confirms Emergency Landing After Pilots Become Unwell
8 January, 2012: U.K. media reported that a British Airways flight had to return to London Heathrow after both the pilots became unwell and lightheaded..

Allegiant Air Plane Skids Off Runway in Ohio
4 January, 2012: It was a bumpy end to the long holiday weekend for some passengers at an Ohio airport..

Behind The Scenes Video: Your Bag's Journey on Delta
2 January, 2012 (VIDEO): Have you ever wondered where your bags go after they pass through those black rubber flaps at the airport?..

2011 Shaping Up As Safest Ever For Fliers
29 December, 2011: Airlines, charters suffer fewer deaths worldwide. Trend follows U.S. airlines, which haven't seen a death in four of the last five years..

Southwest 737 Blows 2 Tires on Takeoff From Sacramento
28 December, 2011: The were some anxious moments on a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento Tuesday evening..

Airbus Set to Trump Boeing in Sales Race
27 December, 2011: Airbus is on course to surpass Boeing and report its highest number of commercial aircraft orders yet in 2011, but the US manufacturer is preparing to mount a strong fightback against its European rival in 2012 and beyond..

UPS Pilots Challenge FAA Fatigue Rules Excluding Cargo Jets
26 December 2011: The union for UPS pilots asks appeals court to review the inconsistency of the rules, which exclude cargo flights..

Why Fliers Really Do Need To Turn Off Gadgets
22 December, 2011: Many passengers question the rationale, but data show the gadgets emit radio signals that can interfere with cockpit instruments..

Be Prepared For Delayed Flights, Packed Planes
21, December, 2011: Volatile weather and packed planes make the Christmas and New Year's season a tricky time to travel by air..

5 Dead in Crash of Atlanta Plane
20 December, 2011: Five people, four of them from metro Atlanta, were killed Monday night in a plane crash near Waco, Texas..

How Would You Paint Your Dreamliner?
16 December, 2011: Have you always thought it would be cool do come up with your own paint job for an aircraft? If so, then Boeing has just the thing for you..

FAA OKs iPads in Cockpit
15 December, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration gives the green light for American Airlines pilots to use iPads in flight..

Blockbuster Order Will Make Southwest First to Fly 737 MAX
13 December, 2011: Southwest Airlines announced a blockbuster order today that will make it the first carrier in the world to fly Boeing's 737 MAX..

Captain Cox Explains Why Sometimes a Hard Landing is a Good One
12 December, 2011: Given all the variables in play during a landing, can even the most skilled pilots consistently manage to make a soft landing?..

Ron Paul On NRLB Boeing Resolution
11 December, 2011: Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul released a statement today saying that he was pleased with the National Labor Relations Boards decision to drop its lawsuit against Boeing for deciding to build a new plant in South Carolina..

Route Map Keeps Growing For Boeing 787 Dreamliner
9 December, 2011: The route map for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner continues to fill out. The latest is JAL's plan to put the jet on three more routes..

Baldwin Flap Sparks Debate on Phones, Planes
8 December, 2011: Some say rules requring a shutdown of electronic devices are too broad; others argue safety must come first and support FAA rules..

FAA Chief Resigns After Drunken Driving Arrest
6 December, 2011: Randy Babbitt says he will resign as head of the Federal Aviation Administration following his arrest over the weekend on charges of drunken driving..

Captain Cox Explains How Far Out Do Pilots Lower The Landing Gear
5 December, 2011: Is there a standard altitude requirement for retracting and extending the landing gear during approach and landing?..

DOT Looks At Bad Weather Plans For Air Travel
2 December, 2011: Federal officials are studying ways to better spread info about diverting planes in bad weather to avoid stranding aircraft..

If You're Flying American, Don't Worry
1 December, 2011: As the holiday travel season kicks into high gear, American Airlines' CEO says it will be business as usual for passengers, despite bankruptcy..

American Airlines Parent AMR Files For Bankruptcy Protection
29 November, 2011: Associated Press is reporting that the parent of American Airlines and American Eagle is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection..

Captain Cox Explains If Military Flight Training Is Best
28 November, 2011: The issue is not where the training takes place, it is the quality of the training..

No Sign Of Survivors After Plane Crashes in Arizona Mountain
24 November, 2011: As many as six people, three of them children, are feared dead after their plane crashed into a rugged mountain east of Phoenix during a Thanksgiving trip Wednesday, officials said..

Wednesday Flight Udate: Delays, But They're Minor
24 November, 2011: Few flight delays are being reported on the busy day-before-Thanksgiving travel day, but the threat of disruptions remains as poor weather persists in the Northeast..

Controllers' Union: Top 5 Reasons To Feel Better About Flying
22 November 2011: With the spotlight on potential delays and other travel troubles during the busy holiday travel season, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association is taking advantage of the occasion to tout five reasons to feel better about air travel this year..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Deal With Language Barrier
21 November 2011: On international flights, how do pilots and air traffic controllers accommodate the language barrier?

Boeing Gets Record $22 Billion Order From Lion Air
17 November, 2011: For the second time in a week, Boeing has set a record with an aircraft order, with Indonesia's Lion Air committing to buying nearly $22 billion worth of planes..

Captain Cox Answers 'Can a Passenger Plane Land Itself?'
15 November, 2011: Is it possible for a large commercial aircraft to land itself at a major airport?..

Boeing Gets Blockbuster 777 Order From Emirates
14 November, 2011: The Dubai Air Show kicked off Sunday and Dubai-based carrier Emirates wasted no time making headlines by placing a huge order for 50 Boeing 777 jets..

American Eagle Fined for Tarmac Delays
11 November, 2011: In the first penalty of its kind, the Transportation Department fined American Eagle $900,000 Monday for lengthy tarmac delays..

Captain Cox Answers Questions About Airline Maintenance
9 November, 2011: Do regional jets, now nearly fifty percent of domestic airline flights, have different maintenance standards than mainline carriers?

FAA Briefs Residents on Airport Noise Along D.C. Flight Path
8 November, 2011: Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration will brief McLean residents on new technology that they believe will cut back on complaints about noise from planes as they approach Reagan National Airport..

Boeing 787 Lands Safely After Landing Gear Trouble
7 November, 2011: Boeing's new 787 plane, which just started carrying paying passengers, ran into its first technical glitch Sunday when the landing gear failed to deploy..

Boeing 767 Makes No-Gear Belly Emergency Landing in Poland
1 November, 2011 (VIDEO): A Boeing 767 on a flight from New Jersey made a dramatic emergency landing in Warsaw, Poland Tuesday after problems with its landing gear..

Transportation Deptartment Investigating Connecticut Tarmac Delays
31 October, 2011: Passengers reported being stuck on the planes for more than seven hours without food and with overflowing toilets..

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Takes Off
26 October, 2011 (VIDEO): CNN's Andrew Stevens joins the debut flight of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner airplane from Tokyo to Hong Kong..

7 Reasons The 787 Dreamliner Is Special
26 October, 2011: As the first customers prepare to fly on Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, CNN looks at what sets the 787 apart from the planes before it..

Laser Attacks on Planes Continue
25 October, 2011: The number of dangerous laser assaults on aircraft continues to grow despite increased penalties for anyone caught doing it..

Pilots Struggled With Brakes in Wyoming Runway Mishap
24 October, 2011: Just before an American Airlines plane ran off a Wyoming runway last December, the pilots struggled to engage the brakes and thrust reversers that help slow speed, according to documents released Friday..

Watchdog Group: Air Traffic Control Errors, Runway Incidents Soar
21 October, 2011: A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report reveals that flying isn't getting any safer. According to the report, air traffic controllers working at radar facilities that handle departures and approaches within 30 miles of an airport were responsible, over the past three years..

Captain Cox Explains What Pilots Do During Long Flights
18 October, 2011: What do pilots do during the cruise phase of flight when many of us are sleeping or watching movies?

Investigators Search for Clues in Metro Atlanta Plane Crash
17 October, 2011: Federal investigators were on the scene Tuesday where a small plane crashed in the back yard of a house near DeKalb-Peachtree Airport..

AF447 pilot: 'Damn it, We're Going to Crash'
15 October, 2011: Harrowing new details have emerged from the last moments of Air France Flight 447 which crashed into the Atlantic in June 2009, killing all 228 aboard..

World'd Most Spacious A380 Now Flying at LAX
13 October, 2011: Korean Air debuted its A380 in Los Angeles Tuesday, inaugurating superjumbojet service to its hub at Seoul Incheon. The airline is starting with three A380 flights a week on the route, but says it expects daily service on A380s by Oct. 29..

American to Trim Flights Amid Wave of Pilot Retirements
12 October, 2011: American Airlines will further trim its flying capacity, cutting flights and retiring 11 of its 124 Boeing 757s. The company announced the move today as it grapples with both an uncertain economic outlook and perhaps more importantly, in this instance a higher-than-expected number of pilot retirements..

Captain Cox Answers Questions About Brakes
10 October, 2011: Captain Cox takes questions on landing gear, reverse thrust and stopping an aircraft..

FAA's New Air Traffic System Hits Turbulence
7 October, 2011: The government's program to modernize the nation's air traffic control system has run into serious problems that threaten to increase its cost and delay its completion, a government watchdog said..

Challenging In-Flight Electronics Rules
4 October 2011: The ongoing changes in electronics make it very difficult to test all the devices to ensure their safety..

Extreme Turbulence Injures 20 on JetBlue, Lufthansa Flights
3 October, 2011: Extreme turbulence on two separate flights as many as 20 airline passengers on Sunday evening, according to press reports..

Man Charged In Plot to Bomb Pentagon Using Model Airplane
29 September, 2011: A 26-year-old Massachusetts man with a physics degree was charged Wednesday with plotting an attack on the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol..

JetBlue CEO Calls For Air Traffic Control Reform
28 September, 2011: The chief executive of JetBlue Airways said the United States needs to reform its air traffic control systems to prevent waste and improve mobility in the skies..

Pan Am Nostalgia Takes Flight
27 September, 2011: While reviews for ABC's Pan Am may have been mixed, nearly 11 million armchair travelers tuned into Sunday's premiere - and the show's reverence for the jet age glory days of the 1960s left many of those viewers longing for a time when pilots were sky gods, stewardesses were First Ladies of the Air, and airplane lavatories were powder rooms..

Captain Cox Explains How an APU Failure Forces an Overweight Landing
26 September, 2011: Captain Cox fields questions about auxiliary power unit failures..

Superstitious Fliers Bring Strange Rituals to The Skies
23 September, 2011: Superstitious rituals help travelers who would otherwise be sensible gain an illusion of control when they're in the sky, experts say..

Vintage Plane Crashes Into Crowd; At Least 3 Killed
17 September, 2011: A pilot lost control of his vintage plane during an air race over the skies of Reno, Nevada, plummeting toward thousands of spectators before narrowly missing a grandstand and slamming into box seats..

Airlines Curbed Delays in July, But August Won't Be As Good
13 September, 2011: U.S. airlines curbed delays at the height of the summer travel season. But Tropical Storm Irene will erase gains when August data are out..

New 9/11 Air Traffic Control Audio Recordings Released
9 September, 2011 (VIDEO): Newly-released audio recordings from 9/11 include chilling words from the lead hijacker as the attacks were in progress..

Russian Jet Carrying Hockey Team Crashes, More than 40 Dead
7 September, 2011: Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry says a passenger jet carrying a local ice hockey team has crashed while taking off in western Russia, killing 36 people..

Delta at Center of FAA Debate
6 September, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration faces another partial shutdown this month, as members of Congress square off in a dispute whose key combatants are Delta Air Lines and airline industry unions..

Boeing Moves Forward With Re-Engined 737
1 September, 2011: Boeing has landed approval from its board to put a new engine on its 737, matching a competing plane offered by Airbus and giving its best-selling plane the fuel efficiency that airlines crave..

Captain Cox Answers Fliers Questions About Catastrophic Situations
29 August, 2011: Captain Cox answers questions on loss of hydraulic and cabin pressures, as well as engine power..

Airlines Scrap Thousands of Flights as Irene Hits
27 August, 2011: Airlines are scrapping more than 9,000 flights this weekend from North Carolina to Boston..

Hurricane Irene May Snarl Air Travel
25 August, 2011: Travelers and airlines are casting a wary eye on the projected path of Hurricane Irene, getting ready to change plans if necessary as the storm gets closer to the United States..

Captain Cox Explains How Realistic Are Flight Simulators
23 August, 2011: Captain Cox explains why simulators are an essential element of today's pilot curriculum..

Southwest to Launch Flights From Atlanta
22 August, 2011: Southwest Airlines says it'll launch nonstop service between Atlanta and five cities on Feb. 12..

FAA Looks To Technology To Train Air Controllers
18 August, 2011: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world's busiest airport, serving more than 90 million travelers last year. But it faces one problem shared by airports across the country: finding capable people to manage its air traffic. A new program could help solve the problem..

Sept. 11 Changed Everything About Air Travel
17 August, 2011: That's the headline from The Associated Press, where reporter Scott Mayerowitz takes a look at the myriad of ways flying has changed since September of 2001..

Captain Cox Answers Questions on Visibility
15 August, 2011: Captain Cox takes questions on visibility in and standard measurements of altitude, and explains what the chiming sound really can mean..

Sneak-Peek: A Look Inside The First Boeing 787 Dreamliner
11 August, 2011: Japanese carrier ANA has unveiled the interior of the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will fly paying passengers. ANA says the jet, which it expects to take possession of next month, will initially be configured for domestic routes..

Long Airport Tarmac Delays Up Again
10 August, 2011: Fourteen airline flights sat on airport tarmacs for more than three hours in June compared with only three in June 2010..

Captain Cox Discusses If This Is a Good Time to Become a Pilot
8 August, 2011: Careers in aviation remain challenging, but there are few factors that may improve prospects for new pilots in the coming years..

Deal Reached to Fund FAA and Put Thousands Back to Work
4 August, 2011: Congressional leaders reached a deal Thursday to temporarily resume funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, ending an impasse that put thousands of federal employees out of work and halted activity on 200 construction projects..

Captain Cox Explains Why is That Beverage Cart is Blocking The Lavatory
2 August, 2011: Captain Cox fields questions on security protocol relating to beverage carts and headrests, as well as why some armrests lift and others don't..

Pilot Training Questioned as Recorders Shed Llight on Air France Crash
29 July, 2011: Questions were raised Friday over the training of the pilots on the doomed Air France Flight 447, after analysis of the plane's voice and data recorders by a French investigation body..

Captain Cox Explains Oxygen Masks and Emergency Evacuations
28 July, 2011: Captain Cox answers questions on total counts of oxygen masks relating to lap children and passenger limits for safe evacuations..

FAA Impasse to Restrict Route Map for Boeing 747-8
26 July, 2011: Add Boeing's 747-8F freighter to the growing list of items affected by Friday's partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration. While the FAA shutdown won't further delay the jet's delivery to its launch customers, it will prevent five key U.S. airports from servicing the jet until the impasse is resolved..

House Moves Toward Showdown With Senate on FAA
25 July, 2011: The House moved Wednesday toward a showdown with the Senate that could result in a shutdown of portions of the Federal Aviation Administration and the furlough of about 4,000 workers..

Tears, Congratulations as Atlantis Lands, Shuttle Program Ends
21 July, 2011: Soaring across the predawn haze, the space shuttle Atlantis glided back to Earth early Thursday -- capping a 30-year program that saw hundreds of astronauts go into space..

VATSIM Aviators Mark 10th Anniversary By Logging 20 Millionth 'Flying' Hour
20 July, 2011: Preparing to celebrate its 10th Anniversary on July 27, Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (, the world's largest online community of pilot and air traffic control simulation enthusiasts, today announced that its approximately 200,000 worldwide members recently completed more than 20 million aggregate hours of simulated flight operations..

Colorado Air Traffic Controller Removed After Failing Alcohol Test
19 July, 2011 (VIDEO): The Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged Tuesday it removed a Colorado air traffic controller from his post earlier this month after he failed an alcohol test..

Captain Cox Explains if Turbulence Can Crack an Airplane in Half
18 July, 2011: Captain Cox shares insights on how pilots cope with turbulence, aircraft handle pressure changes and why passengers may feel a wave..

Brazil Plane Crash Kills 16
14 July, 2011: Fourteen passengers and two crewmembers were killed this morning in a crash of a Brazilian regional carrier Noar Airlines, according to numerous media reports..

Figures Show Thousands of Security Breaches at U.S. Airports
13 July, 2011: The nation's airports have suffered more than 25,000 security breaches since November 2001, according to a House committee, citing information it says it received from the Transportation Security Administration..

Captain Cox Answers Questions About Fast Flights, Concorde
12 July, 2011: Captain Cox fields questions on air travel speed changes in the past 50 years, supersonic jets and the Qantas A380 incident..

Space Shuttle Atlantis Lifts Off On Final Flight
8 July, 2011: The space shuttle Atlantis lifted off Friday morning on the final mission of America's 30-year space-shuttle program..

Study: Long Commutes Can Put Pilots At Risk of Fatigue
7 July, 2011: Airline pilots who commute long distances before flying are at greater risk of dangerous fatigue, a new study ordered by Congress finds..

New Air Traffic Control System at Crossroads
5 July, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration is creating a new air traffic system that officials say will be as revolutionary for civil aviation as was the advent of radar six decades ago..

FAA, Controllers Agree on Rules to Combat Fatigue
4 July, 2011: FAA, controllers agree on rules to combat fatigue..

The World's Most Thrilling Airports
1 July, 2011: That's the headline from a story on, which recruited an anonymous commercial pilot to help it put together a list of the world's most thrilling airports..

Why Don't Airlines Ask For Passenger's Weight?
30 June, 2011: What do commercial pilots assume for human weight, and how do they ensure the total weight of the cargo/luggage is distributed correctly?

Paris to Tokyo In Under 3 Hours
27 June, 2011 (VIDEO): Bernard Boime explains the ZEHST concept plane capable of speeds up to Mach 4..

Flight 447 Sparks Black Box Rethink
24 June, 2011: It should become easier to find flight data recorders in the wake of the Air France Flight 447 disaster, an aviation industry expert says..

Demand for Airline Pilots Set to Soar
23 June, 2011: Airlines globally will need an average 23,300 new pilots a year for the the next 20 years, Boeing predicts..

Minor Injuries For Three Fliers After Delta Engine Fire Emergency Landing
21 June, 2011: A Los Angeles-bound Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 returned to Atlanta for an emergency landing shortly after takeoff because of an engine issue..

Delta 747 Makes Emergency Landing on Remote Pacific Island
19 June, 2011: A Delta Air Lines Boeing 747 diverted to the Pacific Ocean's remote Midway Atoll last week. That came after a sudden and very serious windscreen crack appeared before the pilots while it was flying between Honolulu and Osaka according to reports..

FAA: Airline Flew Planes After Lightning Strike
17 June, 2011: Federal aviation officials are proposing a $425,000 fine for a regional carrier that flies short haul flights for Delta and United airlines. The carrier, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, is accused of flying planes that had been struck by lightning without performing required maintenance checks..

Video History of The Big Planes
15 June, 2011 (VIDEO): Flights push technology boundaries through history..

Captain Cox Answers Stall Recovery Questions on Air France Flight 447
13 June, 2011: Captain Cox fields more questions on Air France flight 447, and discusses loss of control and night operations..

Jet From Miracle Splashdown Arriving at Aviation Museum
11 June, 2011: The plane that made a miraculous landing on the Hudson River two years ago is finally due to arrive Friday at its intended destination of Charlotte, where it will be displayed in a museum..

Nearly a Quarter of U.S. Flights Late in April
8 June, 2011: U.S. airlines' on-time performance deteriorated sharply in April, with nearly a quarter of all domestic flights arriving late..

Rule Brings Dramatic Drop in Tarmac Delays
7 June, 2011: Only 20 tarmac delays of more than three hours were reported in the year after the Department of Transportation's tarmac delay rule was implemented, according to DOT figures released Tuesday..

Captain John Cox Answers Questions about Air France Flight 447
1 June, 2011: Captain Cox takes questions on the Air France flight 447 tragedy..

Air France Crash Calls for Better Pilot Training
31 May 2011: Air France crash reveals gaps in cockpit response to emergencies..

New Details Emerge, Air France 447 Stalled at High Altitude
27 May, 2011 (VIDEO): A report says the pilots of an Air France jet that crashed in 2009 received inaccurate airspeed information..

Boeing Considers Replacing The Best-Selling 737
25 May, 2011: Boeing is considering building a new aircraft vs. continuing to upgrade the existing 737 series..

Air France Flight 447: Who's to Blame? And Could it Happen Again?
24 May, 2011: Pilot error may have been a major cause of the crash, but it is likely not the entire cause of this crash..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Know Which Radio Frequency to Use
18 May, 2011: How does a pilot know which frequency to use at each airport or while at full altitude in certain locations?..

Watchdog: Air Traffic Controller Errors Way Up
12 May, 2011: The Transportation Department's watchdog said inexperience could explain why air traffic controller errors soared by 53 percent last year..

Captain Cox Explains When is a Plane Too Old to Fly?
10 May, 2011: Why are the DC-9s not having issues, and is there any concern due to their age that they will eventually experience an in-flight issue with the outer skin?

2 Dead After Planes Collide Over New York
9 May, 2011: Two small planes collided in the sky over a wooded area of New York state Monday afternoon, killing two people and critically injuring a third, authorities said..

Captain Cox Discusses Interesting Approaches to Logan and LaGuardia
5 May, 2011: Captain Cox takes questions on the use of particular runways at two airports in arrival and departure patterns..

No New Airport Security Alerts Following Bin Laden Death
3 May, 2011: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not issued any new warnings specific to airport security following news of Osama bin Laden's death..

Space Shuttle Endeavour Gears Up For Final Flight
29 April, 2011: When the Space Shuttle Endeavour blasts into space for the final time Friday, the launch will be particularly emotional for the commander onboard..

GPS Technology Making Air Traffic Control Saver
27 Aprl, 2011 (VIDEO): The FAA hopes NextGen technology will be the answer to streamlining the aviation industry..

Air-Traffic Controllers Union Asserts Safety, Pushes For Controlled Naps
25 April, 2011: The union representing air-traffic controllers says it will continue to press for carefully controlled naps and other measures to reduce fatigue, despite the insistence by transportation officials that such measures will not be allowed..

Cross Training Air Traffic Controllers in the Cockpit
21 April, 2011: The TSA and FAA believe giving air traffic controllers cockpit training will help address recent issues with air safety..

What It's Like to Be an Air Traffic Controller
20 April, 2011: Ron Connolly sometimes had to function on four hours of sleep or less when he worked as an air traffic controller. He remembers going to work exhausted and not getting enough rest between shifts, which sometimes ended and began on the same day..

FAA Chief Infuriated by Sleeping Air Traffic Controllers
18 April, 2011 (VIDEO): Top officials from the Federal Aviation Administration and the air traffic controllers' union kicked off a cross-country tour of air traffic control facilities on Monday, two days after a seventh reported case this year of a controller falling asleep on the job..

Another Air Traffic Controller Suspended For Sleeping
16 April, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration suspended Saturday yet another air traffic controller for sleeping on the job, the seventh apparent incident this year the agency has disclosed..

FAA's Air Traffic Chief Resigns Amid Spate of Sleeping Controllers
14 April, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration official in charge of operating the air traffic control system has resigned amid revelations that several controllers have fallen asleep on the job this year, the FAA chief said Thursday..

Tail of Air France Jet Found in Atlantic
13 April, 2011: Search teams have found the tail section of Air France Flight 447, two years after the jet plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, victims families say..

Air France A380 Spins Delta Regional Jet in JFK Collision
12 April, 2011: An Air France A380 superjumbo jet taxiing to the runway clipped the tail of a Delta regional jet Monday night at New York JFK, spinning the smaller plane and its occupants through 90 degrees..

Boeing Alters Its Estimate For Plane Inspections
7 April, 2011: Boeing engineers had anticipated the aluminum skin and lap joints on certain Boeing 737s would need to be inspected for cracks after roughly 60,000 take-off and landing cycles, but the company drastically altered that estimate in the wake of the fuselage rupture on a Southwest Airlines flight with only 39,000 cycles..

Foreign Carriers Inspect Older Boeing 737 Planes
6 April, 2011: With Boeing urging inspection of its early model Boeing 737s, foreign aviation authorities have ordered their carriers to check for any potential cracks following a midair fuselage rupture on a Southwest Airlines jet last week..

Another Air-Traffic Controller Falls Asleep
5 April, 2011: A second air-traffic controller has been found sleeping on the job at night - this time intentionally..

Responding to In-Flight Medical Emergencies
4 April, 2011: Captain Cox addresses industry standards as to the type of medical equipment on board commercial aircraft, and on the option of diverting a flight..

Southwest Grounds Planes After Roof Rips Open on Boeing 737
3 April, 2011: Southwest Airlines will ground 79 of its Boeing 737 planes for inspection after the roof ripped open on one of its flights, the company said Saturday..

AA737 Makes Emergency Landing After Passengers Faint
1 April, 2011: An American Airlines 737 jetliner with 134 passengers aboard made an emergency landing in Dayton, Ohio, Friday morning after passengers became ill and at least two fainted, CNN affiliates in Dayton reported..

Miami is Next U.S. City to Get A380
31 March, 2011: Miami will become the next U.S. city to host regularly scheduled service on the Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft..

Captain Cox Explains Better Ways to Avoid Flight Delays
29 March, 2011: Captain Cox fields questions about holding patterns and tarmac delays..

FAA Orders New Procedures For Controllers
28 March, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration gave air traffic controllers new procedures Friday as officials try to contain the fallout from an incident earlier this week in which two airliners landed at Reagan National Airport without assistance because the lone controller on duty was asleep..

NTSB: Air Traffic Controller Fell Asleep
25 March, 2011: The air traffic controller suspended for failing to respond to two planes heading into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport has told investigators that he had fallen asleep, according to the National Transportation Safety Board..

Air Traffic Controller Suspended After Jets Land On Own
23 March, 2011: The Washington Reagan National Airport supervisor who failed to respond to numerous radio and telephone calls early Wednesday, forcing two jets to land on their own, was suspended Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration..

Boeing's Biggest Passenger Jet Makes First Flight
22 March, 2011: Boeing's biggest passenger jet ever took to the skies for the first time on Sunday..

Captain Cox Explains How Weight and Balance Could Keep You From Boarding
21 March, 2011: Captain Cox explains why there are times when it is not possible to take a full load of passengers..

Atlanta Still World's Busiest Airport
17 March, 2011: Beijing surpassed London's Heathrow Airport in passenger traffic last year, becoming the second busiest airport in the world..

Utter Carnage at Devastated Sendai Airport
16 March, 2011: At the once-bustling regional airport in Japans Sendai city, a lone figure walks across a bridge inside the gutted terminal..

Japan Hopes To Open Sendai Airport For Relief Flights
14 March, 2011: The Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau hopes to open Sendai airport to relief flights within a day or two..

Massive Tsunami Engulfs Sendai Airport in Japan
14 March, 2011 (VIDEO): Japans Sendai airport has been wiped out by by surge of water..

Will Air Traffic Overhaul Make Us Safer?
11 March, 2011: About a year after losing his dad in a plane crash, Matt Snoddy climbed into the cockpit for an emotional flight..

Behind The Scenes at the Boeing Factory
10 March, 2011: Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at Boeing's 747 assembly line in Everett, Wash.? Outside of Boeing's tours, it's a view few get to see..

China Orders Give Boeing Breathing Room on 747-8i, Dreamliner Jets
8 March, 2011: Boeing's 747 and 787 passenger-jet programs each got a big boost today as Boeing received orders totaling 43 widebody jets at the Hong Kong Air Show today..

Captain Cox Discusses Which Commercial Airplane is The Safest
7 March, 2011: Pilot John Cox takes reader queries on the safest equipment, places to sit and time to fly..

DNA Tests on Bone Fragment Inconclusive in Amelia Earhart Search
2 March, 2011: The fate of famed aviator Amelia Earhart remains a mystery after DNA tests on one of three bone fragments discovered on a Pacific island proved inconclusive.. on Local News: WSBRadio Atlanta
1 March, 2011 (AUDIO): featured on WSBRadio today!

Captain Cox Answers Questions About Cabin Pressure
28 February, 2011: Captain Cox takes questions on cruising altitude, non-pressurized takeoffs, stale air in the cabin, and safety protocol when a pilot exits the cockpit..

Reported Air-Traffic Errors Rise 81% Over 2007
25 February, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration attributes a steep rise in reported air-traffic errors to changes designed to get better data..

Space Shuttle Discovery Heads For Space Station
24 February, 2011: Space shuttle Discovery lifts off on its last flight..

Rising Oil Prices & The Fear That Airlines Didn't See It Coming
22 February, 2011: Airlines are again facing the threat of rising fuel costs..

About The Recent 757 Groundings
21 February,2011: Captain Cox explains the problems that can arise when information from air data computers is incorrect, and airspeed is too fast or slow..

Delta Hit With Record Fine
18 February, 2011: Delta has been hit with a $2 million fine for violating rules on accommodating disable passengers..

FAA Estimates Air Travel Will More Than Double in Next 20 Years
15 February, 2011: The Federal Aviation Administration predicts air travel will more than double in the next 20 years, according to its annual travel forecast released Tuesday..

Captain Cox Explains: Is My Pilot Too Tired, Old or Intoxicated?
14 February, 2011: Captain Cox fields questions on alcohol suspicions, crew fatigue and changes in pilots' retirement age..

Boeing Unveils New 747-8 Intercontinental Aircraft
13 February, 2011 (VIDEO): Boeing rolls out a new bigger 747-8 jumbo jet at its factory in Washington state..

Air Traffic Control Error Numbers Double
11 February, 2011: In a time of unparalleled aviation safety in the United States, reports of mistakes by air traffic controllers have nearly doubled..

Captain Cox Answers: Who Are The Best Pilots?
10 February, 2011: Find out who Captain Cox chose as nominees for most skilled aviator..

Some Incredible Cockpit Landing Videos (according to CNN)
9 February, 2011: The world always seems magical through a plane window, with the Earth looking peaceful and majestic from 35,000 feet in the air..

Power Outage Shuts Down Terminals at Newark Airport
7 February, 2011: An electrical outage at a power station in northern New Jersey left 20,000 households -- and a major airport -- without power Monday, prompting authorities to restrict incoming and outgoing flights at Newark International Airport, officials said..

France to Search Again for Downed Jet
4 February, 2011: Search crews plan to look for a fourth time for the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the southern Atlantic Ocean two years ago..

Massive Storm Brings Second Day of Misery to Air Travelers
2 February, 2011: Air travel in the Unites States faced a major disruption for the second day in the row. Thousands of Wednesday's flights already canceled as airlines continue to deal with a major storm that's brought wintry weather from New Mexico to New England..

Winter Storms Cripple Air Travel
1 February, 2011: Airlines canceled more than 6,000 flights across the U.S. on Tuesday, as a major snow storm rumbled through the Midwest and into the East..

Captain Cox Explains Why No Cellphones Inflight
31 January, 2011: Why are eBooks and other devices not allowed to be turned on during takeoff and landing?

25 Years Later: How the Challenger Disaster Brought NASA Down to Earth
28 January, 2011: Lessons from space shuttle tragedy still hang over space program after 25 years, improved safety and missed opportunities..

Jet Scrutinized After It Runs off Wyoming Runway
25 January, 2011: Aviation investigators are looking into two braking systems on an American Airlines plane that ran off a runway while landing at the Jackson Hole Airport..

Captain Cox Discusses a Pilot's Approach to Landing
24 January, 2011: Captain John Cox answers questions regarding the factors affecting landing decisions and techniques..

Delta Considers Potentially Huge Jet Order
20 January, 2011: Delta Air Lines is considering a potential replacement order of up to 200 domestic narrowbody aircraft -- with options for up to 200 more..

Pilots Report More Distractions From Laser Beams
19 January, 2011: Potentially blinding laser beam strikes on aircraft rose dramatically last year, federal regulators reported Wednesday..

Boeing Announces Newest Dreamliner Delay
18 January, 2011: Boeing announced this morning announced the latest delay for its Dreamliner 787, saying the first delivery of the jet to a commercial airline will now not happen until at least July..

Captain Cox Explains How Pilots Stretch Fuel
17 January, 2011.. Saving fuel isn't just for drivers. Our expert takes questions on the fuel impact of flight routes, taxiing with one engine and reverse thrust..

Boeing to Announce 787 Delivery Schedule
14 January, 2011: The head of Boeing's commercial airplanes division says the company hopes to announce a delivery schedule for its 787 aircraft within two weeks, but getting federal approval for fixes to the problem-plagued plane will be key..

Flight Overbooked? Delta to Ask Ffliers to Bid on Compensation
13 January, 2011: Delta Air Lines may ask you what it's worth to you to give up your seat the next time you're booked on an oversold flight..

Winter Storm Paralyzes Air Traffic in Atlanta
10 January, 2011: A heavy winter storm moving throughout the Southeastern U.S. Monday has forced airlines to cancel more than 2,200 flights at major airports in the region..

Snowstorm to Blanket Atlanta, Flights Already Cancelled
9 January, 2011: The predictions for the severe winter storm expected Sunday night have changed slightly, but it's still going to be bad..

'Miracle on the Hudson' Plane to be Displayed in Charlotte Museum
7 January, 2011: US Airways Flight 1549-the plane that became 'the Miracle on the Hudson,' will now find a home as a tourist attraction at the Carolinas Aviation Museum..

Boeing Meets 2010 Delivery Target
6 January, 2011: Boeing says Thursday it delivered 462 planes in 2010, meeting its target for the year but down from 481 in 2009..

Coffee Spill Diverts United Airlines Flight
5 January, 2011: Don't underestimate the power of a spilled cup of coffee..

Captain Cox Answers Questions About Turbulence
3 January, 2011: I have a few questions, mostly regarding turbulence (yes, I'm one of those white-knuckle fliers)..

HondaJet Flight Testing Is Underway
2 January, 2011: The GE Honda HF120 turbofan is expected to receive FAA certification this year, the aircraft next year..

Airlines Play Huge Game of Catch-Up in NYC Area
31 December, 2010: Air, road and rail travelers hampered by a massive snowstorm in the northeastern U.S. were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel Wednesday as snow cleanup progressed and airlines tried to catch up on backlogs..

International Fliers Were Stuck For Up to 12 hours in N.Y.
30 December, 2010: As many as 9,000 passengers were stuck on the tarmac from three to 12 hours at John F. Kennedy International Airport..

Boeing 757 Airliner Slides Off Runway at Jackson Hole, Wyoming
29 December, 2010: An airliner landing at Wyoming's Jackson Hole Airport has slid off the runway. No injuries are reported..

FAA's Upgrades to Air Trafffic System Falling
27 December, 2010: The Federal Aviation Administration is experiencing schedule delays and cost overruns in its effort to develop a modern air traffic control system, an inspector general's report said last week..

Travel Crisis Eases in Europe, But Tens of Thousands Still Stranded
23 December, 2010: The travel crunch in Europe finally began to ease today, but travelers hoping to make it home in time for Christmas still faced formidable odds..

Anger and Chaos at Heathrow Airport
22 December, 2010: Watch the latest breaking news, politics, entertainment and offbeat videos everyone is talking about at

Captain Cox Answers Questions On UFOs, Route Numbers and Restroom Access
20 December, 2010: John Cox answers readers questions about the aviation industry..

Aviation Committee Looks Into Navigation, Babies on Laps
14 December, 2010: An influential panel is urging the government to help pay for navigation equipment and to revisit if fliers should carry babies in their laps..

What's That Sound Like a NASCAR Air Gun?
13 December, 2010: Pilot John Cox explains some of the strange sounds you hear from a commercial aircraft..

How Much Training Should an Airline Pilot Get?
9 December, 2010: The debate on pilot qualifications has become most contentious. How many hours of experience is enough to ensure that a pilot is properly seasoned to haul passengers?

Airlines Go Full Month Without Long Tarmac Delays
8 December, 2010: U.S. airlines have finally eradicated the thorny problem of lengthy tarmac delays at least for a month..

Verdict in Concorde Crash Called Chilling
7 December, 2010: A French court found Continental Airlines and one of its mechanics guilty of manslaughter in the 10-year-old crash..

More About Colgan, Qantas Incidents
6 December, 2010: Captain John Cox discusses two examples of how pilots respond to in-flight crises..

A380 Engines May Have Manufacturing Fault
3 December, 2010: Australian investigators on Thursday identified the source of an oil leak that caused a superjumbo engine to blow apart in mid air last month, and said a suspected manufacturing defect in the Rolls-Royce engine was to blame..

FAA Returns Mexico to Top Aviation Rating
2 December, 2010: Mexico's top aviation safety rating has been restored because its airline oversight has improved, U.S. aviation officials said Wednesday..

Boeing to Revise Dreamliner Schedule Following Test Aircraft Fire
26 November, 2010: Boeing said Wednesday it will revise the production schedule of the 787 Dreamliner as it works on 'minor' design changes and updates to systems software..

Air Travel Smooth Despite Opt-Out Day
24 November, 2010: The controversy over new security measures at airport checkpoints -- which some feared would boil over Wednesday, one of the year's busiest travel days -- instead didn't even reach a simmer..

TSA: Flight Attendants Can Skip Scanners
23 November, 2010: Flights attendants are going to be able to board a plane without a body scan or pat-down, just like the pilots..

Rolls-Royce Modified Engine Before Blowout
19 November, 2010: Rolls-Royce modified a problematic section on new models of its engine for the world's largest jetliner months before one caught fire and blew apart over Indonesia, a Lufthansa spokesman said Thursday..

Boeing Flies 787s Back to Seattle, More Delays Likely
18 November, 2010: Boeing's 787s have taken to the air again for the first time since one of the jets was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas because of an onboard electrical fire..

Proposal for Pilots Workday Scorned
16 November, 2010: Airline industry groups and some pilot unions are blasting a government plan to set new limits on pilot workdays to reduce fatigue, according to comments released Monday..

Captain Cox Talks About Air Traffic Control
15 November, 2010: John Cox answers more questions about communication between pilots and the control tower..

Boeing 787 Makes Emergency Landing on Test Flight
10 November, 2010: A Boeing 787 jetliner on a test flight over Texas made an emergency landing Tuesday after smoke was detected in the main cabin, the latest setback in development of the new plane..

Captain Cox Explains How to Fly Safer With Seatbelts
8 November, 2010: Do pilots ever forget to turn off the Fasten Seat Belt sign?..

Discovery Launch Delayed Again Due to Gas Leak
5 November, 2010: NASA has scrubbed Friday's launch of Space Shuttle Discovery after reporting a gaseous leak..

Qantas Grounds Airbus A380 Fleet After Engine Cover Falls Off Plane
4 November, 2010: Qantas, Australia's national airline, grounded its Airbus A380 fleet indefinitely after part of a plane's engine cover fell off in flight Thursday..

Aviation Chief Calls For Security Overhaul
2 November, 2010: Outdated security systems introduced to combat plane hijackings 40 years ago must be overhauled to address new terrorism threats, the head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said Tuesday..

NTSB: Air Traffic Controller Erred in Near-Miss Over Minnesota
29 October, 2010: Federal investigators blame an air-traffic control error in their preliminary findings released Wednesday on a near-collision between a US Airways jet and a cargo plane over Minneapolis in September..

Delta Delays Dreamliner Arrival Until 2020
28 October, 2010: After long-running speculation about whether it will buy Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner jet, Delta Air Lines has agreed to keep orders for 18 of the planes -- but delay deliveries until 2020..

Captain Cox Answers Questions about Flight Safety
25 October, 2010: John Cox suggests three ways of improving safety in the skies..

Study: Flight Delays Cost Fliers Billions
22 October, 2010: Air travelers already know the frustration of endlessly waiting for a plane to arrive or depart, but now a new study has put a dollar amount on the economic toll of the problem and it's big..

United, Continental Profit in Last Quarter as Independent Airlines
21 October, 2010: United and Continental each reported first-quarter profits today, finishing in the black in their last quarters as independent airlines..

Commercial Airline Pilot Refuses Full Body Scan
20 October, 2010: A Memphis pilot who said he's tired of being manhandled by airport security agents is waiting to see if he will lose his job because he refused a full body scan..

Captain Cox Discusses Careers in Aviation
18 October, 2010: John Cox shares his thoughts about the future of airline pilots in the workplace..

Airlines Oppose Law Increasing Pilot Flight Hours
14 October, 2010: A key safety measure recently passed by Congress in response to a deadly regional airline crash last year is facing opposition from industry officials concerned that it could lead to higher salaries for airline pilots..

50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You
14 October, 2010: That's the attention-grabbing headline of a piece that's set to appear the Readers Digest that hits the newsstands this Tuesday..

Runway Incursions Cut in Half, FAA Says
13 October, 2010: Serious runway incursions at U.S. airports fell for a second-consecutive year, the Federal Aviation Administration says..

The Correct Use of Landing Gear
4 October, 2010: Captain John Cox explains how pilots decide when to deploy the landing gear..

Union Vote Could Reshape Delta's Culture
30 September, 2010: Big changes could be coming at Delta depending on the outcome of union elections that began Wednesday. The outcome of those elections could extend union representation to 50,000 of the airline's workers..

Southwest-AirTran Merger Bad News for Rivals
29 September, 2010: The creation of an even bigger Southwest that reaches into every major market in the U.S. is not good news for rivals..

Passengers Capture Emergency Landing on Video
28 September, 2010: Cellphone video captured by two New York-bound Delta Air Lines passengers Saturday night portrays the fear of an impending crash and the relief that followed when the pilot averted a catastrophic landing..

Southwest Airlines to buy AirTran
27 September, 2010: Southwest Airlines is buying AirTran for about $1.4 billion as it seeks entry into a number of smaller markets..

FAA Takes Step Toward New Safety Culture
23 September, 2010: Self-reported pilot and air traffic control safety information will be integrated for the first time to give the Federal Aviation Administration a more complete picture of safety concerns, the FAA announced Wednesday..

Piper Saratoga Lands on Atlanta'a I-85
21 September, 2010: When he started having engine trouble, pilot Matthew Conway made the split-second decision to do the unthinkable: land the plane on the interstate during rush hour..

Ask the Captain: Is Turbulence a Serious Safety Issue?
20 September, 2010: Passengers often panic when a flight encounters turbulence. Pilot John Cox offers the view from the cockpit..

FAA's Pilot Fatigue Plan Hits Wall With Unions
17 September 2010: Two union groups on Thursday rebuked the government's proposal to reduce on-the-job fatigue among the nation's pilots, a potential roadblock..

Space Tourism Flights Possible by 2015
16 September, 2010: Boeing says its ready to jump into the space-tourism market, announcing on Wednesday that it's entering into a partnership to sell seats on rocket tripts to the International Space Station..

Apparently Intoxicated Pilot Pulled From Delta Cockpit
15 September, 2010: The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that 'an apparently intoxicated pilot was pulled from the cockpit of his Delta Air Lines jet' in Amsterdam earlier today. The Newark-bound found was canceled..

FAA Fatigue Rules Finally Near
14 September, 2010: After a regional airliner crashed in western New York a year and a half ago, killing 50 people, the FAA promised swift action to prevent similar tragedies..

Captain Cox Explains Winglets, Rudders and Flaps
13 September, 2010: John Cox answers more of your aviation questions..

New Airline Seats Pack Fliers Into 23 Inches of Space
10 September, 2010: Aviointeriors' new SkyRider airplane seat, to be unveiled next week, would give passengers an experience akin to riding horseback..

Nearly 200 Commercial Pilots Faked Experience, China Says
9 September, 2010: Nearly 200 commercial pilots in China falsified their flying experience, Chinese aviation officials have discovered..

British Air Traffic Control: Beware of Giant Vulture at 35,000 Feet
8 September, 2010: Commercial airline pilots flying over British Isles have been told to be on the watch for a vulture with a 10-foot wingspan that can fly at heights exceeding 30,000 feet..

Airline CEO: Nix Co-Pilot, Save Money
6 September, 2010: He's already suggested installing coin-operated lavatories and selling standing room on flights, so it may not be surprising that the latest idea from the colorful CEO of Ryanair is once again pushing air travelers' buttons..

Flight Attendants Face Soaring Tension
3 September, 2010: Tensions between fliers and cabin crews are common in today's increasingly unfriendly skies..

Delta Downsizing Regional Jet Fleet
2 September, 2010: Delta Air Lines plans to park half of the regional jets in the fleet of its Comair subsidiary over the next two years and cut its number of employees at its Cincinnati hub..

Premier Atlanta Air Traffic Control Site Adds Features, Changes Domain to
1 September, 2010: Creative NetVentures, Inc. (CNVI) today announced that it has significantly upgraded, one of the internet's oldest and most popular air traffic control audio and radar websites, and re-launched it as New and improved features native to, which gives visitors a virtual seat in front of an air-traffic controller’s console, include 10X faster radar image refreshes, ten channels of live pilot-to-controller radio communications, archived radio highlights, and a streamlined user interface..

Simulator Training Flaws Tied to Airline Crashes
31 August, 2010: Flaws in flight simulator training helped trigger some of the worst airline accidents in the past decade..

Ask the Captain: When Do Pilots Use Manual Controls?
30 August, 2010: What if the computers that help the pilot fly the plane break down?

British Airways Warns Fliers Their 747 is About to Crash ... By Mistake
27 August, 2010: A planeload of British Airways passengers feared for their lives when they were told they were going to crash - only to learn the warning message went out in error. Airline has apologised for false alarm, which was caused by 'computer error'. Travellers flying from Heathrow to Hong Kong heard the message: 'This is an emergency. We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water.'..

FAA Hits American Airlines With Largest-Ever Safety Fine
26 August, 2010: Federal aviation regulators say the carrier made thousands of flights on jets with wiring prone to dangerous sparking..

Over Half of Fliers Would Limit Where Kids Can Sit on Planes
25 August, 2010: Most consumers would like a families-only section on flights, according to a poll released Tuesday by a travel website..

40 People Rescued From China Plane Crash
24 August, 2010: Emergency crews have rescued more than 40 people from a plane that crashed Tuesday night in northeast China with more than 90 passengers and crew on board, state-run media said..

Ask The Captain is Back! This Week: How Routes are Calculated; More on Onboard Electronics
23 August, 2010: Captain John Cox answers questions about flying and aviation..

Air-Traffic Control Problem Cuts European Flights
20 August, 2010: Officials say a regional air-traffic control system outage sharply limited flights around Europe, causing widespread delays..

Can Lightning Bring Down a Plane?
19 August, 2010: Lightning can be scary even when you're safely tucked away behind brick walls on solid ground, so the idea of a bolt striking an electronics-dependent, fuel-filled plane hurtling through the air can be terrifying..

Engineers: Passengers Survival Was Miracle by Design
18 August, 2010: When a jet crashed Monday, passengers called it a miracle that no one died in the impact. Engineers credit two decades of safety improvements..

'Miracle': All But One Survive Caribbean 737 Crash
17 August, 2010: A Boeing 737 operated by Colombian carrier Aires split apart in a crash-landing on a Caribbean island just after midnight this morning. And, in what local officials are calling a miracle, only one person died in the accident..

One Dead, 114 Injured as Lightning Forces Colombian Plane to Crash-Land
16 August, 2010: One passenger was killed when an airplane crashed in bad weather and split into two when landing early Monday on the island of San Andres, Colombia, officials said..

Video Surfaces of Fed-Up JetBlue Attendant's Emergency Exit
13 August, 2010: NBC New York says it has obtained exclusive security video footage of fed-up flight attendant Steven Slater exiting his JetBlue aircraft via the plane's emergency-exit chute. Though the 40-second video isn't a high-definition close up, you can see the plane's emergency-exit door pop open before a person -- presumably Slater -- slides down a few seconds later..

NTSB: Kids of All Ages Should Have Their Own Seats
12 August, 2010: The Federal National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that airlines require a separate seat for all children, regardless of age, The New York Times reports. That would end a practice of permitting children under the age of 2 to fly for free on the lap of their parent or guardian..

Tarmac Delays Down in June
11 August, 2010: A new federal rule cracking down on lengthy tarmac delays is showing signs of success..

At Least 5 Killed in Alaska Plane Crash
10 August, 2010: Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has died in a plane crash near Dillingham, Alaska, a source familiar with ongoing rescue efforts confirms to CNN..

Aircraft Design Linked to Crash That Killed 265 People in New York
9 August, 2010: Federal officials say a plane crash that killed 265 people was caused in part by a rudder system design featured in various Airbus models..

What Are The World's Scariest Airports?
5 August, 2010: takes a stab at that topic, singling out what it says are 10 of the 'world's scariest airports for take-off and landing.'..

FAA Defining Technical Requirements for ADS-B on Ground Vehicles
3 August, 2019: The Federal Aviation Administration is gearing up to define Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technical requirements for ground airport vehicles, according to a draft advisory..

Congress OKs Overhaul of Airline Pilot Rules
30 July, 2010: Congress on Friday approved far-reaching aviation safety legislation developed in response to a deadly commuter airline crash in western New York last year..

Was The Islamabad Crash Pilot Error?
29 July, 2010: A doctor buries his mistake. A pilot is buried with his..

Aerobahn Sensis Plane Locator to Go Online at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
26 July, 2010: To cut down on delays and other irregular operations, the world's busiest airport will begin using a new surface management system next month..

Blown Tire Forces Emergency Landing at Hartsfield-Jackson
23 July, 2010: A Delta Air Lines flight to Portland, Ore. that blew a tire on take off has landed safely at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration..

Dreamliner Pilot Answers Questions
22 July, 2010: Richard Quest talks to Boeing Dreamliner test pilot Mike Carriker..

'Everything Was Flying' During Turbulence
21 July, 2010: A shaky coffee cup is as bumpy as flying gets for most travelers, but in-flight turbulence can sometimes turn into the most violent roller coaster ride anyone can imagine -- transforming a flight from routine to frightening in an instant..

Delta Air Lines Reports Best Quarterly Profit in 10 Years
20 July, 2010: Delta Air Lines reported its best profit in 10 years, kicking off a flurry of airline reports expected to show an industry on the rebound..

Boeing's New 787 Dreamliner
19 July, 2010 (VIDEO): CNN's Richard Quest gives us an up-close look at Boeing's new 787 airliner, the Dreamliner..

767 Woes Ground More Than 600 Delta Customers at JFK
14 July, 2010: Tuesday was a rough day for hundreds of Delta customers at New York's JFK International Airport. That's according to the New York Post, which reports more than 600 angry Delta Air Lines passengers were stranded at JFK Airport yesterday after three of its 767s developed mechanical problems in the space of six hours..

What Travel Slump? Airport Economic Impact Zooms
13 July, 2019: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport generates about $32.6 billion in direct business revenue in metro Atlanta -- up nearly 40 percent over four years despite a drop in passenger volume last year, according to a new study it commissioned..

JFK Airport Works on Cutting Flight Delays
12 July, 2010: The new jet-queuing system at New York JFK, designed to cut down on long tarmac delays, has been extended.

Long Delays on Tarmacs Fall as Steep Fines for Airlines Kick In
9 July, 2010: Airlines are cutting down on lengthy tarmac delays in the face of steep fines for stranding passengers..

Solar-Powered Plane Completes 26-Hour Flight
8 July, 2010: A solar-powered aircraft, which a team hopes will one day circle the globe, completed a 26-hour test flight in Switzerland at 9 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) Thursday..

FAA Seeks Solutions to Improve Air Safety
7 July, 2010: After the recent rise in near-misses in the sky, the Federal Aviation Administration is kicking off an effort aimed at improving safety..

Is Inexperience of Air Traffic Controllers Causing Rise in Near Mid-Air Collisions?
6 July, 2010: Air traffic control is a high-stress job, and controllers are responsible for safeguarding thousands of lives every minute. But in the past few months, there has been a marked increase in the number of reported near-collisions in the skies over America, and some are questioning whether it should be blamed on the controllers..

Delays at Hartsfield-Jackson Ripple Around Country
5, July, 2010: When Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport sneezes, travelers around the country get delayed..

Trapped On The Tarmac? It Can Still Happen
2 July, 2010: We weren't supposed to see headlines like this anymore: 'Passengers held on hot plane for hours' -- not after a tarmac delay rule went into effect in April imposing stiff fines on airlines that kept fliers stuck in grounded aircraft for a long time..

Maggots On A Plane
1 July, 2010: A flight bound for North Carolina was forced to return to the gate in Atlanta after passengers noticed maggots falling from an overhead bin..

JFK Airport's Main Runway Set to Reopen Tuesday
29 June, 2010: The main runway at New York's John F. Kennedy International is reopening after four months of repairs..

FAA Calls for More Air Traffic Supervision at Long Beach
28 June, 2010: Airlines say cockpit collision warning systems are being triggered more often on Long Beach Airport flights and the Federal Aviation Administration wants upgrades requiring more air traffic supervision..

Boeing May Recommend More 767 Inspections
25 June, 2010: Boeing Co. said it is likely to recommend more inspections for some of its 767s after American Airlines found cracks where the engine attaches to the wing..

Feds Look Into Virgin Tarmac Delay
24 June, 2010: Federal transportation authorities are investigating possible fines against the airline..

Inspector General says FAA's NextGen Could Run Billions Over Budget
23 June, 2010: Federal Aviation Administration challenges in managing the air traffic control modernization effort known as NextGen means the $40 billion project could fall short of expectations and run billions over budget..

FAA, American Airlines Find Cracks Near Engines on Boeing 767s
22 June, 2010: The Federal Aviation Administration has advised American Airlines to re-inspect its Boeing 767 jets after cracks were detected on three planes. The cracks were discovered in the pylons that attach the engines to the wings. Fifty-four planes had been inspected by Monday..

Plane Strikes Another at R.I. Airport
21 June, 2010: A US Airways plane carrying 36 people struck an empty one on the ground at T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island, slightly damaging both aircraft but injuring no one, officials said Tuesday.

Door Ripped off 777 at Dallas/Fort Worth
17 June, 2010: The door was ripped off an American Airlines Boeing 777 at Dallas/Fort International Tuesday morning, according to several Texas media outlets. The aircraft had just arrived in Dallas from Sao Paulo and the crew was preparing to deplane after pulling up to the jetbridge at Gate D32..

Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane at Chicago O'Hare
16 June, 2010: Officials say a flight attendant who has a pilot's license helped land a plane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport when a co-pilot became ill..

Delta Mechanic Killed at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport
15 June, 2010: Airport spokesman Pat Hogan says airport police received a call just after 5:30 a.m. Tuesday of a mechanic who had been injured in the gear doors of an aircraft parked at gate G14..

Spirit Air Cancels All Flights Through Wednesday
14 June, 2019: Spirit Airlines canceled all flights through Wednesday, as pilots remained on strike. The National Mediation Board set a meeting for today..

US Airways Squashes Merger Talk
11 June, 2010: The CEO of US Airways says his airline will turn a profit during this quarter and has no plans to look for a merger partner right now..

Unmanned Commercial Flights Could Become A Reality
10 June, 2010: The Federal Aviation Administration is looking to develop futuristic aircrafts that can fly on their own..

Emirates Stuns Rivals with A380 Order
8 June, 2010: Emirates airline announced Tuesday it has ordered another 32 A380 superjumbo jets from Airbus, giving the European planemaker a boost as it strives to make financial gains on its giant plane..

Is Luxury Air Travel a Thing of The Past?
7 June, 2010: That is the question asked by Reuters, which writes the 'economic downturn has clipped the wings of luxury air travel.' Even the high-yield first- and business-class seats -- seats that are among the airlines' biggest profit centers -- are returning less bang for their buck these days, according to Reuters..

Satellite-Guided Air Traffic Control by 2020
2 June, 2010: Satellite-guided air traffic control systems must be in place by 2020, according to a new Federal Aviation Administration final rule..

Transcript Reveals Last Moments of Doomed Flight
1 June, 2010: Pilots were warned of potential danger at least eight times in about 30 seconds before a Polish jet crashed in Russia in April, killing President Lech Kaczynski and about 100 others..

United, Continental CEOs Head to Washington, Pitch Merger to Congress
31 May, 2010: The CEOs of United and Continental were in Washington Thursday afternoon, where they did their best to convince a Congressional panel that a merger of the airlines would be good for the industry without hurting consumers' interests..

Continental Becomes World's First Airline to Announce Plans for Dreamliner
27 May, 2010: Continental becomes world's first airline to announce plans for Dreamliner jet..

Turbulence Over The Atlantic Injures 10 on United Airlines Flight
26 May, 2010: Authorities say 10 people suffered injuries, including broken bones, during severe turbulence on a flight from London to Los Angeles that was diverted to Montreal..

British Airways cabin Crew Begins 5-day Strike
24 May, 2010: Thousands of cabin crew members at British Airways begin a 5-day strike today. The walkout is a result of a growing feud between the airline and the Unite union..

158 Dead in Air India Crash, Search on For Missing Flight Data Recorder
23 May, 2010: Searchers on Sunday combed through the charred wreckage of the Air India plane that crashed in southern India, looking for the flight data recorder..

Second Thoughts About the Autopilot
21 May, 2010: Recent examples of inattentiveness by pilots are raising questions among federal safety official..

FAA Expedites Windshield Inspection Order After Cockpit Fire
21 May, 2010: The Federal Aviation Administration is expediting an order requiring airlines to inspect windshield heaters on Boeing jets following an incident Sunday in which a fire broke out in the cockpit of a United Airlines B-757, shattering the plane's windshield and forcing an emergency landing..

Boeing to Speed 737 Production to 34 Per Month
20 May, 2010: Boeing Co. says it will speed up production on its 737 in 2012, betting that demand by airlines will increase as the economy recovers..

Space Shuttle Atlantis Set for Final Liftoff
14 May, 2010: The Space Shuttle Atlantis is on schedule for a Friday afternoon liftoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA said..

Delta CEO: Size Isn't Everything
12 May, 2010: Delta Air Lines is strong enough, its people are smart enough, and, doggone it, it's okay if it loses the title of world's largest airline..

Volcanic Ash Delays, Reroutes Trans-Atlantic Flights
11 May, 2010: A plume of volcanic ash snaked its way through southern France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany Sunday, shutting down airports and disrupting flights across Europe..

Searchers Locate Zone of Air France Black Boxes
10 May, 2010: Investigators using new computer calculations believe they have narrowed their search for the flight recorders of Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean nearly a year ago, officials said Thursday..

Worker Dies After Airport Construction Site Accident
7 May, 2010: A contract worker has died after a construction site accident at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a spokesman said..

Underwater Area Narrowed in Search for Air France Jet Wreckage
6 May, 2010: New computer programs have allowed officials to narrow the search area for an Air France airliner that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean last year, killing all 228 people on board, the French Defense Ministry said..

Security Lapses Let Bomb Suspect Board Plane
5 May, 2010: Investigators lost sight of Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the Times Square bomb case, and the airline did not check a revised no-fly list..

Hartsfield-Jackson Still Plans for Growth Despite Slowdown
3 May, 2010: Atlanta airport officials are taking a new look at some old ideas for improvements to handle future growth. Among them: A sixth runway at Hartsfield-Jackson International or a second airport in the metro area..

NTSB: Pilot of Plane Had Mere Seconds to See Rising Helicopter
29 April, 2010: The pilot of a small plane that collided with a sightseeing helicopter over New York's Hudson River last summer had scant seconds to see the helicopter as it rose to his altitude, but the plane pilot apparently attempted evasive action immediately before the collision, NTSB documents released Wednesday show..

Would Fees End Out of Control Carry-ons
28 April, 2010: If George Clooney's character in Up in the Air had to fly Spirit Airlines, you have to wonder how the carry-on master would feel about having to pay a fee to bring his perfectly packed bag on board..

Suspect in Diverted Flight Used to Be in Air Force
27 April, 2010: A man detained after claiming he had explosives on a trans-Atlantic flight Tuesday served in the U.S. Air Force as an intelligence specialist for four years, Air Force officials said..

FAA Fines Chautauqua Air For Inspections Failures
27 April, 2010: Government accuses Chautauqua Air of not following safety orders to inspect planes..

FAA Wants No Pilot Distractions
26 April, 2010: Federal aviation regulators are prodding airlines today to take concrete steps that would ensure their pilots are not distracted by laptops, cellphones and extraneous conversations..

Airlines Lash Out Over Ash Cloud Compensation
22 April, 2010: Recriminations are emerging in the wake of the volcanic ash crisis with airlines expressing anger over passenger compensation rules and demanding financial help for losses caused by what they say was a needless ban on flights..

Rule Limits Time Passengers Can Be Trapped on The Tarmac
21 April, 2010: Starting April 29, a new rule requires airlines to let passengers off domestic flights when they've waited three hours without taking off..

Delta: Ash Cloud Won't Keep Us From Being Profitable
20 April, 2010: Delta Air Lines said Tuesday that ongoing travel disruptions to Europe caused by the volcanic cloud of ash shouldn't deter it from being profitable this quarter..

Volcano Ash Causes Europe Flight Disruptions to Worsen
15 April, 2010: Ash from an erupting volcano blanketed the ground in Iceland on Friday and left a widening trail of grounded aircraft across Europe, as thousands of planes stayed on the tarmac to avoid the hazardous cloud..

Polish Crash Cause Appears to be Case of Gotta-Get-There-Itis
13 April, 2010: Investigation into the plane crash that killed the president of Poland provides proof Russian Air Traffic Controllers advised pilots not to land in heavy fog..

Delta Flight Diverted After Crew Smells Smoky Odor in Cockpit
9 April, 2010: A Delta flight headed to Cancun was diverted to Tampa on Thursday after the crew smelled a smoky odor in the cockpit..

FAA Plans $380,000 Safety Fine Against Frontier Airlines
8 April, 2010: Federal regulators are proposing a $380,000 civil penalty against Frontier Airlines for using the wrong sign to guide passengers toward one of the emergency exits on its planes..

Security Alerts Divert More Flights in 2010
7 April, 2010: The number of flights forced to land prematurely because of security alerts doubled in the first three months of this year compared with the same period in 2009, federal figures show..

US Airways, United Shares Rise on Reports of Merger Talks
6 April, 2010: News that United Airlines and US Airways are in talks about combining was met with approval by shareholders and analysts Thursday..

Atlanta Airport Terminal Project to Add Construction Jobs
5 April, 2010: The Atlanta airport international terminal construction project will require roughly another 1,000 workers in the next year, nearly doubling the number of trade workers on site to about 2,100..

Passenger Forced to Land Plane Meets Air Traffic Controllers
31 March, 2010 (VIDEO): A passenger forced to land a plane after the pilot died reunites with his 'co-pilots.'..

Boeing Calls Key 787 Test Results Positive
30 March, 2010: Boeing says the results of a key airworthiness test for its long delayed 787 are positive, but it will be weeks before the aircraft maker can deem it a success..

Bill Advances Air Traffic Technology, Passengers' Rights
23 March, 2010: Passengers stuck on airplanes gain new rights and the nation's air traffic control system gains new technology under a $34.5 billion bill the Senate passed Monday night..

Boeing Speeds Up 777, 747 Production
22 March, 2010: Boeing will speed up production plans for its 777 and 747 models in anticipation of greater demand from commercial airlines in a couple of years..

NTSB: Wayward Northwest Pilots Awake But Distracted
19 March, 2010: The pilots of Northwest Flight 188 did not fall asleep when they overflew their destination by more than 100 miles in October, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday in a detailed report on the wayward flight..

FAA Defends Big Budget Hike For New Air Traffic Control System
18 March, 2010: Federal Aviation Administration officials faced tough questions from lawmakers on Thursday when they asked for a steep increase in the agency's budget to replace the nation's air traffic control system with more advanced technology, a project that has fallen behind schedule..

Delta Pilots in Overflight Event Allowed to Re-Apply for Licenses
17 March, 2010: The US FAA will allow the two pilots of a Northwest Airlines A320 that in October 2009 overflew their destination and ignored air traffic control calls..

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Still Ranked as Busiest Airport
16 March, 2010: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport remained the nation's busiest airport, followed by Chicago O'Hare and Dallas/Ft Worth..

Pilots Who Overshot Airport Reach Deal With FAA
15 March, 2010: Two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot the Minneapolis airport have agreed not to fight the revocations of their licenses but could fly again..

Goose Strikes Force Planes to Return to Airports
12 March, 2010: Two jetliners crossed paths with flocks of Canada geese shortly after taking off from airports on consecutive days in New York and New Jersey, and the collisions with the large birds forced the pilots to make emergency landings..

Airlines Seek Exemption to Tarmac Delay Rule
10 March, 2010: A runway closure at John F. Kennedy International Airport has prompted JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines to ask for a temporary exemption at JFK to a rule designed to keep planeloads of passengers from getting stranded on the tarmac..

NTSB: Pilots Need Air-Hazard Skills
9 March, 2010: Accident investigators say new flight simulators could help correct the biggest killer in aviation: pilots who can't recover from out-of-control situations like the one that killed 50 people in a crash near Buffalo last year..

Security Tight at Hartsfield-Jackson Air Traffic Control Tower
5 March, 2010: Amid news that an air traffic controller in New York allowed his child to radio instructions to pilots, the Federal Aviation Administration says its tower at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was already under tight security restrictions and it is putting a moratorium on unofficial visits to towers around the country..

Miracle on the Hudson Pilot Retiring
4 March, 2010: Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger, who piloted a US Airways flight during its emergency water landing on the Hudson River in January of last year, is retiring Wednesday..

Audio Indicates Kid Directed Planes at JFK Airport
3 March, 2010: A child apparently directed pilots last month from the air traffic control center at John F. Kennedy Airport, one of the nation's busiest airports, according to audio clips..

Hartsfield Airspace Plan Adjusted, More Changes Possible
2 March, 2010: The Federal Aviation Administration has adjusted its proposal for how planes come in and out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

JFK Runway Closure Expected to Increase Delays, Fares
1 March, 2010: The main runway at New York's John F. Kennedy International will be closed for four months starting March 1. Millions of travelers will experience delays, including some not flying anywhere near the Big Apple..

NTSB Asks to Monitor Pilots Talk in Cockpits
24 February, 2010: Government investigators are making an unprecedented push to use black box voice recordings to routinely monitor pilots' conversations and make sure cockpit crews are focusing on their jobs..

Aviation Safety Rate: One Accident For Every 1.4 Million Flights
23 February, 2010: Air travel has been getting increasingly frustrating, with fees, crowds and other hassles, but passengers may be glad to know that 2009 was a banner year for aviation safety..

Air Traffic Control Strike to Ground Hundreds of Paris Flights Tuesday
22 February, 2010: Hundreds of flights at Paris two main airports will be canceled Tuesday because of a strike by air traffic controllers, according to the French civil aviation authority..

Add Pilot to List of Jobs That Aren't So Great Now
18 February, 2010: The highs of the job are often offset by the mundane struggles many American workers face: pay cuts, pension worries, long hours and stress..

International Space Station Gets a Window to The World
17 February, 2010: The international space station now has a room with a view -- and oh, what a view it is..

Tarmac Rules Get Flights Dropped
16 February, 2010: The nations recent onslaught of flight cancellations is a harbinger of what passengers can expect from airlines looking to avoid new multimillion-dollar fines for leaving people stranded on grounded planes in bad weather, according to federal data..

Wednesday Flight Cancellations Near 5,000 in Biggest Travel Disruption Since 9/11
10 February, 2010: Blizzard warnings spanned the Mid-Atlantic on Wednesday as the second major snowstorm in less than a week hammered the region creating one of the biggest disruptions to travel since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks..

How Big is Too Big for Delta?
8 February, 2010: As Delta Air Lines settles into its new role as world's largest carrier, it is coming up against a critical question: How big is too big? In recent months, Delta has sought approval for deals with competitors that would expand its market presence in New York, Australia and in Japan — and in some cases run into significant opposition..

FAA Preps For Crowded Skies For SuperBowl Sunday
4 February, 2010: The FAA details special flight rules in place for air traffic during Sunday s Super Bowl in Florida..

Planes With Maintenance Problems Have Flown Anyway
3 February, 2010: Millions of travelers have been on at least 65,000 flights that shouldn't have taken off because planes weren't properly maintained..

Pilots at Fault in Continental Connection Crash
2 February, 2010: he pilot and first officer of doomed Continental Connection Flight 3407 clearly did not take actions -- even though they had time -- that could have prevented the plane crash, which killed 50 people, federal investigators said Tuesday at a final meeting on the cause of the crash..

Boeing Dreamliner Passes In-Flight Stall Tests
29 January, 2010: Boeing successfully completed stall tests for the 787 as part of the initial testing program for the aircraft, the company said Friday..

Delta Adding Miami Flights for Super Bowl
27 January, 2010: Delta Air Lines is adding flights to and from Indianapolis and New Orleans to help carry the crush of fans heading to Florida for the Feb. 7 Super Bowl..

Atlanta Airport Chief Will Step Down
26 January, 2010: The head of the world's busiest airport is leaving his post.

Ethiopian Plane Crashes off Beirut
25 January, 2010: An Ethiopian Airlines plane carrying 90 people caught fire and crashed into the sea minutes after taking off from Beirut early Monday, setting off a frantic search as passenger seats, baby sandals and other debris washed ashore..

Hudson River 'Miracle' Plane to be Auctioned Off
22 January, 2010: For sale: One severely water-damaged jet, hero not included..

U.S. Air Force Brings Order to Chaotic Air Traffic
19 January, 2010: When Air Force special operations controllers stepped off a transport plane Wednesday night at Haiti's main airport, they found chaos..

Boeing 787 Passes Initial Airworthiness Testing
18 January, 2010: Boeing Co. says it has completed initial airworthiness tests on its new 787 jetliner, which means the planes can now fly with flight test engineers in their cabins..

Travel Industry Reacts to Haiti Quake
16 January 2010: Many in the travel industry are pitching in to assist those affected by the Haiti earthquake. USA TODAY's travel communities round-up the latest news..

FAA Halts Air Traffic to Haiti
15 January, 2010: All civilian flights from the United States to Haiti were halted Thursday at the request of the Haitian government because there is no room at the earthquake damaged Port-au-Prince airport for more planes and no fuel to spare for departing aircraft..

Travel Industry Reacts to Haiti Quake, Relief Efforts
14 January, 2010: Many in the travel industry are pitching in to assist those affected by the Haiti earthquake..

Many Caribbean, Latin America Airports Lack Safety Zones
13 January, 2010: Many of the busiest airports in the Caribbean and Latin America lack basic safety features that could have prevented the recent crash of an American Airlines jet in Jamaica, according to pilots, aviation safety experts and public documents..

Bird-Plane Collisions May Pass 10,000 For First Time Ever
12 January, 2010: Reports of airplanes hitting birds and other wildlife have soared since a stricken US Airways jet landed last year in New York's Hudson River, and the government's tally for last year could reach or even exceed 10,000 for the first time..

JFK's Largest Runway to Close For 4 Months
11 January, 2010: The largest runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport will be shut down in March for renovations..

U.S. Airlines Set Record With 88.6% On-Time Rate in November
7 January, 2010: U.S. airlines set a record in November for the highest on-time arrival rate, according to monthly federal data released Thursday..

Roboplane Tech Can Deal With Air-Traffic Control Directly
6 January, 2010: Flying cars - or personal aircraft anyway - have moved a step nearer, as ongoing trials using robot aeroplanes and next-gen air traffic equipment in America are said to offer the option of reduced crews on commercial cargo flights..

2 Die as Small Cargo Jet Crashes Outside Chicago
5 January, 2010: The pilot and co-pilot of a small cargo jet were killed when their aircraft crashed short of the runway while landing at an airport in suburban Chicago, Illinois, local authorities said..

Power Restored at Washington's Reagan Airport, But Delays Persist
4 January, 2009: The power is out at Reagan National Airport outside Washington, D.C., bringing flights and security screening to a standstill..

FAA Watching American Airlines Closely After Botched Landings
2 January, 2010: The FAA said Friday it is heightening scrutiny of American Airlines after the carrier had three landings go wrong in December..

Top Aviation Stories of The Decade
31 December, 2009: What were the most important aviation stories of the past decade? Here are 10 stories from 2000-2009 that will likely leave a lasting impact..

Can a Solar-Powered Airplane be the Future of Aviation?
30 December, 2009: Earlier this month the Solar Impulse airplane made its maiden flight, staying aloft for a distance of a little over 1,000 feet..

New Call for Faster, More Thorough Airport Body Scans
29 December, 2009: Days after a Nigerian man allegedly tried to ignite plastic explosives on an airplane over Detroit, security companies say they have new body-scanning machines capable of screening passengers for such material..

Aviation Security Under Review After Attempted Attack
28 December, 2009: Investigators piecing together a brazen attempt to bring down a trans-Atlantic airliner said Sunday the suspect tucked a small bag holding his deadly concoction on his body..

Fireworks Set Off Aboard Airliner
25 December, 2009: A passenger ignited fireworks Friday at the end of a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, Michigan, a Delta Air Lines spokeswoman said..

Second Boeing 787 Dreamliner Takes Test Flight
24 December, 2009: Boeing's second 787 has flown for a little more than two hours..

Dozens Hurt as Plane Runs Off End of Runway at Jamaican Airport
23 December, 2009: Ninety-one people were taken to a hospital Tuesday evening after an American Airlines plane overran a runway near Kingston, Jamaica, during bad weather and crashed into a fence, officials said..

U.S. Imposes 3-Hour Limit on Tarmac Delays
21 December, 2009: Passenger-rights advocates won a major victory Monday when the Transportation Department announced a rule to let passengers stuck inside stranded planes disembark after three hours..

Errant Pilot Blown Away by Incident
18 December, 2009: The captain of a Northwest Airlines jet that failed to contact air-traffic controllers for more than an hour said later that he was blown away by the error..

NTSB Fills in Details on Errant Northwest Flight
17 December, 2009: Glitches in a system designed to alert the military about security breaches over the nation's skies added more confusion to the recent debacle in which a Northwest Airlines jet flew 150 miles past its destination, federal investigators reported..

Airlines Projected to Lose $5.6 Billion Next Year
16 December, 2009: Next year is going to be another tough one for the airline industry's bottom line..

Boeing Dreamliner Takes Flight !
15 December, 2009: Fighting its way through more than two years of delays, Boeing's latest aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner, took off on its maiden flight Tuesday in cloudy skies over Everett, Washington..

Boeing Dreamliner Wheels Leave Ground First Time
14 December, 2009 (VIDEO): Boeing completes high-speed taxi tests on the first 787 Dreamliner..

First Boeing 787 Flight Could Come Tuesday
11 December, 2009: Boeing Co. says the long-anticipated first flight of its new 787 jetliner could come as early as Tuesday..

Pilots Who Overshot Destination Blame Controllers
7 December, 2009: The Northwest Airlines pilots who flew their jet past their destination city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 21 have blamed air traffic controllers for the snafu..

Airline Downsizing Shifts Passengers to Smaller Regional Jets
4 December, 2009: One aspect of airline capacity downsizing really hasn’t affected travel to and from McCarran International Airport — and hopefully that trend will continue.

FAA Seeking Bids For $7B Of NextGen Contracts
3 December, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday it is seeking bids from companies interested in competing in a record $7 billion of contracts for research, development and engineering support for NextGen, a modernized U.S. air-traffic-control system..

Gulfstream Calls First G650 Flight a Success
1 December, 2009 (VIDEO): Gulfstream's flagship G650 successfully completed its first flight Wednesday, despite a vibration that curtailed the flight. See video of the flight here..

Intersecting Runway Dangers at Newark Liberty International Airport
27 November, 2009: Federal investigators find potential danger at Newark Liberty International Airport..

Behind The Scenes at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
25 November, 2009: CNNs Rob Marciano goes behind the scenes of the largest carrier at the nation's busiest airport..

First AirFrance A380 Leaves for JFK
24 November, 2009: The first Air France A380 superjumbo took off from Paris on Friday, bound for New York with 380 passengers..

Richard Quest Talks to Ethihad Pilots
20 November, 2009: Capt. Matthew Dowell, a pilot for Etihad, discusses what it is like to consider a cockpit your desk..

Flight Delays Ripple Across USA after FAA NADIN Computer Failure in Atlanta
19 November, 2009: The National Airspace Data Interchange Network, or NADIN a computer system in Atlanta, Georgia, that pilots use to file flight plans was not working properly Thursday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration said. FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said there are problems processing flight plans and that air traffic controllers are having to enter the plans manually. That means there are going to be some delays until the issue is resolved, she said..

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launches Toward ISS
16 November, 2009: Space shuttle Atlantis is rocketing toward the space station. Atlantis blasted off Monday afternoon, carrying six astronauts and a full load of spare parts to the International Space Station. The shuttle will reach the orbiting outpost Wednesday. The supply run should keep the space station humming for years to come. The crew will perform three spacewalks during the 11-day mission..

DOT to Create Panel to Fix Airline Industry
13 November, 2009: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Thursday he will create a special panel to come up with a plan to restore health to the ailing airline industry, which is losing billions of dollars..

Pilot Charged After UK Airport Arrest
10 November, 2009: British police said they stopped a United Airlines pilot from flying while intoxicated earlier this week, pulling him from a Boeing 767 aircraft at London's Heathrow airport and charging him with being on duty while his blood-alcohol level was over the limit..

Cockpit Napping Endorsed
9 November, 2009 (VIDEO): An FAA-assembled panel is recommending the agency endorse controlled cockpit napping..

Airplane Part Falls Onto Front Lawn Near NYC
6 November, 2009: An airplane part fell from the sky and landed on the front lawn of a home on Long Island, New York. Authorities are looking into how it happened..

Lawmakers Seek Ban on Laptops in Cockpits
3 November, 2009: Lawmakers are moving to ban the use of computer laptops and other personal electronic devices in airline cockpits to prevent another incident like the Northwest Airlines plane that overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles..

2 Killed When Plane Crashes into Lawrenceville GA Home
30 October, 2009: Two people were killed Friday afternoon when a plane crashed into a Lawrenceville home, Gwinnett emergency official said..

Delta CEO: Clear Violation Involved in Wayward Flight
29 October, 2009: The chief executive of Delta Air Lines Inc said Thursday that the pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight who overflew their destination would be dealt with by the carrier, as the use of laptops in the cockpit was a clear violation of company rules..

Incident Highlights Outdated Air-Traffic System
28 October, 2009: The odyssey of an airliner that flew hundreds of miles while out of radio communication highlights the weaknesses of the nation's outdated air-traffic system, according to aviation experts and controllers..

FAA Revokes Liicenses of Pilots Who Missed Airport
27 October, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the licenses of the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot a Minnesota airport by 150 miles during a 78-minute period of radio silence last week..

Report: Stray Jet's Pilots Were on Laptops
26 October, 2009: The pilots of the commercial jetliner that last week overshot its destination by about 150 miles have said they were using their laptops and lost track of time and location, federal safety officials said Monday..

Northwest Airlines Crew Flies 150 Miles Past Airport
23 October, 2009: A Northwest Airlines flight from San Diego, California, overshot the Minneapolis, Minnesota, airport by about 150 miles Wednesday evening, and federal investigators are looking into whether the pilots had become distracted, as they claimed, or perhaps fell asleep..

Two Killed in Athens GA Plane Crash
22 October, 2009: Two people were killed late Thursday morning when a plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Athens airport..

FAA Probes Plane's Landing on Atlanta Airport's Taxiway
22 October, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how an international flight into Atlanta's major airport landed on a taxiway instead of a runway early Monday..

Delta Jet Lands On Taxiway At Hartsfield
21 October, 2009: A Delta Air Lines flight from South America, landing at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport early Monday morning ended up landing on a taxiway instead of a runway..

FAA Investigating Balloon Boy Incident
20 October, 2009: Last week's balloon boy incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration, an agency representative said Tuesday..

Airlines Discuss Shake-Up In Ownership Of UK Air Traffic Control
16 October, 2009: Airlines are discussing a shake-up in the ownership of UK's National Air Traffic Control Service..

Controllers: FAA's Computers Prone to Problems
14 October, 2009: A new computer system key to modernization of the nation's air traffic control system has run into problems, raising doubts about whether it can be operational 15 months from now when current computers must be replaced, union officials said Wednesday..

China Wants to Rival Boeing, Airbus With Its C919
13 October, 2009: China's C919 big plane project symbolizes the country's stepped-up efforts to get into the commercial passenger jet business in a big way and challenge U.S. plane-making giant Boeing and European rival Airbus, which dominate the global jetliner market..

Non-Radar Air Traffic System Debuts
12 October, 2009: Airline flights are being closely tracked and directed without radar for the first time in the nation's history as part of a new system monitoring the skies above the Colorado Rockies..

Cheaper Business Airfares Still a Tough Sell in Todays Economy
9 October, 2009: Trying to lure business travelers back into more expensive seats, airlines have slashed business-class fares to foreign cities..

Air Delays Are Worst at Some Big Business-Travel Destinations
8 October, 2009: Some of the nation's most important business centers have the worst flight delays, highlighting the need to ease congestion in the skies for the sake of the economy as well as the environment, says a report released Thursday..

Great Airline Sale of 2009 May Be Nearing an End
6 October, 2009: The great airline sale of 2009 may be ending..

Miracle on Hudson Pilot is Flying Again
1 October, 2009: Hero pilot Chesley Sully Sullenberger is back in the air..

Fly The Simulated Skies
30 September, 2009 (VIDEO): Not everybody thinks training air traffic controllers on simulators is a good idea..

Should Airlines Let Passengers Make Calls Via Wi-Fi?
28 September, 2009: Roger Flessing was on an American Airlines flight to Seattle recently when he began speaking with his son on his iPhone..

Air-Traffic Controllers Approve New FAA Labor Pact
25 September, 2009: Air-traffic controllers approved a new pact with the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday..

Subsidies For Small Airports Keep Flying, Despite Problems
23 September, 2009: Missouri's Joplin Regional Airport has so few passengers in its new, big terminal that frequent-flier George Chen says a novice golf hack can smack 10 drives and not come close to hitting a single person..

Passengers Rights Advocates Press For Tarmac Delay Limit
22 September, 2009: A former CEO of American Airlines on Tuesday backed imposition of a three-hour time limit on how long airlines can strand passengers on airport tarmacs, but he also warned of unintended consequences..

Two New Companies Let You Hop a Private Jet For Less
21 September, 2009: It may not seem like the best time to launch a company catering to the private business flier. But at least two new ventures are turning those challenges into selling points, offering services that allow you to fly private..

Feds Keep Little-Used Airports in Business
17 September, 2009: An obscure federal program raises billions of dollars a year through taxes on every airplane ticket sold in the USA taxes that can add up to 15% to the cost of a flight..

Global Airline Group Predicts $11B Industry Losses This Year
16 September, 2009: The International Air Transport Association released a revised global financial forecast Tuesday, predicting airline losses totaling $11 billion in 2009..

US Airways Splash-Landing Pilot Readies For Return to The Cockpit
14 September, 2009: Capt. Chesley Sully Sullenberger has been a high-profile figure since he successfully splash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River after a birdstrike disabled both of the aircraft's engines..

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands in California
11 September, 2009: The space shuttle Discovery landed in California Friday evening after bad weather near Kennedy Space Center forced it to wave off a landing in Florida..

Fliers On Delayed Planes Get More Support
9 September, 2009: Airlines are losing another ally in their fight to stop Congress from passing a law that would allow passengers to get off planes delayed at least three hours on airport tarmacs..

FAA Orders Airbus Speed Sensors Replaced
4 September, 2009 U.S. operators of wide-body Airbus jets must replace most of their speed sensors after an investigation into the crash of an Air France jet in June found that the sensors can fail amid bad weather at high altitudes..

Yikes! Aeromexico to Allow Use of Cell Phones During Flights
4 September, 2009: Grupo Aeromexico SA, Mexico’s largest airline, said it will let passengers use cellular phones on board its planes, after the government lifted a ban on such calls during flights..

FAA Will Modify Airspace Rules Over Hudson River
3 September, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday it will change rules for the airspace over the Hudson River in New York City following last month's deadly midair crash of a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter..

NTSB Wants ATC Changes In Hudson Corridor
31 August, 2009: Safety board wants FAA to create new Special Flight Rules Area, adopt other changes to boost safety after midair..

NTSB Calls For New Air Traffic Rules Over Hudson River
28 August, 2009: The rules governing air traffic over New York's Hudson River need to be rewritten to prevent another mishap like this month's fatal collision of a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter, federal safety investigators said Thursday..

Boeing: Dreamliner Will Fly By End of 2009
27 August, 2009: Boeing said Thursday that its often-delayed 787 Dreamliner would take to the air for the first time before year's end and that the first delivery of planes to airlines would be late next year..

Fewer Delays as Air Travel Slides
24 August, 2009: A marked decrease in airline travel has made this summer the smoothest in years for fliers accustomed to lengthy delays and snarled traffic..

Random Dude With a Laptop Called Up to Cockpit to Help Pilots Plot a New Course
21 August, 2009: I've heard pilots ask if there's a doctor on board in the event of a medical emergency on an airplane, but to ask if there's a guy with a Wi-Fi-equipped laptop on board?

Transcript Shows Teterboro Airport Controller Joked About Cooking Cat Just Before Hudson Collision
20 August, 2009: Transcripts obtained by The Associated Press show an air traffic controller was joking on the telephone about barbecuing a dead cat moments before a small plane collided with a tour helicopter over the Hudson River..

Airport Observation Decks Are a Dying Breed
19 August, 2009: Instead of multiplying - so we can be reminded of the joys (yes, joys) of flying - airport observation decks have been going away..

NATCA No Longer Involved In Hudson River Midair Investigation
18 August, 2009: The NTSB late Monday removed the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) as a party to its investigation into the August 8 midair collision of two aircraft over the Hudson River that killed all 9 persons aboard..

NATCA Strongly Disputes NTSB Inference of Controller Responsibility in Hudson River Crash Sequence
17 August, 2009: Air traffic controllers today are strongly disputing misleading and - in one passage - outright false parts of Friday's NTSB Hudson River mid-air crash press release that mistakenly and unfairly assign responsibilities to a Teterboro, N.J., controller during the pre-crash sequence of events that simply did not exist..

FAA Suspends 2 Air Traffic Controllers Over Hudson Crash
14 August, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration has suspended two air traffic controllers from New Jersey's Teterboro Airport over Saturday's collision of two aircraft over the Hudson that killed nine people, a spokeswoman said Thursday..

FAA, Air Traffic Controllers Agree on New Contract
13 August, 2009: Government air traffic controllers and the Obama administration have reached a tentative contract agreement that both sides said they hope will end years of severely strained relations..

Tarmac Ordeal Renews Push For Fliers Rights
11 August, 2009: The situation on board was horrendous: Babies were screaming, odor from a toilet filled the cramped plane and passengers couldn't escape..

N.Y. Collision Prompts Calls For Limits
10 August, 2009: Several New York-area politicians called for severe limits on flights over the Hudson River on Monday as efforts continued to retrieve the final two victims of a weekend midair collision that claimed the lives of nine people..

From Dreamliner to Lost Military Deals, Problems Nag Boeing
6 August, 2009: This was to be Boeing's summer of triumph. Dozens of its 787 Dreamliners were supposed to be in service around the world by now. Profits from launches of commercial satellites from a floating launch pad on the equator were supposed to be rolling in..

Harmless Turbulence Can be Dangerous, Deadly
5 August, 2009: It's a moment familiar to any regular air traveler..

NTSB Issues Final Report on Sleeping Pilots Case
4 August, 2009: The National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed an initial finding that the captain and first officer of a flight that overflew its destination in Hawaii inadvertently fell asleep while the plane was on autopilot..

Turbulence Injures 26, Flight Diverted to Miami
3 August, 2009: A Continental Airlines jet carrying 179 people from Brazil to Texas hit severe turbulence over the Atlantic early Monday, injuring at least 26 including four seriously and forcing an emergency landing in Miami, officials said..

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands Safely
31 July, 2009: The crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour returned to earth on Friday morning after spending 16 days in space..

Blundering Private Pilot Gets Lost, Flies in Path of 747 Landing at JFK
30 July 2009: A private pilot at the helm of a small aircraft apparently came close to causing a disaster in the skies near New York on Saturday..

Astronauts Inspect Space Shuttle Ahead of Landing
29 July, 2009: Space shuttle Endeavour's astronauts uncovered no noticeable flaws in the thermal shielding of their ship Wednesday following an in-depth inspection with lasers and cameras..

ATP First in Gulf to Install ADS-B Air Traffic Control System
28 July, 2009: Gas Corporation announced today that the ATP Innovator is the first Gulf of Mexico offshore platform to install an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System..

FAA Releases Air Traffic Control Tapes of Buffalo Plane Crash
24 July, 2009: We are learning more about the final moments of Continental Airlines flight 3407. Fifty people were killed when the commuter plane crashed in to a house in Clarence, near the Buffalo airport on February 12..

Delta Narrows Q2 Loss To $257 Million
22 July, 2009: Delta Air Lines Inc., the world's biggest airline operator, said Wednesday it narrowed its second-quarter net loss to $257 million..

Continental Plans Job Cuts; United To Cut Flights
21 July, 2009: The recession continues to take its toll on airlines. Continental (CAL) said Tuesday that it would slash 1,700 more jobs, and United said it would cut more flights in response to fewer travelers..

Space Shuttle Endeavor Docks With ISS
17 July, 2009: Shortly before 4 p.m. ET Friday, the seven crew members of the Space Shuttle Endeavour opened a hatch and entered the International Space Station, where they greeted the six crew members who were already there with hugs..

Airbags for Airliners: What Will They Cost You?
16 July, 2009: You may never need them at 35,000 feet, but you'll be glad they're around if you do. Defibrillators, medical kits and life vests are a few examples of the safety equipment the government requires airlines to put on passenger jets..

Controller Jobs Open to Public Through July 17
14 July, 2009: The public now has the opportunity to apply to become air traffic controllers. The FAA is accepting applications from the general public for trainee air traffic controller positions through July 17, 2009..

Hole Appears in 737-300 at 34,000 Feet
14 July, 2009: Inspectors have found nothing unusual in the rest of Southwest Airlines fleet of 737-300s after a football-sized hole in one of the jets forced an emergency landing, an airline spokeswoman said Tuesday..

Air France Crash Still a Mystery
13 July, 2009: There are a few clues about Air France Flight 447's final minutes, but investigators caution that they are far from determining the actual cause of the disaster or piecing together a detailed account of what went wrong..

Engine Problem: Northwest Flight Returns to San Francisco
9 July, 2009: San Francisco International Airport officials say a Northwest Airlines jet carrying 194 passengers suffered an engine problem after takeoff, forcing it to return to the airport.

The Flying Car is Doomed, Says The Economist
9 July, 2009: While we seem to be closer than ever to seeing a flying car in our lifetimes, The Economist seems to believe the flying car will die before it was ever really born, but not necessarily for reasons in the air..

Flight Traffic Declined in June, Airlines Expect Large Losses
8 July, 2009: Airline traffic fell again in June, providing another sign that most carriers are likely to report large financial losses for the second quarter..

Why ADS-B?
7 July, 2009: From the US Federal Aviation Administration's perspective, automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast is meant to reduce dependence on ground-based secondary surveillance radar systems by collecting GPS-derived position reports from ADS-B equipped aircraft at ground stations and sending the information (ADS-B out), to air traffic control facilities to be used for air traffic management..

Air France Crash Mystery Deepens
3 July, 2009: If there was ever any question over the importance of finding the black boxes from Air France flight 447 then there is certainly none now..

Air France Plane Did Not Break Up In Flight
2 July, 2009: The Air France plane that crashed a month ago off the coast of Brazil did not break up or become destroyed in flight, but bellyflopped intact into the Atlantic Ocean, the French air investigation agency announced Thursday..

Student ATC Twice Puts Planes on Runway Collision Course
1 July, 2009: A student controller was directing planes during two runway mishaps in the past month at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, apparently giving instructions that placed planes on possible collision courses, federal investigators say..

Yemenia Jet With 153 on Board Crashes; Child Rescued
30 June, 2009: A passenger jet carrying 153 people from Yemen crashed into the Indian Ocean in bad weather early Tuesday while trying to land at the island nation of Comoros. Search teams rescued a child from the sea, officials said, but there was no word on other survivors..

NTSB to Probe Problems on Other Airbus Flights
29 June, 2009: United States accident investigators are probing two recent failures of airspeed and altitude indications aboard Airbus A330s -- the same type of plane that crashed into the Atlantic nearly a month ago..

Time Running Out to Find Air France 447's Black Boxes
26 June, 2009: Investigators probing the deadly crash of Air France flight 447 over the Atlantic are running out of time to find the flight data recorders which could prove crucial to working out what caused the disaster..

FAA Panel to Develop Rules on Pilot Fatigue by September
26 June, 2009: Airlines, pilot unions and federal officials have until Sept. 1 to develop new rules to limit fatigue among pilots, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday..

Think Flight Times Are Padded? They Are
24 June, 2009: As one airline operations manager said : The airlines are no more on-time than they used to be, but they're better at covering it up..

Boeing Again Delays 787 Test Flight
23 June, 2009: Shares of Boeing are down more than 6% Tuesday morning after the jet-maker said it will again delay the first test flight of the 787 Dreamliner due to a need to reinforce parts of the aircraft..

Pilot's Death Could Renew Debate Over Cockpit Age Limits
22 June, 2009: The death of the 60-year-old captain of a Continental Airlines jetliner as he flew 247 passengers across the Atlantic could spark a new debate over age limits in the cockpit.

Air France Probe Little Bit Closer To Answers, Investigator Says
17 June, 2009: Investigators are getting a little bit closer to determining what caused an Air France airliner to disappear into the Atlantic Ocean, but there are no answers yet, a French investigator said Wednesday..

FAA Pplans New Safety Rules For Regional Airlines
16 June, 2009: The nation's top aviation regulators demanded Monday that regional airlines take immediate steps to improve pilot training and safety in the wake of the accident in February that killed 50 people..

Endeavour Launch Now Set for Wednesday
15 June, 2009: NASA has rescheduled the launch of space shuttle Endeavour for 5:40 a.m. ET Wednesday, pushing back the planned launch of a separate lunar mission..

Air France Jet Possibly Disintegrated in Mid-Air
11 June, 2009: Air France Jet Possibly Disintegrated in Mid-Air, Two pieces of new evidence suggest that Air France Flight 447 broke up over a number of minutes, rather than in one catastrophic incident, before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and killing all 228 people aboard..

American Flight to Test Fuel Saving by Using Direct GPS Route
10 June, 2009: The plane on the Thursday flight will take a direct route guided by Global Positioning System, or GPS, technology instead of staying within the usual jetliner paths across the Atlantic..

Passenger Recalls Escaping Plane When it Ditched in Hudson
9 June, 2009 (VIDEO): A passenger sitting at the rear of the US Airways flight forced to land in the Hudson River testified Tuesday he climbed over about a dozen rows of seats as he tried to escape through the front of the floating plane..

Pilots in Crashes Had Failed Multiple Tests
8 June, 2009: In nearly every serious regional airline accident during the past 10 years, at least one of the pilots had failed tests of his or her skills multiple times, according to an analysis of federal accident records..

Air France Jet Crash Debris Retrieved
4 June, 2009: The Brazilian navy began retrieving debris Thursday from an Air France passenger jet which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean with 228 people onboard as investigators continued to hunt for clues into the cause of the accident..

Brazil's Military Found Debris, Airplane Seat In Atlantic
2 June, 2009: An airplane seat, a life jacket, metallic debris and signs of fuel were found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday by Brazilian military pilots searching for the missing Air France airliner..

Air France Flight Disappears Over Atlantic; 228 on Board
1 June, 2009: The disappearance of an Air France wide body carrying 228 people from Rio de Janiero to Paris on Sunday night could take weeks to solve because the plane is presumed to have gone down deep in the Atlantic Ocean..

Florida's Pilot Factory
28 May, 2009 (VIDEO): CNN's Allan Chernoff investigates the air school that trained pilots of three fatal crashes..

Regulation Needed to Cut Jet Fuel Consumption
27 May, 2009: If you're trying to cut your personal carbon footprint, one of the worst things you can do is board a fuel-guzzling jet. That's why the world needs airplane efficiency standards, Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Scott Carson wrote in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal..

FAAs Air Traffic Control Apps Highly Vulnerable
21 May, 2009: A government audit has found more than 3,800 vulnerabilities were reportedly found in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) web-based air traffic control system applications..

Flight 1549 Passengers Face Emotional Reunion With Luggage
20 May, 2009: This month, passengers from US Airways ill-fated Flight 1549 are starting to get special deliveries: FedEx boxes containing dried and cleaned wallets, handbags, coats, cameras, jewelry, clothing, important papers, even toothbrushes..

Senator Calls For Safety Probe of Regional Airlines
19 May, 2009: The chairman of the Senate's aviation panel is asking a government watchdog to investigate safety enforcement at regional airlines..

Airline Industry Changes Raise Safety Issues
18 May, 2009: Revelations this week about pilot pay and working conditions at the regional airline involved in an air crash that killed 50 in upstate New York have raised broader concerns..

Fatigue Cited as Possible Factor in Plane Crash Near Buffalo
14 May, 2009: Fatigue affecting the flight crew may have contributed to a plane crash that killed 50 people in February near Buffalo, New York, according to testimony at an investigative hearing..

Baggage Container Sucked into Boeing 747 Engine at LAX
13 May, 2009: A metal baggage container was sucked into an engine of a Boeing 747 as it was leaving a terminal gate Monday at Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said. No one was injured..

Space Shuttle Suffered Minor Damage at Launch
12 May, 2009: A survey of space shuttle Atlantis outer body has revealed that four tiles on the right side have some dings in them, the flight director said Tuesday..

Shuttle Atlantis Launches for Hubble Repair Mission
11 May, 2009: Space Shuttle Atlantis has perfect liftoff for its mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope..

Boeing Jetliner Orders Tumble in April
8 May, 2009: Boeing Co. on Thursday reported a sharp drop in orders for its passenger and cargo jets in April, as the troubled global economy continued to hurt demand from airlines and cargo services..

Hackers Broke into FAA Air Traffic Control Systems
7 May, 2009: Breaches exposed sensitive employee data, forced the shutdown of part of a network, and could have allowed hackers to disrupt the agency's mission-support network, a government report says..

Airlines See Signs of Improvement in April
5 May, 2009: U.S. airlines, which saw much of their high-fare business traffic evaporate this winter, may finally be coming out of their tailspin..

DOT Secretary Hints at Federal Aid for Airlines
1 May, 2009: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Thursday he thinks the Obama administration will seek financial aid for airlines to pay for equipment onboard planes that will be needed to move to a satellite-based air traffic control system..

Boeing 787 Advancing Toward Test Flight by July 1
30 April, 2009: The first Boeing 787 is in the final stages of production and should be ready as planned for the long-delayed first test flight before July 1, Boeing officials said Wednesday..

Concern About Air-Traffic Control Trainees Raised
27 April, 2009: The nation's busiest air-traffic control facility in Southern California relies heavily on inexperienced trainees, who are expected to make up more than 40% of controllers there this year, according to a report released Monday, the Associated Press writes. The Department of Transportation inspector general report expresses concern about staffing levels at the Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility near San Diego, as well as the Northern California Terminal Radar Approach Facility near Sacramento..

Inside New York's LaGuardia Control Tower
24 April, 2009: At any given moment, on any given morning, there are roughly 6,000 planes on their way to somewhere, from somewhere, over American airspace. Getting them safely down to the ground will depend upon the efforts of a small group of controllers who, nearly without fail, get the job done despite long hours, grim working conditions, and ancient technology. Jeanne Marie Laskas journeys to the tower at LaGuardia Airport in New York City to find out how it all happens..

Lightning Hits Hartsfield-Jackson Tower
23 April, 2009: Lightning struck the air traffic control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Thursday night, temporarily taking out power at the airport, officials said. Federal Aviation Administration said spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the tower was struck around 8:45 p.m. FAA officials evacuated the 398-foot tower — the tallest in the nation — and FAA employees reported the smell of smoke. After officials checked to make certain all of the equipment was working, air traffic controllers returned and the tower was operational again by 9:10 p.m., Bergen said..

Feds to Release Data on Aircraft Bird Strikes
23 April, 2009: The federal government is reversing itself and plans to release data on the thousands of incidents in which aircraft hit birds, the Department of Transportation said Wednesday..

United Jet Leaving BWI for Denver Hit by Lightning
22 April, 2009: A United Airlines official says an airliner leaving BWI for Denver was hit by lightning as storms swept across the Washington area..

Airline Leaders Shift Focus on Air Traffic Control Replacement
21 April, 2009: Airlines missed out when President Obama's economic stimulus package sailed through Congress earlier this year without federal dollars to urgently replace the nation's antiquated air traffic control system that keeps planes from colliding..

Neighbors Fume Over LAX Plan to Redesign Runways
20 April, 2009: As a clash at Los Angeles International Airport over a runway redesign exemplifies, it's not always easy for airports to get approval for changes, even when they are intended as safety improvements..

Unintentional King Air Pilot: An Interview With Doug White
17 April, 2009: Doug White was having a tough week. He and his family were returning home to Monroe, La., from Marco Island, Fla., where they had just attended his brother's funeral. White, 56, a private pilot with about 230 hours flight time in single-engine Cessna 172s sat in the right seat of a chartered King Air 200 with his wife and two teenaged daughters in the passenger cabin..

American Airlines Loses Less Than Expected
16 April, 2009: American Airlines parent AMR Corp. says it lost $375 million in the first quarter as people flew less during the recession than they did a year ago, wiping out the benefit of cheaper fuel..

Inside the Next-Gen GPS-based Airplane Landing System
15 April, 2009: Inside the GPS-based landing system that's finally replacing the radar-based one that's been in use since the 1930s..

Passenger Landed Plane With Focused Fear
14 April, 2009: A man who landed a plane with the assistance of air traffic controllers after the pilot fell unconscious and died said Monday he was still in a daze of adrenaline..

Passenger Helps Land Turboprop Plane After Pilot Dies
13 April, 2009: It's a nightmarish scenario straight out of the movies: A passenger is forced to land a plane after its pilot becomes incapacitated..

Eclipse Future Could be Decided This Month
10 April, 2009: Owners of the 259 Eclipse Aviation Corp. jets now flying are getting a clearer picture of where the company’s bankruptcy proceedings are heading: Any new owner will offer maintenance and aircraft upgrades, but chances are slim that production will resume until the economy improves..

Miami Airport Phases in New Air-Traffic System
9 April, 2009: Miami International Airport is the first to house a new satellite-based air traffic control system..

Scramble to Add Air Traffic Controllers
7 April, 2009: Like many other air traffic controllers, Michael Pearson was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration in the early 1980s to help replace more than 10,000 striking air traffic controllers who were fired en masse by President Ronald Reagan..

Shrinking Airlines Park More Planes in the Desert
6 April, 2009: Old jets come here, empty engine pods shrink-wrapped in white, tall red tails fading to pink in the desert sun. More will come soon. Some will never fly again..

Delta's 747-400 Back in Atlanta
3 April, 2009: The Boeing 747 jumbo jet is back in Atlanta in Delta colors. The first Delta-branded 747 to fly out of Atlanta since 1977 departed Thursday from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, bound for Honolulu..

FAA OKs $1B in Aviation Stimulus Projects
2 April 2009: Scores of airport runway projects estimated at nearly $1 billion have received initial clearance by the Federal Aviation Administration so local officials can put their construction plans out to bid..

Delta Regional Carrier Grounds Jets For Inspections
1 April, 2009: Atlantic Southeast Airlines, a unit of SkyWest and one of nine regional carriers for Delta Air Lines, said Wednesday it has grounded 60 of its 112 50-seat Bombardier CRJ200 jets after an internal audit raised safety concerns..

Pilots Union Getting a Taste of Its Own Medicine
30 March, 2009: The world's largest airline pilots union is getting a taste of its own medicine as workers in one in its divisions have filed a complaint of unfair labor practices against their bosses, the workers' union said Monday..

Shuttle Undocks From Space Station After 8 Days
26 March, 2009: After eight days together, space shuttle Discovery pulled away from the international space station Wednesday, ending a successful effort to boost electrical power and science research at the orbiting outpost..

Eurocontrol Unveils Its New Air Traffic Control System
24 March, 2009: Eurocontrol, the European Organisation for the safety of air navigation, will unveil the new flight data processing system, which was recently awarded a prize at the ATC Global exhibition in Amsterdam..

Training Atlanta's Air Traffic Controllers
23 March, 2009: One job that's in big demand right now is air traffic controllers. It's a stressful job where one mistake could mean disaster, but an addition to Hartsfield Jackson is helping train all those new hires. There is a new tool designed to speed up the training for new hires and keep the skies safer..

17 Killed in Montana Plane Crash
22 March, 2009: A single-engine airplane crashed near Butte, Montana, on Sunday, killing at least 17 people, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said..

FAA Shifts Focus For Next Generation Air Traffic Control to Near-Term Possibilities
20 March, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration still faces challenges in technology, organization, budget and manpower to field satellite-based air traffic control technology..

Solving the Air Traffic Controller Shortage
19 March, 2009: Air traffic controllers must retire at 56, but new research shows they can still do the job..

Discovery Docks at International Space Station
17 March, 2009: The space shuttle Discovery safely docked at the international space station on Tuesday, a welcome smooth maneuver during a mission that was delayed by a gas leak and threatened by hurtling chunks of space junk..

See the Space Shuttle Chase the Space Station From Your Backyard Tonight
16 March, 2009: As the Space Shuttle Discovery pursues the International Space Station, parts of North America and Europe will have a chance to see the double flyby Monday night..

Hartsfield-Jackson Ranks 25th In On-Time Arrivals
12 March, 2009: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport fell to No. 25 in on-time arrival performance for January, down from No. 8 a year earlier, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines ranked sixth for on-time performance..

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Cancelled
11 March, 2009: The planned Wednesday night launch of space shuttle Discovery has been cancelled due to an apparent leak in the giant external fuel tank, the Kennedy Space Center said..

Runway Safety Improvements Lag at Busy Airports
10 March, 2009: Six-year-old Joshua Woods was singing Christmas songs on Dec. 8, 2005, when a runaway plane at Chicago's Midway Airport crashed through a fence and collided with his family's car, killing the boy. The tragedy underscores what the government says is an urgent safety problem..

3 Bodies Recovered From NASCAR Race-bound Cessna 182
9 March, 2009: Carroll County authorities found the body of the pilot of a small airplane that crashed Sunday, killing three people on board..

AOPA Says Continue Partnership with ATC
6 March, 2009: Pilots and controllers need to work together to make the system safer—and to defeat user fees—AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller said March 4 at the National Air Traffic Controllers Association conference in Las Vegas..

LAX Air Traffic Controllers Say A380 Wingspan Too Big
5 March, 2009: As issues continue to pile up for Qantas and its A380 fleet, it now appears that the air traffic controllers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) have claimed that the wingspan of the superjumbo is too big..

Man Jumps Out of Taxiing Airliner at Dallas/Fort Worth
4 March, 2009: Authorities say a 26-year-old passenger ran to the front of a taxiing plane, opened a door and slid down to the tarmac before being detained..

Funds Approved For O'Hare Design
3 March, 2009: The city of Chicago announced that FAA has approved the use of PFCs to fund $182 million for airfield design and terminal planning activities for the O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP). Chicago Mayor Richard Daley noted that the OMP commissioned its first runway project, the Runway 10/28 extension, 56 days ahead of schedule and $33 million under budget. On Nov. 20, 2008, the OMP commissioned Runway 9L/27R, O'Hare's first new runway since 1971, and a new North air traffic control tower..

FAA Settles With Southwest Airlines for $7.5M
2 March, 2009: Southwest Airlines will pay a fine of $7.5 million for flying planes that had missed critical safety checks $2.7 million less than government regulators initially ordered..

Landings at LAX Safer, Quieter
27 February, 2009: Up to half the aircraft that land at Los Angeles International Airport each day now use an arrival technique that saves fuel and reduces noise and air pollution in neighborhoods along the eastern approaches to the nation's fourth-largest airport, the Federal Aviation Administration has announced..

Experts: Why Many Air Crashes are Survivable
26 February, 2009: The crash of a Turkish airliner in the Netherlands and the recent landing of a jet in the Hudson River in New York demonstrate how safe modern aircraft have become, according to safety experts..

Nine Killed as Turkish Plane Crashes Near Amsterdam Airport
25 February, 2009: A Turkish passenger jet crashed as it tried to land at Amsterdam's main airport Wednesday, killing at least nine people and injuring more than 50 -- 25 seriously -- Dutch airport authorities have said..

Controllers Blast FAA Plan to Shift Meteorologists
24 February, 2009: Air-traffic controllers say a proposal by the Federal Aviation Administration to take meteorologists out of a major control center near Atlanta will endanger airline passengers, an accusation flatly rejected by the FAA..

Airports Benefitting From Economic Stimulus
23 February, 2009: Akron-Canton Airport, one of the fastest-growing airports in the country, wants to redesign its entrance road to ease traffic and add a curbside lane for taxis and other shuttles..

Extending 27R = More Heavy Jets, More Noise
20 February, 2009: Inhuman is how longtime College Park resident Coco Bright described living in the shadow of the world's busiest airport. Other residents complained this week of constantly being awakened by the thundering noise of low-flying jets..

FAA, NTSB Feud Over Icing Safety For Turboprops
19 February, 2009: On Halloween 1994, an American Eagle flight en route to Chicago in freezing rain went into a high-speed dive and crashed near Roselawn, Ind., killing all 68 people aboard. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the crash in part on ice accumulated on the plane's wings and recommended in 1996 that testing requirements for flight certification of all turboprop planes be adjusted to include the specific kind of icing conditions in the Roselawn crash..

FAA to Airline Pilots: Turn Cell Phones Off
18 February, 2009: The US FAA has issued an alert to airlines following an inspector's report that a first officer's cell phone began ringing at a critical phase of a takeoff..

NTSB: Plane Rolled Violently Before Crash
16 February, 2009: A commuter airliner that crashed Thursday in upstate New York, killing 50 people, underwent violent pitching and rolling seconds before impact, with passengers experiencing twice the normal force of gravity, a federal investigator said Sunday..

Plane Crash Near Buffalo Kills 50
13 February, 2009: A Continental commuter plane coming in for a landing nose-dived into a house in suburban Buffalo, sparking a fiery explosion that killed all 49 people aboard and a person in the home..

Canada Geese Brought Flight 1549 Down, NTSB Says
12 February, 2009: Canada geese got into both engines of US Airways Flight 1549 and forced the plane to ditch into the Hudson River last month, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday..

FAA Computers Hacked, Employee Data At Risk
11 February, 2009: Two of the 48 files on the compromised server held the personal information of over 45,000 individuals, the agency said..

Flight 1549 Crew: Hudson Landing Still On Our Minds
10 February, 2009: Capt. Chesley Sully Sullenberger says he'll take to the skies again -- as soon as he can shake Flight 1549 out of his head..

Hero Pilot and Crew Get Keys to City
9 February, 2009: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has presented hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew with keys to the city..

Hudson Survivor: Hearing Pilot on Tape Stressful, Exhilarating
6 February, 2009: Four survivors of the US Airways Flight 1549 that went down in the Hudson River appeared on Larry King Live Thursday to discuss a recording of the pilot calmly telling an air traffic controller the plane would ditch..

5 February, 2009: Click here for the FAA audio trancripts of USA1549..

FAA Releases Transcript From Hudson River Landing
5 February, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration released audio recordings this morning that reveal the communications between air traffic control and US Airways flight 1549 just before it splashed down into the Hudson River Jan. 15, 2009..

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch, Space Station's Relocation
4 January, 2009: A scheduled move of the International Space Station today has been delayed until March after a relocation in January went awry, the space agency said Tuesday. NASA also postponed a launch of space shuttle Discovery..

Hero Pilot: Splash Landing in Hudson 'Surreal'
3 February, 2009: In his first public comments about what it was like to safely land a passenger jet in the Hudson River, US Airways pilot Chesley Sully Sullenberger described the ordeal surreal..

Airbus A380 is a Mixed Blessing for LAX
29 January, 2009: Every time Qantas lands one of its giant Airbus A380s at LAX, parts of the nation's fourth-busiest airport come to a halt..

FAA Prepares For Super Bowl XLIII In Tampa
28 January, 2009: The Federal Aviation Administration says it is prepared to handle the large increase in private planes expected to fly in and out of the Tampa Bay area for the upcoming Super Bowl..

US Airways Passengers Get $5,000 Each; Is it Enough?
27 January, 2009: Many US Airways passengers who endured a crash landing in the Hudson River 12 days ago say they appreciate the $5,000 that the airline has offered but some say it's not enough..

Airports Testing Radar That Could Spot Birds
26 January, 2009: Federal aviation officials say a handful of U.S. airports will soon begin testing experimental radar systems designed to track flocks of birds.

FAA Says Atlanta Airport Nation's Busiest
24 January, 2009: The FAA says Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the nation's busiest airport for the fourth year in a row..

Flying Car Goes to Market
22 January, 2008: A Boston-area company plans to begin flight tests this year of a two-seater airplane that moonlights as a car..

US Airways Gives Each Flier on Ditched Jet $5,000
21 January, 2009: Passengers aboard the jet that made a dramatic splashdown in the Hudson River are being sent checks by US Airways..

Airlines Threaten to Shift Atlanta Flights in Dispute Over Airport Fees
20 January, 2009: Airlines that do business at the world's busiest airport are playing hardball in talks over new lease agreements, threatening to move some flights to other airports if they can't maintain competitive costs on fees they pay..

Recorders Recovered From Hudson in Excellent Condition
19 January Both the cockpit voice and flight data recorders were recovered in excellent condition from a crippled US Airways jetliner that landed safely on the Hudson River last week, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Sunday..

US Airways Flight Hit Birds at 3,000 Feet
18 January, 2009: US Airways flight 1549 was airborne less than 90 seconds when the aircraft apparently collided with a flock of birds, according to a review of Federal Aviation Administration tapes and transcripts..

Landing Hailed as 'Miracle on the Hudson,' Probe Begins, Pilot to be Interviewed Today
15 January, 2009: In what New York's governor called a miracle on the Hudson, a veteran pilot glided a US Airways jetliner with two dead engines onto the river's frigid surface so smoothly Thursday that all of the 150 passengers and five crewmembers escaped serious injury..

Pilot Praised for Masterful Landing
15 January, 2009: Passengers on the US Airways flight that crash-landed into the Hudson River Thursday afternoon praised the actions and courage of the pilot, a safety consultant with 40 years of experience in the aviation industry..

U.S. Airways A-320 Goes Down in Hudson River
15 January, 2009: A U.S. Airways plane has crashed into the Hudson River, sending passengers fleeing for safety in the frigid waters..

Gwinnett Flights to Hartsfield Set
14 January, 2009: Lawrenceville-based Wings Air said Monday that it will begin flights from Gwinnett County to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport beginning Feb. 1..

Warrant Issued for Missing Pilot
13 January, 2009: Indiana authorities filed felony charges and a court issued an arrest warrant for a financial manager who apparently tried to fake his death by crashing his airplane in a Florida swamp..

Airlines Go Two Years With No Fatalities
12 January, 2009: For the first time since the dawn of the jet age, two consecutive years have passed without a single airline passenger death on a U.S. carrier..

Boeing Falls Behind Airbus As Orders Drop 53%
9 January, 2009: Boeing took orders for 662 commercial planes last year, a 53% drop from 2007, handing the title of biggest-selling plane maker to arch-rival Airbus and signaling the end of an unprecedented three-year boom in jetliner sales..

Continental Pilot Says He Tried to Keep Jet On Runway
8 January, 2009: The pilot of an airliner destroyed after veering off a Denver runway last month told federal safety investigators he struggled to keep the aircraft on course during the attempted to takeoff..

No Obvious Culprit in Continental 737 Accident at Denver
7 January, 2009: New NSTB information on the runway excursion by a Continental 737-500 departing the Denver International Airport the night of 20 December reveals no obvious failure mechanism that would have caused aircraft to depart the left side of the runway..

UFOs Spotted Over New Jersey Towns
6 January, 2009: Strange, red, blinking lights could be seen across Morris County on Monday night, and officials thought they had figured out what caused them..

Airlines Sue FAA Over Crew Rest Rules
5 January, 2009: Several of the nation's largest airlines have joined in a lawsuit to block stronger federal rules on crew rest during the longest international flights..

Airlines Close The Books on Turbulent 2008
2 January, 2009: The meteoric rise and fall of the price of oil was the story for the airline industry for much of 2008, but as the year that brought big losses and hefty stock declines for many carriers drew to a close the erosion of demand for seats..

Airbus CEO Wins Champagne Bet After A380 Delivery
31 December, 2008: Dubai's Emirates airline received its fourth A380 superjumbo on Tuesday, winning a Champagne bet for the head of manufacturer Airbus as it reached a key 2008 target with two days to spare..

LaGuardia Trying to Reduce Delays
30 December, 2008: Federal aviation authorities have proposed lowering the cap on flights at New York LaGuardia from 75 to 71 per hour in an effort to reduce congestion..

Two Plane Incidents at Chicago's O'Hare Airport
25 December, 2008: A passenger jet preparing to take off from the airport skidded off the runway at Chicago, Illinois' O'Hare and another plane was forced to return there after engine problems were reported, officials said..

NTSB: Wheels, Brakes Didn't Cause Continental Accident
24 December, 2008: Early indications show no problems with the landing gear, tires or brakes on the Continental Airlines jet that veered off a runway at Denver International Airport in Colorado, despite earlier reports..

Denver Crash Baffles Aviation Experts
23 December, 2008: The co-pilot of the Continental Airlines jet that veered off a Denver runway Saturday has told investigators that the takeoff acceleration was normal until the plane made a sudden left turn, investigators said Monday..

Landing Gear, Wheels, Brakes Possible Cause of Denver Crash
22 December, 2008: A problem with the landing gear, tire or brakes may have caused a Continental Airlines jet to veer off a runway into a 40-foot-deep ravine during its take-off at Denver International Airport, a source told CNN Monday..

Passengers Escape Burning Jet in Denver
21 December, 2008: Firefighters said it was like something out of a movie passengers emerging from a smoke-filled ravine where the remains of a Boeing 737 lay in flames, its landing gear and left engine shorn off..

Hartsfield Traffic Will Remain Steady as Compared to Last Christmas
19 December, 2008: Holiday traffic at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is expected to be about as busy as last year, but travelers may encounter smaller crowds at other airports around the country as airlines cut back flight schedules..

NASA Looks for Places to Display Retired Space Shuttles
18 December, 2008: If your organization has the right stuff, it could display one of the U.S. shuttles that NASA plans to retire from service in 2010..

Satellite Air Traffic Control to be Tested at Newark
17 December, 2008: At odds over how best to reduce flight delays, the Port Authority and FAA are laying down their swords long enough to sign an agreement to make Newark Liberty International Airport the nation's first major hub to test the next generation of satellite navigation technology designed to reduce air traffic congestion..

FAA Makes Special D.C. Flight Rules Permanent
16 December, 2008: Airspace restrictions and procedures implemented around Washington after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks are now permanent..

Delta to Offer In-Flight Internet
15 December, 2008: Delta Air Lines will be the latest domestic airline to offer inflight Internet for passengers, launching paid WiFi service on Tuesday on its East Coast shuttle flights..

FAA Moves to Avoid Confusion During Delta-Northwest Integration
12 December, 2008: The FAA has issued new phraseology rules in an effort to avoid confusion over the identification of Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines aircraft..

Boeing Again Delays 787 Test Flight, Delivery
11 December, 2008: Boeing has further delayed the initial test flight and delivery of its highly anticipated 787 jetliner, citing the impact of a recent strike and production problems..

Pilots: Cockpit Recordings From Crashes Should Not Be 'Public Entertainment'
12 December, 2008: The main pilots federation called for a ban on the public release of cockpit voice recordings from deadly crashes, saying Wednesday the final moments of accident victims should not be used for public entertainment..

Controllers, FAA Say Serious Incidents Up at Atlanta Airport
9 December, 2008 (VIDEO): Air traffic controllers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said Friday that the numbers of errors and close calls in the sky above Atlanta has skyrocketed..

Military Jet Crashes in San Diego Neighborhood
8 December, 2008: A military jet crashed into a residential neighborhood in San Diego, California, on Monday as it tried to land at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar..

FAA Begins to Roll Out Next-Gen ATC
5 December, 2008: After years of development and testing, the Federal Aviation Administration announced on Monday that it plans to begin deploying a nationwide air traffic control system that tracks aircraft by satellite rather than radar..

In School With Air Traffic Controllers
4 December, 1998 (VIDEO): Packed air traffic control schools cause concern among some, but the FAA says the recruits are top notch..

Air Travel Demand Drops; Delta Trims Capacity for 2009
3 December, 2008: Air travel demand was far lower in November than expected enough to persuade Delta Air Lines to lock in 2009 capacity cuts of 6% to 8%..

New DFW Taxiways to Speed Ride Between Gate, Runway
1 December, 2008: Passengers landing at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have always had time to call ahead during the slow ride to the gate – which can take up to 20 minutes in the busiest times..

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in California
30 November, 2008: Dangerously high wind and a stormy sky prevented space shuttle Endeavour from returning to its home base in Florida on Sunday, and NASA ordered the astronauts to take a detour and land in sunny California..

Search Teams Hunt for Airbus Jet Crash Remains
28 November, 2008: Search and rescue teams worked through the night to find the remains of an Airbus jet that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with seven people aboard, the jet's owner, Air New Zealand, said Friday..

FAA Gives Green Light to NextGen Satellite System
26 November, 2008: In a step that promises to greatly improve the efficiency of air transportation for millions of Americans, FAA Acting Administrator Robert A. Sturgell today gave the green light to nationwide deployment of a system that allows aircraft to be tracked by satellite rather than radar..

Fewer Delays Expected For Holiday Travel
25 November, 2008: Thanksgiving holiday fliers will face packed planes this week, but there's one piece of good news: Flight delays have fallen sharply this fall..

In-Flight Net Access Takes Off On Virgin America
24 November, 2008: Monday, Virgin America plans to become the latest airline to offer in-flight Wi-Fi Internet, a service with a problematic past that still promises far-ranging flexibility in entertainment.

New Runways Open at 3 of Nation's Busiest Airports
20 November, 2008: Brand new runways are opening at three major airports Thursday, giving the aviation community something to cheer about in a year of dismal economic and travel news..

Whistle-Blower ATC Files Claim Against FAA
18 November, 2008: An air traffic controller who told authorities that the Federal Aviation Administration covered up safety issues at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has filed a discrimination claim charging the agency with refusing to promote her because of her complaints..

New Runways For Chicago, D.C., & Seattle
17 November, 2008: Three airports will unveil new runways on Nov. 20. Seattle-Tacoma's 8,500-foot-long runway cost $1 billion to build and is designed to cut down on delays by allowing two streams of traffic to land in poor visibility conditions..

NASA Keeps Eye on Two Shuttle Issues
15 November, 2008: NASA said Saturday that the day-old mission of space shuttle Endeavour, which is carrying seven astronauts to the international space station, is going smoothly despite problems with a lost thermal blanket and a malfunctioning antenna..

Space Shuttle Endeavour Blasts Off to Space Station
14 November, 2008: Riding a brilliant ball of flaming liquid rocket fuel into the sky, the space shuttle Endeavour left Earth tonight, carrying seven astronauts on a 15-day mission to the international space station. While there, the astronauts will increase the station's living space with room for six instead of the current three..

Third Sea-Tac Runway About to Open
13 November, 2008: Sea-Tac International Airport's third runway opens to commercial service Nov. 20 at a time of economic upheaval and staggering losses for the airline industry..

Boeing, Air New Zealand Set Biofuel Test Flight
12 November, 2008: Air New Zealand and Boeing have set Dec. 3 as the date for a test flight powered partially by biofuel, the companies said..

Airlines Could Cut More Flights
11 November 2008: More cuts in airline schedules may await travelers after the holidays there are early signs that the usual after-Christmas falloff in travel could be deeper than airline managers had expected..

Shuttle Mission to Focus on Comfort in Space
10 November, 2008: The international space station is about to get all the comforts of a modern, high-end, green home: a fancy recycling water filter, a new fridge, extra bedrooms, workout equipment and the essential half-bath..

What Obama Might Do for Aviation
7 November, 2008: The aviation biz is on the edge of its narrow coach-class seats waiting to how president-elect Barak Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress address the laundry list of issues..

Newest Air Defense: Bird Dogs
6 November 2008 (VIDEO): Just in time for the fall migrations, Southwest Florida International Airport has unleashed its newest tool for keeping birds and aircraft apart. She's Sky, a 1-year-old border collie less than two months into her job of shooing birds off the airfield..

Boeing Delays First 787 Test Flight
5 November, 2008: Boeing Co. said Tuesday the first flight of its long-delayed 787 jetliner has been postponed until next year due to an eight-week strike by union workers..

DNA Links Bones to Fossett
4 November 2008: Authorities say they've positively identified some of Steve Fossett's remains: two large bones found a half-mile from where the adventurer's plane crashed in California's Sierra Nevada..

Delta Gets Its Chance to Dominate Aviation
3 November, 2008: Delta Air Lines executives long talked of being in the pilot's seat when the next big wave of consolidation swept the airline industry..

Delta Exec Takes Reins of Subsidiary
30 October 2008: Delta Air Lines' president and head of its new Northwest subsidiary, Ed Bastian, flew to Minneapolis on Thursday to meet with employees from Northwest, saying his first priority will be spending time with them now that the two carriers have merged..

Feds Give OK to Delta-Northwest Merger
29 October, 2008: The Justice Department on Wednesday approved a much-anticipated merger between Delta and Northwest, clearing the way for creation of the world's largest airline..

Jet Fuel's Down, But Surcharges Have Stuck
28 October, 2008: Despite lower jet-fuel prices, fuel surcharges on international tickets are much higher than a year ago, according to an analysis of airline fare data..

Want to Live Over Your Airplane?
27 October, 2008: Bob Banman has spent so much of his life at the little airport in this old farm town that calls itself the Citrus Capital of the World that he has decided to move in -- lock, stock and airplane..

NTSB Reviews Jet's Skid Landing at O'Hare
24 October, 2008: The pilots of an American Airlines flight carrying 185 passengers were forced to make an unusual emergency landing last month in Chicago with limited ability to control the jet after they lost electrical power, according to newly released information..

Human Error Stubborn Sag In Airline Safety
23 October, 2008: Pilots reported 55 cases in which they attempted to take off without properly extending the flaps, according to the data..

Fuel Costs Push United to $779 Million Loss
22 October, 2008: Citing nearly $1 billion in higher jet fuel costs, United Airlines Tuesday reported a third-quarter net loss of $779 million or $6.13 per share..

Fuel Costs Fall, But Air Fares Not Likely To Follow
21 October, 2008: The financial hit at the gas pump is a lot less painful since oil prices dropped dramatically but don't expect airfares to follow the same heading..

Check Out Your Future Check-In
20 October, 2008: Space travel, security threats and increasing passenger numbers are forcing major changes in the way airports are designed..

NTSB Urges Inspections After Aircraft Engines Found With Missing Parts
17 October, 2008: Federal safety officials have found several passenger aircraft engines with damaged and missing parts and urged the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday to order inspections of all similar engines..

Atlanta Airport Opens Bird Sanctuary
16 October, 2008: The world's busiest airport has taken time to transform a dried lake bed into a serene 56.5-acre sanctuary nestled 15 miles south of the bustle..

FAA Probes Rerouting Claim
15 October, 2008: Federal aviation officials are investigating whether air traffic controllers violated federal rules by rerouting four airliners to test the skills of a controller-trainee..

Best And Worst Times To Fly
14 October, 2008: Knowing which flights are likelier to arrive on time can help you plan, or at least let you know what you're in for..

Boeing Facing Triple Threat
13 October, 2008: In the face of a Machinists strike, the global economic crisis and tightening credit markets, Wall Street analysts are sounding the alarm about Boeing..

AP Says Airlines Could Save $10 Billion a Year With GPS
10 October, 2008: U.S. airlines could save $10 billion a year in fuel costs by 2025 if the FAA upgrades to a satellite-based air-traffic control system, The Associated Press reports..

New O'Hare Tower to Take Flight Next Month
8 October, 2008: Ever want a job with spectacular views for miles and miles around, plus a light enough workload to fully enjoy the scenery?..

Now That Oil Prices Are Down, Why Aren't Airfares?
7 October, 2008: Since oil prices have fallen off recently, why haven't airfares fallen too?..

Report Faults FAA Over Maintenance Outsourcing
6 October, 2008: Nine major U.S. airlines are farming out aircraft maintenance at twice the rate of four years ago and now hire outside contractors for more than 70% of major work, the government says..

The World's Scariest Runways
3 October, 2008: It's 10:45 a.m. on a cloudy day, and the crew of Druk Air flight KB205 is preparing to land at their home airport of Paro, Bhutan. Suddenly, ominous warnings start blaring, alerting them that their flight angle is all wrong and their rate of descent is far too fast. They fly a series of unconventional right-and-left banks through a narrow channel of hillsides before centering the swaying jet and putting it on the tarmac..

Remains Found in Fossett Plane Wreckage
2 October, 2008: A small amount of human remains has been found in the wreckage of the plane that adventurer Steve Fossett was flying when he disappeared last year, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Thursday..

Pilot's License Found in California May be Fossett's
1 October, 2008: A hiker in a rugged part of eastern California found a pilot's license and other items possibly belonging to Steve Fossett, the adventurer who vanished on a solo flight in a borrowed plane more than a year ago, authorities said Wednesday..

Hubble Glitch Will Delay Repair Mission Until 2009
30 September, 2008: NASA said Monday it is delaying its shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope until next year because of an unexpected breakdown of the telescope..

Airfares Aren't Taking Off Everywhere
29 September 2008: Air fares are up, right? The short answer is yes 22 fare increases this year. But fares in some cities are flat or even down, as fierce competition keeps airlines from charging as much as they would like..

Seattle's New Runway Tested
26 September, 2008: The first commercial-type aircraft tested Seattle-Tacoma International's third runway last week. An Alaska Airlines 737 performed several touch-and-go landings as part of the certification process for the new runway, which is scheduled to open Nov. 20..

FAA: Progress Being Made On Runway Safety
25 September, 2008: Under pressure to reduce close calls on airport runways, federal aviation officials say they are making progress..

NASA Pushes Hubble Repair Launch Back to Oct. 14
24 Spetember, 2008: NASA is delaying next month's shuttle launch to the Hubble Space Telescope because of problems stemming from Hurricane Ike and replacement parts for the observatory..

Plane Crashes After Takeoff From Atlanta's Peachtree Dekalb Airport
23 September, 2008: DeKalb County fire and rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash into a yard in the northern part of the county this afternoon. Details were unavailable, but officials confirmed a plane went down in a front yard at about 2 p.m. today..

SC Jet Crash Cockpit Recorder Sounds Consistent With Tire Blow Out
22 September, 2008: Federal investigators have been able to listen to both the cockpit voice recorder and air traffic control's tape from Friday night's plane crash..

S.C. Learjet Plane Crash Kills 4
20 September, 2008: Officials say a Learjet has crashed while departing from a Columbia, S.C., airport, killing four people on board and injuring two others..

Credit Crunch Does in DayJet, Ceases Operations
19 September, 2008: DayJet, which flew 28 Eclipse 500 very-light jet aircraft for on-demand passenger service, said Friday it ceased operations and eliminated most jobs..

FAA Head Says Chicago Could Need New Airport
18 September, 2008: A new Chicago airport or a vast expansion of one of the city's existing airports will be necessary to keep pace with booming demand for air travel in the coming decades, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration said today..

FAA Rushed Approval of Eclipse Jet , Officials Say
17 September, 2008: Government regulators rushed to approve the design of a new small jet in 2006 despite widespread concerns about technology problems and compromised safety, according to testimony that was to be delivered before Congress on Wednesday..

Spain Crash Probe Says Wing Flaps Not Deployed On Takeoff
16 September, 2008: A passenger jet that crashed last month in Madrid did not have its wing flaps deployed during takeoff, and a cockpit warning system failed to alert pilots to the problem, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN on Tuesday..

Continental to Resume Houston Flights, Southwest Waits
15 September, 2008: Continental Airlines Inc. said Sunday it would resume flights in and out of Houston on Monday, but Southwest Airlines won't resume operations here until Tuesday..

Houston Airports Closing Friday Because of Ike
12 September, 2008: The approach of Hurricane Ike is prompting officials to close Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports on Friday..

Raytheon Wins $437M Air Traffic Control Training Contract
10 September, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday awarded a 10-year, $437 million contract to aerospace and defense company Raytheon Company to support training of air traffic controllers..

Officials Find 17 New Cases Of Airlines Missing Safety Bar
9 September, 2008: Federal aviation regulators discovered 17 new cases of airlines failing to comply with critical safety mandates in a review prompted by revelations this year of widespread maintenance violations, officials said Friday..

No Sign of Talks in Boeing Strike
8 September, 2008: As a strike by 28,000 Machinists for The Boeing Co. headed into the work week, there were few signs that the two sides were ready to start talking again..

FAA Flight-Plan System Has Long History of Problems
7 September, 2008: FAA FlightPlan System Has Long History of Problems: Investigations reveal that the 20-year-old, mainframe-based IT system has crashed several times in the last nine years and that the FAA has been planning its replacement for at least four years..

FAA Investigating 11 Air Carriers On Safety Issues
5 September, 2008: Federal aviation officials say they are investigating 17 cases in which 11 air carriers did not comply with safety directives..

One Year Later, Teams Continue Search Efforts To Find Fossett
4 September, 2008: Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of famed aviator and adventurer Steve Fossett, and though official search efforts for the billionaire have ended, friends and admirers continue to scour the desolate Nevada landscape for some sign of what happened..

Airlines July On-Time Performance Improves
3 September 2008: Delta Air Lines regional subsidiary Comair had the worst on-time performance in July among airlines surveyed by the Transportation Department, according to government data released Wednesday..

FAA Outage Reveals Odd Computing Practices
2 September, 2008: When a computer glitch at a Federal Aviation Administration center caused widespread airline delays this week, it served as a reminder that the U.S. flight system is waiting for a modernizing overhaul..

As Summer Ends, Fliers Brace For Airline Changes
29 August, 2008: The grip U.S. airlines have on travelers wallets is about to get tighter as carriers go ahead with plans to trim their domestic schedules due to the high cost of fuel..

Spanair: Crashed Plane Had Earlier Problem
28 August, 2008: The Spanair plane that crashed last week in Madrid, killing 154 people, had landing gear trouble a month ago on a flight from Spain to Denmark and was forced to abandon a first attempt at takeoff, the company acknowledged Wednesday..

Air Traffic Back To Normal After Glitch
27 August, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration center in Henry County oversees flight plans for the eastern half of the United States. So when the center experienced an unprecedented computer glitch Tuesday, the problems quickly hop-scotched across the country..

Atlanta Based FAA Flight Plan Computers Down
26 August, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration says computer problems are causing delays for planes in the air and on the ground around the country this afternoon. Few details were immediately available, but reports indicate that a computer glitch has forced air traffic controllers to move planes one by one from their current locations..

Air Traffic Controllers to Benefit From New Training Simulators
25 August, 2008: Thousands of air traffic controllers in Oklahoma City will become the first in the country to train using new state-of-the-art simulators, beginning Sept. 2..

Kyrgyzstan Plane Crash Kills Dozens
24 August, 2008: An Iran-bound Boeing 737 with 90 people on board crashed Sunday near the airport in Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek, killing dozens of passengers, a government official said..

Skies Unkind To Flight Attendants
24 August, 2008: Flight attendants, whose work places them between the struggling airlines and an increasingly angry flying public, may just have the worst job around these days..

Spain Crash Latest Trouble For MD-80 Aircraft
21 August, 2008: The latest crash has raised more questions about the medium-range workhorse that is a staple of American, Delta and other airlines. An MD-80 and a similar twin-jet plane, the MD-84, crashed last year in Turkey and Thailand..

Most Feared Dead in Spain Runway Accident
20 August, 2008: Spain's Interior Ministry says 45 people are dead after an airliner bound for the Canary Islands swerved off the runway and caught fire during takeoff from the Madrid airport..

Jumbo Jets Become a Rare Treat
19 August, 2008: Soaring jet fuel bills are forcing more of the already endangered jumbo jets from U.S. domestic service..

Airlines Push For Homegrown Jet Fuel
18 August, 2008: With the price of oil still above $100 a barrel, everything from wood chips to chicken fat is being scrutinized as an alternative to traditional fuel..

American Airlines Fined $7.1 Million For Safety Violations
15 August, 2008: Federal regulators announced $7.1 million in fines against American Airlines on Thursday over maintenance issues and problems with its drug- and alcohol-testing programs..

TSA Screener Testing Labeled a Waste
14 August, 2008: A government program to find gaps in airport screening is a waste of money because it doesn't follow up on why screeners failed to spot guns, knives and bombs on undercover agents, the head of the House Homeland Security Committee says..

Delta, Northwest Pilots Approve Joint Labor Contract
13 August, 2008: Delta and Northwest pilots have approved Delta and Northwest pilots have approved a joint labor contract that will take effect when the two airlines' proposed merger closes..

Plan to Reroute NYC Air Traffic Challenged
12 August, 2008: Some of the nation's wealthiest neighborhoods are mounting a fierce legal challenge to block a government plan to untangle air traffic responsible for 75% of flight delays across the USA..

Private Planes on TSA's Radar
11 August, 2008: The Transportation Security Administration plans to regulate thousands of private planes now flying with no security rules..

Boeing Sees First 787 Cancellation, Lags Airbus
8 August, 2008: Boeing has announced the first cancellation of an order for its delayed 787 Dreamliner, signaling that airlines may be getting impatient for deliveries of the new, fuel efficient plane..

Air Traffic Controller 'Texts' Disabled Plane In
7 August, 2008: A quick thinking air traffic controller's texting saved an aircraft with five people on board which had lost all it's communications and electrical power..

Judge: FAA Owes Air Traffic Controllers Overtime Pay
6 August, 2008: A federal judge has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration's personnel authorities do not allow the agency to compensate air traffic controllers who work overtime in credit hours and compensation time instead of paying them standard time-and-a-half rates, as required under the federal 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act..

Delta to Offer Wi-Fi On Mainline Domestic Fleet
5 August, 2008: Delta Air Lines said Tuesday it will offer broadband wireless Internet access on its entire domestic mainline fleet by the middle of next year..

Will Fares Go So High That Only The Rich Can Fly?
4 August, 2008: Deregulation of the airline industry 30 years ago made air travel affordable to most Americans..

Dubai's Emirates A380 Takes Off to New York
1 August, 2008: Emirates first A380 lifted off from Dubai this morning for New York JFK, where it is scheduled to land at 4:45 pm this afternoon..

1 Alive, 7 Dead, 2 Missing in Minnesota Business Jet Crash
31 July, 2008: At least one person survived a plane crash that killed at least seven Thursday in Owatonna, Minnesota..

Atlanta Once Again Tops List of the World's Busiest Airports
30 July, 2008: Nearly 4.8 billion passengers took to the air last year, with Atlanta's Hartsfield International atop the list of the world's busiest terminals, followed by Chicago's O'Hare and London's Heathrow..

Investigating Increase In Runway Incursions (VIDEO)
29 July, 2008 (VIDEO): An investigation has uncovered more troubling questions about your safety when you fly..

FAA Warned of Oxygen Tank Danger Pre-Qantas Problem
28 July, 2008: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration warned airlines to inspect oxygen cylinders on their planes months before the dramatic mid-air emergency last week aboard a Qantas flight that investigators suspect was caused by an exploding tank..

Hole in Qantas Jet Forces Emergency Landing

25 July, 2008: A Qantas flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne made an emergency landing in the Philippines on Friday after a hole appeared in the fuselage and the cabin lost pressure suddenly..

FAA Seeks Industry Partners to Test Incursion Preventatives In The Cockpit
24 July, 2008: The US Federal Aviation Administration hopes to have electronic flight bags with moving map airport displays or aural ground..

FAA Recruiting Teenagers for ATC (VIDEO)
23 July, 2008, VIDEO: The race is on to find new air traffic controllers, so the FAA is recruiting teenagers..

Airlines May Pay Congestion Fees
21 July, 2008: Delta Air Lines Inc. and other carriers could be forced to pay extra to fly at peak times, and if so, that cost will likely be passed on to travelers..

Beijing: No Flights During Olympics Opening
18 July, 2008: Airlines are being told to stay away from Beijing's airport during the opening ceremony of the Olympics and further scrutiny is being applied to foreign entertainers in the latest security moves ahead of next month's games..

US Airways Pilots Pressured to Cut Fuel
17 July, 2008: The pilots union for US Airways said Wednesday the airline is pressuring pilots to use less fuel than they feel is safe in order to save money..

FAA to Require Fuel Tank Changes
16 July, 2008: The federal government today plans to require that the safety of thousands of airline jet fuel tanks be upgraded to prevent explosions like the one that downed TWA Flight 800 in 1996..

New York Air Traffic Controllers Say FAA Desperate For ATC
15 July, 2008: With numbers of flyers at an all-time high and many veteran controllers preparing to retire, the FAA is making its pitch for more air traffic controllers anywhere young people will listen.

FAA Announces Runway Safety Improvements
14 July, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration announced measures Monday to improve runway safety, including the installation at major airports of lights that signal pilots when a runway is safe to enter..

Cutting The Cost of a $77,000 Fill-Up
11 July, 2008: As manager of flight operations efficiency, Scott Turner is the man American Airlines has tapped to make sure its fleet of 700 aircraft uses every drop of fuel as efficiently as possible..

How Air Traffic Control Helps Pilots Avoid Storms
10 July 2008: While you're buckled comfortably in your airplane seat, the public address system unexpectedly crackles to life. From the flight deck, passengers please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. No great surprise, it's thunderstorm season..

FAA Orders New Round of Safety Inspections For MD-80 Aircraft
9 July, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration is ordering U.S. airlines to conduct safety inspections to look for cracking on overwing frames on certain MD-80 series aircraft, a directive that could be a headache for an industry reeling from soaring fuel costs..

Feds Probe JFK Near-Miss Claim
8 July, 2008: Federal aviation officials were looking into a claim by air traffic controllers that two planes one departing for Chile and one landing from the Cayman Islands came within about 100 feet of a collision at New York's Kennedy airport over the weekend..

Expecting Delta Northwest Merger, Hartsfield Jackson Plans Expansion of Runway 27R / 9L
7 July, 2008: The Delta-Northwest merger hasn't been approved yet, but officials of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are beginning to behave as if it's a done deal..

Controllers Worry Airport Go-Arounds Possible Safety Hazard
4 July, 2008: Air Traffic Controllers worry that without more safeguards, a deadly accident is going to happen..

American Airlines to Cut 7,000 Jobs, Eliminate Flights
3 July, 2008: American Airlines expects to cut nearly 7,000 employees by the end of the year, or about 8 percent of its worldwide work force, as it reduces flights and grounds aircraft because of high fuel costs, the airline told employees Wednesday..

Eclipse Says Throttle Problem is Fixed
2 July, 2008: In the wake of the June 5, 2008 incident during which a pilot of an Eclipse 500 experienced loss of throttle response during a windshear escape maneuver, Eclipse Aviation announced that it's working with Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) and FAA to develop and certify an upgrade to the FADEC software that will prevent recurrence of the engine control problem..

Feds Look Into Eclipse Jet Safety Complaint
1 July, 2008: Federal officials are investigating claims that regulators approved the design of a revolutionary new small jet in 2006 despite safety concerns raised by engineers and test pilots..

New Center Taxiway Completed At LAX
30 June, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Los Angeles marked the completion of a $333 million renovation of the south airfield at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at a ceremony held June 24. The renovation included the construction of a new center taxiway that runs between the airfield's two parallel runways..

Delta Pilot Chief Spells Out Deal With NWA Pilots
30 June, 2008: Delta and Northwest pilots have agreed to submit to binding arbitration to help them craft an integrated seniority list if the two sides cannot reach a deal on their own within a certain timeframe..

Sleeping Pilots Overshot Airport by 359 Miles
27 June, 2008: An Air India flight soared past its Mumbai destination on June 4 as its pilots dozed off in the cockpit, The Times of India reported Thursday..

Report: TSA Screeners Low Morale May Hurt Airport Security
27 June, 2008: Low morale among the nation's airport screeners may be compromising security and forcing screeners to quit their jobs..

American Airlines Service Cuts to Hit Several Major Airports
26 June, 2008: American Airlines will cut back flying later this year at many airports, including hubs in Dallas and Chicago, as it attempts to cope with record high fuel prices..

Air Traffic Controllers Union Rejects Final FAA Contract Offer
24 June, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration's settlement offer, what the agency says is its last and final offer, is just another tactic to delay the only true resolution to the dispute between our organizations, a return to good faith negotiations..

United Flight Canceled After Upset Pilot Refuses to Fly
23 June, 2008: United canceled a flight from Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon after the pilot announced to passengers that he was too upset to fly, according to one passenger on board..

Passenger Group Sues to Stop Delta-Northwest Merger
18 June, 2008: A group of airline passengers sought to scuttle the proposed merger between Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corp., alleging in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that the deal would result in an illegal monopoly..

DayJet, Embry-Riddle, FAA Team On NextGen
17 June, 2008: The partnership wants to develop procedures that could be used on a national scale to deploy NextGen..

NATCA's Forrey Says FAA Hiring Problems Outweigh Labor Dispute
16 June, 2008: Coming off the Tuesday report from DOT's inspector general, NATCA president Patrick Forrey had a Wednesday appointment to speak in Congress..

FAA Orders Immediate Inspection of Throttles on Eclipse Personal Jets
13 June, 2008: Federal regulators ordered immediate inspection of throttles on small personal jets manufactured by Eclipse Aviation Corp..

Attrition Rate of New Air-Traffic Controllers More Than Doubles
12 June, 2008: New air-traffic controllers are leaving at dramatically higher rates this year, raising concerns about the government's ability to deal with a surge of retirements, a government watchdog group told Congress Wednesday..

NTSB: Drowsy Pilots Show Need For Regulation Reforms
11 June, 2008: The NTSB voted to recommend that federal aviation regulators and airlines use fatigue studies to rewrite the rules for how long pilots can legally fly..

Passenger Plane Crashes in Sudan
10 June, 2008: A plane with about 200 people aboard crashed Tuesday while attempting to land at a Khartoum, Sudan, airport..

Emirates to Launch First Commercial A380 Service to America
9 June, 2008: Air travellers will be able to experience Emirates Airline’s state-of-the-art A380 aircraft for the first time on 1st August, when the airline launches its first A380 commercial service from Dubai to New York JFK..

New Air Lanes Over Ocean to Save Fuel
6 June, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration is creating new East Coast routes from New York to the Caribbean over the ocean, effective today, to help airlines save fuel and reduce delays..

New Small Jets Spur Concerns
5 June, 2008: A new generation of small jets is raising safety concerns, according to air-traffic controllers and airline pilots..

United Cuts Will Lead to Higher Ticket Prices
4 June, 2008: United Airlines said Wednesday it will reduce its fleet by 100 planes by 2009 and will cut 1,400 to 1,600 jobs to stave off losses related to fuel costs..

For Aviation, A Turbulent Time
3 June, 2008: Amid the problems, we hunt for bright spots in the world of aviation. There aren't many..

Discovery Blasts Off for Space Station
31 May, 2008: Space shuttle Discovery and a crew of seven blasted off Saturday, carrying a giant Japanese lab addition to the international space station along with something more mundane: a toilet pump..

Phoenix Lander Set to Flex Robotic Arm
30 May, 3008: The Phoenix lander is getting ready to flex its muscles on Mars. The spacecraft successfully freed its 8-foot robotic arm from the restraints that kept it folded up and protected from vibrations during the launch and landing, scientists said Thursday..

Discovery Crew to Haul Massive Lab to Space Station
28 May, 2008: Japan is about to roll out the Lexus of space station labs, a whopper in size and sophistication..

Phoenix Probe Lands on Mars
26 May, 2008: A NASA probe landed on Mars north pole Sunday, NASA says. The Mars Phoenix Lander was wrapping up its 296-day, 422 million-mile journey Sunday, with about a 50-50 chance of a successful touchdown on the arctic plains of the Red Planet, NASA officials said..

NASA Preps For 7 Minutes of Terror on Mars
23 May, 2008: In the wake of the wildly successful Spirit and Opportunity rover missions, you would think NASA would approach the landing of the next Martian probe with high confidence..

Airlines Cut Use of Regional Jets as Fuel Costs Soar
22 May, 2008: Record jet-fuel prices are reversing one of the biggest trends in domestic air travel over the last 15 years, and that could leave some smaller cities with fewer daily flights or none at all..

American Airlines Reduces Capacity, Increases Aircraft Retirements
21 May, 2008: In announcing significant cutbacks and the airline's new $15 for a first checked-bag fee, American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey gives an ominous assessment about industry's future in the face of record-high oil prices..

With Soaring Fuel Costs, Plane Safety Suffers
20 May, 2008: Victims of high fuel prices and a tough economy, airlines face serious issues in trying to maintain aging U.S. fleets. TODAY travel editor Peter Greenberg investigates aviation safety and why the system might be less secure than you think..

FAA Funding in Limbo
19 May, 2008: The US Senate fails to pass an overdue investment bill for the nation's air traffic system..

FAA Takes Over NextGen, Prioritizes Early Results
16 May, 2008: In a surprise move, the FAA announced late last week that it appointed ATO vice president of operations planning Vicki Cox to become senior vice president for NextGen and operations planning..

Atlanta Pushes Ahead With Registered Traveler Program
15 May, 2008: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, the world's busiest airport, said it will recommend New York-based Verified Identity Pass as the operator of its pilot registered traveler program..

U.S. Airlines Expect Fewer Fliers This Summer
14 May, 2008: With air fares up and the economy weak, fewer Americans are expected to fly this summer..

Man Says JetBlue Made Him Sit On Toilet
13 May, 2008: A New York City man is suing JetBlue Airways for more than $2 million because he says a pilot made him sit on the toilet for more than three hours..

Controllers Worry About Newark Airspace Redesign
12 May, 2008: A new takeoff pattern aimed at easing congestion at Newark Liberty International Airport has confused some pilots and led to several incidents in which planes turned in the wrong direction, according to the union that represents air traffic controllers..

DayJet Lays Off 100 Workers, Scales Back Expansion Plans
9 May, 2008: A small startup airline intended to shuttle busy business travelers between regional airports has scaled back its expansion plans and will lay off 100 workers..

Air Safety Bill Crashes as Parties Argue
7 May, 2008: Senate Democrats Tuesday shelved a bill to modernize the aging air traffic control system, improve safety inspections of commercial airlines and ensure passengers stranded on delayed flights get adequate food and water..

NATCA Calls FAAs View On Inspecting Equipment Hypocrisy
6 May, 2008: Following up on an Associated Press report this week -- which noted the FAA has shifted from precise monitoring of equipment used for air traffic control purposes, to a trend-based methodology -- the National Air Traffic Controllers Association slammed the agency for what the union terms its hypocrisy..

Planes Slow Down To Save Fuel
2 May, 2008: Drivers have long known that slowing down on the highway means getting more miles to the gallon. Now airlines are trying it, too -- adding a few minutes to flights to save millions on fuel..

Rising Costs Reshaping Air Travel
1 May, 2008: Record-high oil prices are threatening to ground millions of travelers who have grown accustomed to flying for fun and business during the past 30 years..

Airbus Begins Review of A380 Delivery Schedule
30 April, 2008: Airbus is conducting a major review of its delivery schedule for the A380 superjumbo, the company's chief executive said Tuesday, a plane that has been plagued by delays..

Senate Clears Procedural Step On FAA Authorization
29 April, 2008: The Senate on Monday agreed, 88-0, to limit debate on a four-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration, moving closer to a vote on the bill that could take place by Thursday..

United, US Air in Advanced Combo Talks
28 April, 2008: United Airlines and US Airways are in very advanced talks with the expectation of announcing within two weeks that they are combining, a person close to the negotiations told The Associated Press on Monday..

FAA: Dallas Air Traffic Controllers Falsified Reports
25 April, 2008: Dallas air-traffic controllers hid dozens of safety errors that allowed planes to fly too close together, federal officials said Thursday..

NTSB: Cracked Wing Parts Found on US Airways Planes
24 April, 2008: Federal investigators found cracked wing fasteners on a US Airways plane that lost a wing panel over Maryland in March, according to the National Transportation Safety Board..

Delta, Northwest Report $10B Losses on Fuel, Market Value
23 April, 2008: Delta Air Lines, the nation's third-largest carrier, says its loss widened in the first quarter to a whopping $6.39 billion due to soaring fuel prices and the steep decline in the company's market value..

FAA Bill Could See Senate Vote Soon
22 April, 2008: Senate Democratic leaders are trying to bring the FAA reauthorization bill — long viewed as dead for this year — to a floor vote this week or next..

DOT Chief: Panel to Examine Aviation Safety
21 April, 2008: An outside team of aviation safety experts will review the government's oversight of the airline industry in the wake of the maintenance scandal that has rocked the aviation industry in recent weeks, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said Friday..

Delta Hires Power Brokers to Help Push Merger Deal
18 April, 2008: Delta Air Lines has put together a heavyweight team of lobbying and law firms to help clear the way for its proposed merger with Northwest..

Your Private Air Travel Options Are Growing
17 April, 2008: With the advent of very light jets (VLJs), people in the United States have more choice in terms of private air travel than ever before..

Delta-Northwest Merger Still Faces High Hurdles
16 April, 2008: To hear old buddies Richard Anderson and Doug Steenland talk, the proposed merger of Delta and Northwest airlines not only will sail through the usually tough antitrust review process, it'll usher in a new era of airline prosperity..

Long Expected Delta-Northwest Merger Announced
15 April, 2008: Delta Air Lines finally announced its long-rumored deal to acquire Northwest Airlines, a combination that will create the world's largest airline and could lead to a series of other deals to reshape the U.S. airline industry..

Delta, Northwest Boards Meet Tonight On Merger Deal
14 April, 2008: The boards of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are scheduled to meet Monday night to decide whether to approve a merger that would create the world's largest airline in terms of traffic, according to people familiar with the talks..

Unions Say FAA Radars Could Fail
11 April, 2008: NATCA and PASS said this week that the $2.4 billion FTI network which relays radar data and other information to air traffic control centers and other vital operational centers around the country is prone to failure..

Wire Harness Inspections Prompt Hundreds of Flight Cancellations
10 April, 2008: American Airlines canceled more than 900 flights Thursday as it continues to perform safety inspections on certain jets..

Not So Dreamy: Boeing Delays 787 Delivery
9 April, 2008: Boeing (BA) announced on Wednesday the third major delay on its 787 Dreamliner, citing slow progress on assembly and continuing problems with suppliers, putting the program about 15 months behind schedule..

Feds Announce New NYC Airspace Chief
8 April, 2008: A former Sept. 11 rebuilding official was tapped Tuesday to be the new air traffic czar over the overcrowded airspace around New York and New Jersey airports..

Delta and Northwest to Revive Merger Talks
7 April, 2008: Delta Air Lines has agreed to revive merger talks with Northwest Airlines despite the pilots of the two companies not having reached agreement on the transfer of seniority in a merger, a person briefed on the situation said Monday..

Third Airline Shuts Down This Week
5 April, 2008: Skybus Airlines announced Friday it is shutting down its passenger flights -- becoming the third airline this week to cease operations..

House Hears of Threats at FAA Hearing
4 April, 2008: In startling disclosures to Congress, federal inspectors overseeing Southwest Airlines say they were repeatedly thwarted by senior government officials from reporting critical problems that compromised the safety of passengers..

FAA Looks At Suspect Mechanics
3 April, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration is struggling to resolve 75 of an initial 2,000 cases in which students are suspected of obtaining fraudulent aviation mechanic certificates that helped them secure potentially sensitive jobs throughout the..

Pilots: Cockpit Dangers Being Ignored
2 April, 2008: Regulators have largely ignored a series of dangerous incidents in which cockpit windshields in commercial airliners shattered in mid-flight, sometimes forcing emergency landings, according to an American Airlines pilots' group..

NTSB Probes Jet Brake Failures Tied to Crossed Wires
1 April, 2008: Two accidents with United Airlines have been linked to misconnected wiring, raising questions about maintenance at the nation's airlines..

Airlines Lighten Up to Cut Fuel Costs
31 March, 2008: Your ginger-ale doesn't come in a glass anymore on most US Airways flights. On Delta you'll find yourself in a thinner, lighter seat. If you fly JetBlue cross-country, you'll get a dainty bag of 100-calorie crisps in place of the original snack box..

Shuttle Endeavour Touches Down in Darkness
27 March 2008: The Space Shuttle Endeavour and its crew of seven returned to Earth Wednesday, making a rare nighttime touchdown to wrap up a two-week adventure at the international space station..

3,000 Air Traffic Controllers Lacking Worldwide
26 March, 2008: The worldwide shortage of air traffic controllers, excessive use of overtime and the absence of just culture were among the pressing issues addressed by the more than 300 delegates at the 47th International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) annual conference held in Arusha, Tanzania, between March 10-14..

FAA Sees Three ATC Outages In Two Days
25 March, 2008: FAA controllers had to contend with three serious ATC outages over the weekend of March 22, including two on the same day at some of the agency's largest ATC facilities, according to new information from the controllers union..

Boeing 787 May Face Additional Delays
24 March, 2008: Design changes to part of the wing of Boeing's new 787 jetliner might further delay its first flight, according to the head of an aircraft leasing company that has ordered 74 of the planes..

2 Dead In Floyd County Plane Crash
21 March, 2008: The Beechcraft BE76 Dutchess crashed just after takeoff from the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport in Rome..

Shorter Training Period For Air-Traffic Controllers Jeopardizes Passengers, Union Says
21, March, 2008: An effort to shave at least a year off the time it takes to train air-traffic controllers is jeopardizing the safety of the flying public and causing potentially deadly errors, the controllers union at a Chicago-area radar facility charged Wednesday..

Criticism of FAA Stacks Up
20 March, 2008: As it addresses concerns over airline inspections, the Federal Aviation Administration faces pressure from Congress and industry to change how it ensures the safety of air travel and how it overhauls the aging air-traffic-control system..

NATCA Blames East Coast Delays On Staffing
19 March, 2008: What the National Air Traffic Controller's Association calls a 'worsening air traffic controller shortage' at one of the nation’s busiest radar control centers, Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZDC), forced the Federal Aviation Administration to delay flights headed to, from or above the nation’s capital region on several occasions Saturday..

Latest On Go! Pilots Who Might Have Fallen Asleep
18 March, 2008: Air traffic controllers tried to reach a go! Airline flight 11 times without a response, during a flight a month ago..

What Flies 700 mph & Costs $58M?
17 March, 2008: Gulfstream said its new G650 will be capable of flying nearly 700 mph, faster than a Boeing 747..

Orlando ATC Say They Are Tired
14 March, 2008: Orlando Air traffic controllers say they are overworked and underpaid..

Brits Arrest Man With Backpack on Heathrow Runway
13 March, 2008: A man was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on Wednesday after getting onto the runway, police said..

Southwest Airlines Grounds More Than 40 Planes
12 March, 2008: Southwest Airlines says it grounded 41 planes last night in the wake of its recent admission that it had missed required inspections of some planes for structural cracks..

Endeavour On Way To International Space Station
11 March, 2008: Shuttle Endeavour and a crew of seven blasted into orbit Tuesday on what was to be the longest space station mission ever, a 16-day voyage to build a gangly robot and add a new room that will serve as a closet for a future lab..

Safety Probe Puts FAA in Hot Seat
10 March, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration should clean house from top to bottom and has too cozy a relationship with the airlines, the head of a congressional committee investigating airline safety inspections said Friday..

Planes Avert Midair Collision Over Pennsylvania
7 March, 2008: Two airplanes with more than 100 passengers on board averted a collision in air east of Pittsburgh after an Ohio air traffic control trainee told a Delta Air Lines pilot to turn into the path of an oncoming plane, officials said..

Records: Southwest Airlines Flew Unsafe Planes
6 March, 2008: Discount air carrier Southwest Airlines flew thousands of passengers on aircraft that federal inspectors said were unsafe as recently as last March, according to detailed congressional documents obtained by CNN..

Report Critical of FAA Oversight of Airplane Parts
5 March, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration lacks an adequate system for checking the quality of commercial airplane parts, creating a potential safety risk for airline passengers, according to a new oversight report..

Astronauts Eager For Marathon ISS Construction Flight
4 March, 2008: The seven-astronaut crew of NASA's shuttle Endeavour is gearing up for the longest construction mission ever aimed at the International Space Station (ISS)..

A320 Jet Scrapes Wing During Landing Attempt in Germany
3 March, 2008:(VIDEO) Battling blustery weather, a Lufthansa Airlines flight scraped its wing on the ground during a landing attempt in Hamburg, Germany, over the weekend..

Delta Takes Delivery of New Boeing 777
1 March, 2008: Delta Air Lines President Ed Bastian said the carrier may consider ordering more of the big Boeing 777s later this year such as the new one it picked up here Friday..

FAA Probing FedEx Planes' Near Miss
29 February, 2008: Two FedEx jets got too close to each other on takeoff from the Memphis airport last week because of confusion over flight numbers for the planes, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said Thursday..

Busy Airports Could Get Runway Warning System
28 February, 2008: Responding to escalating concerns about runway-collision hazards nationwide, federal aviation regulators are moving toward installing computer-controlled ground warning lights at nearly two dozen busy airports..

777's Power Loss Concerns Aviation Officials
27 February, 2008: Passenger planes aren't ever supposed to lose power in midair. That's been a foundation of design for decades yet a British Airways Boeing 777 did just that as it approached Heathrow Airport in London on Jan. 17..

Delta, Northwest Shares Fall Amid Merger Doubts
26 February, 2008: Delta Air Lines Inc and Northwest Airlines Corp shares fell on Monday partly on concerns their merger talks may fail on the inability of pilots to agree..

FAA Certifies 1,000th WAAS-Based Approach Procedure
25 February, 2008: AOPA says the FAA has implemented the 1,000th GPS-based instrument approach that uses WAAS (wide area augmentation system)..

Why Delta-Northwest Merger Won't Work
22 February, 2008: There was little doubt last summer when former Northwest Airlines executive Richard Anderson took the helm at Delta Air Lines that the carrier would gobble up a competitor..

FAA Wants To Know If Go! Pilots Fell Asleep
21 February, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration has opened an investigation into whether two go! airlines pilots fell asleep during a flight from Honolulu to Hilo last Wednesday..

Shuttle Atlantis Safely Home Ahead of Satellite Shootdown
20 February, 2008: Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew returned to Earth on Wednesday, wrapping up a 5 million-mile journey highlighted by the successful delivery of a new European lab to the international space station..

Delta, Northwest Merger Looks Imminent
19 February, 2008: The boards of Delta and Northwest airlines could decide as soon as today whether to go forward with a merger, according to a report.

FAA Ramps Up Efforts To Hire Controllers
18 February, 2008: In what the agency termed an effort to streamline the application process for air traffic controllers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced Friday it has created consolidated screening and testing centers to provide one stop shopping for prospective new employees..

Lawmakers Warned Of Rising Incursion Rate
14 February, 2008: Witnesses testifying yesterday at a House aviation subcommittee hearing on runway safety stressed that although FAA has made great strides in addressing the issue, runway incursions continue to climb..

Ground Trouble: Runway Incursions Rise
13 February, 2008: Millions of passengers fly each year, expecting to reach their destinations safely. While virtually all flights do arrive unscathed, many passengers do not realize the danger they may be in before they even reach the sky..

Adam Aircraft Suspends Operations
12 February, 2008: The inability to raise $100 million to stay afloat has forced very light jet manufacturer Adam Aircraft to suspend operations at its Colorado facilities, the company announced late Monday..

Air Traffic Controller Strike Disrupts Paris Air Traffic
11 February, 2008: A strike by some French air traffic controllers disrupted air traffic in and out of Paris on Monday, the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) said..

Failed Landing Fear Prompts Emergency Landing at Atlanta's Peachtree Dekalb Airport
8 February, 2008: (VIDEO) A flight instructor and student land a plane with malfunctioning landing gear at an Atlanta, Georgia, airport..

Shuttle Atlantis En Route To Space Station
7 February, 2008: After two months of delay, shuttle Atlantis blasted off Thursday with Europe's gift to the international space station, a $2 billion science lab named Columbus that spent years waiting to set sail..

Weather Outlook for Atlantis Launch Worsens
6 February, 2008: Thursday's launch of the space shuttle Atlantis has a 70% chance of getting rained out, NASA mission managers said this morning..

2007 Airline Delays 2nd Worst Ever
5 February, 2008: A quarter of domestic flights failed to arrive on time in 2007 — the industry's second poorest performance on record — and analysts say it is likely to get worse..

Sky Harbor Busy as Super Bowl Fans Leave
4 February, 2008: A super travel crunch at Phoenix Sky Harbor today as Super Bowl Fans began heading home. At the Glendale Airport, a twin-engine corporate jet skidded off the runway when its landing gear collapsed while taxiing for take-off. Two people aboard escaped injury.. Gives Pilots, Aviation Buffs, Unique Access to Phoenix Skies
1 February, 2008: The Arizona skies will be full of private jets and commercial flights this weekend as spectators jet into Phoenix for Super Bowl XLII and the Phoenix-FBR Open Golf Tournament. gives travelers and the curious public an inside look at air traffic over Phoenix..

Private Jet Companies Score in Super Bowl
31 January, 2008: Super Bowl mania has spread to the nation's airspace: Private-jet companies are charging up to $70,000 for a flight in and out of the Phoenix area for Sunday's football spectacle..

U.S. Air Traffic Controller Force In Crisis
30 January, 2008: Higher-than-forecasted air traffic controller retirements and total controller attrition over the past few years have left the United States with the lowest number of fully trained and certified controllers since 1992, according to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association..

NATCA Says More Than Half of New Hires at Major Miami Radar Center Have Received No Training at All
29 January, 2008: Six out of every 10 new hires at Miami Center, South Florida's largest Federal Aviation Administration facility, are not receiving adequate preparation for their future air traffic controller jobs because of a worsening controller staffing crisis that has left the FAA without enough fully certified controllers to train them..

Southwest Flight Skids Off Taxiway in Spokane
28 January, 2008: A Southwest Airlines plane with 118 passengers on board skidded off a snow-covered taxiway Sunday afternoon after safely landing at Spokane International Airport, the airline said..

Computer Glitch Leads To Delays Along East Coast
25 January, 2008: Another computer problem has resulted in some tense moments in US skies and delays to dozens of flights on the ground. At least 265 flights along the East Coast were affected this week, after a computer glitch cut off communications at Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center..

DOT Chief Scolds Congress For Sitting On The Sidelines
24 January, 2008: Transportation Secretary Mary Peters blasted Congress for its inability to pass an aviation funding bill the Bush administration says will help ease airline delays..

Virgin Unveils Spaceship Model
23 January, 2008: Entrepreneur Richard Branson Wednesday unveiled a model of the spaceship he hopes will be the first to take paying passengers into space on a regular basis next year..

Delta Reports Narrower Q4 Loss on Higher Sales
22 January, 2008: Delta Air Lines, the nation's No. 3 carrier, reported Wednesday it was hampered by high fuel prices in the fourth quarter but was able to post a narrower loss on a solid increase in sales..

FAA Investigates Latest Close Call Near Newark
21 January, 2008: The FAA is investigating an alleged air traffic control error that put two planes landing at Newark Liberty International Airport closer than federal guidelines allow..

600 Feet Up, Jet's Engines Did Not Respond
18 January, 2008: Two engines on the British Airways plane which crash landed at Heathrow 'did not respond' to a demand for increased thrust about two miles from touchdown, an initial report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said Friday..

Delta Merger Likely to Get Government OK
17 January, 2008: If Delta Air Lines tries to merge with either Northwest or United airlines, it likely would win the approval of the Bush administration's pro-business Justice Department, consumer advocates and Wall Street analysts say..

British Airways 777 in Heathrow Accident
16 January, 2008: Witnesses have described how the pilot of a British Airways passenger jet that crash landed at London's Heathrow Airport on Thursday appeared to be struggling to bring the plane down safely as it came in low over surrounding houses..

More ATL Flights On Time
15 January, 2008: Hartsfield-Jackson International was one of only two large U.S. airports that improved in on-time performance last year, a new report says..

NASA Targets Shuttle Atlantis Launch for Feb. 7
14 January, 2008: NASA is targeting Feb. 7 for shuttle Atlantis' launch to the International Space Station to deliver the European Columbus module..

Jets Nearly Collide at Atlanta Airport
12 January, 2008: A Mexico-bound Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 came within a few seconds of colliding with a smaller commuter jet Friday in Atlanta as the smaller jet crossed a runway in front of the larger craft, which was going more than 100 mph on a takeoff roll..

Exodus of Air Traffic Controllers Suggests Skies Aren't Safe Anymore
11 January, 2008: Air traffic controllers today declared what they called a staffing emergency in major traffic hubs across the country — Atlanta, Chicago, New York and southern California..

Boeing 787 Dreamliner May Face Further Delays
10 January, 2008: Boeing Co faces a further three-week delay on its new 787 Dreamliner, a respected industry blog reported Wednesday, as the plane maker hustles to meet its end-March deadline for getting the plane in the air for the first time..

FAA Announces Pay Raises For Air Traffic Controllers
9 January, 2008: The Federal Aviation Administration told its employees yesterday that they would receive a 3.08 percent pay raise and a geographic-based increase that will average about 1 percent plus an additional raise based on individual job performance..

FAA Tries To Lure Union With New Pay Hike Offer
8 January, 2008: FAA is offering a new pay proposal to its controllers in an attempt to resolve a long-running contract dispute, but it appears unlikely that the controllers' union will accept the deal.

Air Traffic Controllers Still Demanding New Agreement With FAA
7 January, 2008: Attempts by acting FAA administrator Robert Sturgell to strike a new labor accord with the air traffic controllers union were not welcomed by the head of the organization..

For Third Year In a Row, Atlanta Airport is Nation's Busiest
3 January, 2008: For the third year in a row, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has retained its title as the nation's busiest airport in terms of flights, according to preliminary government data released Wednesday..

Redacted Air-Traffic Safety Survey Released
2 January, 2008: NASA yesterday released partial results of a massive air-safety survey of airline pilots who repeatedly complained about fatigue, problems with air-traffic controllers, airport security, and the layouts of runways and taxiways..

New Law Slows Pilots' Flight to Retirement
1 January, 2008: Kenny Rooke won't be retiring as soon as he thought —- and that's fine with him. Rooke, a pilot for Delta Air Lines, turns 60 on New Year's Day..

2 Close Calls in 2 Hrs. For O'Hare Jets
31 December, 2007: Controller errors at two Chicago area air traffic facilities led to a pair of mid-air close calls Thursday night, both involving passenger planes going to or from O'Hare Airport, authorities said Friday..

Weather Causing Delays at Hartsfield-Jackson
28 December, 2007: If you're flying out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Friday afternoon, you might experience some significant delays..

Airlines Take Another Look at Inflight Internet
27 December, 2007: Airlines and service providers seeking to deliver high-speed Internet services to passengers say they've learned from Boeing Co.'s 2006 decision to pull the plug on its ambitions to outfit its planes with a similar service..

U.S. Airlines Spruce Up Their Luxury Offerings
26 December, 2007: Now that they're again earning profits after five yeas of industry losses, American, United, Delta, Northwest, Continental and US Airways are finally forging ahead with upgrades to take on foreign rivals..

American Father, Girl and Pilot Dead in Panama Crash
25 December, 2007: The bodies of two Americans and the Panamanian pilot of a plane that crashed over the weekend were found Tuesday in Panama's mountains, officials said. Officials said one girl survived..

Desperate for Pilots, Airlines Ease Standards
24 December, 2007: A worldwide shortage of pilots is putting less-experienced fliers at the controls of passenger jets and even forcing some airlines to cancel flights for a lack of crews..

Delta II With GPS Payload Successfully Launches
21 December, 2007: Air Force space technicians successfully launched a United Launch Alliance Delta II booster Dec. 21 carrying the fifth modernized NAVSTAR Global Positioning System satellite into space..

NATCA Says Controller Woes Will Affect Safety Under DOT Congestion Plan
20 December, 2007: Be prepared for trouble. That was the ominous message conveyed by Patrick Forrey, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, hours after the announcement of new procedures to be put in place by the government to combat flight delays and congestion along the East Coast of the United States..

Changes For Better On Horizon For Fliers In 2008
18 December, 2007: Luggage may be no lighter and the gate agent may be no less rude in the new year, but 2008 promises improvements on several fronts for air travelers..

Delta Spending $100 Million to Upgrade Airport's Luggage Labyrinth
17 December, 2007: Delta Air Lines is betting 5 miles of conveyors coupled with huge new baggage carousels at its Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport hub will help fliers retrieve their bags a lot faster..

Congress Votes to Extend Pilots Retirement Age to 65
13 December, 2007: The Senate was scheduled to consider a measure late Wednesday that could allow airline pilots to continue flying past age 60..

Boeing Says 787 Shouldn't Face Further Delays
12 December, 2007: Boeing Co. said Tuesday that its schedule for the 787 Dreamliner remains on track and it does not currently envision further delays in the much-ballyhooed airplane..

Near Collision Sunday Night at JFK
11 December, 2007: Two planes almost collided on Sunday at JFK Airport. Senator Charles Schumer said that an air traffic controller said, 'That was the closest I have ever seen two airplanes get together.'..

Fuel Sensor Grounds Shuttle Again
10 December, 2007: A technical problem that NASA engineers were sure they had solved has returned to delay a space shuttle mission for the sixth time in less than three years, just as the shuttle needs to finish its work before retiring in the fall of 2010..

Fuel Sensors Force NASA to Delay Launch Until Saturday
7 December, 2007: With less than a week of launch window left, NASA has decided to postpone the next attempted liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis to Saturday, after a recurrent fuel-sensor problem scrubbed Thursday's launch..

Cable Mishap Causes Communications Problems for Boston Air Traffic Controllers
6 December, 2007: Air traffic controllers had to switch to backup radio frequencies to contact planes approaching Logan International Airport for two hours today, after a technician cut the wrong communication cable, a Federal Aviation spokesman said..

Risk is High For Catastrophic Runway Crash, Report Warns
5 December, 2007: There is 'a high risk of a catastrophic runway collision occurring in the United States,' congressional investigators concluded Wednesday..

Airlines Cut U.S. Schedules Despite Strong Demand
5 December, 2007: Responding largely to high fuel costs, the USA's six big network airlines continue to trim their U.S. schedules despite strong travel demand..

Atlantis Prepared For Thursday Launch
4 December, 2007: Seven astronauts arrived for the start of countdown to Thursday's space shuttle launch as NASA wrapped up repairs on Atlantis' fuel tank..

Airport Delays Threaten NYC Economy
3 December, 2007: Increasing delays at New York area airports are giving air traveler's heartburn, and have even fueled the drive for an Airline Passengers Bill of Right, and they are also taking a financial toll on the city..

56 Feared Dead in Turkey Jet Crash
30 November, 2007: All 56 people onboard a Turkish plane that crashed in southern Turkey early Friday are believed to have been killed, according to the airline's chief executive officer..

United CEO: Support Building For Mergers
29 November, 2007: The head of United Airlines said Tuesday he no longer feels like a voice in the wilderness in arguing that airlines must consider consolidation to withstand competitive challenges, including rising fuel costs..

Aviation Workers Soon to Get More Criminal Checks
28 November, 2007: More than a million aviation workers including pilots, mechanics and flight attendants will begin undergoing more thorough background checks in January as the U.S. focuses on preventing insider terrorist attacks..

Airline, Feds Dispute Man's Claim of Near-Miss
27 November, 2007: A local man returning home from a Thanksgiving trip in Denver says his flight experienced a near-miss early Monday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

Inside Delta's Flight Control Center (VIDEO)
26 November, 2006 (VIDEO): NBC's Tom Costello has a very detailed look at the nerve center in one of the busiest airports in America, Atlanta Hartsfield..

New York's Skies Fly Near Their Limit
23 November, 2007: It does not take an airline executive or federal aviation official to recognise that the skies above New York's three main airports are jammed with aircraft travelling to and from the US's biggest city..

Plane Delayed? Philadelphia's Airport Could Be To Blame
22 November, 2007: In a terrible year for flight delays nationwide, this city's outdated airport has become a hub of the East Coast maelstrom..

Experts Hope Extra Airspace Will Ease Travel Woes
21 November, 2007: Planes crisscrossing the East Coast will have access to military airspace Wednesday afternoon, a handy accommodation as fog and winter weather threaten to make one of the year's busiest travel days even more tedious..

Hedge Fund Pitches Delta Merger to Investors
20 November, 207: Hedge fund Pardus Capital Management LP, lobbying for a merger between Delta Air Lines Inc and UAL Corp, plans to pitch its proposal to other investors Friday..

Holiday Travel Off to a Rough Start
19 November, 2007: Bad weather and an airport technical problem stalled Thanksgiving holiday travel on Monday -- and conditions are likely to worsen as Turkey Day nears..

Indianapolis Center Controller Has Deal, Error Nearly Led to Jets Colliding
16 November, 2007: Two commercial airliners nearly collided over Indiana because of an air traffic controller's error, but a cockpit safety device in one jet helped avert a disaster, aviation officials said Thursday..

Unused Military Air Space to Become 'Express Lane'
15 November, 2007: Ahead of the holiday travel crunch, President Bush ordered steps Thursday to reduce air traffic congestion and long delays that have left passengers stranded..

Hedge Fund Proposes Delta to Buy United; Delta Open To Deals
15 Nnovember, 2007: Delta Air Lines said Wednesday it is open to a combination with another airline and was looking at deals even before one of its major shareholders wrote to push it to make a bid for United Airlines..

Airbus, Boeing Smash All Records For Plane Sales
14 November, 2007: Airbus and Boeing ensured 2007 smashes all records for plane sales as deals announced at the Dubai air show topped $82 billion on Monday, powered by demand from Gulf Arab states..

FAA May Say 'No' to Airlines Expanding at O'Hare
13 November, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration said a cap on flights into O'Hare International Airport won't necessarily be lifted instantly next year when a new runway is scheduled to open..

NATCA Takes FAA To Task For 'Creative' Math
12 November, 2007: Not so fast. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association said Wednesday the number of serious incidents of aircraft getting too close in the air rose sharply last month, exceeding the Federal Aviation Administration’s goal for the month by 36 percent despite the FAA's claims of a reduction in such incidents..

NTSB: Near-Collision Videos Show Runway Dangers
9 November, 2007: The National Transportation Safety Board has released dramatic animation of two runway near-collisions this year to illustrate what the agency says is the need for improvements in runway safety..

Discovery Lands Safely at Kennedy Space Center
7 November, 2007: Discovery's astronauts aimed for an early afternoon touchdown Wednesday to conclude a 15-day mission that saved a space station wing and allowed construction to continue at the orbiting outpost..

Who is to Blame For Chaos at Kennedy?
6 November, 2007: Who's to blame for the astounding delays at New York's busiest airport?

Executive Jet Crash Kills 8 in Brazil
5 November, 2007: An executive jet crashed in a heavily populated neighborhood of Sao Paulo on Sunday, killing at least eight people and turning homes into a pile of smoky rubble just months after the city was the site of Brazil's deadliest air disaster.

Pilots Reportedly Slept During Overnight Flight
2 November, 2007: Two commercial pilots allegedly fell asleep on a flight between Baltimore and Denver, with one pilot waking up to frantic calls from air traffic controllers warning them they were approaching the airport at twice the speed allowed..

Sex Ban on the Airbus A380
1 November, 2007: The A380 may have the world’s first airborne double bed, but it won’t be put to the obvious use if Singapore Airlines has its way: “If couples used our double beds to engage in inappropriate activity, we would politely ask them to desist,” said the company’s Stephen Forshaw..

NASA Wrestles Ripped Solar Panel
30 October, 2007: Spacewalking astronauts bolted a solar power tower to the international space station on Tuesday, completing an ambitious three-day moving process that ended with elation when the beam's giant solar panels began to unfurl..

As Skies Grow Crowded, FAA Preps Air Traffic Control 2.0
29 October, 2007: If you were one of the thousands of Americans stuck at an airport or stranded on a runway this past summer, you're probably not surprised that 2007 is shaping up as the worst year ever for flight delays, with nearly 30 percent of all flights arriving late between January and August..

FAA Expands Air Traffic Education Program
26 October, 2007: The number of prospective air traffic controllers is expected to increase significantly now that nine new colleges and universities have been selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to train students to be controllers.

Giant Plane Flies Into History
25 October (VIDEO): CNN's Richard Quest reports on the first public flight of the new, giant Airbus A380.

Acting FAA Chief Nominated for Administrator
24 October, 2007: A former Topgun Navy fighter pilot who went on to fly commercial jetliners is being nominated to run the Federal Aviation Administration for the next five years..

Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off to International Space Station
23 October, 2007: Seven astronauts blew kisses as they climbed into a fully fueled Discovery for liftoff Tuesday for a backbreakingly difficult space station construction mission, despite a gloomy forecast calling for rain right around launch time..

NASA Refuses to Disclose Air Safety Survey
22 October, 2007: Anxious to avoid upsetting air travelers, NASA is withholding results from an unprecedented national survey of pilots that found safety problems like near collisions and runway interference occur far more frequently than the government previously recognized..

Air Traffic Controllers Fly The Coop
21 October, 2007: Far more veteran air traffic controllers than the government expected have retired since the Bush administration imposed a contract on their union on Labor Day 2006, new data shows..

Man Builds $30,000 Jumbo Jet Simulator
19 October, 2007: John Davis spent eight years and building a Boeing flight simulator in a room in his house and now the hobby has turned into such a full-time..

Shuttle Discovery Cleared For Launch Despite Wing Shield Concerns
18 October, 2007: NASA's senior managers cleared space shuttle Discovery for liftoff Tuesday, overruling a safety group that called for further studies and wing repairs, if necessary, before next week's launch..

PASS President Warns Lawmakers of Dangers in FAA's ADS-B Contract
17 October, 2007: The Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS), AFL-CIO, the union that represents FAA technical employees who install, maintain, repair and certify radar, navigation and communication systems equipment, testified today before the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation, to discuss its concerns regarding the FAA's Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) contract.

Delta CEO: Merger May Be in Company's Best Interest
16 October, 2007: The chief executive of Delta Air Lines said Tuesday a merger could be in the best interest of the nation's third-largest carrier, but he did not elaborate on any talks the company may be having..

Airbus Delivers First Superjumbo A380
15 October, 2007: Nearly two years late, Airbus finally delivered its first A380 superjumbo on Monday, a revolutionary behemoth that includes luxury suites equipped with comfy double beds..

Lawmakers Question FAA on Contract
12 October, 2007: Lawmakers on Wednesday questioned aviation regulators' ability to oversee a multibillion-dollar air traffic control system modernization following problems with a much smaller outsourcing deal with Lockheed Martin Corp..

Memphis Air Traffic Control Failure Examined
11 October, 2007: Ron Carpenter and his fellow air traffic controllers were busy keeping more than 200 airplanes on course over seven states when their communication system crashed..

Mold Sickens Atlanta Center ATC
10 October, 2007: The air-traffic controllers who manage one of the nation's busiest air spaces say their building just outside metro Atlanta is making them sick..

Hope Fades That Fossett Cheated Death
9 October, 2007: With winter closing in, efforts to find aviator Steve Fossett have dwindled -- along with hopes that his proven ability to cheat death enabled him to survive a plane crash in the rugged desert of northern Nevada..

AOPA Finds ADS-B Proposal Needs Work
8 October, 2007: AOPA has taken a first look at the FAA's complex new ADS-B proposal, and found plenty of technical and cost issues that will affect general aviation pilots.

On-Demand Airline DayJet Begins Service
5 October, 2007: DayJet officially launched Wednesday its on-demand business airline that uses very light jets to shuttle people to five of Florida's regional airports..

A380 Makes First U.S. Stop on Preparatory Tour
3 October, 2007: A test model of the world's largest passenger jet landed Tuesday at Bradley International Airport, the first of three stops this week to prepare the aircraft for U.S. service..

A319 Escapes Disaster After Landing With Brakes On
2 October, 2007: A British jetliner narrowly escaped disaster when the flustered pilot landed with the brakes ON..

Fatal Airplane Crashes Drop 65%
1 October, 2007: After two infamous crashes in 1996 that together killed 375 people, a White House commission told the airline industry and its regulators to reduce the domestic rate of fatal accidents 80 percent over 10 years..

Bush Seeks Changes to Cut U.S. Airline Delays
28 September, 2007: U.S. President George W. Bush directed deputies on Thursday to devise a plan to shorten airline delays, an initiative that could force carriers to change schedules and pay more to use crowded airports at the busiest times of the day..

Delta Scores Atlanta to Shanghai Route
27 September, 2007: While Delta Air Lines' clearance to begin flights between Atlanta and Shanghai, China, got lots of attention Tuesday, the airline is expected Wednesday to announce a bigger overseas expansion from its New York hub..

Radar Fails in Memphis; Hundreds of Flights Affected
26 September, 2007: Air traffic controllers were forced to use their personal cell phones to reroute hundreds of flights Tuesday after the Federal Aviation Administration's Memphis Center lost radar and telephone service for more than two hours, snarling air traffic in the middle of the nation..

Aviation Convention Flies Into Atlanta
25 September, 2007: The 8,000-member National Business Aviation Association kicks off its 60th annual meeting in Atlanta starting Tuesday. The event, runs through Thursday, is expected to attract 30,000 attendees..

Eclipse Aviation Turns To Automotive Industry For Inspiration
24 September, 2007: Nearly a year after winning FAA type certification, Eclipse Aviation CEO Vern Raburn casts blame in a lot of directions when asked why his company has been able to deliver barely 50 small jets-far short of the hundreds he had forecast..

NATCA Cheers House Approval Of FAA Reauthorization Bill
21 September, 2007: The nation's air traffic controller workforce rejoiced at the passage of the House FAA Reauthorization bill, which -- if passed into law -- would provide a glimmer of hope for controllers working under an FAA-imposed contract for over a year..

House Passes FAA Funding Bill
20 September, 2007: But a veto threat from the White House and a different approach from the Senate mean the agency's budget is still up in the air..

Fixing the Air Traffic Mess
19 September, 2007: This summer's record level of flight delays is just the beginning. As our skies become more crowded and airline passengers approach a billion a year, the nation's air traffic control system is close to maxing out its capacity..

New Air Traffic Tower Opens at Dulles
18 September, 2007: Though it has been operational since July, officials at Dulles Airport officially unveiled the brand-new air traffic control tower on Monday..

Mystery Deepens as Search for Millionaire Aviator Continues
17 September, 2007: With the Nevada-based search for missing aviator and adventurer Steve Fossett starting its third week, parallels are being drawn to the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance over the Pacific Ocean 70 years ago..

Plane Crash in Thailand; 60 Reported Killed
16 September, 2007: A Thai airliner carrying 130 people crashed Sunday at the Phuket airport in southern Thailand shortly after landing, witnesses and officials said..

NTSB Wants Pilots To Get New ELTs ASAP
14 September, 2007: The National Transportation Safety Board recommended last week that pilots be required to equip their aircraft with a 406-MHz emergency locator transmitter (ELT). The recommendation comes as satellites will no longer monitor 121.5-MHz ELT signals after February 1, 2009..

It’s Bird Eat Bird in a Cluttered Sky
13 September, 2007: The summer travel season is building toward its Labor Day peak, and fliers are growing ever angrier about delays. Now, the beleaguered airline industry is trying to shift the blame onto an unlikely villain: corporate jets, which the airlines claim are literally crowding passenger planes out of the sky..

As Marion Blakey Gets Ready to Leave FAA..
12 September (editorial): .. the vultures are circling. An article in USA Today questions her decision to become president of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), suggesting a potential conflict of interest..

FAA Head: Airlines Need to Reduce Schedules to Cut Delays
11 September, 2007: Dogged by record flight delays, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday said airlines need to shrink their schedules or potentially face government action..

Pilots: Cockpits Remain Vulnerable to Terrorist Assault
10 September, 2007: If one hardened cockpit door is good, would two barriers be even better?..

Boeing Pushes Back First 787 Test Flight
7 September, 2007: Boeing said Wednesday that the first test flight of its new 787 Dreamliner would likely come in mid-November to mid-December, about three months later than originally planned..

FAA Moves to Trim Delays
6 September, 2007: Federal aviation officials took a major first step Thursday in easing a record logjam of delays in the nation's aviation system by approving a long-term plan that would shift aircraft routes around New York and Philadelphia..

For Airlines, Hands-On Air Traffic Control
5 September, 2007: At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Delta Air Lines said its jets take off an average of 10 minutes after pushing back from the gate — three minutes faster than in previous years..

Aviation Record-Holder Steve Fossett Missing
4 September, 2007: World aviation record-holder Steve Fossett is missing and a massive search is under way in western Nevada, a Nevada aviation spokeswoman said Tuesday..

Safety in the Skies Divides Air Traffic Controllers
3 September, 2007: The next time you board an airliner and buckle your seat belt, you are about to fly through a bitter labor dispute between some of the people most responsible for your safety in the skies..

Airbus A380 Scrapes Wingtip in Bangkok
1 September, 2007: An Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger jet, scraped the tip of a wing on a building at Bangkok's international airport Saturday as it was preparing for a demonstration flight, officials of the aircraft company and Thai Airways said..

ITT Chosen For Air Traffic System Overhaul
31 August, 2007: A team led by defense company ITT (ITT) on Thursday won a government contract worth up to $1.8 billion to build the first portion of a new satellite-based air traffic control system..

FAA Chief: Funding Delays Could Lead to Flight Chaos
30 August, 2007: For months, the nation's top airline regulator has been urging Congress to approve funding for a massive upgrade of the air transportation system..

Airport Radar Soon a Blip in History
29 August, 2007: ADS-B will create a nationwide system to replace radar with a far more accurate aircraft tracking system based on the Global Positioning System..

Two Jets Damaged After Bump at LAX
28 August, 2007: An Alaska Airlines jet bumped into another one Monday while pulling away from a gate at Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said..

FAA Testing Navigation System That May Reduce Flight Delays
27 August, 2007: On a flight out of a Philadelphia airstrip on Friday, the FAA showcased parts of a new navigational system to a group of reporters. The agency hopes it can eventually help reduce flight delays by allowing aircraft to fly closer together..

NATCA: Strain Showing At SoCal TRACON
24 August, 2007: The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) says there have been five operational errors in less than two weeks at the nation's busiest terminal radar control (TRACON) center in San Diego, and it blames a punishing work schedule and gross understaffing..

Virgin America Lifts Off in Rough Weather
23 August, 2007: Virgin America set off with its inaugural flight Wednesday, which could mark the beginning of stiffer price competition with major airlines..

Delta Lands New CEO
22 August, 2007: Delta Air Lines new top executive, Richard Anderson, landed at Atlanta airport Wednesday morning for a quick press conference in the south terminal next to a wall sign that read Welcome Aboard..

Space Shuttle Endeavour Home Safely
21 August, 2007: The space shuttle Endeavour came home a day early on Tuesday after NASA decided to cut short its mission in case Hurricane Dean shut down Johnson Space Center, which directs the shuttle's re-entry and landing..

Fixing the Air Traffic Mess
20 August, 2007: (Editorial from WSJ) This summer's record level of flight delays is just the beginning. As our skies become more crowded and airline passengers approach a billion a year, the nation's air traffic control system is close to maxing out its capacity..

Proof Mounts That Airlines Create Their Own Problems
17 August, 2007: It's the increasing number of airliners competing for runway space -- particularly regional jets -- that are a major cause of airline delays, according to several recent reports cited by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association..

Passenger Jets Come Close to Crashing on LAX Tarmac
16 August, 2007: Two commercial jets nearly collided on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday..

NATCA Gives Stamp of Approval to ASDE-X Rollout at Chicago and Charlotte
15 August,2007: The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is looking forward to the commissioning of two sites this month for the Airport Surface Detection Equipment – Model X (ASDE-X) system that is very effective in helping controllers prevent runway incursions. ASDE-X will upgrade the ground radar systems at Chicago O’Hare and Charlotte Douglas International Airport..

Comair Sues U.S. Government
14 August, 2007: Comair has named the federal government, Blue Grass Airport and an airport administrator in federal lawsuits that families of victims of a crash a year ago filed against the airline..

Fliers' Net-Surfing Days Inch Closer
13 August, 2007: For most of this decade, airlines have held out the prospect of making in-flight Internet connections routinely available. Now, a half-dozen technology companies are jockeying to offer in-flight broadband to scores of airlines..

FAA Deploys ASDE-X At O'Hare
10 August, 2007: FAA has begun operational use of the airport surveillance system known as ASDE-X at Chicago O'Hare Airport, answering calls by lawmakers to speed up deployment of the system at O'Hare to help reduce runway incursions..

FAA Official Marion Blakey Discusses Delays
9 August, 2007: U.S. airlines are suffering major delays across the country. Federal Aviation Administration official Marion Blakey talks to the NewsHour about what is causing the delays and how the government is handling the frustrating situation..

NASA Fuels Endeavour For Tonight's Launch
8 August, 2007: With good weather predicted for launch time, NASA started fueling space shuttle Endeavour on Wednesday in preparation for its evening liftoff..

FAA Gets Mixed Bag In PASS And NATCA Decisions
7 August, 2007: The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) handed a win and a loss to FAA in two decisions affecting major contract disputes with the agency's controllers and systems specialists unions..

Tarmac Delays Skyrocketed in June
6 August, 2007: The number of jetliners delayed on the tarmac for at least three hours skyrocketed during June as U.S. airline performance generally continued to hover at low levels, a U.S. Department of Transportation report out Monday shows..

FAA: US Airways Pilot Took Wrong Turn
3 August, 2007: A US Airways pilot is under investigation for veering his jet into the path of another airplane over the weekend, federal authorities said Thursday..

Two Planes Nearly Collide At Philly Airport
2 August, 2007: One jet was cleared for takeoff from the Philadelphia International Airport recently, but another pilot ignored instructions from the tower and taxied right in the jet's path, NBC 10 reports. Wednesday, August 1, 2007..

Black Box Reveals Brazilian Pilots' Terror
1 August, 2007: The pilots of doomed TAM Airlines Flight 3054 screamed slow down! and turn, turn, turn! seconds before their Airbus A320 skidded off the runway in Sao Paulo and slammed into a building last month, flight recorder transcripts revealed Wednesday..

Two Planes Collide at Heathrow Causing Millions of Pounds Of Damage
31 July, 2007: Two British Airways planes collided on the tarmac last Friday evening just yards from Terminal 4 when one reversed into the other causing millions of pounds of damage..

Lexington Crash Probe Raises Issue of Air Traffic Controller Staffing
30 July, 2007: Though the National Transportation Safety Board concluded at a meeting Thursday that pilot error was to blame for the crash of Comair Flight 5191 in Lexington, Ky., last August, some panel members raised questions about the role of air traffic controller staffing and scheduling..

Crashes at Air Shows Leave Two Pilots Dead
29 July, 2007: A biplane stunt pilot died after he crashed in front of thousands of spectators during a Dayton, Ohio, air show Saturday, a day after another pilot was killed during an air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin..

Pilot Killed in Collision at Oshkosh Air Show
28 July, 2007: Two single-engine war planes at an experimental air show collided while landing Friday, killing one of the pilots and injuring the other, officials said..

ADS-B Rollout Is on the Way
27 July, 2007: FAA officials showed a handful of aviation journalists a glimpse of the Next Generation Air Transportation System at EAA AirVenture on Thursday afternoon..

NTSB: Pilot Errors Caused Comair Crash
26 July, 2007: Members of the National Transportation Safety Board offered condolences Thursday to families who lost loved ones aboard Comair Flight 5191 last year, then described numerous errors the pilots made before the fatal flight..

Air Traffic Controllers Keep Flights Smooth at World's Biggest Fly-In
25 July, 2007: The task of bringing planes in and out of airports such as Wittman Regional Airport gets a bit more challenging at the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual fly-in, dubbed AirVenture, which officially opened Monday in Oshkosh, about 90 miles northwest of Milwaukee..

Air Traffic Controllers Argue Over Maintenance
24 July, 2007: Air traffic controllers say poor maintenance of their aging work places has hampered and harmed them and could endanger the flying public..

FAA: New Separation Standards More Realistic
23 July, 2007: The US Federal Aviation Administration says a new method for defining reportable operational errors by controllers who allow aircraft in the en-route and terminal area to breach separation minima is intended to be a logical improvement to what had been a subjective process..

One Thruster Turned Off in Brazil Crash
20 July, 2007: One of the two thrust reversers on an airliner carrying 186 people that crashed in a fireball was turned off when the plane landed, the jet's owner said, as officials tried to determine why it raced down a runway instead of slowing down..

Fatal Crash Prompts Calls for Closing Sao Paulo's Congonhas Airport
19 July, 2007: A TAM jet pulled out of an attempted landing Thursday at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport, and federal prosecutors sought a court order to shut down the entire airport -- Brazil's busiest -- until the investigation into this week's crash that killed at least 189 people was completed..

Death Toll 200 in Brazil Air Crash
18 July, 2007: Recovery workers picked through smoldering wreckage Wednesday, searching for victims of a fiery Brazilian plane crash that officials said left at least 200 people dead..

FAA Awards $132 Million Contract to Continue ATC Training in Oklahoma City
17 July, 2007: University of Oklahoma Outreach has received the largest contract in OU history in winning the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Instructional Support services contract, providing for a base and four one-year options totaling $132 million..

Atlanta's New Runway Helps On-Time Statistics
16 July, 2007: Even though crowded skies are lengthening delays and shortening tempers on the ground, the situation is somewhat better in Atlanta..

Federal Report: FAA Covers Up Air Traffic Control Mistakes at DFW
13 July, 2007: A government investigator has accused the Federal Aviation Administration of covering up mistakes by air traffic controllers at one of the nation's busiest airports and sometimes shifting the blame to pilots..

2 Planes Nearly Collide at Florida Airport
12 July, 2007: Two planes today came within 100 feet of colliding at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after one missed its turn onto a taxiway and entered the runway where the other was about to land, federal authorities said..

Man Flies 193 Miles in Lawn Chair
11 July, 2007: Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks -- and a parachute..

Problems at JFK Ripple Through U.S. Aviation
10 July, 2007: JFK, one of the nation's most storied airports and the most popular for flights into and out of this country is choking on delays, creating a ripple effect throughout the U.S. aviation system..

Boeing Unveils 787 Dreamliner; Airbus Sends Congrats
9 July, 2007: Boeing raised the curtain on its first fully assembled 787 on Sunday to an audience of thousands who packed into its widebody assembly plant for the plane's extravagantly orchestrated premiere..

Some Say FAA Move Could Hide Midair Collision Risk
6 July, 2007: Federal aviation regulators have changed the way they track mistakes that bring planes too close together, a move that some safety experts say could hide risks of midair collisions..

Atlanta Airport Improves In On-Time Arrivals
5 July, 2007: More flights arrived on time at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport during the first five months of the year, thanks in part to clear skies and the new 2 billion fifth runway that became operational last May..

Laser Beam Targets Plane Landing at Logan Airport
4 July, 2007: The pilot of a plane approaching Logan International Airport reported being targeted by a green laser beam as his jetliner descended toward the airport last Saturday night..

Big Airlines Want FAA to Delay Private Jets in New York
3 July, 2007: The leading U.S. airlines urged the Federal Aviation Administration Monday to impose delays on flights by corporate and private jets to help relieve the congestion at New York airports over the Fourth of July holiday..

Air Traffic Controller Shortage in Atlanta
2 July, 2007: Atlanta's WSBTV reports on Atlanta's air traffic controller shortage (VIDEO)..

Bill Would Void Deal With FAA Controllers
29 June, 2007: A House panel voted yesterday to roll back a contract imposed by the government on the nation's air traffic controllers and to send both sides back to the bargaining table, setting up a potential showdown with the Bush administration..

Wing of United Flight Clips AA Jet at O'Hare
28 June, 2007: The wing of a departing jetliner struck the tail of another plane on a holding pad at O'Hare International Airport during a severe thunderstorm Wednesday, authorities said..

Pilot, 23, Ends Round-The-World Jaunt
27 June, 2007; A 23-year-old pilot in a single-engine plane finished his three-month trip Wednesday to become what he says is the youngest person to fly around the world alone..

Stuck on Tarmac? Congress May Help
26 June, 2007: As the busy summer travel season kicks into high gear and flights increase, so too could flight delays. Last week, numerous flights were delayed throughout the Northeast - with many planes stuck on the tarmac - because of thunderstorms and a Federal Aviation Administration computer glitch..

FAA Offers Recruiting Bonus for Experienced Controllers
25 June, 2007: The FAA is offering experienced air traffic controllers (military or civilian) a $20,000 signing bonus if they'll come back to the console for as little as two years..

NATCA Says Conditions In Atlanta TRACON Sliding From Bad To Worse
24 June, 2007: The Atlanta Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility is so short-staffed that Federal Aviation Administration management officials were forced to spend approximately $865,000 in overtime from October 2006 to March of this year to cover for staffing shortages, nearly seven times the amount of overtime spent in the same six-month period in 2005-06..

Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands in California
22 June, 2007: The space shuttle Atlantis and its seven astronauts returned to Earth safely Friday, ending a two-week mission to deliver an addition to the international space station and bring home a crew member from the outpost. Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California because of bad weather in Florida..

NASA Hopes for Friday Shuttle Landing
21 June, 2007: NASA planned another attempt to return the space shuttle to Earth on Friday after bad weather in Florida on Thursday kept Atlantis' seven astronauts in space an extra 24 hours..

Atlanta Airport Runway Walk Delivers 'FOD' For Thought
20 June, 2007: More than 150 sleepy-eyed souls — stewardesses, pilots and safety workers — strolled side-by-side down a 9,000-foot-long runway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport just after sunrise Wednesday..

Democrats May Try to Roll Back Disputed Air Traffic Controller Contract
19 June, 2007: House Democrats may propose rolling back the Federal Aviation Administration’s contract with air traffic controllers in a bill to be introduced this week..

Can Anyone End Epic Flight Delays at NYC Airports?
18 June, 2007: When it comes to getting people to places on time, no airports in the country have done a worse job this year than New York's. Between January and April, 38% of all flights at Newark Liberty, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia were either late or cancelled..

Get the Flick: ADS-B-Cool
17 June, 2007: You may have noticed all the stories in the press for the last few days about our “outdated” air traffic control system. It’s “outdated” for a reason. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s take a look at the stories themselves..

Flight Delays Tied to Old Computers
15 June, 2007: An antiquated flight-plan computer system overdue for replacement was largely to blame for long air-travel delays on the East Coast last week, critics say..

Atlanta Skies Are Safe, FAA Chief Says
14 June, 2007 The chief of the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday the skies around Atlanta are absolutely safe, despite claims from air-traffic controllers that too many overtime shifts are increasing controller fatigue..

U.S. Airlines Bide Their Time As Fleet Needs Grow
13 June, 2007: Freshly restructured and more-or-less on the mend, U.S. airlines are balancing their need for newer, more fuel-efficient planes with the need to place expensive orders at the optimal time..

Aviation Expert Blasts FAA
12 June, 2007: The FAA is investigating five near mid-air collisions in the New York area during May, and aviation expert Michael Boyd said on The Early Show that the FAA is far behind the times in both technology and senior management skills..

Atlanta Airport Gets $40 Million in Federal Grants
June 11, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday announced more than 0 million in grants aimed at improving safety and capacity at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

FAA Flight Plan Computer Failure Snarls Flights
8 June, 2007: A computer failure in the nation's air-traffic control system caused untold flight delays Friday, the Federal Aviation Adminstration said..

Pilot Told Tower He Couldn't Control Jet
7 June, 2007: The pilot of the jet carrying a University of Michigan organ transplant team told officials moments before crashing near Milwaukee on Monday that the craft was not responding properly, federal investigators said.

Good Weather For Friday Shuttle Launch
6 June, 2007: NASA started the countdown toward the first space shuttle flight of the year as engineers had no major technical problems and the weather forecast looked favorable for a Friday launch..

A Summer Sequel That No One Wants to See
5 June, 2007: The air travel system is already a mess, and it’s only springtime..

NYC Airports Top Worst-Ever Flight Delays
4 June, 2007: Flights on U.S. airlines arrived late more often the first four months of this year than in any year since the government began tracking the numbers 12 years ago..

FAA Decides Weather Radios Are OK After All
1 June, 2007: Four months ago, weather radios were a distraction. Now, they're not. Federal Aviation Administration officials did an about-face this week, allowing once-banned weather radios back into air-traffic-control towers and radar rooms..

FAA Investigates Near-Miss On The Ground At LAX
31 May, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration was investigating Thursday yet another near-collision on the ground at Los Angeles International Airport..

Midwest Airlines Tries to Elude AirTran
30 May, 2007: In another move to elude AirTran Airways' hostile takeover attempt, Midwest Airlines will add economy seats to its aircraft to boost revenue and profitability..

Boeing Spares No Detail Streamlining Innards of New 787
29 May, 2007: Boeing Co. has snagged hundreds of orders for its new 787 with a sales pitch that leans heavily on the light, sturdy carbon-fiber composites replacing most of the aluminum on the plane to make it guzzle less fuel and cost less to maintain..

What Can $1.3 Billion Buy?
25 May, 2007: A year ago, Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport proudly opened a new 9,000-foot runway, giving the airfield its fifth runway —- and a greater capacity to land and take off more planes per hour than any other airport in the country..

O’Hare Radar Glitch Forces Switch to Backup Radar System
24 May, 2007: A telephone line glitch left O’Hare International Airport without radar for a few moments Wednesday and forced controllers to use a backup system for about an hour and a half, the FAA and an air-traffic controller said..

FAA Says It Has Plan To Minimize Summer Storm Delays
23 May, 2007: With a record number of flights expected this summer, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday it would expand the use of an air traffic control strategy intended to minimize weather-related delays..

NATCA Gives Online Tips to Avoid Airport Delays
22 May, 2007: Air traffic controllers are unveiling two online resources for air travelers today in an effort to try and help them better navigate what is likely to be a very busy and delay-prone summer travel season..

Passenger Rights Bill Draws Concern
21 May, 2007: A Senate panel moved forward today to pass an airline passengers' bill of rights, but consumer groups remain wary that the bill's language may not be tough enough to help stranded fliers..

Airlines Have a Long, Hot Summer Ahead
18 May, 2007: When the summer travel stampede starts here after Memorial Day, US Airways' Ross Bonanno says, his airline will be ready..

Alternate New Orleans Airport Still Lacks Control Tower
17 May, 2007: The city's Lakefront Airport has long been the preferred airfield for business executives and celebrities because it avoids crowds of commercial passengers and offers easy access to downtown. But the airport has no active control tower..

FAA: U.S. Airports Must Expand to Meet Demand
16 May, 2007: A number of major U.S. cities must expand existing airports in the next two decades, build new ones or find other solutions to meet an increasing demand for air travel, according to a federal report released Tuesday..

Swiss Air Traffic Controllers on Trial For Crash
15 May, 2007: Swiss prosecutors begin criminal proceedings against eight employees of air traffic control firm Skyguide on Tuesday in connection with a 2002 mid-air collision that killed 71 passengers, most of them children..

FAA Probes New Close Call at LAX
14 May, 2007: A jumbo jet barreling down a runway at up to 100 mph at Los Angeles International Airport came as close as 50 feet to a turboprop on a nearby taxiway, officials said, in the latest such incident to point up safety concerns with the airfield's layout..

Tomorrow's Airliners Mainly Plastic
11 May, 2007: If you take a long international flight ten years from now, there's a good chance the airliner carrying you will be made as much out of plastic as metal..

Major Carriers Commit To RNP Upgrade Investment
10 May, 2007: Three U.S. airlines Southwest, American and Delta - recently decided to make major investments to retrofit their aircraft, so they can fly the very precise approach paths enabled by required navigation performance (RNP)..

Fumes Prompt Evacuation of Dulles Control Tower
9 May, 2007: Fumes from a work site forced air traffic controllers to evacuate their tower at Dulles Airport and shift to a backup facility Wednesday..

Who's Paying $200,000 For a Few Minutes in Space?
8 May, 2007: The next space race is on, and this time it's for the masses. Well, not exactly the masses. More like the actors, real estate magnates, hedge fund managers and well-off adventurers who can afford $200,000..

Atlanta Air Traffic Controllers Tie Safety to Workload
7 May, 2007: Some veteran air-traffic controllers in Atlanta say they are working too many overtime shifts as the result of chronic understaffing, which they contend endangers air safety..

FAA OK's Boston Logan Taxiway
4 May, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration gave final approval yesterday to a controversial 9,300-foot taxiway in the middle of Logan International Airport's maze of runways, a project designed to reduce the danger of plane collisions, cut travel delays, and diminish ground noise..

Delta Air Lines New Stock Begins Trading
3 May, 2007: Shares of Delta Air Lines new stock (DAL) began trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange, opening short of the company's initial projection..

Summer Meltdown Ahead For Airlines?
2 May, 2007: Using fewer employees to handle more customers and flights has nudged carriers back into profitability. But when Mother Nature throws a curve, airline operations go haywire and can take days to recover..

Air Traffic Controllers: FAA Radio Ban Threatens Safety
1 May, 2007: An eight month-old Federal Aviation Administration ban on radios in air traffic control towers could put lives at risk when severe weather bears down on airports, a national labor union says..

Delta Air Lines Exits Bankruptcy
30 April, 2007: Delta Air Lines emerged from bankruptcy Monday, after completing a $3 billion restructuring over the past 19 months. This is a great day in Delta's history, Chief Executive Gerald Grinstein said in a statement..

Atlanta Airport Opens New 26R End-Around Taxiway
27 April, 2007: Starting Thursday, airlines using Hartsfield Jackson Airport could save $27 million yearly in operation and fuel costs, thanks to a new taxiway that's the first of its kind in America. The taxiway is called an end-around, and it's intended to keep flights on a tighter time schedule, actually cutting four to five minutes from each landing and departure..

Delta Air Lines to Exit Bankruptcy on April 30
26 April, 2007: A U.S. bankruptcy court Wednesday gave Delta Air Lines Inc. the go-ahead to exit Chapter 11 on April 30, ending a year and a half in bankruptcy..

FedEx: FAA Rule Would Delay Deliveries
25 April, 2007: FedEx says that the FAA's decision to end a controversial landing procedure at the cargo carrier's Memphis hub should be reversed because it could lead to serious delays in package deliveries across the nation..

Delta Expects to Soar After Exiting Chapter 11
24 April, 2007: As Delta Air Lines exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy next week, it leaves behind 19 months of tumult, including a hostile takeover attempt, a major strike threat, stratospheric fuel prices and deep cuts in jobs and paychecks..

FAA Has Some Unhappy Controllers
23 April, 2007: Trust is a big deal, as we all know. That's why the Federal Aviation Administration is conducting focus groups with employees across the country to find out why they have a problem with management..

Pilot Killed in S.C. Blue Angel Crash
21 April, 2007: A Navy Blue Angel jet crashed during an air show Saturday, plunging into a neighborhood of small homes and trailers and killing the pilot, the county coroner said..

Some Airlines Begin To Increase Staff Again
20 April, 2007: U.S. airline employment increased in February from a year earlier, the first monthly increase in more than two years and a sign that the industry may have reached its low point for staffing..

New Tower Opens At Heathrow
19 April, 2007: Heathrow bosses have warned there could be extra noise overnight as traffic controllers move into a new state-of-the-art facility this weekend. Staff will move to the £50 million facility at 2am on Saturday when the airport is at its quietest..

Charlotte Has Fastest-Growing Airport in USA
18 April, 2007: The growth of US Airways has helped make Charlotte-Douglas International Airport the fastest growing major airport in the nation, figures show..

FAA’s Air-Traffic Fee Proposal Sparks Resistance
17 April, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) erred when it made a controversial proposal to increase taxes on small aircraft to pay for a modernized air-traffic control system, a representative of the commercial airline industry told The Hill..

Ticket Taxes Fund Corporate Jets
16 April, 2007: The federal government has taken billions of dollars from the taxes and fees paid by airline passengers every time they fly and awarded it to small airports used mainly by private pilots and globe-trotting corporate executives..

U.S. Hopes for 'Open Skies' Deal with China by May
13 April, 2007: The United States is discussing a deal with China to liberalize air travel and hopes for a framework open skies agreement by May, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said Friday..

Controller's Bathroom Break Caused Flight Delays
12 April, 2007: An air traffic controller's bathroom break delayed the takeoff and landing of three planes last week at New Hampshire's largest airport..

NTSB: Air Traffic Controller Fatigue Contributed to 4 Mishaps
11 April, 2007: Fatigued air traffic controllers contributed to four aviation mishaps in recent years, and may have been a factor in last year's Comair crash that killed 49 people, according to federal accident investigators..

Comair Admits Pilots Partially Responsible For 5191 Accident
10 April, 2007: Comair officials have admitted two of their pilots were partially at fault for an August 27, 2006 crash that killed 49 of 50 people on board - but blame does not solely rest with those in the flight deck of the doomed CRJ100, the carrier insists..

ASDE-X Runway Safety System Has Gap
9 April, 2007: Restrictions on a $550 million system to prevent runway collisions are compromising safety by keeping the system from accurately tracking snowplows, firetrucks and other ground vehicles at most airports, according to government data..

FAA, Lockheed Martin Tout ATOP Implementation At Alaska ARTCC
6 April, 2007: Aircraft flying over the Arctic Ocean can now fly more direct routes, save fuel and achieve better on-time performance for passengers, thanks to the FAA’s final implementation of Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) at the Alaska Air Route Traffic Control Center..

Space Tourist Gets Ready For Launch
5 April, 2007: What does a Microsoft billionaire do for fun? Charles Simonyi spends some of his fortune to rocket into space, where he'll blog, fight off nausea and use his technical skills to fix broken equipment. Simonyi blasts off Saturday in a Russian ship..

Air Traffic Control Crisis in Southern California
4 April, 2007: A worsening air traffic controller staffing crisis at major tower and radar control facilities in Southern California is shrinking the margin of safety to dangerously low levels due to tired controllers forced to work overtime and even six-day work weeks..

Rebuilt Runway Opens at LAX
3 April, 2007: A major runway at Los Angeles International Airport reopened Monday after eight months of construction aimed at improving safety at the world's fifth-busiest passenger airport..

Airline Performance Declines for Third Straight Year
2 April, 2007: The overall performance of U.S. airlines worsened in 2006, its third consecutive year of decline, according to the 17th annual Airline Quality Ratings released here today..

Boeing Plans to Introduce 787 on 7/8/07
30 March, 2007: Boeing plans to debut its much-anticipated 787 Dreamliner model on July 8 at an event at its assembly plant in Everett, Wash., the plane-maker said Wednesday..

PASS Testifies on Insufficient FAA Oversight of Outsourced Air Carrier Maintenance
29 March, 2007: Tom Brantley, national president of the Professional Airways Systems Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), testified today before the House Transportation and infrastructure Committee, Subcommittee on Aviation, to address FAA oversight of outsourced air carrier maintenance..

Delta Expects 2007 Pretax Profit
28 March, 2007: Delta Air Lines, which plans to emerge from bankruptcy in late April, said Tuesday that it expected to swing to a profit this year on cost reductions and higher revenue..

Precision Runway Monitor Radar System In Use at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
27 March, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration is now using an advanced radar system to guide airplanes onto the five runways at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport..

Airlines Question Rules For Icy Takeoffs
26 March, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines have been at odds for two years about the protocols for taking off in storms that produce light ice pellets, a term for the stinging sleet that occurs when snow melts, then refreezes, as it falls..

A380 Fans Forecast Blue Skies, But Critics Predict Turbulence
23 March, 2007: Announced in 2000, Airbus' A380 was designed to satisfy airline demand for more passenger capacity on long-haul routes but come critics say the A380 already has one foot in the grave..

New Tracking System Warns Pilots of Danger
22 March, 2007: An airliner is preparing to land when a cockpit alarm warns pilots that another plane has rolled onto the runway. Two planes over the Pacific are on a conflicting path when the same device alerts pilots to the danger..

Report: Air-Traffic Shifts Understaffed
21 March, 2007: Air-traffic control towers at small and medium airports have been routinely understaffed with only one person on a shift, a violation of federal aviation rules, a government investigator said Tuesday..

A380s Touch Down On Two U.S. Runways
20 March, 2007: The latest jetliner to claim the title of world's biggest passenger aircraft completed its maiden voyage to the United States on Monday..

Hartsfield Jackson's Taxiway Victor, An End-Around to Efficiency
19 March, 2007: It looks like little more than a big U-turn. But officials say the groundbreaking three-quarter-mile strip of pavement will save passengers time when they fly into Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

Seven Dead in Russian Plane Crash
17 March, 2007: A Russian passenger jet slammed into Samara airport Saturday morning in a crash landing, killing at least seven people and wounding 51 others, Russia's Interfax news agency reported, citing an emergency ministry official..

FAA: Crowded Skies to Get More Crowded
16 March, 2007: Airline passengers can expect more delays as airplanes crowd the skies, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday..

NATCA Wants Weather Radios Back In Towers
15 March, 2007: The FAA should lift its ban on weather radios in air traffic control towers, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) said on Tuesday..

Airlines Stretched So Thin That One Piece Out Of Place Throws Them Off
14 March, 2007: Charlie Miller could be a poster child for nightmarish air travel during the winter now drawing to a close..

Delta Jet Forced to Abort Takeoff
13 March, 2007: A Los Angeles-bound Boeing 767 had to abort a takeoff last week at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport after an air-traffic controller mistakenly cleared the Delta flight and then cleared two airplanes to taxi across the path of the accelerating jet..

As FAA Seeks to Add Controllers, Union Pleads for Contract
12 March, 2007: As Federal Aviation Administration officials issued a new plan to hire more air traffic controllers, a labor representative told lawmakers Thursday that the agency won't be able to maintain adequate staffing levels unless it negotiates a new contract with controllers..

FAA to Hire 15,000 Air-Traffic Controllers in Next Decade
9 March, 2007: The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday it plans to hire 15,000 air-traffic controllers during the next 10 years, as more controllers become eligible for retirement..

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Tops O'Hare, Heathrow as World's Busiest Airport
8 March, 2007: Atlanta's Hartsfield International held its ranking as the world's busiest passenger airport in 2006, followed by Chicago's O'Hare and London's Heathrow, according to preliminary figures released this week..

115 Escape Indonesian Jet Crash; 21 Killed
7 March, 2007: A packed Indonesian jetliner crash-landed and erupted in flames on Wednesday, killing 21 people trapped inside the burning wreckage..

More Fliers Face Long Runway Waits
6 March, 2007: Long waits on the taxiway of two-plus hours by domestic airliners nearly doubled in January from a year earlier, federal data released Monday show..

Shuttle Back in Hangar For Repairs
5 March, 2007: Space shuttle Atlantis was moved from the launch pad back to a hangar so technicians can inspect damage caused by an hail storm and determine what kind of repairs should be made..

New $63M Control Tower to Land at LaGuardia
2 March, 2007: Groundbreaking ceremonies were held yesterday for a new, taller, larger $63 million air traffic control tower at LaGuardia Airport, the nation's 17th busiest..

Airbus Jumbo Jet to Make Debut Landings in NYC, L.A.
1 March, 2007: The U.S. debut of Airbus' new line of super jumbo A380 jets will include landings at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport..

Midwest CEO Slams AirTran as 'Inferior'
28 February, 2007: Midwest Air Group Inc.'s top executive told shareholders that Orlando Fla.-based AirTran Airways, whose parent company is attempting a hostile takeover, is an inferior airline that lacks a credible growth plan..

Hail Damages Space Shuttle Tank; NASA May Delay March Launch
27 February, 2007: Hail from a passing thunderstorm dinged a section of space shuttle Atlantis' external fuel tank, and NASA managers weren't sure Tuesday morning if the damage was severe enough to postpone next month's launch..

JFK Gridlock Started With Early Decision
26 February, 2007: The New York Post said the day before the big storm hit New York, FAA officials in Virginia decided that JFK should keep running at full capacity on Valentine's Day..

Comair Sues FAA in Deadly U.S. Plane Crash
23 February, 2007: Comair sued the Federal Aviation Administration saying the agency was negligent in having only one air traffic controller on duty last year when a plane took off from the wrong runway and crashed, killing 49 people..

Hard Landing Cracks 737's Fuselage
22 February, 2007: All seven Boeing 737-300 airplanes operated by Indonesian budget airline Adam Air have been grounded by the government after a plane buckled during a hard landing..

Congress Tries To Land On A Problem
21 February, 2007: Congress wants to mandate compensation for airline passengers who suffer delays. JetBlue's CEO says it would be heavy-handed and not meet the needs of customers, while one airline industry analysts says Congress doesn't have a clue because the government-run air traffic control system routinely causes lengthy delays..

Guidance Device Covered by Snow When Jet Slid Off Runway
20 February, 2007: A guidance device that helps pilots land was covered with snow and not functioning when a Delta Air Lines commuter plane ran off the end of a runway and pierced a fence, an airport official said..

Congress Drafts Bills on Passenger Rights
19 February, 2007: It's a question asked by thousands of desperate airline passengers every year who end up trapped onboard grounded planes for hours on end, waiting for a takeoff that sometimes never comes: Why can't the plane just return to an airport gate?..

Passengers Safe After Embraer 170 Slides Off Runway
18 February, 2007: A Embraer 170 passenger jet skidded off a runway and smashed through a fence while landing Sunday in windy and icy conditions at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport..

LAX Decries Airbus Plan Change for A380
16 February, 2007: Los Angeles officials lashed out Wednesday at Airbus, saying the European airplane maker reneged on a promise to bring its new A380 jetliner to Los Angeles International Airport on its first U.S. test flight..

AOPA Blasts FAA Funding Proposal
15 February, 2007: The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) today blasted the proposed FAA refinancing bill as a 'manufactured crisis based on flawed financial assumptions about the viability of the current funding system'..

Union: Stress at Hartsfield Caused Incident
14 February, 2007: A Florida-bound Delta Air Lines flight aborted a takeoff last month as it screamed down an Atlanta runway at 160 mph at the same moment incoming flights descended toward a dangerously close parallel runway..

Flying Creatures May Help Create Aviation of Future
13 February, 2007: As the nocturnal owl stalks its prey, a quirk on its wings enables a silent hunt. That lesson in aerodynamics provides a valuable guide for aviation experts who are crafting a new technology..

Delta Gets Court Permission to Buy $1 Billion Worth of Regional Jets
12 February, 2007: Delta Air Lines which is in the process of emerging from bankruptcy protection, has received court permission to buy 30 regional jets from Bombardier Aerospace valued at more than $1 billion..

U.S. Asks to Arm Pilots Abroad
9 February, 2007: For the first time, the U.S. government is asking foreign countries to allow pilots to carry guns in the cockpit when they fly overseas..

Power Outage Hits San Francisco Airport
8 February, 2007: San Francisco International Airport was hit with a power outage lasting about an hour late Wednesday afternoon..

Airports Not Thrilled With New DOT/FAA Budget
7 February, 2007: In response to the Administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 budget release, Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA) has expressed serious concern that the Administration is once again recommending reduced funding for the nation’s airport security and capacity infrastructure..

Bush Proposal Shifts Aviation Ttaxes From Tickets
6 February, 2007: The Bush administration unveiled plans on Monday to increase taxes on business and private aircraft, a dramatic shift in how the government funds aviation that could reduce the portion that airline passengers pay..

Pilots Turning Scarce as Demand Takes Wing
5 February, 2007: For the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, all major U.S. airlines are hiring pilots or recalling those laid off during the industry's five-year downturn..

FAA Looks for Money for New Air-Traffic Control System
3 February, 2007: Federal aviation officials expect on Monday to begin introducing a proposal to finance a new air-traffic control system that they say will be needed to keep pace with increasing air travel over the next two decades..

AOPA Goes On The Offensive In User Fee Battle
2 February, 2007: Briefing reporters on what AOPA sees as the key items in the upcoming budget submission, Boyer (right) said the FAA is seeking a radical new user-fee based funding system, and dramatic tax increases for aviation users..

Delta Strategy Brings Victory
1 February, 2007: Delta Air Lines two-month effort to present a loud, united front against a hostile takeover bid paid off in victory Wednesday..

US Airways May Be Ready to Abandon Offer for Delta
31 January, 2007: Showing frustration with a lack of progress, US Airways CEO Douglas Parker said Tuesday his company will drop its hostile bid for Delta Air Lines on Thursday if bankruptcy creditors don't signal support for the $10 billion offer..

FAA Seeks to Raise Pilot Retirement Age
30 January, 2007: Airline pilots will be allowed to fly until they turn 65 instead of the current mandatory retirement age of 60 under a proposal to be announced Tuesday by Federal Aviation Administrator Marion Blakey..

Eclipse Aviation Boss Challenges Industry To Change
29 January, 2007: Vern Raburn hopes to stir up an industry that typically doesn't like to be nudged, let alone shaken. One of the first employees hired at Microsoft Corp. when the software heavyweight started in the 1970s, Raburn joined his old buddy, Bill Gates, in cultivating a revolution that changed the world's business tools..

Boeing Scraps Wireless System on The 787
26 January, 2007: Boeing has scrapped plans for a wireless entertainment system on its new 787 Dreamliner, about eight months before the plane's first scheduled flight..

British Airways Cancels Flights as Cabin Crew Strikes
25 January, 2007: British Airways said Thursday said that it is canceling all flights from London Heathrow airport for two days next week because of a strike by cabin crew..

The Future of Flight Could be a lot Less Bumpy
24 January, 2007: Jittery fliers can take heart. NASA is developing two new technologies to help pilots steer clear of erratic, gusty winds..

FAA, NATCA Not On Same Frequency Over Wx Radios
23 January, 2007: It turns out that NATCA and the FAA agree on something – commercial radios aren't allowed to be kept by controllers working in the tower..

Controlling The Airways
22 January, 2007: Lockheed Martin and Boeing have formed a strategic alliance to promote advancement of the future US air transportation system..

Air Traffic Controller Error Cited in Near Mid-Air Collision
19 January, 2007: Two passenger jets came dangerously close at 30,000 feet over Iowa Tuesday night, and air-traffic control serving O'Hare International Airport is under scrutiny, the FAA said..

FAA Reports Third Straight Annual Drop in Air Traffic Controller Staffing
18 January, 2007: Air traffic controller staffing levels have dropped for the third straight year, to a new low of 14,206, according to the most recent Federal Aviation Administration “Administrator’s Fact Book.”

Flying Their Own Planes Saves Time
17 January, 2006: Landscape architect Katie O'Reilly Rogers departs on business trips from her Santa Barbara, Calif., home without a worry about airport or airline snafus..

Flying the Crowded Skies: Challenges for Aviation
16 January, 2006: To keep passengers moving safely, the Federal Aviation Administration will need to replace a half-century of outmoded technology with a new air traffic control system..

'Exceptional Year' Predicted for Airlines
15 January, 2007: Airlines will look back on a solid 2006 as they start reporting year-end financial results this week, but investor attention will be riveted on their outlooks for 2007..

FAA Urges Need for Pilots in USA
12 January, 2007: The US Federal Aviation Administration has released final pilot statistics for 2006 showing a dip below 600,000..

Boeing Bounces Back Against Odds
11 January 2007: After years of ethics scandals and competitive setbacks, aerospace giant Boeing is on a winning streak. Neither its rivals nor its past sins seem to be slowing it down..

US Airways Ups Offer for Delta
10 January, 2007: US Airways raised its offer for Delta Air Lines by 20% to $10.2 billion on Wednesday, as it seeks to put pressure on the bankrupt carrier's creditors to agree to a deal that Delta's management opposes..

FAA Revamps Rules for Long-Range Flights
9 January, 2007: Federal aviation regulators will require jets that fly for hours over desolate oceans or polar regions where there are no airports to have a plan to take care of passengers and extinguish cargo fires in the event of an emergency..

Officials Hope to Ease LaGuardia Clogs
8 January, 2007: The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey believes it may be possible to move an additional 8 million passengers a year out of LaGuardia Airport. Officials say the secret may be the use of bigger jets..

FAA: Atlanta Airport is Nation's Busiest
5 January, 2007: For the second year in a row, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has retained its title as the nation's busiest in terms of flights, according to government data released Thursday..

November Bad Month for Timely Travel
4 January, 2007: U.S. airlines reported the worst on-time performance for a November since 2000, a government report issued Wednesday shows. The airlines tracked by the U.S. government operated 76.5% of flights on time..

Indonesia Crash Brings Safety of Budget Airlines Into Question
3 January, 2007: The proliferation of budget airlines across Asia has made air travel affordable for millions, but this week's aircraft disaster in Indonesia has underlined the challenge for governments to ensure safety standards are met..

Travelers Could See Fewer Hassles in New Year
2 January, 2007: The new year won't bring fewer weather delays or less-crowded flights or shorter airport security lines. But many of the anticipated changes in travel this year may ease the burden of road warriors just a bit..

No Increase to Delta Offer
1 January, 2007: US Airways has no intention right now to increase its $8.4 billion offer for Delta Air Lines and it can't see itself backing out of its pursuit of Delta for any reason, Chief Executive Doug Parker said Thursday..

NATCA: FAA Endangered Personnel By Banning Radios
29 December, 2006: The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is on the offensive again over work rules -- this time it's radios in the work place. In a release, the union claims the FAA’s September decision to ban weather radios, commercial radios and cell phones from its air traffic control facilities placed air traffic controllers in danger..

FAA Blocks Wireless Activity at Control Agencies - NATCA Not Happy About It
28 December, 2006: The FAA has signed a contract with a small business to install a wireless intrusion-detection system at air traffic control centers, FAA training centers and headquarters. See for NATCA's response..

Planes Bump In San Diego
27 December, 2006: Two Southwest Airlines jets simultaneously pulling out from their gates at San Diego International Airport bumped into each other's tails Tuesday, officials said..

Mostly Clear Skies Await Travelers
26 December, 2006: All was calm Christmas Day at Denver International Airport, where the effects of last week's paralyzing blizzard were fading into memory just in time for today's expected travel crush..

No Fed Oversight on Some Air Charters
25 December, 2006: Travelers who pay a premium for the convenience of charter air travel could unknowingly end up on a flights operated without direct federal oversight..

Denver Airport Reopens With a Long Backlog
24 December, 2006: Denver's airport was operating at close to capacity Saturday after being snowed in for two days, but for many travelers jammed in its terminals it was not expected to be enough to rescue their hopes of joining their families for Christmas..

Discovery Home for the Holidays
22 December: Not even a dreary forecast could keep the space shuttle Discovery from coming home for the holidays. The orbiter touched down at Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 5:32 p.m. ET Friday, completing a 12-day mission that included four spacewalks and installation of a 2-ton addition to the international space station..

No Departures at Denver Airport
21 December, 2006: Denver airport officials accommodated more than 1,000 stranded travelers the best they could providing several hundred cots and blankets, diapers and baby formula. Airport hotels were booked up, and the main road to downtown Denver was shut down..

Delta Shuns Bid, Prefers to Fly Solo
20 December,2006: Delta Air Lines on Tuesday flatly rejected an $8.5 billion merger offer from US Airways, saying Delta would be worth as much as $12 billion as an independent carrier..

FAA May Put Freeze on Hiring Controllers
19 December, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration may freeze all hiring of air traffic controllers and technicians after March 31 despite understaffing in some facilities and an oncoming wave of retirements..

Fewer Air Traffic Controllers Could Lead to More Mistakes, Union Says
18 December, 2006: The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the union that represents those who move tin, says some facilities are critically understaffed, causing delays and increasing the possibility of mistakes by tired controllers working 10-hour days..

O'Hare Radar Outage Causes Delays
15 December, 2006: This morning’s failure of the lone Airport Surveillance Radar-Model 9 (ASR-9) at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has drastically slashed the airport’s arrival rate and greatly diminished the efficiency of some of the world’s busiest airspace..

Las Vegas Airport Crunch Could Slow Tourism
14 December, 2006: Heavy congestion at southern Nevada's largest airport could lead to a slowdown in the number of visitors filling Las Vegas Strip hotels as early as 2010, a report has found..

AirTran Making Hostile Bid for Midwest Air
13 December, 2006: AirTran Airways is expected today to announce a 88 million hostile takeover bid for Midwest Airlines in a move that would give it a second hub and broader national service..

A380 Airliner Declared Safe to Fly
12 December, 2006: The world's largest airliner, the Airbus A380 superjumbo, on Tuesday was declared safe to fly commercial services, capping six years of development marred by delays in deliveries to airlines..

LAX Radar Upgrades Delayed
11 December, 2006: Several radar upgrades that air traffic controllers say are essential to help identify potential collisions on the ground at Los Angeles International Airport are months behind schedule..

Discovery Lights Up Night Sky
9 December, 2006: The space shuttle Discovery rocketed into the darkness Saturday evening, the 117th shuttle flight and the first night launch in four years..

Clouds Postpone Launch of Discovery
8 December, 2006: Low clouds forced NASA to delay the launch of space shuttle Discovery Thursday night, and strong winds could delay another attempt for a day or two..

US Airways Committed to Delta Merger
7 December, 2006: US Airways Group Inc. is fully committed to its $8.7 billion proposed takeover airline of Delta Air Lines even if Delta executives aren't convinced of the deal's merits, US Airways President Scott Kirby said Wednesday..

Computer Woes Delays Flights
6 December, 2006: An underwater telecommunications cable failure at an air traffic control facility in San Juan disrupted the computer systems at the controllers' center in Miami for 55 minutes on Monday, Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said..

Countdown to Shuttle Launch Starts With Good Weather
5 December, 2006: The countdown clock to the launch of Discovery ticked away Tuesday as a promising weather forecast gave NASA officials hope that the space shuttle would lift off on schedule Thursday night.

NATCA Claims 'Chronic Radio Frequency Problems' Decreasing Safety Margins At ZTL
5 November, 2006: According to a recent missive from NATCA, air traffic controllers at the Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZTL) are experiencing a worsening technical problem with the radio frequencies used to communicate with pilots in their airspace, creating a 'maddening challenge that is steadily becoming a safety issue.'..

Top 10 Reasons Why Airline Woes Aren't Over Yet
4 December, 2006: After two consecutive quarters where most network airlines returned to profitability, many believe the airline industry crisis is over..

Shuttle Cleared for Night Launch
1 December, 2006: Preparations are on schedule for NASA's first nighttime space shuttle launch in four years as the space agency readies Discovery for a mission to the international space station, managers said Wednesday..

Delta Recalling 200 Pilots
30 November, 2006: Delta Air Lines said Wednesday it expects to call 200 furloughed pilots back to work next year as it continues to ramp up its international flying and adds 13 jets..

Problems Not With Eclipse 500, But With Conformity Process
29 November, 2006: When the FAA issues a Production Certificate for an aircraft, the company must be able to ensure that every airplane that comes off the line conforms exactly to the type design that the FAA approved..

AOPA Says Audit Proves FAA Can't Run A Business
28 November, 2006: If the FAA is supposed to be run like a business, it still has a long ways to go. That's the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's take on the most recent audit of the agency's books by the Department of Transportation's inspector general (IG)..

Cessna Delivers First Citation Mustang
27 November, 2006: Cessna Aircraft Co. celebrated the first delivery in the very light jet category by handing over its first Citation Mustang to a Fresno, California customer..

DC-10 to Fly Off Into Sunset
24 November, 2006: Even good comeback stories eventually have an end. For the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, the story of its improbable return to public acceptance after a series of crashes and even a temporary grounding is nearing its conclusion..

Delta's Pilots Union Chief Criticizes US Airways' Offer
22 November, 2006: The head of Delta Air Lines' pilots union on Tuesday slammed the proposed $8 billion takeover of his employer by US Airways, saying it appears to lack any substantial benefit for Delta, its employees or customers..

A Peek Behind HondaJet’s Veil
21 November, 2006: HondaJet knows how to keep a secret. For the past six years, it developed, built and flew an aircraft at Piedmont Triad International Airport before anybody really knew what it did at the compound of bland white buildings here..

US Airways, Delta Deal Would Cut Options
20 November, 2006: Travelers in at least two dozen Eastern and Southeastern cities would see their air travel options significantly reduced by a merger between US Airways and Delta Air Lines..

FAA Dismisses Controllers' Claims
17 November, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday dismissed concerns from air traffic controllers that staffing shortages and a regional center's nighttime closure played a role in two fatal plane crashes..

US Airways Faces Long Road in Delta Bid
16 November, 2006: US Airways' brash $8 billion bid to buy Delta Air Lines won a warm reception Wednesday on Wall Street, but the proposed deal has a long way to go to get done..

Runway Incidents Rise for 2nd Year
15 November, 2006: Dangerous near collisions on the nation's runways climbed for the second year in a row, prompting a renewed call by aviation accident investigators on Tuesday for new safety devices..

Comair Says FAA, Airport Liable
14 November, 2006: Comair says it's not wholly responsible for the crash of Flight 5191 and says it's not fair for the Northern Kentucky company to be held solely liable when others contributed to the crash..

A380 Starting Final Test Flights
13 November, 2006: An Airbus A380 is due to fly from France to Singapore in the first of four final test flights for the troubled plane..

Discovery Creeps to Launch Pad
10 November, 2006: Space shuttle Discovery was moved to the launch pad Thursday to await a launch that could be as early as December 6, an effort to avoid potential New Year's Eve computer glitches..

Exhausted Pilots Reveal Risky Nodding Off
9 November, 2006: As passengers rest in their airline seats, they may not be so at ease if they knew how likely it may be that their pilots are flying in an exhausted state of mind..

Two Planes Clip on O'Hare Taxiway
8 November, 2006: A United Airlines plane's wing clipped the tail of another jetliner Tuesday morning as they taxied toward takeoff at O'Hare International Airport, aviation officials said..

Atlanta Airport Runway 8R/26L Reopens
7 November, 2006: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport reopened its oldest runway Monday, following a repaving project that put it out of service for two months and torpedoed on-time performance..

Half of U.S. Runways Lack Safety Zone
6 November, 2006: More than half of U.S. commercial airports don't have a 1,000-foot margin at the end of a runway, an overrun area the federal government says is needed as a safety zone, a new report says..

Landing Error Worries Experts
4 November, 2006: To an experienced pilot, Runway 29 at Newark Liberty International Airport is hard to miss. It is half a football field wide, and like all jet runways, is marked by white lights on each side and down its center line..

Discovery Prepped for December Launch
3 November, 2006: Space shuttle Discovery was hoisted by a crane and outfitted with its external fuel tank and twin booster rockets on Wednesday in preparation for another flight next month..

Legacy Airlines May Outfly Discount Rivals
2 November, 2006: As the airline industry finally starts to gain altitude, investors in the still-risky sector should be especially wary of the carriers that specialize in cheap seats..

Two Jets Clip Wings at Newark
1 November, 2006: A plane leaving a terminal at a major New York-area airport clipped wings with another plane being towed to a hangar for service on a taxiway Tuesday evening, the head of the air traffic controller's union said..

FAA Completes Conflict-Detection System
31 October, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday said it finished deploying an aircraft conflict-detection tool used by air traffic controllers at all 20 FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers nationwide..

Nigeria Pilot Reportedly Ignored Advice
30 October, 2006: A plane crash that killed 96 people in Nigeria might have been averted if the pilot had heeded advice from air traffic controllers to wait for a lightning storm to clear before taking off, the aviation minister said Monday..

Next Space Tourist to Launch in March
27 October, 2006: The billionaire software engineer set to become the next space tourist said he's been interested in space since his boyhood in the Soviet Union..

FAA Hires Back PATCO Controllers
26 October, 2006: They were told they would never work in their chosen field again, but hundreds of air traffic controllers, fired by President Ronald Reagan 25 years ago, are quietly being rehired..

The Future of Flight
25 October, 2006: If there's a spaceflight in your future - whether it's a quick suborbital spin, a hypersonic rocket jaunt across the Pacific or a visit to a private-sector space station - chances are the Federal Aviation Administration is going to play a role..

Hartsfield Airside Supervisors Ensure Runway Safety
24 October, 2006: When the midnight moon rises and the airplanes rest their wings, the runways at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport belong to Tom Reinhardt..

Technology Helps Create Quiet Landing
23 October, 2006: Imagine a 400,000-pound, wide-bodied Boeing 777 gliding over the Peninsula into San Francisco International Airport. On a recent overnight flight from Honolulu, United Airlines Flight 76 did just that, sailing overhead from the coast to the Dumbarton Bridge at idle thrust using mostly gravity, not mechanical brakes, to cut speed for landing..

Hartsfield Runway Repaving Makes This Fall a Season of Flight Delays
22 October, 2006: Those dreaded delays are again plaguing flights to and from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

Microsoft's Flight Simulator X Soars to Stores
20 October, 2006: Bored with slashing orcs, carjacking vehicles or rotating puzzle pieces? Climb into a different interactive entertainment experience with Flight Simulator X, the latest in the best-selling, 25-year-old franchise..

Trouble In The Air
19 October, 2006: Reagan's mass firing of air traffic controllers made American skies much less safe in the 1980s. Is Bush's flight plan the same?

American to Get Airline Profit Party Started
18 October, 2006: The USA's airlines are about to do something they haven't done in six years: report profits for a second-consecutive quarter..

Comair Sues FAA, Lexington Airport
17 October, 2006: Comair sued Blue Grass Airport in Lexington and the federal government, saying they must share responsibility for the August crash of a regional jet that killed 49 people..

More Tourists Weigh Zero Gravity Flights
16 October, 2006: Zero gravity, once an exclusive playground for astronauts and select scientists, is no longer out of reach to everyday people..

FAA Reviews Long-Criticized Manhattan Flight Path
13 October, 2006: Federal officials on Friday were winding down their onsite investigation of the crash of New York Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle's plane into a skyscraper and said they were reviewing rules that allow small aircraft to fly in Manhattan's crowded airspace..

A Corridor in the Sky That Recreational Pilots Fear
12 October, 2006: The northern end of the airspace over the East River is a treacherous, narrow corridor often filled with helicopters..

Aircraft Crashes Into New York Building
11 October, 2006: Police say an aircraft has crashed into a building on Manhattan's Upper East Side at 72nd Street and York Avenue..

DFW Airport to Build New Runways
11 October, 2006: Construction is about to begin on perimeter runways at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which officials say will improve safety and allow more flights to take off and land during the busiest times of the day..

Delta Gets On Board With Lie-Flat Seats
10 October, 2006: Delta will put lie-flat seats in its business class in 2008, joining other larger carriers that have recently introduced the service to target well-heeled customers..

Pension Loss Jolts Ex-Delta Pilots
9 October, 2006: Jim Cochran expected bad news when he got the big white envelope from Delta Air Lines. What he found inside was worse..

Flight Engineers Head For Oblivion As New Technology Reduces Air Crew Size
8 October 2006: Flight engineer Mitch Richardson shines a flashlight into the cavernous black wheel well of a UPS jet that was built before he was born..

FAA May Release Lexington Tower Tapes Next Week
6 October, 2006: The final conversation between the pilots of Comair Flight 5191 and the lone air traffic controller on duty at Blue Grass Airport may be made public as early as next week..

Atlanta Airport Promises to Quiet Down
5 October, 2006: In an unusual move, the head of the world's busiest airport has apologized to its neighbors for rattling their homes with more aircraft noise the past two months..

Airbus to Reduce Costs, Streamline
4 September, 2006: Losing ground quickly to rival Boeing, European plane builder Airbus on Tuesday announced a companywide initiative to cut costs and streamline itself..

Delta Pilot Has Better Way to Teach
3 October, 2006: After two decades as a military pilot and airline flight instructor, Shawn Raker has helped found a start-up flight training firm he says has developed a quicker and better way to teach new pilots to fly jets..

FAA Awards Raytheon Radar Contract
2 October, 2006: The US Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Raytheon a contract with an estimated potential value of $185m for Long Range Radar Service Life Extension program..

Search Planes Find Wreckage of Brazilian Airliner
30 September, 2006: Search planes scouring the dense Amazon rainforest in Brazil have found the wreckage of the Boeing 737-800 airliner that disappeared with at least 145 people on board, a Gol Airlines spokesman said Saturday..

FAA Approves Plan To Build New Improved Control Tower At LaGuardia
29 September, 2006: A new state-of-the art control tower is in the future for LaGuardia Airport..

Lockheed Martin to Support Government Plan for Unmanned Aircraft
28 September, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday selected Lockheed Martin to support the development of a road map for introducing unmanned aircraft systems into the National Airspace System..

Fliers Allowed Liquids, But Some Get Frustration
27 September, 2006: Travelers went to airports Tuesday with the right to carry liquids and toiletries on planes again, but they also found occasional long lines and strict security rules that made some wonder if their toothpaste was worth the trouble..

Comair Survivor Has No Memory of Crash
26 September, 2006: Doctors have amputated the left leg of a co-pilot whose plane crashed on takeoff after turning onto the wrong runway, and he does not remember the accident that killed 49 people, his family said Monday..

Boeing May Take Shot at Embraer and Bombardier
25 September, 2006: Boeing Co. may build a smaller, 80 to 100 seat single aisle plane, a strategy that would put the company in direct competition with regional jet makers Bombardier Empresa Brasileira..

Space Tourist Enjoying Her Stay
23 September, 2006: The first female space tourist is enjoying her stay on the international space station (ISS) and is passing her time by taking photos of the view, a German astronaut told a news conference in a live link-up on Friday.

Why Do Air Traffic Control Towers Have Slanted Windows?
22 September 2006: Something different today in the news.. Large airports are slightly different all over the world, but one constant is the ubiquitous air traffic control tower, which always has windows that slope toward the tower at the base..

Atlantis Glides to a Safe Landing
21 September, 2006: Space shuttle Atlantis and its six astronauts glided to a safe landing in darkness early Thursday, ending a mission to the international space station whose smooth success was briefly upstaged by the high drama caused by mysterious floating debris..

Atlantis Cleared for Landing, Despite Crew Reports of More Debris
20 September, 2006: Overnight inspections of Atlantis today turned up no sign of damage to the space shuttle's critical heat shield despite crew reports that they spotted three new pieces of debris floating outside the craft..

Riding High on Private Jets
19 September, 2006: The private business-jet industry is flourishing as never before. Of the 14,000 business jets worldwide, about 10,000 operate in the United States, said Ed Bolen, the president of the National Business Aviation Association..

Kentucky Plane Crash at Center of Labor Dispute
18 September, 2006: In the aftermath of the crash of Comair Flight 5191, Lexington has become ground zero in the 25-year-old labor strife engulfing the air traffic controllers union and the Federal Aviation Administration..

Shuttle Atlantis Astronauts Leave Space Station After 3 Arduous Spacewalks
17 September, 2006: With hugs, handshakes and the traditional ringing of a bell, residents of the international space station bade farewell early Sunday to the crew of the Atlantis, who leave the station much different from how they found it six days ago..

Citation Mustang Earns FAA Type Certification
15 September, 2006: The Cessna Citation Mustang received type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration late Friday afternoon. It is the first jet to earn type certification meeting the criteria for a category the industry refers to as Very Light Jet..

Airbus A380 May Face New Delays
14 September, 2006: Airbus may have to announce more delays to production of its A380 superjumbo, the boss of BAE Systems says..

Kentucky Controllers had Worries Before Deadly Crash
13 September, 2006: Months before the Comair jet crash that killed 49 people, air traffic controllers at the Lexington airport wrote to federal officials complaining about a hostile working environment in the tower and short-staffing on the overnight shift, according..

Atlanta Airport's 8R/26L to be Closed 2 Months for Repairs
12 September, 2006: Repairs to one of the old runways at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport have brought back some of the flight delays that were supposed to be cured by the opening in May of the 28 billion fifth runway..

'Busy day' as Atlantis Docks to Space Station
11 September, 2006: The astronauts of space shuttle Atlantis will try Monday to cram in several days of work needed to build the International Space Station..

Space Shuttle Atlantis Safely Back in Space, Launches on the Fifth Try
9 September, 2006: Space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on a mission to resume construction of the international space station Saturday..

Atlantis Launch Scrubbed as Fuel Gauge Issues Persist
8 September, 2006: The planned launch of space shuttle Atlantis today was thrown into doubt early this morning by a balky gauge in the spacecraft's fuel tank, a problem that has bedeviled the shuttle program for several years..

FAA Reminds Flight Crews to Know Runways
7 September, 2006: In the wake of the crash of Comair Flight 5191 in Lexington, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a safety alert reminding flight crews of the procedures for taxiing and making sure they are on the right runway..

Lone Kentucky Crash Survivor Awakens
6 September, 2006: The sole survivor of a plane crash that killed 49 people near Lexington last week asked family members from his hospital bed, 'Why did God do this to me?' but he has not mentioned the crash, a close family friend said Wednesday..

Delta Gets Court Nod to End Pilot Pension Plan
6 September, 2006: A U.S. bankruptcy court Tuesday allowed Delta Air Lines to terminate its pilot defined benefit pension plan, clearing a major hurdle in its restructuring plans..

Airport Work Creates Unexpected Dangers
5 September, 2006: Construction projects can surprise pilots, sometimes resulting in fatalities. The accident in Lexington, Ky., that killed 49 people is an example of how runway work can create deadly problems..

FAA Forces Imposed Work Rules on Air Traffic Controllers
4 September, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration plans to celebrate Labor Day weekend by unilaterally imposing work rules and conditions on its air traffic controller workforce in a brazen, arrogant trampling of the collective bargaining process that promises to have negative impacts on the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System..

Jet Crash Spotlights Controllers' Shifts
4 September, 2006: Democratic lawmakers are demanding an investigation into the practice of allowing air-traffic controllers to work two shifts in 24 hours, a practice denounced by sleep experts..

Controllers Say Staff Shortages are Everywhere
1 September, 2006: Air traffic controllers say they have to keep track of more airplanes with fewer people as the Federal Aviation Administration tries to control costs for operating air traffic control facilities..

Jetliner Evacuated After Fire in Wheel Well
31 August, 2006: All 118 passengers and crew were evacuated safely Thursday when a fire broke out in the left wheel well of US Airways Flight 431, officials said..

NTSB: Lexington Controller Had Only 2 Hours of Sleep
31 August, 2006: The lone air-traffic controller on duty at the time of a jet crash Sunday morning in Lexington, Kentucky, was working on only two hours of sleep, a National Transportation Safety Board spokeswoman said Wednesday..

Air Traffic Controller 'Not a Smoking Gun'
30 August, 2006: Details of the crash of Comair Flight 5191 are rapidly emerging.  Among the latest, news that only one air traffic controller was on duty at the Kentucky airport.  How significant is that information, and what role do air traffic controllers play in these cases?

Only One Controller On Duty During Crash
30 August, 2006: The lone air traffic controller on duty the morning Comair Flight 5181 crashed cleared the jet for takeoff, then turned his back to do some administrative duties as the aircraft veered down the wrong runway, a federal investigator said Tuesday..

Taxiing Can Be Riskiest Part of a Flight
29 August, 2006: Taxiing across an airport might seem like the most benign part of flying, but it can actually be one of the trickiest and most dangerous, according to pilots and aviation experts..

NTSB: Crashed Jet Used Shorter Runway
28 August, 2006: A CRJ100 commuter jet mistakenly trying to take off on a runway that was too short crashed into a field Sunday and burst into flames, killing 49 people and leaving the lone survivor a co-pilot in critical condition, federal investigators said..

Delta Commuter Flight Crashes Killing 49; Wrong Runway a Possibility
27 August, 2006: A Delta commuter flight carrying 50 people crashed Sunday morning near Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, airport and airline officials said..

Next Shuttle Flight Devoted to Construction
25 August, 2006: Every homeowner knows renovations take twice as long and cost twice as much as planned. As NASA aims to complete the International Space Station, officials hope that axiom won't apply to the work on their house in the sky..

O'Hare Receives Grant for Runway Improvements
24 August, 2006: Federal Aviation Administration chief Marion Blakey announced a $10.6 million grant to improve a runway at O'Hare International Airport on Wednesday, part of the agency's efforts to build buffer zones that can slow down planes that overrun..

Fasten Your Seatbelts and No Mobiles Please
23 August, 2006: Overhead no smoking signs will be replaced by no mobiles messages on some planes next year when technology is introduced to make it safe for passengers to use mobile phones mid-flight..

Runway Resurfacing Could Cause Weekend Delays at Logan
22 August, 2006: Logan International Airport plans to close one of its four main jet runways for resurfacing on weekends through October, which could mean delays for travelers..

L.A. Focuses on Traffic Control Problems
21 August, 2006: Air traffic control officials are looking into problems that have cropped up four times at Los Angeles area airports in the last month, holding up some flights..

Boeing to End In-Flight Internet Service
18 August, 2006: Boeing said Thursday it can't find a buyer for its unit that sells high-speed broadband service to airlines, and will shut it down by the end of the year..

No 'Silver Bullet' For Improving Air Security
16 August, 2006: Machines that check carry-on bags for explosives and devices that look for bombs under people's clothing have already been produced, but it is likely to be years before a method of detecting liquid explosives is in widespread use at U.S. airports..

4th Glitch in a Month Has LAX Blaming FAA
15 August, 2006: Top Los Angeles International Airport officials Monday publicly questioned whether the Federal Aviation Administration was adequately maintaining its air traffic control equipment after a key landing system malfunctioned, the fourth mishap in less than a month..

TSA Tweaks List of Banned Items
14 August, 2006: Three days after banning fliers from carrying liquids, gels and lotions past security checkpoints and onto airplanes, the Transportation Security Administration announced Sunday several changes that would allow passengers to board with small doses of liquid medications..

Fliers Likely to Face More Chaos
11 August, 2006: Air travelers in the USA face chaos and disruption for the foreseeable future in the wake of an alleged plot to blow up several U.S.-bound aircraft over the Atlantic..

Security Increases at U.S. Airports
10 August, 2006: Passengers in the United States coped with heightened security and flight cancellations at airports Thursday after authorities in London uncovered a terror plot aimed at airlines traveling from Britain to the U.S..

Boeing Rolls Out First 737-900ER to Enthusiastic Reviews
9 August, 2006: Indonesian dancers flanked the first 737-900ER outside the final assembly plant in Renton this morning, as Boeing showed off its continued investment in the 737 single-aisle jet..

LAX Malfunctions Raise Safety Questions
8 August, 2006: An ILS system that guides arriving planes onto a runway at Los Angeles International Airport failed, marking the second serious problem to disable the world's fifth-busiest airport in the past three weeks, officials said..

ILS Failure Disrupts Flights At LAX
7 August, 2006: The instrument landing system at Los Angeles International Airport failed Monday, cutting in half the number of landings, a spokesman for the air traffic controller's union said..

Northwest, Delta Pension Plans Saved
7 August, 2006: Delta and Northwest airlines will see the biggest immediate impact of the Pension Protection Act..

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson's Old Air Traffic Control Tower Demolished
5 August, 2006: The old air traffic control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is history after being demolished Saturday morning..

Atlanta Unveils Quicker Baggage Scanning System
4 August, 2006: Checking baggage at Atlanta's airport should start getting easier as a new security system is phased in..

25 Years Ago Today: Strike Leaves Legacy for American Workers
3 August, 2006: The air traffic controller's strike 25 years ago left many of the strikers jobless and unable to return to the FAA after President Reagan banned them..

Bill Forces FAA to Renegotiate with Air Traffic Controllers Union
2 August, 2006: Frustrated air traffic controllers - thousands of whom may retire because of a contract stalemate - would get the chance to renegotiate a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration under legislation now in the Senate..

Pat Forrey Elected as New President of NATCA
1 August, 2006: Pat Forrey, an 18-year veteran air traffic controller at Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center and a two-term vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association’s Great Lakes Region, has won election as NATCA president, defeating two-term incumbent John Carr, it was announced today by the union’s election committee..

Life Aboard a 15-hour Flight to India
31 July, 2006: The fliers on American Airlines' new USA-to-India flight from Chicago know they are facing a long haul the longest that American offers worldwide and they're steeling themselves for it..

Senate Committee Blasts FAA for Inaction on Controller Staffing
28 July, 2006: The Senate Transportation Appropriations Committee, in its fiscal year 2007 bill language, has blasted the Federal Aviation Administration for failing to deliver an updated air traffic controller workforce plan and is proposing a $100,000-per-day cut to the FAA operations account for every day the report misses an annual March 1 deadline, beginning next year..

Honda's Microjet Ready for Takeoff
26 July, 2006: Honda Motor announced plans Tuesday to start accepting sales orders this fall for the small jet it debuted last year. The company also said it has formed a business alliance with Piper Aircraft..

United Flight Nearly Hits Cargo Plane
25 July, 2006: A passenger jet taking off at O'Hare International Airport came within 300 feet of a cargo plane that had just landed..

FAA Makes Progress on Satellite Communications
21 July, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration has made headway on a satellite communications network that is part of a major FAA telecommunications overhaul, according to contractors..

California Air Traffic Center Outage Investigated
20 July, 2006: Thousands of travelers across the western United States and Canada were stalled by an 80-minute power outage at a major air traffic control center that directs flights through Southern California..

Massive Failure at LA ARTCC Puts Controllers in Dark
19 July, 2006: A massive power and communications failure late Tuesday at the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center left scrambling air traffic controllers to deal with a nightmare scenario..

Airbus Announces New Jet to Rival Boeing Dreamliner
18 July, 2006: Struggling Airbus, the European airplane builder, unveiled a new family of wide-body passenger jets Monday to compete against the USA's Boeing..

Boeing Says Plastic 737s Not Far Off
17 July, 2006: Forget big metal birds of steel, the aircraft of the future will be constructed out of plastic..

Controllers Launch Online Tool for Air Travelers
17 July, 2006: Want to know the 10 worst times of the day to fly? Want to know which local airport is more likely to have delays? Did you book the flight that is delayed 100 percent of the time for an average of two hours?

Planes Sill Fying with Same Problem as TWA 800
14 July, 2006: Ten years after the explosion of TWA Flight 800, the very problem that led to the disaster still has not been fully fixed..

Boeing Sees Fuel Costs Driving Demand for More Aircraft Through 2025
13 July, 2006: Boeing has upped its 20-year forecast of world jet transport demand in its latest Current Market Outlook, released yesterday..

Airlines May See First Profitable Quarter Since 2000
12 July, 2006: U.S. airlines are poised to report their first profitable quarter since 2000 thanks to strong travel demand, cost-cutting and disciplined management of capacity..

O'Hare Passes Atlanta as Busiest Airport
6 July, 2006: O'Hare International Airport was the nation's busiest airport in terms of air traffic during the first half of 2006, surpassing Atlanta's, according to government statistics released Monday..

Future of Air Traffic is in Orbit
3 July, 2006: The future of air traffic control is satellite technology, not radar, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s plan for a next-generation air transportation system..

Airways in USA are the Safest Ever
1 July, 2006: Several close calls in recent years show the potential for danger on flights remain, but the risk of dying in a plane crash has dropped sharply with recent technical innovations..

JetBlue, Continental Top Satisfaction Survey, Delta Second
30 June, 2006: Despite their emphasis on low cost structures, discount carriers continue to outpace bigger airlines in customer satisfaction, according to a new J.D. Power survey..

The Collision That Changed How We Fly
29 June, 2006: High above the Grand Canyon, the planes were on a collision course. United Airlines Flight 718 and TWA Flight 2 had departed Los Angeles just three minutes apart and taken slightly different routes eastward..

Wi-Fi Falls from the Sky
28 June, 2006: Some have called the ability to surf the Internet on a wireless network while trapped inside a airplane for hours at a time the holy grail for business travelers. Boeing, the company behind the Connexion service that provides just that on several foreign carriers, is calling it something else..

US FAA Approves ADS-B
27 June, 2006: Nationwide deployment of automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) as the first step towards the US next-generation air transport system has been approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Joint Resources Council..

US Lawmaker Wants Limits on A380 Airport Upgrades
26 June, 2006: A senior Republican lawmaker influential on transportation matters said on Friday he wants Congress to prohibit U.S. airports from spending federal funds on upgrades to accommodate the European-made superjumbo Airbus A380..

Boeing Considers Lengthening 747
23 June, 2006: Boeing is studying the possibility of lengthening its 747-8 Intercontinental passenger aircraft in response to requests from some airlines for additional capacity. Interest is coming primarily from Asian carriers that are also evaluating the Airbus A380, which nominally seats 555 passengers in three classes, compared with 450 for the 747-8I, say industry sources..

Nearing Midway, Pilots Worried About Landing
22 June, 2006: The pilots of the Southwest Airlines jet that skidded off a snowy Chicago runway and killed a boy last December worried that it wasn't safe to land and thought about diverting to another city, a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder shows..

Keeping Runways Safe With New Air Traffic Technology
21 June, 2006: (VIDEO) Air travel is on the rise in the U.S., with the Federal Aviation Administration reporting a record 739 million passengers last year alone. As that number continues to grow, Congress is urging the FAA to increase funding for runway safety programs. One of the newest systems is receiving rave reviews throughout the aviation industry..

Frustratingly, Small Airports Get Screeners as Big Terminals Suffer
19 June, 2006: Last year, passengers at Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii, breezed through some of the fastest security lines in the nation. On the other end of the country, Orlando travelers stood in lines that exceeded federal waiting-time goals every day..

Jet Engine Blows Up at LAX
14 June, 2006: Safety officials are investigating why one of the two engines on the American Airlines plane blew apart during a test run at LAX last month, sending pieces into the fuselage and the other engine, punching holes into the wings and scattering pieces..

FAA Telecom Outage Reported at New Atlanta Tower
14 June, 2006: A telecommunications system at the new Atlanta air traffic control tower went down for four-and-a-half hours on the morning of June 9 and caused three flight delays, according to officials at the Federal Aviation Administration’s employee union, Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS)..

The In-Flight Wireless Wrangle
13 June, 2006: Carriers and service providers are laying the groundwork for mobile access on planes. But they've got a lot of hurdles to overcome..

Atlanta Tower Air Traffic Controllers Have Eyes on All 4,700 Acres of Airport
12 June, 2006: Spanning 4,700 acres, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is larger than some countries. From a new tower, a 398 foot tall vantage point, air traffic controllers at the massive hub are now able to see what is happening on every inch of each of the airport’s five runways..

Boeing Near Decision on 787 Dreamliner Production Capacity
8 June, 2006: Boeing could make an announcement as early as this summer on whether it will double production capacity of its fast-selling 787 Dreamliner, a senior executive at the plane maker said on Wednesday..

FAA Imposes Pact On Air Controllers, Move Comes Two Months After Contract Talks Stalled; House May Intervene
6 June, 2006: The FAA will impose its own contract on the nation's air traffic controllers, two months after negotiations on a new contract broke down. The House is considering a proposal aimed at prodding the two sides back to the bargaining table..

Delta Wins Pay Benefit Concessions From Pilots
1 June, 2006: Delta Air Lines, the nation's third-largest carrier, cleared a hurdle Wednesday when its pilots approved an agreement with the company that calls for $280 million in annual concessions..

New Atlanta Air Traffic Control Tower Is Equipped with the FAA's Most Modern and Cost-Effective Telecom Services
30 May, 2006: Harris Corporation today announced that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's new 398-foot air traffic control (ATC) tower represents the most recent milestone in the continuing rollout of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program..

Fifth Runway Opens, But Use Will be Gradual

28 May, 2006: Airliners touched down at the Atlanta airport's fifth runway Saturday — the first day of regular operations for the .28 billion hunk of concrete designed to ease delays at the world's busiest passenger hub..

American CEO: Demand Remains Strong as Planes Fill Up
25 May, 2006: Air travelers in the United States face crowded planes and rising fares this year, but those conditions have not dampened ticket demand, the American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey said Wednesday..

Running out of Runways - Will Atlanta Need Another Airport?
24 May, 2006: When officials toasted the completion of the Atlanta airport's new fifth runway on May 16, they toasted the end of an era in Atlanta history. The fifth runway is most likely the airport's last..

A More Comfortable Boeing Plane
23 May, 2006: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will take flight next year, offering passengers significant improvements in airplane comfort, including bigger windows, roomier storage bins and better in-flight air quality..

In Imaginary Skies, Would-be Controllers Guide Pretend Pilots
19 May, 2006: The skies above Southern California were busy on a recent Monday evening as Markian Olesijuk deftly coordinated the departures and arrivals of more than a dozen airplanes at Los Angeles International Airport..

Atlanta Airport's 5th Runway Ready at Last

17 May, 2006: Minutes before a Delta Air Lines 767 christened Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's fifth runway with its first set of skid marks, Delta CEO Gerald Grinstein commandeered the plane's public-address system..

Atlanta's New Runway 10/28 A Chance to Help Unclog Atlanta
16 May, 2006: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport will open a fifth runway next week, easing congestion and reducing delays at the USA's busiest airport..

Atlanta's New 5th Runway 10/28 Set for Officials' Celebration
16 May, 2006: They're calling it The Most Important Runway in America. Federal, state and local officials gather Tuesday on the new fifth runway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to celebrate the massive project's completion..

New System Could Reduce Flight Delays During Storms
15 May, 2006: Air travelers could face fewer flight delays during stormy weather this summer because of a new system for routing flights, federal aviation regulators say..

Two Killed in Small Plane Crash
12 May, 2006: Forsyth County authorities have identified the two men who died in a small plane crash Friday. A spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department identifies the victims as Lee Zimmerman of Roswell, who piloted the plane, and his passenger, David McAdoo of Talking Rock..

Thunderstorms Could Delay Air Travel
12 May, 2006: The number of airline flight delays in April was 31% higher than the same month last year, thanks mostly to a thunderstorm pattern that could mean trouble ahead for summer travelers, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday..

Air Traffic Controllers Fear Mass Exodus With Contract
11 May, 2006: Air traffic controllers at Detroit Metro Airport lobbied passengers for support Monday as a deadline looms for a new cost-cutting contract with the Federal Aviation Administration..

Atlanta Tower & Ground Air Traffic Controllers Enjoy Their New View
9 May, 2006: The commanding view from the new air traffic control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport takes in just about every inch of the world's busiest airport, as well as the city's distant skyline..

New Atlanta Control Tower Opens Setting Records
8 May, 2006: After a decade of planning and construction, the nation's tallest air traffic control tower is finally up and running at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport..

Eclipse Jet Nears FAA Certification
4 May, 2006: The very light jets being built by Eclipse Aviation Corp. might be significantly quieter than the majority of piston aircraft flying in and out of today's airports, suggests a prepared statement issued on Tuesday by the firm..

Tracking System to Better Pinpoint Planes' Locations
3 May, 2006: The government is endorsing a new concept for the future of guiding planes that will eventually replace radar in tracking jets over the USA. Known as ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast), the system works by providing vastly improved..

FAA Issues Revised Autopilot Standards
2 May, 2006: Reacting to a pair of landmark NTSB recommendations addressing potential safety vulnerabilities in autopilots, the FAA this month is amending airworthiness standards for automatic flight control systems in transport-category airplanes..

NATCA Turns On Charm, Turns Up Heat On FAA
1 May, 2006: National Air Traffic Controllers Association President John Carr has offered to meet personally with FAA Administrator Marion Blakey to try to achieve a negotiated settlement in the current contract impasse. Last week, Blakey rejected the union's call for a return to the bargaining table, saying the two sides are too far apart on money issues..

FAA, Controllers Turn to Congress to Resolve Pay Dispute
28 April, 2006: It’s been 25 years since President Reagan fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers who staged an illegal strike. Those hired to replace them are now embroiled in a bitter contract dispute with the Federal Aviation Administration..

What Brings Personal Jets to the Masses? Lots of Computing
27 April, 2006: Ed Iacobucci is a one-time IBM tech whiz and founder of software maker Citrix Systems. Over the past four years, he and his team have built a breakthrough computer system for solving highly complex optimization problems..

Runway Safety: Pilots Seeing Red
24 April, 2006: After a year of tests at one of the nation's busiest airports, Federal Aviation Administration officials are optimistic that a runway status light system can be approved for use at airports around the country to curb near-collisions of airplanes..

Computer Glitch Led to Atlanta Airport Scare
21 April, 2006: A bomb scare that led authorities to evacuate security checkpoints at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Wednesday was the result of a software malfunction, Transportation Security Administration Director Kip Hawley said..

NATCA Accepts FAA's Public Offer to Return to Bargaining Table
20 April, 2006: National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) President John Carr announced today that NATCA is accepting the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) public offer to return to the contract bargaining table..

Suspicious Device Found at Atlanta Airport
19 April, 2006: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials said the main security checkpoint of the airport was closed Wednesday afternoon because a suspicious device was detected in a screening machine..

Private Jet Owners in a Fight with Commercial Airliners Over Taxes
19 April, 2006: Financially strapped commercial airlines want corporate jet owners to pay more of the cost of maintaining the nation's air traffic control system - a potential change that some fear could cause business aviation to crash and burn..

Captain Meryl Getline: 'Strangle my WHAT?' in Today's Column
18 April, 2006: Pilot Meryl Getline explains the history and usage of the term squawk, from World War II battlefields to modern aircraft cockpits, with a reference to

Telecom Modernization Takes Time
17 April, 2006: A massive effort to replace communications and data lines that stitch together the air traffic control system is (surprise, surprise) behind schedule and not achieving its financial goals..

Delta, Pilots Reach Tentative Deal
14 April, 2006: Delta Air Lines and its pilots union reached a tentative agreement Friday on pay and benefit cuts that could avert a strike at the nation's third largest carrier and ease uncertainty among travelers over the busy Easter weekend..

History in Atlanta Skies Today: Northeast Arrival Gets Split
13 April, 2006: The FAA has split Atlanta's legacy northeast Macey/Womac arrival into the FLCON, WHINZ, & PECHY arrivals to facilitate Atlanta's new rwy 10/28, and to relieve MACEY/WOMAC congestion. Updated PDFs are online at

Capacity Crunch in Summer Skies
12 April, 2006: A reduction in U.S. airlines' available seats coupled with a strong economy promises to pack planes this summer, making flights dismal for passengers but lucrative for an industry struggling to offset surging fuel costs..

Delta Stays Quietly Hopeful
11 April, 2006: Barring a last-minute agreement between Delta Air Lines and its 6,000 pilots, the nation's third-largest airline could be grounded as early as next Tuesday..

$1B Runway Opens, Not Needed
10 April, 2006: Airport and city officials will gather Thursday to open Lambert Airport's new runway, a 9,000-foot-long ribbon of concrete that cost $1.1 billion to build and was the most expensive improvement project in St. Louis history..

Professional Airways Systems Specialists Accuses FAA of Misinformation Campaign
7 April, 2006: The Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) has reacted to the FAA's unwarranted filing of an unfair labor practice charge against the union in connection with negotiations over a new contract for employees in the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) technical operations bargaining unit. The union characterized the FAA's action as a misguided attempt to undermine the contract ratification process, which is central to the PASS's commitment to union democracy..

Air Traffic Controllers Contract Talks Break Down
6 April, 2006: Contract talks between the Federal Aviation Administration and the air traffic controllers union collapsed Wednesday. The FAA declared the negotiations at an impasse, which allows the agency to turn the dispute over to Congress..

Delta Pilots Authorize Strike
5 April, 2006: Pilots at Delta Air Lines voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike against the nation's No. 2 airline, the union announced Tuesday, though no date was set for a walkout..

British Air Traffic Controller's 'tea break' Stops Plane Landing
4 April, 2006: Stunned holiday-makers flying back to Britain from Tenerife said they were told by the captain they could not land because an air traffic controller was on a tea break..

FAA, Air Traffic Controller Contract Talks Break Down
1 April, 2006: Contract talks between the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association broke down Friday as the FAA rejected an offer that would have saved taxpayers $1.4 billion..

Light Jets Promise Air Revolution
31 March, 2006: Once reserved for the seriously rich or the seriously rock 'n' roll, private jets will soon be within easier reach, thanks to a new breed of low-cost lightweight planes that are expected to revolutionize the corporate aviation sector..

FAA Investigating Third Close Call on O'Hare Runways
30 March, 2006: Federal officials are investigating a possible safety breach involving two commercial planes at O'Hare International Airport, the third investigation of an apparent close call on the airfield's runways in less than a week..

On-Time Arrival for ATL's Fifth Runway
29 March, 2006: Hip-deep in a pizza-sized hole, electrician Ken Hunter crimps some of the hundreds of miles of wiring that soon will illuminate the 28 billion fifth runway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport..

Airbus Evacuation Drill Causes 33 Injuries
28 March, 2006: Thirty-three people suffered minor injuries Sunday during a crucial evacuation drill for the new Airbus A380 superjumbo jet. Aviation authorities mandate specific evacuation times for jet models, and the drill was a critical test for the jet..

Persistent Radar Woes at Denver TRACON Jeopardize Safety
27 March, 2006: While the Federal Aviation Administration snubs the Denver Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility by denying it a modernized radar display system, the antiquated system in use continues to experience frequent reliability problems, including a failure recently that resulted in a close call in the skies above Denver that jeopardized safety..

FAA to Probe O'Hare Runway Safety
27 March, 2006: Two federal agencies plan to investigate how commercial planes nearly collided twice in two days on runways at O'Hare International Airport..

A380 Facing Key Evacuation Drill
24 March, 2006: Airbus will carry out its first mock evacuation of the A380 on Sunday, in a crucial step to securing its airworthiness..

Delta Pilots Union Remains Firm
23 March, 2006: The head of the pilots union at embattled Delta Air Lines affirmed Wednesday the union's promise to strike if pay cuts are imposed on the 6,000 pilots while urging the two sides to reach agreement..

FAA Uses Humorous Names for Empty Points in Sky
22 March, 2006: To arrive in Nashville, it takes PICKN and GRNIN and often a pass through HEHAW. It's the same for guitar players, and pilots..

FAA to Move Boise TRACON to SLC
21 March, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration's proposal to move an air traffic control system from Boise to Salt Lake City to save money is like 'cutting off a plane's wings to save weight,' Boise Mayor Dave Bieter says..

New Jet Breed Positioned to Get Off the Ground
20 March, 2006: Small-business owner Bill Frick bought his first airplane in the early 1980s, preferring to fly on his own to visit customers in La Crosse, Wis., and Fort Wayne, Ind., cities that were not well served by major airlines..

Pirate Radio Interferes With Miami Pilots
19 March, 2006: Airline pilots departing from Miami International Airport are getting an earful of something unexpected: Hip-hop tunes from a pirate radio station that sometimes interfere with their communications with the control tower..

Fosset Claims Another Flight Record
18 March, 2006: Adventurer Steve Fossett said Friday that he had broken the record for flying farther than anyone departing and landing at the same spot, traveling more than 25,000 miles (40,225 kilometers) in three days..

Delta CFO Says Airline Won't Negotiate Pilot Pay Cut
17 March, 2006: Delta Air Lines won't lower the amount of concessions it is seeking from its pilots any further, but would be willing to discuss concerns pilots have about the possible termination of their defined benefit pension plan..

FAA Does Nothing as Little Rock Radar Feed Crashes Nightly, Says PASS
16 March, 2006: The Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) today expressed serious concern about the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) indifference toward fixing a problem caused by a private contractor that has resulted in nightly disruptions of information fed into Little Rock National Airport coming from its long-range radars..

One Really Long Runway for Rent
15 March, 2006: For rent.. 15,000-foot runway. Aircraft hangar included. Affordable. Historic. Scenic Florida location..

Fossett to Attempt Closed-Circuit Flight Record
14 March, 2006: Aviator Steve Fossett is off on another bid for a world-record flight. The millionaire aviator took off from Salina Municipal Airport at 6:40 a.m. Tuesday in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, hoping to break the closed-circuit distance record for a flight that begins and ends at the same location..

Delta's Pilot Dispute Goes to Arbitrators Today
13 March, 2006: Delta Air Lines will set a bankruptcy precedent Monday as a bitter dispute with its pilots goes to a panel of arbitrators instead of to a judge..

FAA Urged to Restructure Airplane Fees
10 March, 2006: The trade group representing the nation's largest commercial airlines yesterday argued that companies operating business jets should pay an additional $1 billion to fund the nation's air transportation system..

FAA Administrator Marion Blakely Attacks Her Own Workforce on Capital Hill
9 March, 2006: FAA Administrator Marion Blakey once again made it clear yesterday that she is more focused on attacking her own employees than addressing the serious challenges facing America's air traffic system..

Flights Delayed at New York Airports by Radar Software Failure
8 March, 2006: Flights were delayed in the New York area for up to two hours because of a computer glitch in the air traffic control center, the government said yesterday..

Radar Outage Delays O'Hare Flights
7 March, 2006: Flights bound for O'Hare Airport were delayed Monday afternoon after a telephone line used by air-traffic controllers was cut during routine maintenance, the Federal Aviation Administration said..

Eclipse Aviation Begins Manufacturing Jet Plane for First Customer
6 March, 2006: With its first customer on hand to start an automated welder that quietly hummed as it built a cockpit side panel, Eclipse Aviation began producing its first customer jet plane this week..

FAA Plan Calls for ILS Phaseout Starting in 2015
3 March, 2006: Released last month, the 2005 Federal Radionavigation Plan (FRP)–a joint production of the DOT, DOD and the Department of Homeland Security–provides a useful guide to what air navigation will be like between now and 2020..

Atlanta Airport Gets $26 Million to Build Taxiway
2 March, 2006: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has received $26 million over five years to build a new taxiway intended to reduce flight delays, federal officials said Tuesday..

Study: Cellphones Can Impact Cockpit Devices
1 March, 2006: Talking on cellphones or using laptops on an airplane could disrupt cockpit operations, especially GPS devices that are increasingly being used to help land planes safely, according to a new study..

FAA and Air Traffic Controllers Agree on Mediation
28 February, 2006: Federal mediators will be at the bargaining table next month for the next round of contentious negotiations between the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association..

Unusual Head Winds Prolong Flights
27 February, 2006: Unusually strong February winds at high altitudes have led to longer flight times, unscheduled pit stops and higher costs for U.S. airlines..

Airports Play the Name Game
24 February, 2006: Small airports across the USA have been renaming themselves to boost visibility and gain an edge on competitors. Take Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, N.Y., which is named after a local family. In May, it will become New York Hudson Valley..

NATCA: FAA Reducing Hiring
23 February, 2006: The air traffic controllers union says the Federal Aviation Administration will hire far fewer controllers this year than its target number, a move the union says could affect passenger safety..

Three Planes Avoid Runway Crash in L.A.
22 February, 2006: Two planes came within a few hundred feet of each other last week when a controller at Los Angeles International Airport mistakenly cleared three planes for the same runway, officials said..

Cramming More Seats into Dreamliner
21 February, 2006: Airlines are choosing to cram more seats into Boeing's hot-selling new 787 Dreamliner than the company expected, giving the plane a potentially decisive advantage over its Airbus rival..

What Part Of 'Don't Aim At Planes' Don't You Understand?
20 February, 2006: Lasers are in the news again -- alas, not because of some scientific development, but instead because at least 16 pilots landing their planes at Detroit Metro Airport in a single night report having been flashed by potentially blinding, focused beams of light..

Delta Pilots Picket Over Pay Cuts
17 February, 2006: More than two dozen Delta Air Lines Inc. pilots held signs Friday berating management for asking pilots to take deep concessions while trying to get court approval for a hefty severance plan for officers..

Pushing Boundaries While Pushing Tin
16 February, 2006: The world of air traffic controllers is high-pressure, high-stress and very male. That the world of air traffic control is rife with sexual harassment, verbal abuse and overall boorishness is, current and former employees say, long established..

Reno Airport Officials Demand Answers After Instrument Landing System Fails
16 February, 2006: Officials at Reno-Tahoe International Airport demanded answers Wednesday after new, high-tech equipment designed to keep the airport open in poor weather failed, causing five flight diversions and a ripple of delays..

A Look Inside FAAs Command Center
15 February, 2006: In a Herndon office building that most people have probably never noticed before, decisions are being made that could determine whether the thousands of planes in the air reach their destinations on time..

Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Are Miles Apart in Contract Talks
15 February, 2006: The union president writes a Web log, the Main Bang. He courts lawmakers on Capitol Hill in hopes of gaining leverage at the negotiating table. The agency head calls in an outside auditor to validate her figures on pay and benefits and counter the union's claims. Top aides issue a report charging that a New York union local allowed members to abuse overtime, sick leave and workers' compensation benefits..

Arriving Planes to Line Up Closer Together Above New York City
14 February, 2006: Planes approaching airports in New York will be permitted to fly closer together in a trial period beginning Monday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which says it is trying to fine-tune its standards to improve traffic flow without diminishing safety..

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Bag Checks Go High Tech
13 February, 2006: Those SUV-sized luggage-screening machines taking up space in the check-in areas at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport --- a post-9/11 fixture --- soon will be gone. They'll be replaced by a more sophisticated, behind-the-scenes bomb-screening system that has been under construction for nearly two years. Work on underground bunkers to house the new system caused months of detours on roads around the Atlanta airport..

Plane Skids off JFK Runway
13 February, 2006: A Turkish Airlines flight skidded off a runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport Sunday night, but none of the 198 passengers was injured, a regional transportation spokesman said..

Snow Cancels Flights in Northeast
12 February, 2006: A snowstorm intensified Sunday along the East Coast, canceling more than 2,000 flights in and out of the Northeast and affecting airports across the country..

Fossett Breaks Record; Makes Emergency Landing
11 February, 2006: Adventurer Steve Fossett completed the longest nonstop flight in aviation history Saturday after flying around the globe -- and then some -- in roughly 80 hours..

FAA To Revisit Aging Aircraft Concerns
10 February, 2006: By the year 2020, the average general aviation airplane will be almost 50 years old, says the FAA. The FAA will address the safety of the aging fleet in a public meeting to be held next month in Kansas City, Mo..

Leak Could Threaten Distance Record
9 February, 2006: Steve Fossett's experimental airplane lost more than 4 percent of its fuel during takeoff, which could jeopardize his attempt to break the long distance flight record, his mission team said Thursday..

Fossett Distance Quest Under Way
8 February, 2006: After a white-knuckle takeoff, millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett soared out over the Atlantic in a bony-looking experimental airplane Wednesday on a quest to break the 25,000-mile record for the world's longest aircraft flight..

Radar System Spots Debris on Runway
8 February, 2006: Canada's Vancouver airport is set to become the world's first airport to install special radar in an effort to keep dangerous debris off its runways..

Citation Mustang Engine Approval is Major Landmark for Very Light Jets
7 February, 2006: Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW615F engine for Cessna’s Citation Mustang received Transport Canada type certification on 30 December 2005. It is the first of the company’s new generation of very-light jet (VLJ) engines to be certificated..

LAX Runway Safety Project to Get $100 Million From Feds
6 February, 2006: A runway safety project at Los Angeles International Airport is of critical importance and likely will receive more than $100 million in federal funding, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said..

Union Rips Radar Failure at Oberlin Air Traffic Control Center
3 February, 2006: The president of the union representing FAA technicians has criticized the operation of the Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center in Oberlin for taking more than an hour to repair its radar system that went out Thursday after a system upgrade. 'This is just another example of why the FAA cannot leave open watches at these facilities and expect that everything will be fine,' said Tom Brantley, national president of the Professional Airways Systems Specialists..

Jumbo Clips Taxiing Qantas Jet
2 February, 2006: A shuddering jolt ran through a Qantas jet as it was hit from behind by a United Airlines 747-400 on the tarmac at Melbourne airport yesterday. The left wing of the Los Angeles-bound jumbo sheered off the tip of the right tail winglet on the Qantas Boeing 767..

Bombardier Grounds Jet Plan
1 February, 2006: Bombardier Inc. has put on ice a $2.1-billion program to develop a new line of jets, raising questions about its future in the commercial aviation business..

Airlines Grapple With Chapter 11
31 January, 2006: While United Airlines is about to emerge from more than three years of bankruptcy reorganization, two of its biggest rivals, Delta and Northwest, are still in the early stages of restructuring their own finances under Chapter 11..

LaGuardia To Finally Get New Tower
30 January, 2006: After years of delayed flights, outdated equipment and ground controllers being unable to see certain parts of the runway at one of the nation's busiest airports, New York's LaGuardia Airport will soon be getting a new control tower..

Air Traffic Controllers Juggle Stress
29 January, 2006: Air traffic controller Tim Smith sits with 360 colleagues in a darkened room full of radarscopes at the Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center. The job calls for coordinating arrivals and departures at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and includes air traffic management in parts of the states bordering Texas..

New Caution for Pilots Landing on Wet Runways
28 January, 2006: The National Transportation Safety Board is urging that commercial airplane pilots change the way they calculate stopping distances on slippery runways to avoid a crash, such as the one in Chicago that killed a child..

Air Traffic Controllers Make Alliance With Senators in Dispute With FAA
27 January, 2006: The union representing air traffic controllers is looking to Capitol Hill for help in contentious contract negotiations with the Federal Aviation Administration..

NTSB: Medevac Safety Rules Sought
26 January, 2006: The National Transportation Safety Board yesterday called for new safety standards in the medical transport aviation industry after an 18-month study revealed what the agency termed a disturbingly high number of fatal accidents among transport aircraft..

Poor Cockpit Behavior Led to '04 Crash
25 January, 2006: Shortly before their aircraft crashed into trees, the two crew members on Corporate Airlines Flight 5966 were joking with each other, discussing co-workers they didn't like and how it would be nice to eat a Philly cheese steak. The accident killed the crew and 11 of 13 passengers..

Capt. Meryl Getline References in Today's Column
24 January, 2006: Pilot Meryl Getline explains why air traffic control might request a flight crew execute an s turn. Plus: Listen to live air traffic control online..

Runway Reports Often Unreliable
23 January, 2006: An antiquated warning system for the nation's pilots has led dozens of them to receive unreliable information about slippery runways and to land in dangerous conditions, according to a review of accidents and pilot reports during the past decade..

FAA, Union at Odds Over Automated Oceanic Air Traffic Control System
20 January, 2006: The National Air Traffic Controllers Association wrangled this week with the Federal Aviation Administration over problems with a new automated system at the Bay Area's traffic control center that allows air traffic controllers to manage flights over the Pacific Ocean..

CEO: Delta is on Target
19 January, 2006: Delta Air Lines has completed 70% of the goals in its recovery plan and could emerge from bankruptcy court in little over a year, Chief Executive Gerald Grinstein said..

Smaller Jets May Transform Flying
18 January, 2006: America's already crowded skies are about to become more congested. Taking off for the first time this year will be small, speedy, cheap jets that big airlines worry will cause traffic jams around major metropolitan areas..

Mechanic Sucked into Jet Engine
17 January, 2006: A mechanic was sucked into a jet engine and killed Monday while passengers were boarding the plane, officials said..

Passport of the Future to Be Tested in San Francisco
16 January, 2006: On Sunday, the United States, in collaboration with Australia and New Zealand, will begin testing the ePassport system using citizens as participants..

U.S. Airline Pilots Complaining More About Fatigue
13 January, 2006: A growing number of U.S. airline pilots are complaining about fatigue from longer work days brought on by crew schedule changes at airlines that have restructured, or continue to restructure in bankruptcy, the nation's top pilots' union said..

FAA Under Fire: Dallas/Fort Worth VORTAC Left Unsecured
12 January, 2005: An air traffic control transmitter that is critical to pilots, air traffic controllers and passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has been left open and unguarded, according to an investigation by WFAA-TV. The large radio tower on International Parkway inside airport grounds is a critical piece of navigation equipment, but for the past month the transmitter was left unprotected..

NATCA Urges FAA to Fund New Hires
11 January, 2006: The Federal Aviation Administration is considering shelving plans to hire 1,249 new air traffic controllers this year because of cuts mandated by recent budget legislation, despite the urgent need for new controllers as three out of every four become eligible for retirement over the next decade. But while the agency cites budgetary pressures from labor costs, it still decided to raise management salaries and hire additional supervisors to oversee a shrinking workforce..

FAA May Alter NY Airspace
10 January, 2006: The US Federal Aviation Administration is considering redesigning a large portion of airspace in the US north-east to address growing congestion..

NIA Radar Failure to be Probed
9 January, 2006: The Ministry of Transport and Aviation has ordered a formal inquiry into the failure of the radar facility at Nassau International Airport (NIA) during one of the busiest travel periods of the year with a view to ensuring accountability and reviewing protocols, Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin said yesterday..

Supplier Slips Hold up Eclipse 500
6 January, 2006: Eclipse Aviation has delayed US certification of the Eclipse 500 very-light jet from 31 March to late in the second quarter because of supplier delays, including a slip in one major vendor’s deliveries. Eclipse refuses to name the errant supplier, but industry sources say it is Avidyne, which is developing the pilot interface for the aircraft’s Avio integrated avionics system..

5 Things to Expect in Aviation 2006
5 January, 2006: From a super-big new jet to a reopened New Orleans, to a new runway in Atlanta, it's likely to be an interesting year for business travelers..

Atlanta Airport Busier than Chicago
4 January, 2005: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has topped Chicago O'Hare International Airport as the nation's busiest in terms of takeoffs and landings, the Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday..

Analysts: 2006 Pivotal Year for Airlines
3 January, 2006: The U.S. airline industry is coming off an up-and-down year that saw two major carriers file for bankruptcy but others begin to pull out of a nosedive that began in 2001..

New Breed of Very Light Jets Poised for Takeoff in 2006
2 January, 2006: One of the most breathlessly anticipated revolutions in U.S. aviation is poised to take off in 2006, as new super-fast, relatively cheap airplanes called 'very light jets' finally go into service..

First-Hand Account of Harrowing Flight
30 December, 2005: A California man who was a passenger on the Alaska Airlines flight that lost cabin pressure earlier this week is now being both praised and scorned online for taking photographs and posting an account on his blog..

Delta's Pilots Agree to Temporary 15% Pay Cut
29 December, 2005: Delta Air Lines pilots voted on Wednesday to approve a 14% pay cut in an interim deal their union worked out with management to help the bankrupt carrier cope with an expected cash crunch..

Fuselage Opens As Plane Climbs Into Sky Forcing Emergency Landing
28 December, 2005: About 20 minutes after takeoff, a loud noise shook an Alaska Airlines flight, and oxygen masks dropped out of the ceiling as the plane dropped from about 26,000 feet. Pilots safely made an emergency landing nearly a half hour later at Seattle-Tacoma..

SJU Radar Failure Delays Flights
27 December, 2005: Scores of airline passengers who expected to be in Nassau, Bahamas, by Monday night instead found themselves unexpectedly in Miami because of a broken radar system at the island nation's international airport, which impaired flight operations there..

Delta to Shut 2/3 of Gates at Orlando
26 December, 2005: Delta Air Lines said Friday it plans to shut down two-thirds of its gates at Orlando International Airport as part of attempts to emerge from bankruptcy..

Nearly 300,000 Expected to Pass Through Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport Today
22 December, 2005: Today is one of the busiest days of the year at Hartsfield-Jackson International, with 292,459 passengers expected to pass through the airport. Although airport officials don't predict major delays, it might take longer to clear security..

Uncertified Contractors Doing Crucial Airline Repairs
21 December, 2005: Airlines are using uncertified workers for critical maintenance work, which operate without enough oversight of either the carriers or the Federal Aviation Administration, according to an agency investigation..

FAA Won't Properly Staff Atlanta Tower
20 December, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration has reneged on a deal with air traffic controllers that aimed to ensure the country’s busiest control tower, at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is properly and safely staffed. The FAA’s change in course means that Atlanta Tower is forced to continue operating with 10 fewer controllers than is mandated by the deal and the FAA won’t be able to staff two proposed positions in the tower designed to ensure safe runway crossings, despite the opening of a new fifth runway next May and a spate of recent runway incidents across the country..

'Something went drastically wrong': 20 Die in Plane Crash
19 December, 2005: A seaplane headed for the Bahamas broke apart off Miami Beach and plunged into the ocean Monday, trailed by smoke and flames in front of scores of beachgoers. All 20 of those aboard were confirmed dead..

Find Out What the FAA Doesn't Want You to Know
19 December, 2005: That's a quote from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) in an e-mail to promote a new daily blog being written by organization president John Carr. NATCA, the union for the nation’s air traffic controllers, says readers of the blog will 'get the inside scoop on the latest news and opinions from the perspective of the nation's controllers and hear it straight from John, who often posts multiple entries daily.' NATCA has been critical of the FAA the past few years on issues such as funding, safety and the hiring (or lack thereof) of new air traffic controllers..

NTSB: Jet's Thrust Reversers Came on Late
16 December, 2005: The Southwest Airlines jet that skidded off a Chicago runway last week sped for thousands of feet during a critical 18 seconds when thrust reversers did not operate, investigators said Thursday..

Midway Radios Crackled Warnings About Runway Condition
15 December, 2005: Radio communications recorded just before last week's fatal accident at Midway Airport reveal that some pilots and air-traffic controllers were concerned about the worsening snowstorm and discussed whether they could change the runway configuration to escape a tailwind that increased the stopping distance of planes landing..

Fired New York Air Traffic Controllers Return to Jobs
14 December, 2005: Eleven air traffic controllers who were fired from their jobs at the New York Tracon in Westbury earlier this year were back on the job yesterday morning after a settlement agreement was reached with the controllers' union..

Midway Accident Spotlights Short Runways
13 December, 2005: A deadly accident in which a Boeing 737 slid off the end of a snowy runway brought renewed demands Friday for buffer zones or other safety measures at hundreds of airports around the nation to give pilots a wider margin for error..

Delta, Pilots Cut Tentative Deal
12 December, 2005: Delta Air Lines said Sunday night that it had reached a tentative agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association to cut pilots pay, avoiding a potential showdown in Delta's bankruptcy case over the air carrier's effort to impose steeper pay cuts..

Jet Skids Off Runway in Chicago
9 December, 2005: A jetliner trying to land in heavy snow slid off a runway, crashed through a fence and slid into a busy street, hitting one vehicle and pinning another beneath it. A 6-year-old boy was killed. At least 10 people were injured, authorities said..

FAA Says New Equipment Should Reduce O'Hare Delays
8 December, 2005: Federal officials say a $5.5 million upgrade to O'Hare International Airport's navigation equipment will help reduce flight delays during bad weather..

Delta Executive Says Airline Has No Plan to Get Rid of Pilots
7 December, 2005: Delta Air Lines wants to retain its pilots and it plans to have a collective bargaining agreement in the future with its pilots, an executive with the bankrupt carrier said Tuesday..

Air Traffic Controller Negotiations May Have Damaged Morale
6 December, 2005: Contract negotiation disputes between the Federal Aviation Administration and the air traffic controllers union have damaged morale and might lead to fewer people entering the high-stress field, according to a union representative in New Hampshire..

Gulfstream Plans for Supersonic Jet
5 December, 2005: In 2003, time-starved air travelers made their last supersonic flight when the Concorde retired after nearly 30 years of service. Now, corporate jet-makers led by Savannah-based Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. are pioneering the next generation of supersonic planes..

Spectrum Aeronautical Unveils VLJ
2 December, 2005: Start-up Spectrum Aeronautical of Encinitas, Calif., joined the crowded very light jet segment last month when it unveiled a nine-seat, $3.65 million all-composite VLJ at the NBAA Convention. Managing director Linden Blue (known to many as the father of the Beech Starship) bills the 7,300-pound-mtow Spectrum 33–powered by a pair of Williams International FJ33 engines–as a “full-size airplane at half the weight.”..

PASS Says FAA Needs to Tighten Its Leash on Contractors
1 December, 2005: A radar outage earlier this month at Orlando International Airport (OIA) has the Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) again questioning FAA oversight of contractors responsible for transitioning from MCI to Harris Corporation's Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI), which provides circuitry and communications for the FAA..

FAA Says NATCA Response To Mediation Is 'Predictable Rhetoric'
30 November, 2005: The war of words continues between the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association over ongoing contract talks. After the FAA requested a federal mediator to oversee its talks with the controller's union, NATCA's response was succinct..

Delta CFO Says $3 Billion Turnaround Plan Needed For Airline's Survival
29 November, 2005: Delta Air Lines, which lost $2.6 billion in the first nine months of this year, needs $3 billion in annual cost savings from its reorganization plan to survive, chief financial officer Edward Bastian told a bankruptcy court on Monday..

FAA Director Requests Contract Mediators
28 November, 2005: The nation's top aviation official called Monday for federal mediators to intervene in troubled talks between the government and air traffic controllers..

Southern California Airports Have Worst Runway Safety Records
25 November, 2005: Los Angeles International Airport and two others nearby have the worst runway safety records among the nation's busiest airports in recent years, a review of federal aviation data shows..

Travelers Hit the Skies and Highways
24 November, 2005: At the world's busiest airport, Joe Lamport had plenty of time on his hands he had arrived two days early for Thanksgiving.

ICAO Warns on A380 Wake Vortices
23 November, 2005: Airbus is confirming details of an ICAO letter warning that wake-vortex separation rules for aircraft following A380s could be more stringent than for current widebodies but insists that adequate flight-test data is not yet in..

Feds Pledge Millions for O'Hare Expansion
22 November, 2005: U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta on Monday pledged $337 million in federal funds for a planned expansion at O'Hare International Airport that is aimed at reducing flight delays at one of the nation's busiest airports..

Broadband Service Ready to Board More Corporate Jets
21 November, 2005: Executives who travel on corporate jets may soon be finding in-flight high-speed Internet a common feature. Only Annapolis, Md.-based Arinc is on the market now with a broadband service for corporate jets. But competition is set to intensify in 2006..

EU Launches Air Traffic Overhaul
18 November, 2005: The European Union on Thursday unveiled an ambitious plan for a 20 billion euro ($23.4 billion) air traffic management system to help Europe cope with an expected doubling in the number of flights over the next 15 years..

Jet Not at Fault in Toronto Crash
17 November, 2005: The crash of an Air France jet in Toronto on August 2 does not appear to have been caused by problems with the Airbus A340 itself, Canada's Transport Safety Board said Wednesday..

Runway Near Misses Prompt Urgent Safety Concern
16 November, 2005: Close calls between jets happen with alarming frequency on the nation's runways and federal regulators need to find better ways to curb the problem, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled Tuesday..

FAA Proposes New Fuel Tank Systems to Reduce Chance of Explosion
15 November, 2005: The government says it plans to order all airlines to make changes that will reduce the chance of fuel tank explosions like the one that destroyed a TWA Boeing 747 more than nine years ago..

Delta Can't Say Whether Can Stop Strike
14 November, 2005: Delta Air Lines said Monday it can't predict whether it will be able to prevent or stop a strike if its pilots choose to walk off the job should their contract be thrown out in bankruptcy court..

Eclipse Shines With More Taxi Deals
11 November, 2005: Eclipse Aviation is continuing to smash order records and announced a further 80 aircraft sales at NBAA this morning..

World's Longest Commercial Flight Attempt Lands in London
10 November, 2005: A Boeing jet arrived in London on Thursday at the end of an attempt to break the record for the longest non-stop flight by a commercial jet. The flight left Hong Kong and traversed the Pacific Ocean and North America before landing in London..

Boeing to Attempt World's Longest Flight
9 November, 2005: Boeing plans to break the record for the longest non-stop flight by a commercial jet a 12,500-mile trip that is to begin in Hong Kong, fly over northern Canada and land in London, the company said Wednesday..

Airlines Continue to Upgrade Web Sites
8 November, 2005: Squeezed by high fuel costs, airlines continue to turn to their Web sites and other technology to save money and make customers happy by speeding up the check-in process..

Honeywell Sees Skyrocketing Sales of Business Jets in 2006
7 November, 2005: Honeywell predicts next year will bring a bumper crop of business jets. The number of business jets delivered in 2006 is expected to hit record highs, according to Honeywell Aerospace's 14th annual business aviation outlook, which will be released today..

Google Plane Boarding Soon
4 November, 2005: The search engine company has some big plans for its 767-200 passenger jet; two staterooms and plenty of leg room for 50 passengers will be among its features..

LAX to Get Improved ASDE-X
3 November, 2005: Los Angeles International Airport, which has one of the nation's highest rates of runway safety violations, will be among 15 facilities to receive new technology aimed at averting potential airfield collisions, federal officials said..

Regional Jets Endangered Species
2 November, 2005: The sleek little 50-seat regional jet that changed the airline industry 14 years ago is now a falling star, the victim of changing economics. Once prized by airlines for its speed and range but disliked by many fliers for its cramped cabin..

Airlines to Make Internet Work For Them
1 November, 2005: U.S. airlines are getting less economic bang out of each seat than they did a decade ago, in part because of the growing legion of computer-savvy travelers using the Internet to find bargain fares. But airlines and other travel companies are trying..

FAA Puts Lockheed Martin Oceanic Air Traffic Control System Into Full Operation At Oakland
31 October, 2005: A new system that will significantly improve the efficiency of air traffic management over the Pacific Ocean became fully operational in October at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center in Fremont, CA..

NASA Honors Innovations in Air Traffic Management
28 October, 2005: As the skies become increasingly crowded, software developed by NASA is helping aircraft fly safer and more efficiently. This week, the Multi-center Traffic Management Advisor (McTMA) Development Team at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., received the Increase Capacity and Mobility Award at NASA's Turning Goals into Reality awards ceremony. The team was recognized for developing a decision-support tool that helps reduce air traffic delays in highly congested and complex airspace, such as the northeast corridor of the United States..

Eclipse Takes Jet on National Tour
27 October, 2005: Forget the bus, Albuquerque's Eclipse Aviation is going on tour -- by air. The manufacturer of the revolutionary personal jet plane announced Monday seven national stops where its Eclipse 500 test plane will be on display to court potential customers..

Miami Airport Reopens After Wilma
26 October, 2005: Miami International Airport reopened to domestic flights Wednesday for the first time since Hurricane Wilma, but the biggest carrier there only expected to operate about half its flights..

New Aviation GPS Safety System Tracks Air and Ground Vehicles
25 October, 2005: Pennsylvania announced steps to make air travel safer and more efficient by adopting a recommendation from the Governor's Aviation Advisory Committee to begin using new technology at its airports..

U.S. Airlines International Growth Raises Concern
24 October, 2005: U.S. airlines are increasingly shifting flights from highly competitive domestic routes to international destinations, but some observers are worried their rush to do so could create a glut, driving fares lower..

NY Airports Get $17 Million Upgrade
21 October, 2005: The region's three major airports will get improvements totaling more than $17 million in the latest round of work authorized Thursday by their operator, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey..

LAX Controller Cites Fatigue in Near-Crash
20 October, 2005: A report released this week by the National Transportation Safety Board noted a controller was tired when a near crash at Los Angeles International Airport occurred, and the control tower was staffed at about half its normal level at the time of the August 2004 event. But it does not offer an official cause of the near disaster, which occurred on a clear afternoon..

IATA: India Must Increase Airport Capacity
19 October, 2005: India needs to quickly increase capacity and improve air traffic control at the country's two major airports New Delhi and Bombay to ensure safety and sustain the country's air travel boom, the International Air Transport Association said Tuesday..

Fujitsu Supplies Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with Mission Critical Communication System
18 October, 2005: Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., announced today that the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport since 1998, has deployed Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 4000 Multiservice Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs) in support of mission-critical air traffic control tower radio and data communications. The upgraded intra-airport network, built as part of the Hartsfield-Jackson Development Program (H-JDP) Focus on the Future capital improvement project, serves as the backbone of a sophisticated communications infrastructure and is carrying live traffic now..

Delta, Retired Pilots to Face Off in Court
17 October, 2005: Delta Air Lines and its pilots are about to battle in court over a key issue in the carrier's bankruptcy case — pensions. The pilots want the nation's third-largest carrier to continue making minimum contributions to their pension plan and certain payments to higher-paid retirees, while the Atlanta-based company vows it won't do either unless a judge forces its hand..

FAA Extends Flight Caps at O'Hare
14 October, 2005: Federal aviation regulators have extended a temporary cap on flights into O'Hare International Airport into next spring as a way to reduce delays, according to a federal order made public Thursday..

Air Traffic Control Glitches Highlighted by Two Labor Unions
13 October, 2005: Technical problems in air traffic control systems at airports around the country were criticized by labor unions representing air traffic controllers and radar system technicians..

New Antenna Installed at Logan, Normal Radar in Operation
12 October, 2005: Federal aviation officials said operations had returned to normal Wednesday morning at Logan International Airport following two days of serious delays caused by a faulty radar antenna..

FAA Eyes Antenna for Radar Errors, Logan's Capacity Slashed in Half
12 October, 2005: Federal aviation officials last night focused on a problem antenna as the possible cause of a malfunctioning radar system slowing flights in and out of Logan International Airport. After two full days of delays, frustrated Logan officials also asked federal investigators to rule out sabotage..

Radar Malfunction Causes Delays at Logan
11 October, 2005: Air traffic was backed up for several hours at Logan International Airport on Monday because of a glitch in the radar system, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said..

FAA Sending Specialists to Unravel Runway Issues at Logan Airport
10 October, 2005: Federal aviation officials said last week that they plan to send a team of about a dozen specialists to Logan International Airport next week to try to unravel a spate of runway incidents over the past year..

Air Traffic Controllers Warn on Staffing
7 October, 2005: Safety at the world's busiest airport is in question because the Federal Aviation Administration has been slow to replace soon-to-be retiring workers, air traffic controllers said..

Another Close Call at Logan
6 October, 2005: Two jets crossed paths on the runways at Logan International Airport, forcing one of them to abort its takeoff, marking the second such incident in just over a week and 16th since last October..

FAA Moves Flight Service Jobs to Lockheed Amid Protests
5 October, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration transferred its flight service work to Lockheed Martin Corp. on Oct. 4, despite attempts to delay the move by employees and scores of lawmakers. The $1.9 billion outsourcing deal — affecting 2,000 jobs — is the result of the biggest competition yet between federal employees and contractors for federal work, a process known as competitive sourcing..

Delayed, Canceled Flights on Upswing
4 October, 2005: Flight delays and cancellations are mounting for U.S. travelers as the financially ailing airline industry juggles rising fuel prices, weather, labor troubles and more passengers..

Conserving Fuel Makes Dollars and Sense for Airlines
3 October, 2005: In less than two years, the price of jet fuel has doubled. For American Airlines, that translates to almost $3 billion in additional costs annually..

FAA Approves Chicago's $15 Billion O'Hare Expansion Plan
30 September, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday it has approved Chicago's $15 billion plan to expand O'Hare International Airport. O'Hare is now cleared for takeoff, FAA administrator Marion C. Blakey said..

Air Traffic Controllers Say FAA Failures Threaten Air Safety
29 September, 2005: Announcing what it calls a major new national public education campaign, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association Wednesday called on the FAA to address serious flaws that are putting the safety of the flying public at risk..

NATCA & FAA Bargaining Through Press Releases
28 September, 2005: Apparently the labor negotiations are not going well at the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association have issued duellng press releases on the current state of bargaining on a new contract..

Report: Air Traffic Tech Systems Vulnerable
27 September, 2005: High-tech networks that link key parts of the U.S. air traffic control system lack important controls and are potentially vulnerable to hackers and others familiar with how those computer programs work, congressional investigators say..

Dulles' New Tower of Power
26 September, 2005: The control room in the new air traffic control tower at Washington Dulles International Airport is more than a room with a view. When it opens next year, it will be among the highest in the nation. The behemoth stretches 325 feet into the Northern Virginia sky, dwarfing the 178-foot-tall tower it will replace..

Airlines Cancel Flights, Waiver Restrictions Ahead of Rita
23 September, 2005: Flight cancellations piled up in Texas ahead of powerful Hurricane Rita and more than a dozen airlines have waived restrictions to help affected travelers..

Delta Announces Significant Job, Pay and Benefit Cuts
22 September, 2005: Delta Air Lines, the nation's third-largest carrier, said Thursday it will cut up to 9,000 jobs, reduce employee pay and make changes to its network to focus more on international flying as it moves swiftly to restructure its costs in bankruptcy..

JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing
21 September, 2005: A JetBlue airliner with its front landing gear stuck sideways landed safely Wednesday, balancing on its back wheels as it slowed on the runway at Los Angeles International Airport..

FAA to Propose Cameras, Wireless Devices in Planes
21 September, 2005: The latest post-Sept. 11 security change for commercial planes may be cameras in the cabin and wireless devices for flight attendants to alert the cockpit crew to an emergency..

Grinstein Says Delta Will Emerge Stronger From Bankruptcy
20 September, 2005: The head of struggling Delta Air Lines assured Georgia lawmakers Monday he is confident the airline will emerge from bankruptcy protection as a stronger and more viable company but added that there will be a period of pain..

Your Air Taxi Is Almost Ready
19 September, 2005: Boston startup Linear Air is out to get a jump on this new form of point-to-point flying in very light jets, which may debut in 2006..

Bankrupt Delta, Northwest to Merge?
16 September, 2005: After almost simultaneously filing for bankruptcy this week, industry analysts now speculate that Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines could explore a possible merger, according to a report published Friday..

Delta, Northwest File for Chapter 11 Protection
14 September, 2005: Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines, hobbled by high fuel costs and heavy debt and pension obligations, filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors Wednesday, becoming the third and fourth major carriers to enter Chapter 11 reorganization..

Runway Safety System Called Inadequate
14 September, 2005: A high-tech warning system recently installed at major U.S. airports can't be counted on to prevent runway collisions, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday..

More Flights Connecting Through Smaller Airports
13 September, 2005: Utter the word layover to an air traveler, and crowded hub airports spring to mind Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth. But increasingly, travelers are being presented itinerary options that have them connecting in smaller airports..

Delta Stock Plunges on Bankruptcy Report
12 September, 2005: Delta Air Lines Inc. shares tumbled 18 percent Monday, dropping well below $1, after a report that struggling company may file for bankruptcy protection this week..

Engineers Plan Future Silent Airliner
9 September, 2005: A new generation of barely- audible, fuel-efficient passenger aircraft described as flying wings with virtual windows could arrive in two decades, engineers from Britain's Cambridge University said on Friday..

The Empty Arms Of Mother Delta
8 September, 2005: Usually, nothing too crazy happens in Peachtree City, Ga., a pristine little hamlet 35 miles south of Atlanta. Behind the placid facade, however, Peachtree City is on edge. Its once-richest patron, Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL ), which employs 3,530 people in Peachtree City, is sliding toward bankruptcy after $10 billion in losses over the past four years..

Airlines Fly Out Evacuees for Free
7 September, 2005: Delta and Continental airlines Tuesday plucked hundreds of people from shattered New Orleans, delivering them to relief sites around the USA. In all, about 15 airlines operated 140 flights out of New Orleans from Friday through Tuesday..

Air Traffic Controllers Rise to the Task
6 September, 2005: With the help of a Federal Aviation Administration van carrying satellite phones and emergency radio equipment and several dozen technicians and controllers who have worked nearly around the clock, pilots say the air traffic facility has risen up to meet the task..

Airline Stocks Continue Falling, Analysts Predict Delta Bankruptcy Even Sooner
2 September, 2005: Airline stocks continued to slide Thursday amid jet fuel prices that have risen nearly 20% this week following Hurricane Katrina's devastation, which prompted at least two major carriers to raise fares..

Shortage Looms if Jet Fuel Disruption Not Fixed Soon
1 September, 2005: Major airports in the East and Southeast could run out of jet fuel as soon as next week if refinery and pipeline shutdowns aren't resolved soon..

FAA Opens Runway in New Orleans
31 August, 2005: Officials opened one runway at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in Louisiana on Tuesday to emergency flights for Katrina relief, according to a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration..

Some Flights Resume, But Katrina Still Wreaking Havoc on Air Travel
30 August, 2005: At least eight Southern airports halted fights Monday because of Katrina, though some hinted that they would try to resume flight operations today..

Katrina, Rising Oil Prices Hurt Airlines
29 August, 2005: The one-two punch of Hurricane Katrina and oil prices briefly topping $70-a-barrel is giving the beleaguered major airlines just what they don't need as they approach a traditionally slow travel season and a few of them flirt with bankruptcy..

Canada's Air Traffic Controllers Ratify Contract, Annual Raises of 3%
26 August, 2005: Canada's air traffic controllers have ratified a four-year contract that provides annual raises of three per cent. Union members voted 80 per cent in favour of a contract settlement reached last month with Nav Canada, the not-for-profit organization in charge of Canada's air traffic control systems..

U.S. Struggles to Revamp Air Traffic Control System
25 August, 2005: Hordes of U.S. business and leisure travelers are taking to the skies again, but experts say their flights will be more expensive, less safe and more likely to be delayed without an overhaul of the nation's air traffic system..

Can Delta Fly Solo, Even if it Files for Chapter 11?
24 August, 2005: A year ago, Delta Air Lines was struggling to stay out of bankruptcy-court protection. Increasingly, the question for the USA's No. 3 carrier, industry analysts say, is whether it can survive at all as an independent airline..

Japan Testing Concorde Successor
23 August, 2005: Japan's space agency plans to launch an arrow-shaped airplane at twice the speed of sound high over the Australian outback as early as next month in a crucial test of the country's push to develop a supersonic successor to the retired Concorde..

Delta Stock Continues Slide
22 August, 2005: Shares of Delta Air Lines Inc. stock continued to slide Monday, after a memo from the company to pilots late Friday warned cash reserves have fallen and last year's agreement seeking to avoid bankruptcy may have to be revisited..

Air Traffic Safety Questions Remain
19 August, 2005: The U.S. is enjoying an unprecedented period of aviation safety, there have been no major plane crashes in nearly four years and runway violations are down..

Controllers Say LAX Understaffing Caused Planes to Fly Too Close
18 August, 2005: Air traffic controllers claim severe staffing shortages are to blame for a series of mistakes, including two in the last five days, that caused planes to fly dangerously close to one another over California..

Air Safety Abroad Not Always to U.S. Level
17 August, 2005: The two jetliners that crashed in the past three days were both flying for new, low-cost regional carriers, which are springing up around the world as governments follow the U.S. lead and deregulate air travel..

Delta Sells Atlantic Southeast Airlines
16 August, 2005: Delta Air Lines, which is struggling to avoid a bankruptcy filing amid persistently high fuel costs, said Monday that it is selling feeder carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines to SkyWest for $425 million in cash..

Pilots Have Seconds to Act in Loss of Pressure
15 August, 2005: An American Trans Air jet was cruising over the Midwest at 33,000 feet on May 12, 1996, when a blaring horn sounded in the cockpit. The Boeing 727 was rapidly losing cabin air pressure..

Passengers Weigh on Airlines
12 August, 2005: The weight of the average air traveler and carry-on items now tips the scales at almost 200 pounds, a big part of the reason the airlines have gone on crash diets that include shedding magazines, seat phones and even life vests from some aircraft..

Plan Unveiled for Safer Runways at Logan
11 August, 2005: Following a series of incidents on Logan International Airport's intersecting runways, including the near collision of two jets taking off, officials unveiled a safety plan Wednesday involving new signs and closer supervision of planes..

Airlines Face Risk of Fuel Shortages
10 August, 2005: Lost luggage, bad weather and now ... no fuel? While fliers haven't yet had to add that problem to the list of headaches associated with air travel, it may not be far away..

Discovery is Home
9 August, 2005: The space shuttle Discovery touched down Tuesday morning, completing NASA's first shuttle mission since Columbia broke apart during re-entry in February 2003..

Fuel, Not Labor, Drives Costs Up
8 August, 2005: Flipping normal industry economics upside down, some airlines in the USA are paying more for jet fuel than for the people they employ. AirTran, America West, JetBlue and US Airways each reported paying more for fuel in the April-June quarter than for labor..

Emotional Re-Entry for Astronauts Families
6 August, 2005: Eileen Collins, commander of the shuttle Discovery and the only mother on board, has been sending messages every day from space to her young son and daughter. In light of the fact that previous shuttle was a disaster, of course there's some level of anxiety..

Why Flying is Safer Now
5 August, 2005: While people used words like miraculous to describe the fact that everyone got out alive of the Air France jet that crashed upon landing in Toronto this week, aviation experts are also crediting 20 years of advances in technology, training, and safety practices..

Transcript Between ATC & AFR358
4 August, 2005: The following is an excerpt of a conversation that took place between air traffic controllers at Pearson International Airport and pilots looking to land, including Air France Flight 358 which slid off the end of runway 24L and burst into flames..

Canadian Airport Officials Praise Crew of Air France Flight
3 April, 2005: Canadian officials Wednesday praised the crew of an Air France plane that crashed on landing at Pearson International Airport for quickly evacuating passengers and getting them to safety..

All Survive Jetliner Crash in Toronto
2 August, 2005: Just as Air France Flight 358 from Paris was about to touch down, the lights went off in the passenger cabin. Thunder roared and lightning cracked. Then, without warning, the jetliner skidded off the rain-slicked runway, slid into a ravine and broke..

The Joy of Flying Fades as Fliers Face More Hassles
2 August, 2005: Flying used to be a miracle and a luxury, when Pan Am Clippers laid linen table settings and skycaps carried the bags. Now it's a $59-each-way do-it-yourself trudge that holds as much romance as climbing on a bus..

LAX Reports Another Runway Incursion
1 August, 2005: There has been another case of planes coming too close for comfort at Los Angeles International Airport. It happened Thursday -- the seventh such incident at the airport over the last two months..

Fossett to Go for Aviation Distance Record
29 July, 2005: Chicago adventurer Steve Fossett, who flew non-stop solo around the world in March, is going after the aviation distance record for his next feat..

Discovery Docks at Space Station
28 July, 2005: Discovery docked at the international space station Thursday after performing an unprecedented back flip to allow those aboard the outpost to photograph the shuttle's belly for signs of damage..

FAA Chief: New Controllers Must Take Pay Cut
27 July, 2005: The head of the FAA said Tuesday that new air traffic controllers will have to accept sharply reduced salaries because declining ticket tax revenues can't support today's generous compensation packages..

Discovery Aloft; 'Godspeed and Have a Little Fun Up There'
26 July, 2005: The shuttle Discovery blasted off into clear skies at 10:39 a.m. ET; the first manned mission in 2 1/2 years..

Busy Flight Awaits Discovery Crew
25 July, 2005: As much trouble as NASA has had in launching space shuttle Discovery, another difficult feat lies ahead: its 12-day mission..

NASA Still Searching for Glitch, Sets Launch for Tuesday
22 July, 2005: NASA plans to launch space shuttle Discovery on Tuesday, though engineers have not nailed down the root of the glitch that forced the space agency to abandon last week's attempt..

Report: Better Coordination Needed to Deal With Airspace Violations
21 July, 2005: One agency should be in charge of confronting planes that venture into restricted airspace, say congressional investigators who counted 3,400 such intrusions nationwide since the government expanded no-fly zones after the September 11, 2001, attacks..

FAA Medical Officer Backs Mandatory Retirement at 60 for Pilots
20 Jule, 2005: A rule requiring pilots to retire at 60 is unfairly preventing experienced aviators from working, Congress was told Tuesday. But the FAA wants to continue its mandatory retirement rule because at age 60, people begin to experience 'a general decline in health-related functions and overall cognitive and performance capabilities.'..

NATCA Responds to FAA PR Stunt
19 July, 2005: America's 14,500 air traffic controllers aren't interested in political fights and we don't like conducting negotiations in the press. We're dedicated to the safety of the traveling public and the efficiency of the aviation system and we believe that's what these negotiations are all about..

Surge in Crashes Scars Air Ambulance Industry
18 July, 2005: A deadly trend of pilot errors and industry carelessness has driven the number of air ambulance crashes to record levels..

FAA Sees Hurdles to In-Flight Mobile Phone Use
15 July, 2005: Substantial challenges remain to the in-flight use of mobile phones even if communications regulators ease their ban, the FAA told lawmakers on Thursday. FAA rules restricting the use of portable electronic devices on aircraft can be waived but a carrier would have to show that each model of phone posed no threat to aircraft navigation or communications systems, the agency's top air safety official said..

FAA: Controllers' Salaries Too High
14 July, 2005: As the Federal Aviation Administration and the nation's air traffic controllers prepare to sit down at the contract negotiating table next week, the FAA administrator told reporters yesterday that taxpayers can no longer afford the average salary of $145,000 that the current labor agreement provides..

Discovery Launch Scrubbed After Fuel-Tank Sensor Fails
13 July, 2005: A faulty fuel-tank sensor forced NASA to scrub this afternoon's planned launch of Discovery, delaying the first space shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster more than two years ago..

Discovery 'Go' for Wednesday Launch
12 July, 2005: The shuttle Discovery is go for launch of the first space shuttle mission after 2003's Columbia disaster, NASA's chief said Tuesday..

Discovery Crew Prepared for Pressure of Unique Mission
12 July, 2005: They are parents, as well as sons and daughters; triathletes, nature-lovers and rock 'n' rollers; pilots, scholars and engineers; seasoned space explorers and first-timers. The astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery are also groundbreakers -- the first to fly since the Columbia disaster in 2003..

Eclipse Announces Test Flight of Fourth Test Plane
11 July, 2005: Eclipse Aviation has flown its fourth test aircraft. The plane, designated N505EA, took off Saturday from Albuquerque International Sunport for a 43-minute flight that climbed to 15,000 feet and reached a speed of 160 knots, Eclipse announced Monday..

Space Shuttle Countdown Under Way
10 July, 2005: Countdown clocks at the Kennedy Space Center blinked to life for the first time in 2 1/2 years Sunday as NASA made final preparations for shuttle Discovery's planned liftoff three days from now..

Officials Say Little Progress Made On Reducing Fuel Tank Flammability
July 8, 2005: Nearly nine years after a fuel tank explosion caused the fatal crash of TWA Flight 800, safety officials say little has been done to reduce the flammability of vapors in aircraft fuel tanks..

Officials Say Little Progress ade on reducing fuel tank flammability
Nearly nine years after a fuel tank explosion caused the fatal crash of TWA Flight 800, safety officials say little has been done to reduce the flammability of vapors in aircraft fuel tanks.

London Blasts Strand Trains, Buses; Delay Flights
7 July, 2005: Britain's underground rail network will remain closed all day on Thursday and perhaps beyond that after a series of terrorist attacks rocked the system during morning rush-hour, the government said..

Airspace Violations Prompt Rule Review
6 July, 2005: A Bush administration official last week said the recent spate of airspace violations around Washington has prompted renewed discussion about expanding the flying restrictions beyond the 2,000-square-mile area in place today for noncommercial civilian flights..

O'Hare to Lose Busiest-Airport Title to Atlanta
5 July, 2005: Chicago is poised to lose to Atlanta the bragging rights for having the nation's busiest airport in terms of flights and passengers, according to government figures for air travel during the first half of 2005..

FAA to Controllers Looking Out For Safety: You're Dismissed
1 July, 2005: In a move that further jeopardizes the safety and efficiency of America’s aviation system, the Federal Aviation Administration has terminated a vital program that ensured critical cooperation between America’s air traffic controllers and the agency..

FAA Updates ATC Training Program
30 June, 2005: The next crop of air traffic controllers might be well-advised to brush up on their PlayStation or Xbox skills before applying. The FAA unveiled its new air traffic controller training school last week in Oklahoma City, prompting one newspaper to report that the training simulator "looks like a video game on steroids.."

New Boston Approach Control Facility Besieged with Air Traffic Equipment Problems
29 June, 2005: Boston Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), the country's newest Federal Aviation Administration consolidated facility, is suffering from numerous problems and technical failures related to radio and land-line communications as well as the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)..

Legislative Amendment to Protect Air Traffic Controllers
28 June, 2005: An amendment that will include protective language surrounding the nation's Air Traffic Control Specialists will be presented to the House Appropriations Subcommittee later this week for a key congressional vote..

Co-pilot Took Evasive Action Moments Before Near Miss
27 June, 2005: A US Airways jet's co-pilot took evasive action when he realized the plane was on a collision course with another passenger jet at Logan International Airport this month, according to a preliminary report on the near miss issued Saturday by the NTSB..

Four Near Hits on LAX Runways Revive Safety Concerns
24 June, 2005: Airplanes have come alarmingly close to each other four times in the last month at Los Angeles International Airport, reviving concerns about safety at an airport with an outdated and confusing runway layout, according to reports..

FAA Using New Lockheed Martin System to Control Oceanic Air Traffic
23 June, 2005: Air traffic controllers in New York today are using the FAAs new system to manage oceanic air traffic. The ATOP system automates the FAAs existing procedures for managing aircraft separation over the oceans, enabling controllers to reduce spacing between aircraft while preserving passenger safety and improving efficiency..

US Spy Plane Down in Asia
22 June, 2005: The pilot of an American U-2 spy plane was killed in a crash in southwest Asia, the military announced Wednesday..

Regulators Step Up Efforts to Make Runways Safer
21 June, 2005: Pilots and air-traffic controllers have known for years that the riskiest portion of a typical commercial flight in the U.S. often has nothing to do with flying. Instead, the greatest safety threat comes from aircraft taxiing around congested airports - crossing busy runways in poor visibility, weaving around obstacles and generally trying to avoid on-the-ground collisions..

Cessnas Citation CJ1plus Receives FAA Type Certification
20 June, 2005: Cessna Aircraft Company, today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration granted type certification to Cessna's Model 525 Citation CJ1+, keeping the program on schedule and bringing the aircraft one step closer to customer delivery..

24 Years After PATCO Strike US: Dispute Over Air Traffic Control Staffing
17 June, 2005: Nearly a quarter century after the administration of Ronald Reagan fired nearly 10,000 striking air traffic controllers, inaugurating a nationwide wave of union-busting, the dispute over staffing levels that led to the strike is once again erupting in US control towers..

Cingular: Ban Cellphone Calls on Flights
16 June, 2005: Cingular, the USA's biggest wireless carrier, thinks cellphone conversations should continue to be banned on commercial flights while planes are airborne and it's told the Federal Aviation Administration as much..

Japan, France to Jointly Develop New Jet
15 June, 2005: Japan and France are jointly researching a new supersonic passenger plane to succeed the retired Concorde, but with up to three times as many seats and the potential to fly the Tokyo-to-New York route in six hours, officials and reports said Wednesday..

In-Flight Wi-Fi Gets Foothold in USA
14 June, 2005: U.S. airlines continue to flirt with high-speed Internet access on flights, but financial and technical obstacles may block it from becoming a routine travel feature..

Cessna Engineers Design Flying Car for Reality Show
13 June, 2005: For three Cessna engineers, a challenge posed by the hit TV show "Monster Garage" seemed simple enough: Take a car and make it fly..

High-tech Gizmos Propel Aviation Future
10 June, 2005: The future of aviation went on display here this week, and it's not afraid to talk back to pilots..

Industry Changes Hurt FAA Oversight
9 June, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration needs to tighten oversight of the nation's financially strapped airlines, which are restructuring so quickly that regulators can't keep up with threats to safety, a government watchdog report charged Wednesday..

New Flight Explorer Personal Edition Puts Real-Time Scenarios Into the Hands of ATCsimulator Users
8 June, 2005: Flight Explorer, the world's most trusted and accepted provider of Internet-based, real-time global flight tracking information, reporting and display products, today announced that it is launching a new version of Flight Explorer Personal Edition(TM). The new product will integrate with ATCsimulator(R)2 to provide users with near-live Flight Explorer data for air traffic simulation..

NASA Expo Promotes Small Planes
7 June, 2005: Small planes and small airports are the key to prevent future gridlock on the interstate and at major airports, according to SATS 2005's organizers - NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and an industry group called the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility..

United Airlines Approved for In-Flight Internet Service
6 June, 2005: United Airlines plans to announce today that it is the first domestic airline to receive approval from regulators to install wireless Internet networks on its planes. The airline is still at least a year away from having its in-flight Wi-Fi service up and running. When it does, sometime in mid- to late 2006, passengers will be able to check e-mail, send instant messages and surf the Web at 30,000 feet..

In-Flight Voice/Data Takes Off
3 June, 2005: Demonstrating a pioneering and flexible working architecture for wireless in-flight communications is a group of European researchers whose system will enable aircraft travellers to make mobile phone calls, switch on laptops, and download and update files without problems..

FAA Investigation Into New York TRACON Uncovers Waste; Operational Errors Did Not Jeopardize Safety
2 June, 2005: A 60-day on-site investigation of the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility found that it is more than adequately staffed for safe operations and that local union- controlled scheduling practices are inefficient and wasteful, creating overtime costs that are more than double any other air traffic control facility in the country..

Costs, Delays Harm Air Traffic Upgrade
1 June, 2005: Sharp cost increases and delays in implementation are harming efforts to modernize the U.S. air traffic control system, the Department of Transportation's Office of Inspector General (IG) said in a report released Tuesday..

FAA to Pick Up Hiring of Air Traffic Controllers
31 May, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for a few thousand good men and women. Nearly three-quarters of the nation's nearly 15,000 air traffic controllers will reach retirement age within the next nine years..

Oil Prices 'Destroying' Airline Profitability
30 May, 2005: The high oil price was "destroying" the profitability of the global airline industry, which was facing losses this year of $6 billion, its fifth successive year of net losses, Giovanni Bisignani, director general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said Monday..

FAA Prepares for Summer Travel, Carriers Will Delay Late Flights, Rather Than Cancel
27 May, 2005: U.S. airlines plan to fly planes full this summer and wait out delays caused by weather and congestion rather than cancel flights, the nation's top aviation regulator said Thursday..

Pilots Ask Congress to Raise Retirement Age
26 May, 2005: Hundreds of US airline pilots are asking Congress to raise their mandatory retirement age to 65, saying the change won't threaten safety and would give workers more time to recover money lost to pension cuts. The FAA since 1959 has required that airline pilots retire at age 60..

Raytheon Unveils Next-Gen ATC System
25 May, 2005: Raytheon Company is unveiling its Next Generation Air Traffic Automation System. The system, with its modern open architecture design and high performance characteristics, is fully adaptable and scalable to any air traffic management domain -- from a single tower automation application to a fully integrated civil/military multi-center, trans-national airspace system..

Atlanta Airport Likely No. 1 in 2005
24 May, 2005: The Atlanta airport is on track to be the undisputed world's busiest airport this year — in terms of both people and planes. The FAA expects Atlanta to win bragging rights for both most traffic and most flight operations in 2005..

Airports Strive to Cut Wait Times
23 May, 2005: Travel during the first two months of 2005 is up about 6% compared with the first two months of last year..

Delta CEO Vows to Cut More Costs
20 May, 2005: Delta Air Lines will do whatever necessary to achieve the remaining $1 billion of its targeted cost cuts and tough decisions may have to be made, Chief Executive Gerald Grinstein said Thursday..

Concrete Starts Pouring for 5th Hartsfield Runway
19 May, 2005: Ben DeCosta, general manager at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Wednesday said the airport is eager to start reaping the benefits of the additional 9,000 feet of runway that will likely allay some of the heaviest air traffic delays in the nation..

Pentagon Showcases New Laser System
18 May, 2005: From 1,500 feet above southeast Washington on a hazy Tuesday, you didn't have to look hard to notice a bright red-and-green flashing light among the clutter of treetops, rooftops, the Washington Monument and the Capitol..

Controllers Release Flight Assist Tapes
17 May, 2005: Air traffic controllers lobbying Congress for more equipment and staff have a new way to illustrate the importance of their jobs _ recordings of controllers talking pilots through dangerous situations..

New High Tech Security X-Ray Device Raises Privacy Issues
16 May, 2005: The agency in charge of the nation's air security expects later this year to begin using a controversial X-ray machine that will show airport screeners a clear picture of what's under passengers' clothes whether weapons or just bare skin..

Boeing Delivers New Landing System
13 May, 2005: The Boeing Company today delivered a 737 equipped with an advanced landing system that will guide the airplane to runways with unprecedented accuracy. The Global Positioning Landing System (GLS) integrates data from the global navigation satellite system, ground stations and a multi-mode receiver on the airplane to provide pinpoint accuracy..

Hartsfield Terminal Plans Over Budget
12 May, 2005: Design plans for the new international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are running $140 million over budget, raising the possibility of years of delays and additional fees passed on to the airlines who would use the new terminal the most..

Air Traffic Controllers Go to Capitol Hill
11 May, 2005: Hundreds of air traffic controllers from across the country will descend on Capitol Hill on May 16 to May 17 for their annual legislative conference and Hill visits. With an array of difficult issues beyond their radar scopes confronting the air traffic control system, controllers will bring a strong message for their respective members of Congress..

FAA Commends NY Air Traffic Control
10 May, 2005: Despite a severe staffing shortage, the air traffic controllers in the New York area continue to prove that they will not be distracted from their primary mission. Even the Federal Aviation Administration has commended the performance of controllers at the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (N90) and the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZNY)..

Airports Balk at Hiring Private Screeners
9 May, 2005: Despite all the grumbling about those federal security screeners, airports are not rushing to replace them with private workers..

Age 60: Aging Pilots Lose Again
6 May, 2005: The long-running battle among professional pilots to rescind the FAA's "age-60 rule" met a major roadblock on Monday when the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. A dozen pilots were trying to appeal a lower-court decision that the rule does not constitute age discrimination..

Experts Predict Lack of Air Traffic Controllers to Cause Flight Delays
5 May, 2005: Federal oversight officials said the nation's air traffic control system is reaching maximum capacity compounded by a severe shortage of controllers. The General Accounting Office reports that the "FAA hasn't developed a comprehensive workforce strategy, increasing the risk (that) the FAA won't have enough qualified controllers.."

Struggling Airlines Can Stay Aloft for Years
4 May, 2005: The roster of airlines continues nearly unchanged since the beginning of a devastating industry downturn that began nearly five years ago. Not even the most financially fragile appear to be in imminent danger of shutting down..

Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots to Meet in Milwaukee for Safety Conference
2 May, 2005: Over 250 pilots and air traffic controllers from around the country will gather this week bringing the voices on both ends of the radio into the same room to discuss an array of topics, ranging from technical developments to human factors to phraseology..

Cessna's Citation Mustang Takes to Sky
29 Apr, 2005: Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Inc. has announced the successful first flight of its Citation Mustang, the company's newest entry-level business jet..

Illinois Submits Plan for Third Chicago-area Airport
28 Apr, 2005: The state has given federal aviation officials its blueprint for a small commercial airport in the far south suburbs, the most formal step yet toward development of a third Chicago-area airport that has been debated for a decade..

Superjumbo Completes Maiden Flight
27 Apr, 2005: (See the free video by clicking this story) The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, has landed safely in Toulouse, France after making its first test flight. The double decked "superjumbo" touched down on the runway at 2:23 p.m. (1223 GMT) Wednesday after the nearly four-hour test flight with a six-member crew aboard..

Super-Jumbo Set for Maiden Flight
26 Apr, 2005: Runway windsocks were being studied more closely than ever as Airbus test pilots prepared to take the world's largest airliner, the A380, on its maiden flight Wednesday -- weather permitting..

Airbus Nears First Flight of A380
25 Apr, 2005: The first flight of the world's biggest airliner is expected next week as Airbus runs final tests on the A380, a massive doubledecker with room for over 800 passengers, cocktail bars and billiard tables..

Business Jet Sales Predicted to Expand
22 Apr, 2005: Forecasters say demand for business jets in the next decade will continue to grow. A new business jet forecast predicts demand for 7,417 business aircraft worth $106.7 trillion over the next 10 years..

Merger Talks Revive Consolidations
21 Apr, 2005: The possibility of a new nationwide discount airline from a merger of struggling US Airways and America West has refocused the ailing industry on consolidation as a means of financial salvation..

Raytheon Awarded $57 Million Contract for Continued STARS Deployment
20 Apr, 2005: The FAA has awarded Raytheon a $57 million contract option for continued deployment of the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS), which is now in service with the FAA and the Department of Defense..

Work Begins on New Logan Runway
19 Apr, 2005: Work on a new $85 million runway at Logan Airport has quietly begun, more than 30 years after the Massachusetts Port Authority first proposed it. Electrical utility work on the 5,000-foot strip began earlier this month, and the general contractor, McCourt Construction of Boston, was expected to begin construction of the runway later this year..

Eclipse Aviation Conducts First Flight Test Flight of Second Airplane
18 Apr, 2005: Albuquerque-based Eclipse Aviation says the first flight of its second test jet airplane is a success. The second test aircraft made a one-and-a-half-hour initial flight Thursdayfrom Albuquerque's international airport..

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Still #1
15 Apr, 2005: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International remains the USA's busiest passenger airport, according to the latest statistics released by the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics. More than 2.8 million fliers boarded flights at the airport in January, that number easily outpaced No. 2 Chicago O'Hare, which logged about 2.2 million fliers..

GAO Report: FAA Culture Impedes Modernization
14 Apr, 2005: Resistance to change at all levels of the Federal Aviation Administration has hindered progress over the years on modernizing the nation's air traffic control system, aviation experts concluded Wednesday..

High-Flying Robot Plane to Link Phone Networks
13 Apr, 2005: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a "Stratellite," and its makers believe it will revolutionize the broadband and wireless industry -- if it ever gets off the ground..

Pentagon to Use Lasers to Warn Pilots
12 Apr, 2005: The Pentagon said Monday it will use lasers to warn pilots when they've flown into restricted airspace near the Capitol, even though federal officials have warned that terrorists might use the beams of light to blind pilots as they approach airports..

FAA Uses New Technology To Train Air Traffic Controllers
11 Apr, 2005: As the unprecedented challenge of replacing thousands of air traffic controllers looms large for the nation's airports, the Federal Aviation Administration's Oklahoma City training center is working to prepare the next generation of controllers..

Airbus A380 Starts Ground Tests
8 Apr, 2005: The Airbus A380 began its first full day of ground tests on Thursday, a day after being consigned to the team of engineers and test pilots who will give the world's largest passenger plane its first flight..

Shuttle Rolls to Launch Pad
7 Apr, 2005: Discovery, with its two solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank attached to its belly, rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building for a four-mile journey to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida..

FAA Extends Harris NEXRAD Contract
6 Apr, 2005: The FAA this week awarded Harris Corporation a 54-month, $57 million follow-on contract for the Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) program. The Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs) already have been using WARP to enable controllers to view Next-Generation Radar (NEXRAD) weather data directly to the controller displays, replacing the more cumbersome, alphanumeric data displays used previously..

Cessna's Citation CJ2+ Takes First Flight
5 Apr, 2005: Cessna Aircraft Company marked a major milestone for its new Citation CJ2+ as the company celebrated the aircraft's first flight on Saturday. During the two-hour and six-minute test flight, test pilots flew an aggressive flight profile to test basic stability, flap and landing gear extension and retraction, controllability, trim actuation, engine operating characteristics and basic autopilot operation..

FAA: Replace Insulation to Cut Fire Risk
4 Apr, 2005: Hundreds of U.S. airline jets contain flammable insulation that poses a safety risk and must be removed, according to federal aviation regulators..

New Heights for In-Flight Internet
1 Apr, 2005: No executive wants to arrive at their hotel room after a long-haul flight and have 100 e-mails waiting for them -- one of the reasons why German carrier Lufthansa took the lead and installed in-flight Internet access last May..

Flight Service Controllers to File Lawsuit Against FAA
31 Mar, 2005: Nearly 800 flight service specialists will file a lawsuit March 31 to stop the Federal Aviation Administration from contracting out their jobs, their attorneys said..

Civil Aviation Accidents Fell in 2004
30 Mar, 2005: The number of civil aviation accidents in the United States fell by 8% last year, according to preliminary statistics released Tuesday. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that civil aviation accidents declined from 1,864 in 2003 to 1,715 last year..

DOT To Intervene at N.Y. TRACON
29 Mar, 2005: Animosity is worsening at the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), and now N.Y. Sen. Charles Schumer has called on Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta to intervene, citing fears that the dispute between the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) could become a threat to safety..

FAA Orders Airbus Rudder Inspections
28 Mar, 2005: U.S. airlines will be ordered to inspect the rudders of certain Airbus jets following an incident in which most of the rudder fell off an A310 in flight, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said Friday..

SquawkBox 3.0 Released for Online Flight Simulation Pilots
25 Mar, 2005: The highly anticipated SquawkBox 3.0 is complete and ready for use on, the largest virtual aviation network in the world. SquawkBox 3 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Unprecedented stability and usability make SquawkBox accessible to a wider audience of virtual pilots..

Flight Attendants Fight Against Cell-Phone Use on Planes
24 Mar, 2005: There's only been one steady refuge from cell phones: a plane in flight. But federal regulators are weighing an end to that sanctuary as well, as tech wizards work to assure the phones won't mess up a plane's electronics..

FAA Proposes Extending O'Hare Flight Reductions by 3 Years
23 Mar, 2005: Federal officials want to limit the number of flights coming into O'Hare International Airport for three more years to help reduce delays that can affect flights around the country..

Close Calls up Sharply Over New York
22 Mar, 2005: Officials are trying to find reasons for a sharp increase in close calls among airplanes guided by air traffic controllers in the New York area. There have been 117 "operational errors" -- planes flying closer than stated safety minimum distances -- reported at the New York City air traffic control center so far this year, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Last year there were a total of just 24..

Upcoming Microjets Could Crowd Skies
21 Mar, 2005: Projected growth in the number of business jets in the coming years is one of the most vexing problems facing government regulators struggling to manage already crowded skies..

One Billion Air Travelers Forecasted for 2015
18 Mar, 2005: More than 1 billion people a year will be boarding planes in the United States within a decade, nearly half again as many as those now using an aviation system showing signs of being overburdened..

FAA Warns Teterboro Pilots
17 Mar, 2005: Too many pilots at Teterboro Airport have been straying from their flight paths on takeoff, creating the danger of midair collisions with jets headed to Newark Liberty International Airport, federal aviation officials warned..

FAA to Use 70's ARTS in New Tower
16 Mar, 2005: Fort Wayne International Airport might be getting a new $12 million air traffic control tower, but the equipment used to monitor planes in that tower will be previously used. The existing 75-foot tower uses an updated version of the 30-year-old Automated Radar Terminal Systems to manage air traffic..

Zero-Gravity Flights Taking Off This Summer
15 Mar, 2005: In Sweden's far North, the freezing temperatures are so cold that some have likened it to the chill of outer space. Now, tourists seeking to experience that can go one step farther and beyond by duplicating weightlessness aboard chartered flights..

Delta is Closer to Chapter 11 Filing
14 Mar, 2005: Four months after a close brush with bankruptcy, Delta Air Lines on Thursday raised anew the prospect of a Chapter 11 filing. Delta, the USA's No. 3 airline, said in a securities filing that its cash cushion is dangerously thin and that it's unable to borrow..

Pilots Group Grades Aviation Security
10 Mar, 2005: A group of airline pilots gave the U.S. government failing grades Thursday in several areas of aviation security including the screening of employees and cargo, and defending planes from shoulder-fired missiles..

Uneasy Airlines Anticipate $60-barrel Oil
9 Mar, 2005: Jittery airline executives, having already raised fares and cut flights, are now looking ahead to the possibility of $60-a-barrel oil. Stuart Klaskin of KKC Aviation Consulting says his airline clients are running financial simulations to anticipate the effects..

2004 Safest Year for Air Transport
8 Mar, 2005: Last year was the safest since World War Two for commercial air transport, both in terms of passengers killed and aircraft destroyed or irreparably damaged, the industry's global body IATA said on Monday..

FAA Probing NewYork TRACON Errors
7 Mar, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration sent in a special team of air traffic control experts this week to investigate the rising number of reported mistakes at the facility that guides aircraft in and out of New York's airports..

Engine Fails on BA Jet Twice in a Week
4 Mar, 2005: A British Airways passenger jet was forced to shut down one of its engines in mid-flight twice in one week after a replacement engine failed, the airline said Friday. In what BA described as a bizarre coincidence, the number two engine on a Boeing 747-400 plane flying from Singapore to London was shut down last month after the pilot received an oil pressure warning..

Fossett Makes Aviation History

3 Mar, 2005: Flying from horizon to horizon, Steve Fossett completed the first nonstop, flight round-the-world without refueling on Thursday afternoon, landing gracefully in Kansas at 2:49 pm ET..

Fossett's Round-the-World Bid Runs into Fuel Trouble
2 Mar, 2005: Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett discovered a serious problem with the fuel system of his custom-built plane Wednesday, forcing him to consider abandoning his quest to become the first person to fly solo nonstop around the world without refueling.

British Airlines Jet Left L.A. for London with Downed Engine
1 Mar, 2005: A British Airways jumbo jet that left Los Angeles International Airport en route to London continued on the 5,400-mile trip after power was lost to one of its four engines on takeoff, officials said..

GlobalFlyer Takes Off!
28 Feb, 2005: Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett launched his Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer aircraft on Monday evening at Salina Municipal Airport and hopes to land there again in about 65 hours. He is attempting to make the trip in a single-engine airplane without stopping -- an aviation first..

Pilots Report Lasers on Detroit Approach
25 Feb, 2005: Two Northwest Airlines pilots said laser lights were shined into their cockpits as they were about to land their planes at Detroit Metropolitan Airport..

FAA Proposes Black Box Improvements
24, Feb 2005: The black boxes that record events leading up to aircraft crashes must hold more data and have a more reliable power supply under a plan outlined Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration..

Delays on the Rise for Air Passengers
23 Feb, 2005: For air travelers, could 2005 bring a repeat of 2000's so-called "summer of hell," when more than one flight in four was delayed or canceled..

FBI Investigating Laser Reports in Dallas
22 Feb, 2005: The FBI is investigating after six airline pilots told authorities that they saw a green laser while flying over Denton County between 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. Sunday on approach to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport..

Errors Up After New York Air Traffic Controllers' Overtime Ends
21 Feb, 2005: Air traffic controllers in Westbury who guide planes in and out of New York area airports have logged more than a dozen mistakes that brought airplanes too close together in the five weeks since the Federal Aviation Administration cut back on overtime, the FAA confirmed Thursday..

Continental Exec Calls Delta Fares 'Stupid'
18 Feb, 2005: Delta Air Lines' new pricing plan, SimpliFares, is "simply stupid," according to Continental Airlines President Jeff Smisek who told an analysts conference that matching SimpliFares price changes will cost the Houston carrier around $100 million in annual revenue..

FAA May Trim Control Tower Hours
17 Feb, 2005: Control towers at some airports could go dark between midnight and 5 a.m. under a cost-cutting plan the government is considering. The air traffic controllers' union says the move would compromise safety. Lawmakers worry it could lead to service reductions in their states..

Atlanta Airport No. 1 in Travelers
16 Feb, 2005: The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw more passengers than any other airport in 2004. Last year, 83.6 million travelers passed through the airport, a 5.7 percent increase from 2003. The numbers mean Atlanta edged out Chicago O'Hare International Airport in terms of number of passengers. But O'Hare also claims the title of "world's busiest airport" by counting total number of flights..

Cell Phone Use Coming for Airbus Fliers
15 Feb, 2005: Passengers will soon be able to use their own cell phones on commercial airliners, under a deal signed Tuesday by European aeronautics giant Airbus and a Geneva-based technology firm..

Japan Inaugurates Third International Airport
14 Feb, 2005: Japan's third international airport was inaugurated Sunday in a ceremony attended by about 700 people including Crown Prince Naruhito. The new airport, known locally as Centrair, features an 11,550-foot runway and will be open 24 hours a day..

Airbus Jumbo Won't Be The Elephant in Boeing's Living Room
11 Feb, 2005: It's one thing to build a really, really big airplane. It's quite another to find a place for it to land. U.S. airports from Seattle to Atlanta say accommodating Airbus SAS's new superjumbo A380 in anything other than an emergency would require major construction. Runways would need widening and terminals would need upgrades to load and unload the double-decker plane easily..

Air Force Worried High FAA Salaries Will Lure Away Controllers
10 Feb, 2005: The Air Force soon may have to make things sickeningly sweet for its air traffic controllers. The FAA, which mines all the services to fill its ranks of 15,000 controllers, recently announced a plan to hire 12,500 controllers in the next decade, including almost 700 this year, with the figure rising to more than 1,000 a year from 2009 to 2014..

Lockheed Martin Wins FAA Flight Service Station Contract
9 Feb, 2005: Lockheed Martin Corp. won a five-year, $1.9 billion contract from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate the agency’s automated flight service station network in the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, the company said yesterday..

Rash of Corporate Crashes Prompts Review of Safety
7 Feb, 2005: Federal regulators and business aviation groups will meet this month to discuss improved safety measures following a string of accidents since fall..

Flight Delays Up in 2004
4 Feb, 2005: Congested skies and bad weather last year resulted in more flight delays, more mishandled baggage and more complaints about airline service than in 2003, the government announced Thursday..

Day 1 of Delta's Atlanta Overhaul
Feb 3, 2005: Travelers at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport may notice nothing different at first. But on Monday, after months of planning, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines re-timed every flight at its massive hub and added 81..

FAA To Outsource 2400 Air Traffic Controllers
2 Feb, 2005: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today the decision to contract out a portion of the Nation's Air Traffic Control System in what is considered to be the largest, most complex outsourcing effort of public functions in U.S. Government history..

Airbus Jumbo Jet Won't Land at Atlanta
1 Feb, 2005: European airplane maker Airbus may have made the world's largest commercial jet, but it won't soon be touching down at Atlanta's airport, the airport's general manager said..

Delta Ending 30-Year Hub Operation at DFW Airport
31 Jan, 2005: Two dozen gates at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport are up for grabs with financially troubled Delta Air Lines shutting down one of its four airport hubs. The Atlanta-based carrier on Monday was to end three decades of hub operations at the North Texas airport, leaving a dramatically reduced number of flights at DFW..

Hartsfield Thaws, Tries to Rebound
30 Jan, 2005: After a day of massive flight delays, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is planning to open a third runway today. Spokeswoman Lanii Thomas said this is a good sign for the airport, which had, at most, two -- and at one point, none -- of its runways operable Saturday..

Freezing Rain Shuts Down Travel
29 Jan, 2005: A steady, icy drizzle shut interstates around the metro Atlanta area with annoying frequency early Saturday. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had only two of its four runways open this morning. Airport spokesperson Lanii Thomas said that was because of low demand: Airlines had canceled many flights, she said. Thomas said that because of advanced planning, there were "not a significant number" of stranded passengers at the airport..

Ice Storm Threatens Flights in Southeast
28 Jan, 2005: An ice storm that threatens to disrupt flights and road travel was expected to hit north Georgia as soon as Friday night. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning Friday morning, lasting from Friday night through Saturday afternoon. The warning targets the northern half of the state..

Atlanta Airport to Get Facelift
27 Jan, 2005: City officials on Thursday unveiled a new effort to upgrade Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the largest such refurbishment since the 1996 Olympic Games..

NASA Software Tool Helps Prevent Air Traffic Bottlenecks
26 Jan, 2005: No one is happy with long lines and delays at our nation's airports. In response to the growing need to improve the National Airspace System, NASA is developing tools to ensure future air travel will be safe and efficient. NASA, the FAA, and the MITRE Corp. successfully conducted tests of the Multi-center Traffic Management Advisor (McTMA) at air traffic facilities responsible for the northeastern United States..

Boston's Airport Reopens After Blizzard
25 Jan, 2005: Boston's Logan International Airport reopened for flights Monday morning after closing for more than 24-hours due to the weekend blizzard that dumped more than two feet of snow across parts of southern New England..

More Than 5000 Flights Axed by Blizzard
24 Jan, 2005: U.S. airports reported more than 5,000 commercial airline flights were canceled this weekend in the wake of the major blizzard that bulldozed its way from the Great Lakes into Northeast..

Snowstorm Socks Northeast, Shuts Down Boston Logan Airport
23 Jan, 2005: Howling winds and blinding snow blasted the Northeast on Sunday, closing Boston's airport and forcing airlines to evaluate whether to cancel flights in other cities slammed for a second day by blizzard conditions..

Heathrow Upgrades for Super-Jumbo
21, Jan 2005: When passengers board the giant A380 aircraft at London's Heathrow for the first time next year they will be leaving a noticeably different airport..

FAA Trims Vertical Spacing Between Airplanes to 1,000 feet
20 Jan, 2005: A mere 1,000 feet of air will separate airplanes from other planes that are above and below starting Thursday at high altitudes in the United States, a change that takes advantage of the pinpoint accuracy of modern avionics to almost double the number of corridors in the sky, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday..

Airbus A380 Ready For Takeoff
17 Jan, 2005: With the stakes sky-high, European aircraft maker Airbus this week shows the world what it hopes is the airplane of the future. Tuesday, the company will unveil its gargantuan A380, a double-deck aircraft that can carry at least 555 passengers..

Planes to Fly Stacked More Closely
14 Jan, 2005: Starting next Thursday, planes flying high over the Americas will pass much closer to one another than is now allowed as close as 1,000 feet above or below. With the change, which is being made mainly to save airlines billions in fuel costs, U.S..

Delta Jet Skids Off Runway at ATL
13 Jan, 2005: Rescue crews were called to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Thursday after a Delta Airlines aircraft veered off the runway, authorities said. No injuries have been reported during the mishap, which apparently occurred when the 737 aircraft was returning to the airport after taking off..

Topping Off Atlanta's New Control Tower
13 Jan, 2005: A ceremony this week topped off the new-and-improved, $26 million control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The 398-foot tower, considered the tallest in North America, counts as the center piece of the airport’s ongoing multi-billion dollar expansion project, which includes a new international terminal and fifth runway..

FAA Announces Laser Guidelines
12 Jan, 2005: Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta announced new guidelines on Wednesday for pilots to report incidents in which laser beams are shone in their cockpits during flight, saying there have been 31 such incidents since December 31..

Congestion Returning to Airline System
11 Jan, 2005: Recession and terrorism nearly cleared the USA's skies and airports in 2001, but congestion with all its aggravations is returning to the lives of air travelers. Congestion increases with industry capacity, and airlines' capacity is expected to grow..

Air Traffic Overwhelms Indonesia ATC
10 Jan, 2005: The skies over this disaster-stricken city buzz with so many aircraft and helicopters ferrying relief supplies and transporting victims that it is severely stressing the civilian air-traffic controllers. "It has been crazy, very, very crazy," said Harnomo Teguh, a relief air-traffic controller brought in from Jakarta, the capital. "Every day is a bad day.."

Singapore Sends Mobile ATC to Banda Aceh
7 Jan, 2005: Singapore Friday sent a mobile air traffic control (MATC) tower to Indonesia's Banda Aceh Airport to help increase the handling capacity of the relief flights there, Xinhua reports..

FAA Anticipates End to Job Competition
6 Jan, 2005: Flight service specialists .. will enjoy preferential treatment for openings elsewhere within the FAA's air traffic organization, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said Tuesday..

Delta Cuts, Simplifies Ticket Prices
5 Jan, 2005: Delta Air Lines is moving to make business trips immediately cheaper on many routes, and to simplify pricing for everybody. Starting today, Atlanta-based Delta moves to a permanent, simpler pricing structure, called SimpliFares, that includes just six fares in coach and two in first class..

New Jersey Man Charged in Alleged Aircraft Laser Incidents
4 Jan, 2005: A man who initially claimed his daughter aimed a laser at a helicopter was charged after he told federal agents that he pointed the light beam at two aircraft, authorities said Tuesday..

FBI: No Terror Link in Lasers Aimed at Aircraft
3 Jan, 2005: A string of incidents around the country involving laser beams aimed at aircraft aren't linked to terrorism and are more likely the work of mischief makers, the FBI said Sunday..

FBI Investigating Laser Beam Directed into Airplane Cockpit
30, Dec 2004: Authorities are investigating a mysterious laser beam that was directed into the cockpit of a commercial jet traveling at more than 8,500 feet. The beam appeared Monday when the plane was about 15 miles from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport..

Post-Tsunami, Airline Traffic Falls 40%
29 Dec, 2004: Fully booked for yearend holidays, foreign and domestic airlines in tsunami-hit countries, particularly India, are seeing 20-40 per cent cancellations as travellers re-chart plans in the wake of the killer waves..

Glitches Likely to Hurt Airlines, Baggage Back Up Continues
28 Dec, 2004: Many passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport were struggling Tuesday to reclaim their lost luggage after computer glitches and foul weather snarled holiday travel plans..

Holiday Travel Woes Linger
27 Dec, 2004: Monday is expected to be the second busiest day at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as holiday travelers return home amid weather woes and airline operational snafus. Some 278,317 passengers were expected to travel through the airport, one of the world's busiest, as they sought to make their way to their final destinations..

Comair Flights Cancelled Nationwide For Saturday And Sunday
25 Dec, 2004: A massive computer breakdown has forced Comair to cancel all of its Saturday and Sunday flights, stranding more holiday passengers at the airport. Late Friday night, the computer system Comair uses to schedule flight crews went down and has been inoperable since, Tressie Long, an airline spokeswoman, said Saturday morning..

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Running Smooth, Midwest See Delays
24 Dec, 2004: The world’s busiest airport, Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International is on point to set a record this week with a whopping 1.99 million travelers likely to pass through the airport’s doors, making it potentially the busiest Christmas week ever..

Plane Stuck in Mud Shuts Va. Runways
23 Dec, 2004: An American Airlines plane preparing for takeoff went off the runway and became stuck in mud Thursday at Richmond International Airport, shutting the airport's two main runways and delaying nearly all incoming flights, an airport spokesman said..

FAA to Hire Thousands of Air Traffic Controllers
22 Dec, 2004: The Federal Aviation Administration announced a plan Tuesday to hire 12,500 air traffic controllers and let some existing workers stay on the job longer than their mandatory retirement age to offset a tidal wave of looming retirements..

On-Time Flights Fall at National Airports
21 Dec, 2004: Pack some patience if you're flying out of town for the holidays. Flight delays, which eased after Sept. 11, 2001, when travel plunged and airlines reduced service, have come roaring back..

LAX Air Traffic Control Staff Remains Thin
20 Dec, 2004: Soon after two jets nearly collided at Los Angeles International Airport in August, Federal authorities decreed it was critical to increase staffing at the air traffic control tower to prevent similar future incidents. But controllers say the tower has often remained understaffed during the nearly three months since the Federal Aviation Administration pledged to put more people on duty during the busiest evening hours..

Thieves Snatch Localizer, Delays Mumbai Flights
17 Dec, 2004: Flights to and from India's commercial capital were delayed for the past few days after air traffic control equipment was stolen from the city's airport, officials said Friday..

Report: Four ATC Sites Need Immediate Upgrade
16 Dec, 2004: The monochrome monitors that air traffic controllers rely on to track airplanes in the St. Louis area need urgent replacement because they are unable to handle software upgrades that improve safety in the sky, a government audit says..

FCC Approves Wireless Internet Access on Commercial Jets
15 Dec, 2004: Federal regulators plan to vote Wednesday whether to allow travelers wireless high-speed Internet access on aircraft..

Continental Rejects Concorde Blame
14 Dec, 2004: Continental Airlines has rejected the blame for causing a Concorde supersonic jet to crash near Paris leading to the deaths of 113 people..

Concorde Crash Blamed on U.S. Jet
14 Dec, 2004: A metal strip that fell off a Continental Airlines jet and a design fault in Concorde led to the supersonic jet's crash outside Paris in 2000, which killed 113 people, an official report on Tuesday..

Cessna's Chairman Wants to Create Opportunities for Wichita's Poor
13 Dec, 2004: For a few microseconds Wednesday, flying at nearly the speed of sound, Russ Meyer yells like a teenage boy cruising Daddy's 'Vette down Douglas. He flashes that famous, toothy grin. He is piloting a Cessna Citation X into Indianapolis air space. The Citation X flies so fast, he says, that it will take us from Wichita to Washington, D.C., in one hour, 45 minutes. His co-pilot and close friend, Dave Schmidt, nods. "We sometimes pinch ourselves," Meyer says..

U.S. to Give Japan Control Over 2 Airspaces in Okinawa
12, Dec, 2004: The United States on Friday agreed to return air traffic control rights for airspace in two areas in Okinawa Prefecture, a move many regard as long overdue..

New Control Tower to Raise Atlanta Airport's Profile
11 Dec, 2004: Federal aviation officials and administrators at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport this week showed off the facility's new traffic control tower, which will be the tallest such center in the country when construction is complete. The new tower, which stands nearly 400 feet tall and cost $27 million to build, is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2006..

FAA Air Traffic Radars in SoCal Experience Brief Glitch
10 Dec, 2004: Radar systems at an air traffic control center experienced a brief glitch Thursday, causing controllers to ground some planes and hold others in the air in Southern California, authorities said..

Jet's Landing Gear Malfunctions Closing Runway at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

9 Dec, 2004: A landing gear malfunction on a cargo plane closed one of the four runways at Atlanta's airport this morning as the disabled aircraft sat on the runway..

Atlanta Airport Scores Below Average
8 Dec, 2004: The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ranked below average for overall passenger satisfaction in a recent survey. The airport, among the world's busiest, ranked 14th out of 22 large airports around the world in the survey..

Innovative Take-Off System Could Lead to Safer, Cleaner Air Travel
7 Dec, 2004: A new approach to aircraft scheduling that uses computer models could allow a safe increase in airport throughput and reduce pollution. The system under development would, for the first time, provide runway controllers with advice, based on state-of-the-art computer models, on the most efficient, safe sequence in which aircraft can take-off..

French Police Lose Bomb in Training Blunder
6 Dec, 2004: French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin voiced his concern Sunday at a bungled training exercise by police who allowed a bag with a small amount of explosives to be flown out of the main Paris airport..

Volume and Variety Make Work as Air Traffic Controller at Balad Enjoyable
5 Dec, 2004: The aircraft that fly into Balad Air Base in Iraq are big and small, American and foreign, slow and fast. For the folks in the control tower, the activity and variety is heaven. 'There’s never a dull moment,'..

Execs Confident in Corporate Jets
4 Dec, 2004: In the wake of the corporate jet crash that killed two Tuesday night and another 11 days ago in Texas that killed three while en route to pick up former president George H.W. Bush for a trip to Ecuador, Mackay Envelope Chairman Harvey Mackay was ending a six-week, 35-city book tour that had him regularly aboard Dassault Falcon jets..

FAA Considers Deicing All Planes
3 Dec, 2004: The FAA said Thursday it is reviewing a British recommendation to strengthen its deicing rules for pilots after two deadly crashes involving similar planes, including one that killed three people in Colorado last weekend..

Reno Airport Officials Want Working ILS
2 Dec, 2004: Reno airport officials say they are furious about Saturday's breakdown of the instrument landing system and are taking their gripes to Washington. It was the second time this month the ILS has failed, both times during a storm..

Bombardier To Cut Jet Output Rate
1 Dec, 2004: Third-quarter profit fell at Canadian plane maker Bombardier, the company said on Wednesday, as it unveiled more job cuts in its train making unit, and plans to further reduce its regional jet production rate..

DOT Says Air Traffic Overhaul Is Flawed
30 Nov, 2004: An eight-year effort to upgrade the computers for the nation's air traffic control system is "facing obsolescence" before it has been completed, the Department of Transportation inspector general said in a report released yesterday..

Kauai Airport Boots Stranded Tourists
29 Nov, 2004: Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight canceled after midnight at Lihue Airport were forced to sleep on the grass and huddle on sidewalks because a state employee refused to let them stay in the terminal..

Travelers Get Break at Holiday's End
26 Nov, 2004: Most Thanksgiving travelers who endured heavy crowds and tight security complicated by bad weather on the way to Grandma's face an easier trek home Sunday..

Feds Begin Probe of Short Landing at DIA
24 Nov, 2004: Federal safety investigators plan to examine black-box data and communications between air traffic controllers and pilots of an American Airlines plane to determine why the aircraft landed short at Denver International Airport on Sunday, clipping runway lights in the process..

Weather May Snarl Early Holiday Travel
23 Nov, 2004: Wednesday's weather could make heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday an unappetizing experience, forecasters say..

NATCA President Comments on Controller Staffing Congressional Action
22 Nov, 2004: In fiscal year 2004, the FAA lost more than 500 air traffic controllers, but only hired 13 because it lacked funding. Fewer eyes on the skies mean delays, congestion and safety concerns..

FAA Investigating Fuel Emergency
19 Nov, 2004: The FAA is investigating whether a Delta Shuttle flight to LaGuardia Nov. 3 took off from Washington without enough fuel after officials learned the pilot declared a fuel emergency just 10 miles from LaGuardia..

Australia Airspace Changes Risky
18 Nov, 2004: Changes to Australia's airspace rules next week will return Australian skies to the 1930s and put lives at risk as pilots rely on radio contact, rather than radar, at many busy airports including Melbourne's Avalon Airport..

AirTran, ATA Sign $90 Million Gate Deal
17 Nov, 2004: AirTran said Tuesday that it has signed a $90 million deal with bankrupt ATA to operate ATA's 14 gates at Chicago's Midway Airport and certain slots in New York and Washington..

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Still Busiest
16 Nov, 2004: Both Chicago and Atlanta have laid claim to the 'busiest airport' title over the past decade. The latest numbers show that Atlanta has jumped out to a sizeable lead over O'Hare in number of passengers..

Southwest Moves Closer to No. 1
15 Nov, 2004: Southwest is on its way to become the first discounter to carry the most domestic U.S. passengers on a yearly basis..

Grapefruit-sized Ice Falls on House
12 Nov, 2004: FAA investigators are trying to identify the source of ice chunks that smashed through the roof of a house in a Seattle suburb last week, landing on the bed of a 7-year-old girl..

Delta Pilots Vote to Accept Pay Cuts
11 Nov, 2004: Delta Air Lines pilots handed the struggling airline a huge victory in its effort to avoid bankruptcy Thursday, agreeing to a plan that will slash their salaries by one-third and offer no pay raises for the next five years..

NTSB Faults FAA Runway Safety Effort
10 Nov, 2004: A near-collision between a jumbo jet and another plane in August prompted U.S. safety investigators on Tuesday to classify as unacceptable aviation regulators' efforts to improve runway safety..

FAA Faced With Aging Computers and Staff
9 Nov, 2004: The FAA is facing some of the same problems that are driving the airlines to bankruptcy, rising costs and declining income as essential computers wear out and half of its controllers reach retirement..

Lockheed Martin Computer Glitch Delays Korean Flights
8 Nov, 2004: A radar system of the Korea Air Traffic Control Center malfunctioned for about 40 minutes Saturday morning, suspending dozens of domestic and international flights, according to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority..

Video Could Replace 'Black Boxes'
5 Nov, 2004: Light snow and mist shrouded the airport in Eveleth, Minn., two years ago as the small plane carrying Sen. Paul Wellstone approached. What happened next remains as murky as the weather..

Naked Man Hides in Wheel Well at LAX
4 Nov, 2004: A naked man climbed a fence at Los Angeles International Airport, ran across the tarmac and climbed into the wheel well of a departing plane before firefighters talked him out, airport officials said..

FAA Extends Harris Weather & Radar Processor Work
2 Nov, 2004: Harris Corp. has won a six-month, $5.7 million contract extension from the Federal Aviation Administration to provide additional services for the Weather and Radar Processor program, the company announced today..

Overnight Move of Control Tower Completed
31 Oct, 2004: The overnight move of a 900-tonne section of a state-of-the-art air traffic control tower down the runway of Britain’s busiest airport has been successfully completed..

Delta Pilots Announce Deal
28 Oct, 2004: Delta Air Lines' pilots union said late Wednesday it had reached a tentative agreement on concessions that could save the struggling carrier from bankruptcy..

Is ATA's Loss, AirTran's Gain?
27 Oct, 2004: AirTran is moving to expand flights in Chicago by buying $87.5 million worth of gate leases and landing rights from bankrupt ATA Airlines..

Virgin's First Class Not too Shabby
26 Oct, 2004: We've all seen those airline ads that tout splendid service. They're good for a few laughs. But the rhetoric in the magazines and on TV never seems to match the reality in the sky..

Airline Consolidation Ready to Take-Off?
25 Oct, 2004: The fiscal storm caused by high fuel costs and competition from low-cost carriers promises an even bumpier ride ahead for the nation's legacy airlines and their passengers..

FBI Investigating Punctures Found in US Airways Jets
20 Oct, 2004: Officials say the holes are minor damage and look like they could have been made by a screwdriver..

Beech Baron 55 Down Near Downtown Atlanta
19 Oct, 2004: Witnesses report seeing a small plane spiral out-of-control and crash near Edgewood and Boulevard in downtown Atlanta Tuesday morning..

NTSB Checking Altitude In Fatal Northwest Crash
18, Oct 2004: Investigators are studying whether altitude contributed to a loss of engine power .. preliminary data from the flight data recorder showed the jet was flying at its maximum altitude ..

CRJ Accident Kills 2 Pilots in Jefferson City
18, Oct 2004: A plane that plunged to a fatal crash after both of its jet engines failed had aborted a scheduled takeoff earlier in the day because of an apparent problem with a mechanical system ..

US Air Traffic Control Open to Attack
15, Oct 2004: The FAA has agreed to examine computer security at air traffic control centers following a government audit that found the systems insufficiently secured against cyber attacks..

Cathay Pacific Pilots Forget to Turn Off Auto Pilot
14, Oct 2004: A Jumbo jet flew uncontrolled for three minutes, veering almost 180 degrees off course toward mountains coming within seconds of stall..

Skyguide Says Cuts Will Not Compromise Safety
11, Oct 2004: Switzerland’s air traffic control agency, Skyguide... to save SFr15 million ($12 million) over the next three years.

Chicago Air Traffic Controllers Criticize FAA Report
Controllers on Monday criticized an FAA report on a spike in errors..

Atlanta ARC President Proposes New Airport
Second Atlanta airport to be built on 10,000 acres in Dawson County..

Microsoft to Blame for Radio Failure?
Major ATC breakdown in California due to a "design anomaly" in Microsoft servers ..

Better Oversight Urged
FAA officials need more oversight of ATC systems..

UK Expands Air Traffic Centre Staff
New technical unit opens at UK's principal air traffic control centre..

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